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Why tech talent from Tallinn?
An extensive selection of office spaces in the city
Shortlisted office space destinations in Tallinn
Rent monthly
13.00 - 27.00 € / m²
Operating costs monthly
3.00 € / m²
arrow iconP18 website
Rent monthly
From 20 € / m²
Operating costs monthly
3.20 € / m²
arrow icon Technopolis website
Sitnyakovo Boulevard Serdika Center
Metro Plaza
Rent monthly
From 15 € / m²
Operating costs monthly
2.50 € / m²
arrow iconMetro Plaza website
Want to start small?
Popular co-working spaces in Tallinn for employees
Workland Vabaduse
Workland Vabaduse
Pärnu mnt 12,
Tallinn 10146
arrow icon Workland Vabaduse website
Spring Hub
Spring Hub
Pärnu mnt 148,
Tallinn 10146
arrow icon Spring Hub website
Telliskivi 60a/5,
Tallinn 10412
arrow icon LIFT99 website
Workland Maakri
Workland Maakri
Maakri 19/21,
Tallinn 10145
arrow icon Workland Maakri website
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For demanding clients

We offer a wide range of tech services.

Tallinn in numbers
Vibrant tech community in Tallinn, Estonia
Tallinn Tallinn
0.45 million
Total open developer jobs
$60 000
Average annual salary for a senior developer
🏆 Top Computer Science universities
  1. Tallinn University of Technology
  2. University of Tartu
  3. Tallinn University
  4. Estonian IT College
Top companies with strong presence in Tallinn, Estonia
Google logo Microsoft logo Bolt logo Fujitsu logo Malwarebytes logo Twillio logo Epam logo Skype logo TRMB logo IBM logo Pipedrive logo DT logo Wolt logo Playtech logo Derivco logo Printify logo Genius Sports logo Tietoevery logo

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We’ve worked with global brands, rapidly growing startups, hedge funds, and high-net-worth individuals.

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Global brands
We have experience working with global corporate clients and top-tier brands in logistics, QRS, energy and consulting.
Exceptionally demanding clients
From rapidly growing Series A and B startups in the US and Europe with a high engineering talent bar to hedge funds, HNWIs, and investors - we're used to exceeding our client’s expectations.
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Extremely high client satisfaction
Our reliability is attested by our 6 years on the market and excellent client satisfaction on independent, external review portals.
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We can hire up to 5 developers in the first month, 20 in a 3-month period, and 100 within a year.
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Top-notch developers don’t apply for jobs - they need to be recruited

Partnering with a dedicated recruiter is more effective than relying on job boards

Each position requires an individualized approach, especially for senior roles. Our tech recruiters utilize the extensive know-how we’ve gathered over years in the market, combined with professional recruitment software tools, to find and select the perfect candidate for you.

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The best candidates do not apply, they need to be found.
Often the best candidates are employed and do not appear on job boards. We help you attract both active and passive candidates.
our dedicated
Strong vetting saves you time.
Our dedicated English-speaking recruiters will put you in contact with pre-selected candidates. We’ll manage sourcing, screening, scheduling of interviews, negotiations and job offers.
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References and background checks.
We investigate each candidate’s background before hiring. Our recruiters can request employment references from former colleagues.
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3-month warranty.
If a hired candidate does not pass a trial period in your company, we will find a replacement with no additional fees or issue a refund.
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An expert tech center you can trust.

Nikolai Fasting

CEO of Syncano, EVP of Varner digital transformation

Tom runs a unique IT consulting firm, DevsData. I have the pleasure of working with him as business partners on a big-scale digital transformation project for Varner Group – a European fashion group with 14 000 employees worldwide.

DevsData has assembled the core machine learning, software, and UX teams for the operation (26 people in total). I can personally guarantee their dedication, ability to understand business needs and to track down those exceptional individuals (we’re very picky) wherever they are located.

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Cost-effective, standard conditions.

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Direct, permanent employment.
Candidates we recruit are hired directly by companies for full-time, permanent employment. They stay an average of 2+ years with the new employers.
Clear, market rate terms.
We charge a success fee based on the candidate's annual salary for every placement, no matter the technology.

There is no exclusivity clause in the agreement - you're free to work with other vendors and agencies.
A fast track to top talent.
50% of recruitments are completed in under 10 days
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Frequently asked questions

What are the pros of investing in tech talent from Tallinn?

Estonia has emerged as a thriving tech hub and has gained recognition for its advanced digital infrastructure and skilled workforce. Tallinn is home to top-notch universities and technical schools, producing a pool of highly educated and skilled tech professionals. Additionally, Estonia is renowned for its innovative approach to technology and digital solutions. The country has been at the forefront of digital transformation, with a strong emphasis on e-governance, cybersecurity, and fintech advancements. Investing in Tallinn's tech talent means gaining access to individuals with experience in cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions.

How many Estonian specialists do you have in your database?

Up to 10000 Estonian talents are listed in our database. The numbers are growing rapidly as we’re conducting above 40 recruitment processes simultaneously.

What makes you unique among your competitors on the Estonian market?

DevsData’s priority is to maintain the highest level of transparency. We regularly gather feedback and brainstorm together on the next vital project milestones and plans. Transparency is our core business value, required from all our employees and contractors. And apart from that, the number one trait for our employees, contractors, and even non-tech personnel is the ability to come up with solutions to non-obvious problems. We discover it through a rigorous, multi-stage recruitment process (including extensive technical interview) that only the best can pass.
Highly skilled, senior recruitment workforce, deep industry know-how thanks to 7+ years experience, combined with a work history with premium clients such as highly-technologies, VC-backed US and Israeli startups, hedge funds, financial institutions, private equity firms, and HNWIs, is what distinguishes us from competitors.

Are Estonian IT specialists considered to be well-qualified?

According to Estonian state census, there are approximately 30,000 qualified IT specialists in Estonia. In addition, Tallinn has gained a reputation as an innovative tech hub. According to the Global Innovation Index 2020, Estonia ranked 34th out of 131 countries in terms of innovation performance.

Why is now the best time to hire Estonian developers?

Besides the increasing number of Estonian IT specialist available on the market, compared to some other European countries and major tech hubs, labour costs in Estonia may be more affordable, making it an attractive option for companies looking to hire skilled developers at a competitive price. In addition, Estonia is well-known for its advanced digital infrastructure and e-governance initiatives. This digital environment fosters a tech-savvy workforce and provides a favourable ecosystem for tech companies.

Do we need to start a legal entity before hiring talent in Estonia?

No, Estonia has a relatively straightforward process for hiring employees or engaging in business activities without establishing a separate legal entity.

What are the specifics of the Estonian market?

Estonia is renowned for its advanced digital infrastructure and e-governance initiatives. It has been at the forefront of the digital revolution, making it an ideal environment for tech-driven businesses and start-ups. Its talent base is relatively cost-effective, but the IT ecosystem is advanced. Most senior developers work as individual contractors.

Culture-wise, what are the things I should keep in mind?

Estonians tend to be reserved and introverted in their demeanour. They may not be as expressive or outgoing as individuals from some other cultures. Don't mistake their reserved nature for disinterest; it is a common cultural trait. Also, Estonians typically value punctuality and expect meetings and appointments to start and end on time. Arriving late without prior notice may be seen as disrespectful.

What are the popular benefits for Estonian employees?

Estonian law mandates paid annual leave for employees. The standard minimum annual leave entitlement is 28 calendar days, which includes weekends. In addition, Estonian employees are entitled to paid sick leave in case of illness or injury, which is typically covered by the employer's social tax contributions. Other popular benefits include gym membership, health insurance and flexible working hours.

Is it legally possible to provide stock options/equity for my Estonian employees?

It is possible to provide stock options or equity to Estonian employees. Estonia has a flexible and business-friendly legal environment that allows companies to offer various forms of employee incentives, including stock options or equity-based compensation, but the rules and regulations can be complex. You may want to consult with a legal expert or accountant to ensure that you are compliant with all applicable laws.

What are the best ways to look for an office space or a coworking space in Tallinn or Estonia in general?

One of the best ways to search for office space or coworking space in Tallinn or Estonia, in general, is to use online resources such as commercial real estate websites, real estate agencies and groups on social networking sites. Also, have a look at our dedicated website for Tallinn, Estonia to see a few hand-picket recommendations regarding the office space, or reach out to us directly.

I’m concerned about the English-speaking abilities of the Estonian candidates. How would you assess their level?

According to the EF English Proficiency Index (EF EPI) 2021, Estonia ranked 8th out of 100 countries in English proficiency, indicating a high level of English language skills among its population, including IT specialists. Besides that, the correspondence with the candidates is always restricted to English. Our recruiters conduct HR calls in English to assess the knowledge of the language.

Can you compare the work ethic between Estonia and the US?

Comparing the work ethic between Estonia and the United States involves considering cultural and societal factors that influence how people approach work and professional life. While Estonians are known for punctuality and time management as well as diligence and hard-work much like in the US, communication styles may differ as Estonians are more direct and concise. In the US, long working hours and limited holiday time are more prevalent compared to Estonia, where a focus on work efficiency and employee well-being often translates into more generous holiday policies.

How much should I pay for a strong senior developer for Estonia, and how much for a lead developer?

The salary for a strong senior developer in Estonia could range from approximately 6,000 EUR to 7,000 EUR per month (gross salary). This range is based on developers with several years of experience and a strong track record of expertise in their specific technology stack. For a lead developer role, the salary can go higher, depending on the level of responsibility and leadership expected. The salary range for a lead developer in Estonia might be around 7,000 EUR to 10,000 EUR per month (gross salary).

How much does it cost to keep an Estonian company operational for the entire year if I want to hire 10 people?

Actually, you don’t need to set up an Estonian Entity, and can conveniently hire employees as long term, permanent contractors, on B2B. It's significantly more cost effective, as there are no needs of renting an office, smaller tax contributions, and no establishment and operating costs. However, if you are interested in setting up Estonian company, here’s a brief summary:
a. opening - around 1,000 EUR
b. operations - below 120 EUR monthly
The rest are just payroll expenses and administrative things.

What would be approximately the cost of an office or a coworking space for 10 people in Tallinn?

Renting a traditional office space in Tallinn can cost anywhere from 8 to 20 EUR per square meter per month. The cost will depend on the location and quality of the office building. For 10 people, you might need an office space of around 100 to 200 square meters, resulting in a monthly cost of approximately 800 to 2,000 EUR.
Coworking spaces in Tallinn offer flexible rental options, which may include hot desks, dedicated desks, or private offices. Coworking memberships can range from 150 to 400 EUR per person per month, depending on the level of amenities and services provided. For 10 people in a coworking space, you might spend around 1,500 to 4,000 EUR per month.

Is there a strong talent pool in C/C++/embedded systems in Tallinn?

Tallinn, the capital city of Estonia, has a strong talent pool in C/C++ programming and embedded systems. Estonia, as a whole, has been known for its focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education, which has contributed to the development of a skilled tech workforce.

Can you name a couple highly-technological companies from Tallinn?

a. Skype - voice and video calling, messaging, and other communication features
b. Bolt - the European Uber
c. Wise - financial technology (FinTech) company
d. Fortumo -a mobile payments company
e. Guardtime - cybersecurity and data integrity company that provides keyless signature infrastructure (KSI) technology
f. Pipedrive- customer relationship management (CRM) software company

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