Hire Python Programmer: Tips and Interview Questions | 2020
hire python programmer
hire python programmer

Hire Python Programmer

Tips on how to hire the best Python developer
If you’re looking to boost your business processes then you will need a Python Programmer. This flexible programming language is the fastest growing and most used out of all the programming languages out there. It can be used for creating websites, applications, machine learning, bots, and even AI. Having a good Python developer on your team should definitely be on your list. But how do you identify if you are hiring the right person for the job?

What skills should you look for in a Python programmer?

A good Python Programmer should know how to crunch his numbers. This person must possess high analytical skills and a thorough understanding of algorithms. Coding can be quite a task to handle which is why your programmer should be systematic and resourceful when it comes to web frameworks. But above all, this person should possess great communication skills.

Even in a programming role, communicating with a team is essential.

Hiring process

Going through resumes with listed programming skills is not enough. Here are some practices from which you can learn how to screen Python developers’ skills.

These steps will not only help you in hiring for a technical job but also in your other recruiting and retaining efforts.

1. Build Candidate Pool

Many organizations receive an influx of resumes whenever they open a job post and they limit their selection pool into that list of applicants. Without their knowledge, they are losing out on the opportunity to find the best candidate for the job. Do not restrict your selection to that file folder on your hand.

The answer is pretty simple, network.

Here are some places where you are to find candidates that do not just fit the minimum requirements for the but exceeds it.

  • LinkedIn
  • Job Boards with viewable resumes or profiles
  • Recruiters, Executive firms and Placement offices
  • Universities
  • Industry Events or Conferences
  • Referrals from your professional colleagues, friends and current employees


You are now equipped with a batch of competitive prospects. Do not wait for the hiring need to arise before doing this fundamental step. The secret is to build up a candidate pool before you need to hire.

python book
A good Python Programmer should know how to crunch his numbers. This person must possess high analytical skills and a thorough understanding of algorithms.

2. Do not neglect your team

Your biggest asset is your human resource. Give value to your team by providing promotional opportunities and lateral moves where they can expand their horizons. If you already have a tech team in your organization, find someone who has the potential for the job.

Once you have found someone who seems to be a good fit, sit down with them, and have a short chat. Before discussing your need to fill in a new post you must take some time to listen to their stories as well. Learn more about what they have in mind for their career path and how they want to grow within the organization. It is now your time to do the talking. Discuss to them the organization’s goals and needs moving forward. The best move is to meet in between your hiring needs and your employee’s needs.

3. Be someone who people would want to work for

While being a great boss is ideal, things should not stop there. Take it a step further by building your company’s brand and along with your reputation. People are attracted to companies and employers who they highly respect. The same truth applies to the best prospects out there. A familiar and undeniable example of this is the company, Google. They frequently top “Fortune’s Best Companies” list which contributes to boosting their brand. As an effect, they receive roughly 2,000,000 applications a year.

Start by observing your employees and analyzing the data in your hands. How many employees are retained? Do you have a positive company culture? Are employees motivated, accountable, and championing best practices? The people within your company are the reflection of your workplace. The impact of testimonials from employees is irrefutable. Sites like Glassdoor are often visited by prospects to check on companies and employee experiences. They will not believe what you are writing on your website if your employee feedback is down the drain.

Reward, recognize, and promote those who deserve it. Have a great work-life balance and flexibility as well. These are sure to win your employee’s trust and enhance your reputation.

4. Top the competition compensation

Pay and compensation is not such a pleasant topic for a lot of employers. But that is only if you are the type of employer who is looking to pay cheap but expecting top-notch results. The saying “You get what you pay for” is nothing short of the truth in the job market. Sure, you can find diamonds in the rough but what are the odds of that? And most likely, if you do find them but compensate them poorly, they would leave you for the first best offer they could find. Treat your employees with respect and compensate them fairly. Without a doubt, a paycheck can speak many words that can make the best candidates either stay or leave.

Along with the pay, another attractive aspect for prospects is the benefits an organization can offer. If you can afford it, try to keep your benefits above what the competition can offer. Flexibility and work-life balance are two of the most sought after benefits this year. Of course, you cannot neglect benefits such as medical insurances and retirement benefits.

5. Have a career page on your website

When posting on job boards, do not forget to link applicants back to your website. Your website reflects your company. Let them learn more about how it is to work for your team. It is effective in portraying your mission, vision, values, services, and company culture. Applicants who resonate with what your organization is about would be further motivated to pursue working with you.

6. Hire battle-tested individuals

Hire smart and hire smart individuals. Authors of “First Break All the Rules: What the World’s Greatest Managers Do Differently.” Marcus Buckingham and Curt Coffman recommend hiring for talent. Hire someone based on their strengths. Instead of consuming time to develop who is lacking in the expertise you need, invest in someone with the expertise, and build on their talents. Opt for someone who has the experience for the job.  Authors, Bruce N. Pfau, and Ira T. Kay believe in hiring someone who has proven their skills in the “exact job, in this exact industry, in this particular business climate, from a company with a very similar culture.” According to them, past behavior is the best way to predict future behavior and this strategy will aid you in finding a gold mine of amazing talents. Save yourself time and focus on someone who can truly bring value to your business.

7. Check their references

As an employer, it is your responsibility to keep your business safe. As trivial as it seems, this step is crucial. We live in a society wherein physical attacks are not the only threat you could be facing. Not to mention that it is quite easy to fake information on a resume.

Do a background check on your prospects before letting them into your workforce. Previous employers are a good place to start. If that is not available then pursue other avenues such as the web, schools they’ve attended, and of course check if they have recorded infractions. 

python programming
The best move is to meet in between your hiring needs and your employee's needs.

Exemplary interview questions to ask when you want to hire Python programmer

The purpose of the interview questions is to verify job applicant knowledge (and that is something we really test at DevsData). To find the best Python developer you must be sure that not only he knows the language itself but also understands its underlying concepts. So here I present you some interview questions to make sure you are talking to the right person:

1. How does multithreading work in Python?

Python (at-least C-implementation) does not support the truest sense of multi-threading. There is a multi-threading package available, but probably you will not be able to achieve results you would like to have. It is caused by Global Interpreter Lock (GIL). It is a construct (flag) making sure that only one thread is executed at one time. So basically thread with GIL does a little work and passes the GIL to the next thread which does his little portion of work. This happens so fast that it might seem like threads are running parallel, but they do not. As a result, using multi-threading might not make your code run as fast as you would expect.

2. Are Python functions first class objects? Explain.

Yes, functions in Python are first class objects which means they can be handled which can be handled uniformly. Here are the properties of first class objects:

  • Can be an instance of an Object type
  • Can be stored as variable
  • Can be passed as an argument of some other functions
  • Can be returned from other function
  • Can be stored in lists, sets, or some other data structures.

3. What are decorators and what is their usage?

Decorators allow you to inject or modify the behavior of functions or classes. In simple words decorators allow you to wrap a function or class method call and make some execution of code before or after the execution of the original code. And also you can nest them e.g. to use more than one decorator for a specific function. 

Usage examples:

  • logging the calls to specific method
  • checking for permissions
  • checking and/or modifying the arguments passed to the method
  • measuring execution time

4. How is memory managed in Python? Does Python have a Garbage Collector?

Memory management in Python involves a private heap containing all Python objects and data structures. The interpreter takes care of the Python heap and that the programmer has no access to it. The allocation of heap space for Python objects is done by the Python memory manager.

The core API of Python provides some tools for the programmer to code reliable and more robust programs. Python also has a built-in garbage collector which recycles all the unused memory.

Python maintains a count of how many references there are to each object in memory when a reference count drops to zero, it means the object is dead and the garbage collector can free the memory it allocated to that object. So basically the garbage collector determines objects which are no longer referenced by the program frees the occupied memory and makes it available to the heap space.

The gc module defines functions to enable and disable garbage collector:

  • gc.enable() – Enables automatic garbage collection.
  • gc.disable() – Disables automatic garbage collection.

5. What is Mixin? How are Mixins used in Python?

Mixin is a concept in Programming in which the class provides functionalities, but it is not meant to be used for instantiation. They can be used thanks to Python multiple inheritances. The point of their usage is to:

  • provide a lot of optional features for a class,
  • use one particular feature in a lot of different classes.
Python book
If you’re looking to boost your business processes then you will need a Python Programmer.


Hiring a skilled Python developer is a challenging process. However, if you hire one, his expertise will allow him to participate in numerous projects, including these connected with creating websites, applications, machine learning, bots, and even AI.

Hopefully, the DevsData’s suggestions will help you employ the right candidate. Do not remember to visit Python’s official website to deeper discover the world of Python!

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