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big data projects
Big Data Projects
We have a lot of experience in this field. We gained it while working for the financial industry, making every effort to implement projects and the best possible protection of confidential data of our clients.
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Orange Charger LLC
Property owners setup and installed the outlets were tenants who own EV’s charge. They created an account that connected a bank account to our backend payment system and digitally signed a payment agreement.
klaim app
Klaim: Mobile app & back-end
It’s a B2C iOS application that allows its users to find otherwise “unclaimed properties” for them and their families using the database they possess as well as external resources via web scraping. A data aggregator, with an extensive Back-End logic responsible for an intelligent information scoring and matching, is combined with an elegant Front-End design on iOS.
enterprise resource Management
Enterprise Resource Management
Enterprise System
Enterprise software is an intuitive application for planning resources, managing tasks, and projects in an effective way. Thanks to this, the firm can increase its productivity and efficiency, and oftentimes reduce operating costs and increase profits.

NDA. Please contact us directly to obtain more information about this project.

dev ops cloud infrastructure
DevOps & Cloud Infrastructure
Enterprise System
We attach great importance to self-development and do not stop at older technologies. We are keeping up with DevOps & Cloud, because these are the things that are currently shaping the technology market.
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Recruitment Experience
An international fashion corporation decided to undergo a radical digital transformation in order to outrun its competitors. We assembled a core technology team (Machine Learning, Software UX/UI, and operations) for several company departments. We recruited 26 people for a Scandinavian corporation, including developers, UI/UX designers, managers and more.
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Web Scraping Experience
We can provide data extraction from multiple web pages and sites. Thanks to our experienced programmer we extract information from Wikipedia, Filmweb.pl, Treasury Hunt and more.
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AI and Big Data for Pharma
Machine Learning
Finding Drug Side-effect Reviews in Social Media using Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing. Thanks to our solution, drug safety surveillance systems can be easily improved by incorporating the knowledge extracted from social media into them.
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Investment opportunities discovery with the power of AI and Natural Language Process
Natural Language Processing
Machine Learning
A system using AI algorithms – Document Classification, Named Entity Recognition, to name a few – can spot certain changes on the market without human intervention. By using the above state-of-the-art Natural Language Processing techniques, we managed to detect 95% of relevant posts and thus largely reduce the number of posts from the web that the investors need to review.

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At DevsData, we specialize in designing, building, shipping and scaling beautiful, usable products with blazing-fast efficiency. We build software tailored to your individual needs and offer exceptional engineers. Need a hand in software development? You're in the right place. We will convert your business ideas into expertly developed software solutions.

We have hugely experienced Big Data and DevOps specialists in our team and network, also well-versed with AWS and Google Cloud. Thanks to the use of DevOps tools, we provide a shortened delivery time of ready applications and lower costs of maintaining the necessary infrastructure. We are able to increase the frequency of releases, thus introduce faster improvements and innovations in response to the rapid change of market needs.

For Startups
Too many development firms ovrpromise on what they can deliver. We give you plans and projections you can actually rely on.
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For Fast Growing Companies
We give you luxury to be able to start, stop and scale development as needed, so you can maximize the value you get from our team.
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For Enterprises
When you work with us, you always know the status of your project at any point in time. We keep everything as transparent a possible.

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“I interviewed about a dozen different firms. DevsData LLC is truly exceptional – their backend developers are some of the best I’ve ever worked with. I’ve worked with a lot of very well-qualified developers, locally in San Francisco, and remotely, so that is not a compliment I offer lightly. Their depth of knowledge and their ability to get things done quickly."

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