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Why tech talent from Bulgaria?
Exceptionally strong technical talent. Bulgaria.
Very high level of technical skills combined with English communication abilities, and strong work ethic.
Central location in Europe
Just 3 hours away from London, Berlin and Tel Aviv
Sofia central location Sofia central location
An extensive selection of office spaces in the city
Shortlisted office space destinations in Sofia
Sofia Airport Coworking
Sofia Airport Coworking
Rent monthly
From 111 eur/month
Operating costs monthly
2.35 eur/m²
arrow iconSofia Airport website
Tzarigrrasko Shosse Hub
Tzarigrrasko Shosse
Rent monthly
From 149 eur/month
Operating costs monthly
2.95 eur/m²
arrow icon Tzarigrrasko hosse Hub
Sitnyakovo Boulevard Serdika Center
Sitnyakovo Boulevard
Serdika Center
Rent monthly
From 143 eur/month
Operating costs monthly
2.51 eur/m²
arrow iconSitnyakovo Boulevard Serdika Center
Want to start small?
Popular co-working spaces in Sofia for employees
Shipka 6 str., 1504,
Slaveykov Square
arrow icon Betahaus website
Work & Share
Work & Share
Tintyava 15-17, 1113, Sofia
arrow icon Work&Share website
Advance Business Center Sofia
arrow icon Betahaus ABC website
Sofia holistic
Sofia holistic
4 Iskar Street, Sofia
arrow icon Sofia holistic website
Sofia in numbers
Vibrant tech community in Sofia, Bulgaria
1 288 000
1 100
Total open developer jobs
$65 000
Average annual salary for a senior developer
🏆 Top computer science universities
  1. Sofia university, "St. Kliment Ohridski"
  2. Technology university
  3. New Bulgarian university
  4. University of library studies and information technologies
Top companies with strong presence in Sofia, Bulgaria
Samsung logo Moldman logo Google logo Microsoft logo Progress logo Quest logo HP logo Ubisoft logo Epam logo Sap logo IBM logo DXC logo Experian logo Unicredit logo VM logo

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7 out of 10 clients
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Academic center of Bulgaria for the IT industry
Best computer science universities in Sofia, Bulgaria
uni uni
Graduates annually
Sofia University
“St. Kliment Ohridski”
Technical University of Sofia
Faculty of Computer Systems
and Control
New Bulgarian University -
Department of Computer Science
University of National
and World Economy
American University in Bulgaria
Some of the companies we’ve helped
Examples of our clients that have established engineering offices in Sofia, Bulgaria
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Many success stories

Selected recruitment case studies

Success stories from Warsaw, Poland

Select case studies for establishing engineering branches in Warsaw

We created a comprehensive recruitment process to meet the strict requirements of an incredibly successful financial institution.
We recruited an exceptional tech lead with a unique combination of skills for a pharmaceutical company.
We assembled a core technology team (machine learning, software UX/UI, and operations) for several company departments.
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High quality engineering talent with advantageous rates
Salary ranges for developers in Sofia, Bulgaria
Lowest (USD) Average (USD) Highest (USD)
Position Seniority Bulgaria (annually) Recommended by us
DevOps Engineer Junior Mid Senior Lead 20400 USD 40000 USD 48000 USD 78000 USD 27700 USD 45000 USD 62400 USD 89000 USD 35000 USD 50000 USD 76800 USD 100000 USD 2244038500 USD/annum 4400055000 USD/annum 5280084480 USD/annum 85800110000 USD/annum
Platform Engineer Junior Mid Senior Lead 21600 USD 35000 USD 40000 USD 50000 USD 29800 USD 41000 USD 52500 USD 60000 USD 38000 USD 47000 USD 65000 USD 70000 USD 2376041800 USD/annum 3850051700 USD/annum 4400071500 USD/annum 5500077000 USD/annum
Python Engineer Junior Mid Senior Lead 19200 USD 48000 USD 57600 USD 42000 USD 29100 USD 54000 USD 71300 USD 60600 USD 39000 USD 60000 USD 85000 USD 79200 USD 2112042900 USD/annum 5280066000 USD/annum 6336080000 USD/annum 4620087120 USD/annum
Front-end Engineer Junior Mid Senior Lead 13200 USD 21600 USD 49200 USD 60000 USD 22800 USD 36600 USD 53100 USD 63000 USD 32400 USD 51600 USD 57000 USD 66000 USD 1452035640 USD/annum 2376056760 USD/annum 5412085000 USD/annum 6600072600 USD/annum
Ruby Developer Junior Mid Senior Lead 18850 USD 48360 USD 65400 USD 71880 USD 22925 USD 59680 USD 71950 USD 75190 USD 27000 USD 71000 USD 78500 USD 78500 USD 2073529700 USD/annum 5319678100 USD/annum 7194086350 USD/annum 7906886350 USD/annum
PHP Developer Junior Mid Senior Lead 13200 USD 30000 USD 45600 USD 48000 USD 18600 USD 34200 USD 49800 USD 54000 USD 24000 USD 38400 USD 54000 USD 60000 USD 1452026400 USD/annum 3300042240 USD/annum 5016059400 USD/annum 5280066000 USD/annum
Product owner Junior Mid Senior 25200 USD 36000 USD 51600 USD 30000 USD 45000 USD 59700 USD 34800 USD 54000 USD 67800 USD 2772038280 USD/annum 3960059400 USD/annum 5676074580 USD/annum
Contact us to get detail salary ranges for other positions or regions
Be aware of the cultural differences in the region
Cultural difference - Bulgarian IT professionals
work as contractors, not employees
B2B/C2C/1099 - essential information
B2B refers to business-to-business rather than business-to-consumer.
In the US, it’s commonly referred to as C2C - “corp to corp”. Business-to-business requires the contractor to set up a sole proprietorship. Setting up this form of business is a low cost and does not require extensive capital.
B2B as a norm in Eastern Europe and a cultural difference in the region
The B2B form of engagement is hugely popular in Eastern Europe, where most IT professionals work in that way, and it is uncommon to sign a software developer in that region on a formal employment agreement.
Understood as full-time and long-term exclusive engagement
In the contractor's mind, B2B engagement is a valid form of employment. They think of the job as long-term and full-time. And that they’ll be only engaged that way with 1 employer/company. Workers from Eastern Europe think of B2B as standard permanent employment.
Contractor solely responsible for the taxes
The contractor is solely responsible for paying/withholding necessary taxes according to the local tax regulations. This form of employment allows for some tax advantages compared to formal employment, depending on the region, for both the employee and the employer.
Much greater accessible pool of talent
By being open also for the B2B/C2C engagement, the employer has access to a much bigger pool of technical talent when considering regions like Eastern Europe or Latin America, as many very strong senior engineers will only be open to B2B jobs and will reject formal employment offers.
No need for a work visa nor work permit
If you want to work with a foreigner on a B2B basis, and this foreigner is conducting business in her/his country, you do not need to fulfill any additional formalities. Moreover, the employee does not need to obtain a work permit in the country.
B2B - legally permitted in Eastern Europe
As opposed to the US or Germany, where employee misclassification could entail penalties for the employer, in Eastern Europe (like Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, and Ukraine), this is not the case, and actually, most IT professionals work on that legal form of engagement.
Technicalities - pay per mandays/hours of the performed services
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Taxes in Bulgaria for IT sector
The tax system in Bulgaria for the IT sector is relatively favorable compared to other European countries. Here are some key points to keep in mind:
Corporate income tax
The corporate income tax rate in Bulgaria is a flat rate of 10%. This is one of the lowest rates in Europe, which makes Bulgaria an attractive destination for foreign companies.
Value-added tax (VAT)
The standard VAT rate in Bulgaria is 20%. However, there are reduced VAT rates of 9% and 5% for certain goods and services. For example, IT consulting services are subject to the reduced VAT rate of 9%.
Personal income tax
The personal income tax rate in Bulgaria is a flat tax rate of 10%. This flat tax rate applies to IT professionals who are employed in Bulgaria.
Social security contributions
Employers in Bulgaria are required to contribute to the country’s social security system, which includes health insurance, pension insurance, and disability insurance. The total social security contribution rate is 17.9% of the employee’s gross salary, with the employer paying 14.4% and the employee paying 3.5%.

We’ve worked with global brands, rapidly growing startups, hedge funds, and high-net-worth individuals.

Outperforming the competition. Premium quality.

Global brands
We have experience working with global corporate clients and top-tier brands in logistics, QRS, energy and consulting.
Exceptionally demanding clients
From rapidly growing Series A and B startups in the US and Europe with a high engineering talent bar to hedge funds, HNWIs, and investors - we're used to exceeding our client’s expectations.
picture of people working in office
Extremely high client satisfaction
Our reliability is attested by our 6 years on the market and excellent client satisfaction on independent, external review portals.
yellow stars
5/5 | 37 reviews
yellow stars 5/5
satisfied coworkers
Over 40 tech recruiters on board
We can hire up to 5 developers in the first month, 20 in a 3-month period, and 100 within a year.
coworkers from DevsData

Top-notch developers don’t apply for jobs - they need to be recruited

Partnering with a dedicated recruiter is more effective than relying on job boards

Each position requires an individualized approach, especially for senior roles. Our tech recruiters utilize the extensive know-how we’ve gathered over years in the market, combined with professional recruitment software tools, to find and select the perfect candidate for you.

bullet icon
The best candidates do not apply, they need to be found.
Often the best candidates are employed and do not appear on job boards. We help you attract both active and passive candidates.
our dedicated
Strong vetting saves you time.
Our dedicated English-speaking recruiters will put you in contact with pre-selected candidates. We’ll manage sourcing, screening, scheduling of interviews, negotiations and job offers.
technology icon
References and background checks.
We investigate each candidate’s background before hiring. Our recruiters can request employment references from former colleagues.
protected icon
3-month warranty.
If a hired candidate does not pass a trial period in your company, we will find a replacement with no additional fees or issue a refund.
Bulgaria - a region rich in the IT talent
Competitive advantages
Bulgaria can offer
Sizable talent Abundant Talent Pool
Bulgaria is a significant software development service provider in Central Europe, ranking as the second-largest after Russia. With a population of approximately one million software developers in the region, over a quarter of them are located in Bulgaria, making it an ideal location for software development services.
Diverse Talent Pool
Diverse and Versatile Experts
If you're looking for a diverse and versatile workforce, Bulgaria is the perfect destination. Its talent pool includes a broad range of skill sets and expertise, allowing companies to find the right professionals to meet their specific requirements.
IT Provider
Bulgaria - A Leading IT Provider
Bulgaria is a prominent player in the software development industry in Central Europe, with a significant number of skilled professionals available. The region has a population of approximately one million software developers, with Bulgaria housing over 25% of them, making it a leading IT provider in the region.
Quality and Experienced Talent Pool
Quality and Experienced Talent Pool
Bulgaria offers a large pool of experienced software developers, with the majority having over three years of experience. This means that businesses can find highly skilled professionals to meet their requirements and ease their operations in the long term, making Bulgaria a prime location for offshoring.
Exceptional Technical Education
In Bulgaria, you can expect high-quality products and services at relatively lower prices, without compromising on the quality of work. The country has a considerable pool of skilled software developers and offers superior technical education, making it an ideal destination for building a top-performing tech team.

Cost-effective, standard conditions.

Market rate contract terms you're familiar with.

Direct, permanent employment.
Candidates we recruit are hired directly by companies for full-time, permanent employment. They stay an average of 2+ years with the new employers.
Clear, market rate terms.
We charge a success fee based on the candidate's annual salary for every placement, no matter the technology.

There is no exclusivity clause in the agreement - you're free to work with other vendors and agencies.
A fast track to top talent.
50% of recruitments are completed in under 10 days

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Get an understanding of the leading cities and countries for the engineering branch in Eastern Europe
A data-driven geographical analysis of the possibility of expanding your company tech department into the leading IT centres in Eastern Europe.
  • The popularity of a given city as a tech hub based on recent statistical data
  • Size and the quality measurement of the accessible talent pool defined by nearby top universities
  • Salaries determined by the most recent data
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Frequently asked questions

What are the pros of investing in a talent from Bulgaria?

Bulgaria has a growing population of skilled professionals who are proficient in English and open to remote and international work. The Bulgarian workforce is highly educated, with a strong emphasis on STEM fields. Many major corporations are actively recruiting Bulgarian employees, particularly in the IT and engineering sectors. Currently, there are over 25,000 IT specialists in Bulgaria, and this number is growing rapidly due to the popularity of IT education programs and the competitive market.

What makes you unique among your competitors on the Bulgarian market?

DevsData’s priority is to maintain the highest level of transparency and we value honesty as a core business principle. We seek out employees and contractors who can provide solutions to complex problems through a rigorous, multi-stage recruitment process that only the best can pass

Are Bulgarian IT specialists considered well qualified?

Bulgaria is among the top destinations for IT outsourcing and has a large pool of highly qualified IT professionals. According to the Global Skills Index, Bulgaria ranks 15th globally in the quality of its IT talent, with a strong emphasis on software development and engineering.

Why is now the best time to hire Bulgarian developers?

Bulgaria has a growing and competitive IT market, with an increasing number of IT graduates every year. IT is a popular occupation in Bulgaria, and many universities and private schools offer comprehensive programs. This has created a strong pool of skilled IT specialists who are in high demand.

Do we need to start a legal entity before hiring talent in Bulgaria?

Yes, a company entity in Bulgaria must be established to legitimately hire Bulgarian citizens. This can be done in approximately 30 days, with the most common option being to establish a Bulgarian limited liability company. Alternatively, you can hire staff via an Employer of Record.

What are the specifics of the Bulgarian market?

Bulgaria is a member of the European Union and has a stable economy. It is also a popular destination for IT outsourcing due to its highly qualified and affordable talent pool.

Culture-wise, what are the things I should keep in mind?

Bulgarian culture values teamwork and respect for authority. Additionally, punctuality is highly valued, and it is customary to shake hands when greeting someone. Bulgarians also appreciate when foreigners make an effort to learn a few basic phrases in Bulgarian.

What are the popular benefits for Bulgarian employees?

Benefits packages can vary, but common ones include health insurance, paid vacation time, and flexible working hours. Providing stock options or equity is legally possible in Bulgaria.

Is it legally possible to provide stock options/equity for my Bulgarian employees?

Bulgarian professionals are known for their proficiency in English, with many having studied or worked abroad. However, language skills can vary, and we assess the English proficiency of each candidate individually.

What are the best ways to look for an office space or a coworking space in Bulgaria or Bulgaria in general?

There are several ways to look for office spaces or coworking spaces in Bulgaria, including online real estate portals, commercial property agents, and local business centers. Some of the popular websites for finding office spaces in Bulgaria include imot.bg, olx.bg, and imoti.net. You can also check out local business centers such as Regus, which offer flexible office spaces and coworking solutions.

I’m concerned about the English-speaking abilities of the Bulgarian candidates. How would you assess their level?

English is widely spoken in Bulgaria, especially among younger generations and in larger cities such as Sofia, Plovdiv, and Varna. However, the proficiency level may vary depending on the individual and their educational background. To assess the English-speaking abilities of Bulgarian candidates, you can conduct language proficiency tests, such as TOEFL or IELTS, or request a written or verbal communication sample.

Can you compare the work ethic between Bulgaria and the US or Israel?

That being said, both the US and Israel are known for having a strong work culture that values productivity, efficiency, and innovation. The work culture in Bulgaria also values hard work and dedication, but may be influenced by cultural differences and historical context. It is important to keep in mind that work culture can vary widely even within a single country, and it is always best to approach each individual and workplace with an open mind and a willingness to learn and adapt.

How much should I pay for a strong senior developer for Bulgaria, and how much for a lead developer?

The salary for a senior developer in Bulgaria typically ranges between €1,500 to €2,500 per month, while a lead developer can earn anywhere from €2,500 to €4,000 per month. However, these figures may vary depending on the industry, company size, and location

How much does it cost to keep a Bulgarian company operational for the entire year if I want to hire 10 people?

The cost of keeping a Bulgarian company operational for an entire year will depend on a variety of factors, such as the industry, the company's location, and the size of the team. However, as a rough estimate, the total cost of hiring 10 employees, including salaries, social security contributions, and other expenses, can range from €300,000 to €500,000 per year.

What would be approximately the cost of an office or a coworking space for 10 people in Bulgaria?

If you wish to use a coworking space, it’s about 200 USD per month. For a private office, it’s about twice that much.

Is there a strong talent pool in C/C++/embedded systems in Sofia? How about other cities?

Yes, there is a strong talent pool in C/C++/embedded systems in Bulgaria. Bulgarian universities offer programs in computer science and engineering, which produce many skilled graduates in these areas. Additionally, Bulgaria has a growing tech industry, which attracts international talent and provides opportunities for local professionals to gain experience in these fields. Other cities with a strong talent pool in these areas include Plovdiv, Varna, and Burgas.

Can you name a couple highly-technological companies from Bulgaria?

Chaos Group, which develops V-Ray rendering software for 3D computer graphics, architectural design, and visual effects. Telerik, which offers software tools and services for web and mobile application development. Musala Soft, which provides software development, consulting, and IT outsourcing services for various industries. ScaleFocus, which offers software engineering, cloud, and digital transformation services for global clients.

Can you name a few global corporations with a strong IT presence in Bulgaria?

The highest rated Information Technology global companies hiring in Bulgaria are for example: Google, IBM, Microsoft, Amazon or Atos. IT companies are very satisfied with choosing Bulgaria as the place for running a business. The IT sector is one of the fastest developing economic areas of Bulgaria.

How does Bulgaria compare to Bucharest in terms of the cost of IT resources?

The cost of IT resources in Bulgaria is generally lower than in many other European countries, but it can vary depending on the level of experience and specific skill set required.

Can you estimate how many software developers there are in Bulgaria?

As of 2021, there were approximately 45,000 software developers in Bulgaria, and this number is projected to continue growing. Sofia, the capital city, is the primary location for IT companies in Bulgaria, but other cities also have a growing pool of IT talent.

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