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Why tech talent from Poland?
Exceptionally strong technical talent.
Exceptionally high level of technical skills combined with world-class English proficiency, and strong work ethic.
  • Highly educated and skilled workforce
  • More cost-effective than Western Europe or the US
  • Strong work ethic
  • Great command of English
  • Proximity to Central and Western Europe

Frequently asked questions

What are the pros of investing in talent in Warsaw?

There is a growing population of bilingual professionals in Poland who are open to working remotely for international companies. The Polish workforce, especially in Warsaw, continues to be among the most skilled and highly educated in all of Europe. These are the highly sought-after qualities that have driven so many major corporations to actively recruit employees here, particularly in the strong local IT and engineering sectors.

How many Polish specialists are in your database?

There are over 65,000 candidates in the database in total as of February 2023 with over 28 000 exclusively based in Poland. The numbers are increasingrapidly as we conduct over 40 simultaneous recruitment processes at any given time.

What makes you unique compared to competitors in the Polish market?

DevsData’s priority is to maintain the highest level of transparency. We regularly gather feedback and brainstorm together regarding vital project milestones and future plans. Honesty is our core business value and is required from all our employees and contractors. Apart from that, our employees, contractors, and even non-tech personnel pride themselves on their ability to come up with nuanced solutions to non-obvious problems. We offer a rigorous, multi-stage recruitment process that only the best can pass.
Highly skilled, senior recruitment workforce, and deep industry know-how, combined with a work history of premium clients such as high tech, VC-backed American and Israeli startups, hedge funds, financial institutions, private equity firms, and HNWIs are what distinguish us from competitors.

Are Polish IT specialists well-qualified?

According to the Polish and Central and Eastern Europe Ecosystem Outlook, the number of ICT specialists in Poland reaches 401 000, which constitutes one quarter of all tech talents in the CEE region. This data proves that Poland has plenty of highly qualified IT specialists, and they rank high in global rankings (according to HackerRank, Poland currently ranks third in the world, following China and Russia).

Why is now the best time to hire Polish developers?

Nowadays, becoming an IT specialist is a very appealing occupation in Poland. In addition to universities that teach new developers, there are several private IT schools and programs. The intense market competition is undoubtedly the reason why Polish software developers are considered to be among the best in the world.

Do we need to establish a legal business entity before hiring talent in Poland?

No, this is not required. Companies can use platforms like deel.com or remote.com to formally hire developers on employment contracts through their Employer of Record services. Alternatively, employers can engage them as permanent contractors, as is preferred by the vast majority of the Polish IT sector; they work as self-employed, full-time, long-term contractors.

What is unique about the Polish market?

In Poland, the majority of senior developers actually work as self-employed contractors, as opposed to being formally employed through Contracts of Employment. You can think about it as a cultural difference in the region. Regardless of the legal form of contract, they consider themselves as permanent, core employees of the company.

Culturally speaking, what should I keep in mind when considering hiring in Poland?

Politeness is highly valued in Polish culture, so make sure to use formal titles and greetings when meeting new people. Saying "dzień dobry" (good day) and "do widzenia" (goodbye) are standard greetings in Polish. In meetings, Polish employees would expect a specific agenda and meeting outcome. The work ethic is high, and the people are goal-oriented.

What are some popular benefits for Polish employees?

Common benefits for Polish employees include health insurance, pension plans, paid vacations and flexible working conditions. In addition, competitive employers offer paid private medical care or “multisport,” which provides access to a network of recreational facilities. Some offices even allow employees to bring pets to the office.

Is it possible to provide stock options or equity to Polish employees?

Legally speaking, it is possible to provide stock options or equity for employees in Poland, but the rules and regulations can be complex. You may want to consult with a legal expert or accountant to ensure that you are compliant with all applicable laws. We do have legal contracts based on the laws of the State of California that grant stock options to foreign personnel.

What are the best ways to look for an office or coworking space in Warsaw or in Poland more generally?

Companies expanding in Poland can use online resources such as commercial real estate websites, real estate agencies, or groups on social networking sites. Also, have a look at our dedicated website for Warsaw, Poland to see a few hand-picket recommendations regarding the office space, or reach out to us directly.

I’m concerned about the English proficiency of Polish candidates. How do you assess their abilities?

English proficiency can vary among Polish candidates. One way our recruitment team assesses their skills is by conducting all interviews in English; they may also be asked to provide writing samples or participate in role-playing exercises to further gauge their communication skills. You can also consider administering language proficiency tests or hiring a language expert to assist with the evaluation process. Generally, the English level in Poland is relatively high in comparison to most other European countries, even those in Western Europe.English abilities are among the first few things we check for during any recruitment process.

Can you compare the work ethic between Poland and the US or Israel?

Work ethic can vary among individuals and organizations in both Poland and the US or Israel. Generally speaking, Polish employees are known for their diligence, attention to detail, and focus on quality of work. There may be cultural differences, however, in terms of communication styles, decision making processes, and work-life balance that should be taken into consideration when working with Polish colleagues. In both the US (especially in bigger hubs like New York) and Israel, we observe the work ethic being extremely high. In Poland, people typically work a standard 8-hour workday. At the lead or managerial level, it is not uncommon to see employees work 9 or more hours a day.

How much should I pay for a strong senior developer for Poland, and how much for a lead developer?

Salaries for developers in Poland can vary depending on factors such as experience, skills, and location. The average salary for a senior software developer in Poland is around 260,000 PLN (approximately $58,000 USD) per year. A lead developer can expect to earn more, with an average salary of around 300,000 PLN (approximately $65,000 USD) per year. Keep in mind that these are just general estimates, and actual salaries may vary based on a variety of factors, such as a specific tech stack you require from a particular engineer, their communication and English abilities, and the amount of years of experience.

How much does it cost to keep a Polish company operational for the entire year if I want to hire 10 people?

It really depends, but it can range from $550-$1000 USD per year.

What would be approximately the cost of an office or a coworking space for 10 people in Warsaw?

If you wish to use a coworking space, it’s about 200 USD per month. For a private office, it’s about twice that much.

Is there a strong talent pool for C/C++/embedded systems in Warsaw? How about other cities?

Warsaw, being the capital and largest city in Poland, is likely to have a relatively larger talent pool in C/C++/embedded systems than smaller cities due to the higher concentration of companies and organizations with software development needs in Warsaw. Samsung, for example, has a sizable C++ workforce in Warsaw, Poland.
Other cities in Poland, such as Krakow, Wroclaw, Poznan, and Gdansk, also have thriving IT industries and universities with strong computer science programs and are likely to have a significant talent pool in C/C++/embedded systems as well.
It is worth noting that the talent pool of specific programming languages can change over time based on factors such as market demand and technological advancements. Therefore, it is important to conduct updated research to determine the current talent pool in a specific location.

What are some notable high tech companies from Warsaw?

a. CD Projekt - a video game developer and publisher known for the popular Witcher series of games
b. Allegro - an e-commerce platform that is one of the largest online marketplaces in Poland
c. Brainly - an educational technology company that operates a global learning platform connecting students and teachers
d. IAI - a software development company that specializes in creating custom software solutions for businesses in a variety of industries
e. Docplanner - a healthcare technology company that operates an online platform connecting patients with healthcare providers and allows users to book appointments and leave reviews

What are some global corporations with a strong IT presence in Warsaw?

The highest rated global IT companies hiring in Warsaw include Google, IBM, Microsoft, Amazon, and Atos. The IT sector is one of the fastest developing economic areas of Warsaw and many companies are highly satisfied with choosing it as a strategic place for business.

How does Warsaw compare to Bucharest in terms of the cost of IT resources?

The cost of living in Bucharest is about 15% less expensive than in Warsaw. This is also reflected in the prices of IT resources, so the IT specialists from Bucharest can be a little cheaper to hire.

How many software developers are there in Warsaw?

Warsaw is home to about 80,000 Polish developers. Warsaw is also one of the primary sources of new specialists, with over 3 000 ICT graduates entering the market every year.

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