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DevsData LLC is a boutique recruitment & software agency, with Google-level engineers and a vast network of senior contractors. We’re experts in our field with a deep commitment to the highest quality service.

Client-oriented approach

As a junior engineer, our good friend named David worked on a contract for a big financial institution in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Long story short:
David told us about a situation wherein he and two experienced engineers were given a task description from a project manager who wanted to ask for a time estimate.

What did David do?
The task was not too complicated, so he implemented it within 2 hours and presented a working functionality the same day.

What did the engineers with 10+ years in the industry do?
These 2 senior engineers concluded that the assignment was very complicated and multi-dimensional and would probably take at least two days to implement properly.
It is hilarious that David, despite being a junior engineer, actually built it in 2 hours and not days, isn’t it?

A few years ago, there was a loud affair in Europe.

One of the software consulting companies assigned just 2 engineers to a corporate contract that stated 6 people in the document. The situation was carefully masked for nearly 8 months. Eventually, the client found out what was going on. Needless to say, the consulting agency was sued and does not operate anymore. Situations like these repeat over and over again. The work process is purposefully obfuscated, masked from the clients on every level, and especially from business people under an illusion of technical complexity.

DevsData’s priority is to maintain the highest level of transparency

From under-resourced projects to overly-complicated solutions, tech consulting has its share of unfortunate business practices. That’s why honesty and transparency are our core business values, required from all our employees and contractors.

The way we work is fully transparent.

  • We regularly gather feedback and brainstorm together on the next vital project milestones and plans
  • The client is updated on progress every day and has access to the project management tool
  • The client can directly contact the engineers
  • In case it is needed, the client also has direct contact with the company founder who can react quickly, and who is also up-to-date (on a high level) with what is going on in every project


Ethics in tech, honesty and no-BS approach

We believe clients deserve honesty and transparency. Clients should never be in the dark about a project's progress.

DevsData LLC vs big software vendors

We like to think about ourselves as an alternative to Toptal

Indeed, many of our employees and contractors have renowned companies on their CVs, be it tech titans (Google, Microsoft, Intel), hedge funds, and banks (Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and TradeLink). Some of them are frequent tech meet-up speakers or have founded their own companies. They have graduated from top computer science and business universities and - more importantly in an ever-changing tech landscape – they never stop learning.

But apart from that, the number one trait for our employees, contractors, and even non-tech personnel is the ability to come up with solutions to non-obvious problems. We discover it through a rigorous, multi-stage recruitment process that only the best can pass.

Our scope of services is similar to Toptal and related companies. Moreover, we're an agile, dynamic agency, and thus we can offer a personalized and direct approach. As a small vendor, we adapt fast to the client's dynamic needs.

Highly satisfied
clients, world-wide

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Our team
We love recruiting technical talent.
Need to find the perfect candidate to extend the existing team or to build a dedicated development team from scratch? We've got this.

These are 3 common complaints that we hear from clients that contracted with large companies:

1. Insufficient communication with the vendor.

Engineers who work in typical companies are involved in many projects simultaneously, often working more than eight hours a day, and when the company really needs them, they're not available.

DevsData LLC, on the other hand, offers dedicated engineers to the project, with a time overlap with eastern or pacific time zones stated in the contract.

2. Lack of business understanding.

Because engineers in typical corporations lack business understanding, they often implement features in a way that is good for the short-term (prototype), but not necessarily the long-term. One of our clients, for instance, said he had been forced to rewrite a common portion of the codebase as it could not handle real-life production demand.

DevsData’s development process is supervised by business consultants with corporate experience (including a former partner of BCG) which guarantees our software is a great market fit.

3. Expensive rates.

The rates of standard market players are costly. Their people are smart, no question, but the cost of an experienced senior engineer easily exceeds $100 per hour. And that is a significant expense not only for startups but also for well-established companies.

DevsData LLC vs
a regular agency or
a dev shop

Throughout the years, we have spoken to multiple companies and startups who’ve been unsatisfied with their IT vendors. We noticed a pattern and resolved at our founding that we would be different. Here’s how.

Common mistakes of software vendors How DevsData LLC is different
Poor communication
  • We make weekly status & feedback calls with our clients.
  • The client is updated on the progress every day.
Misunderstanding of priorities and business objectives
  • Our projects are managed by professionals with 10+ years of experience.
Non-ethical over-billing
  • We provide a full insight into the timesheets of our team.
  • We use external time-tracking tools.
Over-engineering the solution
  • Each project we deliver is closely monitored by a tech lead, which allows us to come up with simple, smooth, and out-of-the-box tech solutions.
Using obsolete tech
  • In 2020, 62% of our engineers are tech meet-up speakers or open-source contributors.
Lack of flexibility
  • DevsData LLC is fully flexible in terms of working hours. At the client’s request, we are also ready to relocate to a company headquarters for the project duration.
Irrelevant experience
  • We simply do not accept projects in industries we do not have experience in.
Unexperienced engineers
  • Our engineers and network contractors have 7-13 years of experience and went through a multi-staged recruitment process.
Poor English (if you contract outside of the US) We only employ:
  • Native English speakers,
  • Foreign professionals experienced in working in an international environment,
  • Foreign graduates and students of universities in English-speaking countries.

DevsData LLC vs hiring a freelancer

Using freelancers is often a good idea as it allows your company to meet dynamic needs. When it comes to software engineering, however, technical skills are only part of the puzzle.

In order to make sophisticated software projects successful, it requires excellent organization, priorities well-aligned with the client and their business goals, and a battle-tested process. Also, even the best software engineers out there are often so focused on the technicalities that they're blind to the bigger picture, business objectives, and what the client needs.

Having delivered numerous extensive software projects for international companies over the years, we are confident about our process and a successful project outcome.

Great work begets more work. In 2018 and 2019 combined, 46% of our clients came from referrals.

A top-notch team of consultants

man presenting
office workers

Our software developers attended top-tier schools and have extensive experience in both multinational companies and cutting-edge startups. Many of them go above and beyond and inspire the programming community by giving speeches at numerous industry-related events.

Only top-tier talent
Google-level engineers

DevsData engineers and product managers have attended top-tier European universities, worked at tech titans and hedge funds, and are high-achievers with international experience. We are passionate about technology, and we never stop learning.

From Oxford grads to Mensa members, former-Googlers and hedge fund employees to experienced tech leads, and open-source contributors, our people excel at their craft.

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A drawn picture of a woman looking at computer screen

We value transparency and communication

We are characterized by a business-oriented approach, always keeping an eye on the client’s goal and progress and avoiding over-engineering or pointless work.

Many engineers or agencies will jump into coding without taking the time to really understand the project. At DevsData, we think about the business perspective, hear the client out, brainstorm, and plan the initial phase together to allow for fast iteration, feedback gathering, and rapid validation. No two projects are alike.

Rigorous, multi-stage recruitment process

with an approval rate of under 6%

To deliver what we promise, we came up with an extensive, multi-stage, rigorous recruitment process tailored to a particular tech position that we continuously improve. We like to think of it as our secret sauce, but here’s a flavor:

  • Approximate
    Approval rate


    Recruitment stage

  • 20% of the initial candidate pool


    CV pre-screening

  • 10% of the initial candidate pool


    An automated problem-solving algorithmic challenge

  • 5-10% of the initial candidate pool


    Quick non-technical conversation

  • 1-2% of the initial candidate pool


    1-hour thorough technical interview with one of our engineers - live coding

  • <1% of the initial candidate pool


    We also conduct longer calls with our engineers and business team to assess if the candidate's experience is relevant to the project

The essential thing is to eliminate weak candidates very early in the process not to waste time on inferior talent, or people without the necessary acumen, brainpower, or CS fundamentals.

Skills and traits that we check:

Non-technical skills/traits *

  • Communication and organizational skills
  • Drive and passion
  • Personality
  • Behavior during a difficult or unusual situation
  • Business understanding
  • Presentational skills
  • Ability to think abstractly and find generalized solutions for a specific class of problems
  • Intelligence and brainpower
  • Reaction time

Technical skills

  • Is the person up-to-date with the very recent tech changes?
  • Computer Science foundations
  • Awareness and knowledge of security aspects
  • Deep understanding of and experience in the programming domain(s) stated in a CV
  • Algorithmic problem-solving skills

* Non-technical skills are also checked for the engineering roles.

Battle-tested work methodology

Proactive in suggesting valuable ideas. Low-maintenance team members with excellent project organization.

It’s a brutal fact, but according to a report by The Standish Group, many software development projects fail. Hiring experienced engineers to build a successful digital product is not enough. There are many other pieces of the puzzle, including business perspective, market validation, and, most importantly, a proven work methodology that facilitates transparent and dynamic communication as well as continuous feedback gathering and data validation.

We read about tech, even after hours

Nothing moves at the pace of technology. So we stay up-to-date.

Our team has a genuine passion for technology and never stops learning. What's more - many of them are tech speakers at local conferences and meetups.

Vast network of exceptional tech specialists

Throughout the years in the tech industry, we have built a vast network of experienced tech specialists - domain experts in various areas. The founders of DevsData LLC have graduated from one of the most prestigious Computer Science universities in Europe, the students and alumni of which attend and achieve high ranks at national and international programming & algorithmic contests.

We are active at local tech communities - many of our engineers are speakers at local meetups and conferences. Some of them have written tech books and are considered tech micro-influencers.

Good also for startups

In contrast to big software companies, we do not have marketing/sales/management overhead and can offer more experienced specialists for a more competitive rate.

We love working with startups and have a local representative in San Mateo, California.

Fast-paced environment

As a small, dynamic software vendor, we are able to adjust quickly to the client’s needs and deliver more features before an important business meeting or a fundraising milestone. Get things done in weeks, not days (see David’s story). We move quickly, always with an individualized approach for every client.

No-BS approach

Super transparent communication, with a no-BS approach - always know what the project status is, and what the plans are.

We put ethics and transparency at the heart of every engagement. Clients' needs are always first.

Serious about security

We have delivered projects for hedge funds, involving sensitive financial data and real-time systems with GDPR-restricted information that integrated with numerous payment processors and banks. Our commitment to security is ironclad.

For the projects that we are involved in, a human error resulting in data leakage would be catastrophic - that is why we involve engineers of the highest caliber to ensure that security sits at the heart of every project.

A drawn picture of a screen with a lock on it

A highly-selective club of consultants

group photo

While it might seem like the path of the least resistance, engaging a standard software agency or dev shop may ultimately cost more for less output.

The things to consider are:

Agencies are weakened by the payroll plague.


Ten good software engineers will easily top a total fixed payroll of $1,500,000 annually in the US and $1m in Europe. This means that the shop must come up with $125,000/month just to meet its engineering expenses.

Furthermore, agencies with a fixed, recurring payroll are encouraged to assign the next available employee to a client’s project — rather than the best one for the job. It is simply cheaper for agencies to keep billing you the available B-player instead of hiring an A-player with the exact skills set that you require.

Our solution:
At DevsData LLC, our main goal is to provide tech teams with experience relevant to the client's industry and with developers up-to-date with the technologies they will use.

We start each project with a thorough analysis of the project and client’s needs - taking both technical and business factors into account. That determines the line-up of engineers we employ for a certain project.

Except for our in-house developers, we also possess a vast network of freelance contractors and always select those who are the best fit for a project.

Agencies must remain on the "Agency Treadmill".

“They were great at first, but…” is a common refrain we hear from clients who have been burned by agencies before. The economics of a fixed bench payroll dictate a priority toward new client acquisition, and fast payback of the acquisition cost in order to get to a profit margin. This means that the relationship will always be great at first, then diminish in importance over time as the best talent gets re-deployed to wooing new clients.

Our solution:
At DevsData LLC, we assign a project manager to every project we start. Apart from being assigned to traditional tasks, they are also responsible for client retention and receive a monetary commission if a client decides to extend the cooperation with us, be it further software maintenance or developing an existing system or building new software.

And the fact that we are currently involved in long-term cooperation with many clients proves our client retention system works.

Agencies must say "yes" to new deals even if not a good fit.

Fixed bids worsen the Agency Treadmill problem. Since agencies require a fresh business to survive, agencies must say “yes” to deals that infuse their business with cash, even if they may have trouble delivering on those commitments.

This business model and pricing model combination encourage agencies to take on more than they can handle and to kick the can down the road with your money. When it is time to deliver on your project’s critical final stages, the agency’s leadership is already courting new business.

Our solution:
At DevsData LLC, after we get in touch with a prospect, we first:
1. Examine whether we have sufficient human resources (among our in-house developers and our network of contractors) to offer a given number of engineers for a full-time engagement.
2. Examine whether our engineers possess adequate knowledge and experience relevant to the client’s business needs.

From our point of view, meeting the two mentioned above requirements is an essential condition to start a project.

Our model
is vastly different

We believe in the idea that successful projects are the result of complementary, talented people working together. We also know that every project has its dynamics, variables, and stages, so we have built our model around flexibility, finding the right talent for the right work at the right time.

A drawn picture of 2 people working on a project
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