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The CV showcases the professional journey of a young lawyer with a marked passion for marketing, aiming to leverage the skills to assist a company in achieving its goals. The individual's work experience is diverse, spanning from Digital Marketing Manager at a company where he developed marketing strategies for the USA and EU markets, to Content Manager and Marketing Assistant roles where he focused on creating SEO-optimized content and developing social media strategies. He demonstrated expertise in conducting market and competitor research, optimizing marketing channels, and managing social media processes, all while creating engaging content across various tech sectors. In addition to marketing, the CV reflects significant legal experience, including roles as a Junior Lawyer working on privacy law issues related to an AI medical project, and an Intern at a legal firm in Germany where he engaged in international commercial arbitration. The educational background includes a Bachelor of Laws with a full-tuition scholarship and participation in several digital marketing and legal courses, enhancing both the legal and marketing competencies. The individual's multilingual skills, with proficiency in Ukrainian, English, Russian, Czech, German, and Polish, complement his professional capabilities, enabling effective communication in diverse settings.

Tech Stack

Technical Writer


  • Marketing Strategy Development: As a Digital Marketing Manager, the individual is responsible for developing and implementing marketing strategies tailored to the USA and EU markets, particularly during the rebranding process of a SaaS B2B company.
  • Content Creation and Optimization: In the roles of Digital Marketing Manager and Content Manager, they focus on creating and optimizing content for various platforms. This includes writing SEO-optimized landing pages, product release notes, marketing copy, and managing a content strategy for social media.
  • Market and Competitor Research: Across several roles, the individual conducts thorough market research, target audience analysis, and competitor analysis to inform marketing strategies and content development.
  • Social Media Marketing Management: Manages and optimizes marketing channels, particularly social media, by creating and executing content strategies that enhance brand presence and engage target audiences.
  • Legal and Compliance Oversight: As a Junior Lawyer, the individual handles all privacy law issues related to an AI medical project, ensuring compliance with relevant regulations such as GDPR and ethical guidelines, including drafting legal documents for litigation related to data rectification and erasure.

Employment history

Digital Marketing Manager (NDA) October 2023 - ongoing • Developing the marketing strategy for USA and EU markets during rebranding process (SaaS, B2B).
• Creating a CRO plan for a website, running A/B tests based on Google Analytics, Hotjar, Amplitude and HubSpot
• Conducting market research, target audience, industry, and competitor analysis.
• Distributing content, managing and optimizing marketing channels.
• Writing SEO-optimised landing pages, product release notes, marketing copy, case studies, ad creatives,
emails, and sales materials.
• Managing Social Media Marketing processes and creating a content strategy for social media.
Content Manager and Marketing Assistant, Sciforce August 2022 - October 2023 • Conducted marketing research on the topics for technical articles to publish on the website of the company.
• Wrote technical articles on MedTech, FinTech, Health Tech, AgriTech, and EdTech, AI, ML in a user-friendly manner on the blog of the company (company’s website and Medium).
• Developed content marketing strategy, social campaigns, and content roadmap for social media (Medium, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter).
• Coordinated copywriters' team.
• Conducted competitor’s research and customer interviews for case studies.
• Created content for marketing needs.
IT Copywriter and Marketing Assistant, ElifTech June 2022 – July 2023 • Conducted market and competitor’s research for articles that were published on a website of the company.
• Wrote SEO-optimized articles and case studies on FinTech, AgriTech, Mobile Development, IoT, Custom Software Development, e-Commerce, Blockchain, UX/UI, Outsourcing, Artificial Intelligence, and many other topics on the blog of the company.
• Monitored competitor performance in local search engines and feedback insights into marketing strategy
• Monitored SEO ranking performance for key search terms in designated market
• Placed focus on the consumer-centric approach that allows the client to effectively communicate product and service to the end-user in a manner that is crisp and concise.
• Aimed at user-friendly writing that not only gets the message right but also positively affects the brand, sales, and customer satisfaction while minimizing expenses.
• Conducted analysis and review of metrics, giving insights for further development and improvement of the social media strategies.
• Managed the SMM project from scratch aimed at developing a lead generation for an IT company (resulted in 15-20 new clients for software development per month)
• Created SMM strategy and content plan (LinkedIn) for the profiles of senior-positions employees to show the potential clients the professionalism of our team.
• Conducted market research and key audience research for purposes of company services improvement and meeting the requirements of potential clients.
Intern, Advant-Beiten, Germany, Munich June 2023 – September 2023 • Conducted legal research regarding current cases of the company on International Commercial Arbitration
• Took part in the drafting of the legal arguments for settling the dispute between Valentino and the supplier of the goods.
• Took part in drafting the legal arguments for settling the dispute between Valentino and the supplier of the goods.
• Drafted legal memoranda
• Wrote legal articles for the blog of the company
Junior Lawyer, YouPalGroup Sweden, Stockholm January 2023 – present (part-time) • Working with an AI medical project (X-ray diagnostics using Machine learning)
• Responsible for handling all privacy law issues of the project under the control of the Head of Legal.
• Ensuring that all data handling and processing practices comply with relevant regulations and company policies (e.g., GDPR and Ethical AI Guidelines).
• Drafting requests for data rectification and erasure.
• Preparing and drafting the documents for litigation regarding the right to rectification and erasure of personal data with one of the most popular search engines in the world.
Legal Advisor, Legal Clinic of the Ukrainian Catholic University September 2022 – September 2023 • Provided free legal aid to socially disadvantaged groups (usually members of military organizations, veterans of war, or people who can not afford a lawyer) by resolving civil claims, oral and written consultations, and drafting procedural documents (statements of claims to the court, applications, complaints).
Social Media Marketing Manager, youth forum “Ye Contact” June 2021 - September 2021 • This was a non-profit project created by a few students who strive to change the system of youth employment in Ukraine.
• My role in this project was the development of SMM strategy, content plan, and coordination of the team of copywriters.

Education history

Ukrainian Catholic University 2018 - 2021 Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.), Full-tuition Scholarship for 4 years at Ukrainian Catholic University
Palacký University Olomouc, Czech Republic Erasmus +, Palacký University Olomouc, Czech Republic
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