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Why tech talent from Bangalore?

Bangalore in numbers
Vibrant tech community in Bangalore
Bangalore Bangalore
12.10 million
Total open developer jobs
Average annual salary for a senior developer
🏆 Top Computer Science universities
  1. Indian Institute of Science
  2. International Institute of Information Technology
  3. R.V. College of Engineering
  4. People's Education Society University

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We’ve worked with global brands, rapidly growing startups, hedge funds, and high-net-worth individuals.

Outperforming the competition. Premium quality.

Global brands
We have experience working with global corporate clients and top-tier brands in logistics, QRS, energy and consulting.
Exceptionally demanding clients
From rapidly growing Series A and B startups in the US and Europe with a high engineering talent bar to hedge funds, HNWIs, and investors - we're used to exceeding our client’s expectations.
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Extremely high client satisfaction
Our reliability is attested by our 6 years on the market and excellent client satisfaction on independent, external review portals.
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5/5 | 37 reviews
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Over 40 tech recruiters on board
We can hire up to 5 developers in the first month, 20 in a 3-month period, and 100 within a year.
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Cost-effective, standard conditions.

Market rate contract terms you're familiar with.

Direct, permanent employment.
Candidates we recruit are hired directly by companies for full-time, permanent employment. They stay an average of 2+ years with the new employers.
Clear, market rate terms.
We charge a success fee based on the candidate's annual salary for every placement, no matter the technology.

There is no exclusivity clause in the agreement - you're free to work with other vendors and agencies.
A fast track to top talent.
50% of recruitments are completed in under 10 days
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Matt Serotiuk

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Senior project manager

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Frequently asked questions

When can I expect the first candidate recommendations? How long is the process?

Depending on the number of stages of the recruitment process, we try to deliver the candidates to the client as soon as possible – the first candidates are typically recommended within 1-2 weeks, depending on the specifics of the role you’re hiring for.

Where can I get a quote for a recruitment/software development project?

Our Sales team would be more than happy to provide you more information and a quote either through email or on a call. You can send an email to [email protected] or schedule a call via our Calendly: https://calendly.com/devsdata/hello.

What is the payment structure?

When it comes to software development projects, we follow the Time & Materials model with weekly or monthly billing. Invoices are sent to clients at predetermined intervals.

Our recruitment service is slightly different – payment is based only on a success fee. When you start working with us, there’s no obligation to pay anything; we establish the specific payment terms during contract negotiation, and the success fee is only due upon successful hiring of a DevsData candidate. Additionally, there is a 3-month guarantee period – if the specialist we found decides not to continue working on a particular project within the first three months, we refund the majority of the fee.

How do you check technical and non-technical skills and traits?

To deliver what we promise, we’ve developed an extensive, multi-stage, rigorous recruitment process tailored to a particular tech position that we continuously improve. When it comes to non-technical traits, there’s a behavioral interview that allows us to test soft skills, communication, English level and the candidate’s personality.

What tools do you use in your recruitment process?

Depending on the client's needs, our procedures may differ. We begin by determining the expectations and processes on the client's side. We make every effort to conduct the most thorough knowledge and competence checks on the candidate. It's crucial that the recruitment process is not too drawn out, as applicants can be reluctant to participate in long and complicated processes. We provide services such as testing, verifying soft skills, checking technical knowledge, and assessing cultural fit within the client company. To perform these tests of knowledge and skills, we use programming platforms, and depending on the needs of the clients, we can design custom tasks.

What makes you unique among your competitors?

All of our operations and services are tailored exactly to each client’s needs. We don’t offer off-the-shelf recruitment services – instead, we take our time to fully comprehend your requirements, wants and needs. Not all agencies have such an extensive portfolio of demanding clients and brands. We've worked with global corporations and big brands, rapidly growing, highly-technological startups, hedge funds and high-net-worth individuals.

How do you source the candidates?

To find the best employees for our clients as efficiently as possible, we use a variety of tools and a plethora of different channels. We search for specialists on LinkedIn, Xing, industry portals, in social media, and we use our database of candidates, which currently has around 65,000 applicants. Moreover, we use traditional methods of sourcing, such as publishing job advertisements on the best and most effective job boards around the world. Additionally, we leverage outside databases, and each day, in an effort to offer our clients the greatest candidates, we search for and test new, innovative solutions. We tap into our extensive professional network, which includes developers recommended to us by some of the exceptional developers that we've recruited.

Can you find us developers who are ready to relocate to our country?

Yes, we have strong experience in conducting this kind of recruitment. Just keep in mind, it will take a bit more time. We’ve relocated talent to Tokyo, Japan; Oslo, Norway; Frankfurt, Germany; Sydney, Australia; London, UK; and Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

What distinguishes the B2B contract from a typical employment contract?

The model of employment predominant in Eastern Europe, including Poland and Ukraine, is B2B ("business-to-business") contract (sometimes called C2C/corp-to-corp). Among the companies with a headcount of up to 500 people, over 90% choose this form of employment. In general, software engineers in Poland are sole proprietors (from the legal point of view, they run a 1-person company). At the end of each month, they issue an invoice to their employer for the amount of their monthly salary.

Anyone willing to vouch for your good work?

We encourage you to check our Clutch profile with public testimonials, our GoodFirms profile as well as case studies on our website and other places like the LinkedIn profile of our founder.

How would you sell our company to the candidates?

We always approach each client individually. During our weekly meetings, we figure out a way to present your values and your mission to the candidates. Our recruiters have a strong understanding of the technology as well as great communication and presentational skills. They know how to craft a compelling pitch.

How many specialists do you have in your database?

Around 65,000 with more exceptional developers coming in literally every day.

Approximately how many candidates are involved in the recruitment process?

It very much depends on the characteristics of the recruitment, the tech stack required, and the salary offered. Usually, the number of candidates ranges from 50 to 300.

What would be the next steps if we decide to move forward?

When you’re ready, we’ll assign a dedicated recruitment team and schedule a kick-off call to gain a deep understanding of your requirements. Communication is key, so we also set up a conversation on channels like Slack, WhatsApp etc., for quick, constant updates to keep you posted, as well as regular calls.

How much do you charge?

We work exclusively on the success fee model, with no charge to engage, you only pay if you hire an IT specialist based on our recommendation and when you are satisfied with them. There is a guarantee period of 3 months, which is the market norm. The success fee is usually between 16% and 18% of the annual salary of the developer. For the right companies, we’re happy to offer some flexibility regarding the terms.

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