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Top 7 Quality Assurance Recruitment Agencies

Quality Assurance main picture - DevsData

Quality assurance (QA) is critical to assuring the success and reliability of software and technology solutions. Many firms use specialist recruiting services to discover the top QA personnel who can fulfill today’s demanding digital landscape requirements.

The organizations listed below provide the knowledge, network, and resources to match businesses with exceptional QA specialists with essential skills and experience. This post will discuss the top seven QA recruiting services that specialize in finding and providing high-quality QA professionals.

Learn more about this profession by taking a look at this video:

Our top 4 picks are the following:

  1. DevsData LLC – Top Pick
  2. Korn Ferry
  3. Hired
  4. Reintech

Best recruitment agencies to find QA specialists

  1. DevsData LLC – Top Pick

    Company size: 55 employees
    Website: https://devsdata.com/

    DevsData LLC website schreenshot

    DevsData LLC has been a prominent player in the market for over 8 years now. Their primary focus lies in recruiting automated and manual testers, as well as SDETs. With a team of highly qualified tech specialists and a client-centric attitude, DevsData LLC is well-equipped to source top-tier QA expertise and deliver customized solutions tailored to customers’ specific QA requirements. They know how to recruit a very strong manual or automatic tester.

    Through its internal experience building technology products, DevsData LLC has extensive knowledge of what is really required from a strong tester in a software project, be it a manual on or automation specialist, and how to recruit such people. They claim their testing team participated in large-scale corporate international projects as well as in testing modern SaaS projects for American startups.

    Their team includes native American speakers who are readily available to connect, meet, and provide valuable advice to their clients. They cover many popular geographical regions, including Poland, Central and Eastern Europe, and Latin America. DevsData has extensive experience working with high-growth American and Israeli companies.

    Many of the organization’s employees’ academic backgrounds include degrees from prestigious computer science and business universities. Notably, they demonstrate a dedication to ongoing learning in today’s changing technological context.

    The organization feels that technical and soft skills are not enough for onboarding new professionals. Instead, it values each company’s culture, ensuring that the chosen expert is a good match for the firm. Additionally, they have a formal certification for being a recruitment agency, in comparison to a lot of others that do not have any formal license.

    To contact DevsData LLC, send an email to [email protected] or visit their website at www.devsdata.com.

  2. Korn Ferry

    Company size: 16,567 employees
    Website: https://www.kornferry.com/

    Korn Ferry website schreenshot

    Korn Ferry is a multinational organizational consulting firm that collaborates with clients to create effective company structures, roles, and responsibilities. The company assists clients in hiring the appropriate people and provides advice on rewarding and encouraging their employees. It also develops professionals as they navigate and grow in their careers. The company operates in over 50 countries, with over 100 offices.

    Whether you’re seeking QA specialists with specialized technical capabilities, industry experience, or other qualities, Korn Ferry can help you find and hire top people to match your organization’s needs.

  3. Hired

    Company size: 205 employees
    Website: https://hired.com/

    Hired website schreenshot

    Hired is an innovative job platform that seamlessly links software engineers and developers with suitable job openings. Using advanced algorithms, it matches applicants to employers, streamlining the hiring process for efficiency and ease. Hired also provides upfront salary information, promoting fair compensation. Additionally, the platform emphasizes diversity by connecting businesses with candidates from varied backgrounds. This clear approach makes it easier for companies to find QA specialists who meet their project needs. The company is fully remote, with operations in North America and Europe.

  4. Reintech

    Company size: 11 employees
    Website: https://reintech.io

    Reintech website schreenshot

    Reintech seeks to transform remote work solutions. The firm offers outstanding Eastern European staff to companies, emphasizing successful talent recruiting, transparent methods, and competitive costs. The platform streamlines administrative tasks and allows candidates to work directly with leading organizations while receiving fair compensation.

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    Reintech’s services are transparent. They communicate transparently about developer wages and provide a worry-free procedure for building a high-performing staff. Furthermore, the organization tailors its vetting procedure based on the client’s individual needs.
  5. Aspired

    Company size: 43 employees
    Website: https://aspired.io/

    Aspired website schreenshot

    Aspired uses data-driven approaches to help you acquire outstanding people. The company’s HR staff continuously recruits and expands a network of valuable resources. Many businesses struggle to find candidates with the right job experience. Challenges like low work ethic, low staff morale, workplace politics, and unfair pay make this even harder. The company wants to overcome these obstacles to help businesses succeed.

  6. TechieRec

    Company size: 4 employees
    Website: https://techierec.com

    TechieRec website schreenshot

    TechieRec is a technical recruiting firm that transforms traditional recruitment into a client-centric strategy, allowing you to hire the ideal IT specialists, including QAs.

    The company has years of expertise in recruiting tech professionals and has a large database, allowing its clients to discover the ideal candidate for each role.

    TechieRec’s primary goal is to establish long-term partnerships based on honesty, ethics, and professionalism.

  7. Hunt IT

    Company size: 25 employees
    Website: https://www.huntit.com.br

    Hunt IT website schreenshot

    Hunt IT is a recruiting and consulting company that specializes in human resources solutions, including recruiting, selection, and outsourcing. The company has over 20 years of experience in the technology and recruiting markets.

    Hunt IT is known for its procedures’ quality, the operations’ transparency, and its continuous search for fresh instruments in the work dynamics. They operate strategically in Brazil, Europe (Portugal, Germany, and Sweden), the United States, and Mexico.

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Bonus – top QA testing agencies

  1. TestArmy

    Website: https://testarmy.com/

    According to Deloitte’s 2019 report, TestArmy Group is one of the fastest-growing testing organizations in Central Europe. They specialize in cybersecurity and digital product quality assurance. The firm has been in the market for ten years and has completed over 800 projects during this time.

    TestArmy website screenshot

  2. Testronic

    Website: https://www.testroniclabs.com/

    Testronic’s objective is to thoroughly understand its partners and customers so that they can assist them in developing entertainment experiences that exceed expectations.
    The company founders are gamers themselves and have gotten really involved in their partners’ goods.

    In 2023, Testronic was awarded as the best QA & localization provider.

    Testronic website screenshot

  3. SII Group

    Website: https://sii-group.com/en-FR

    SII Group is a prominent French IT outsourcing company known for its large teams in Poland. While it enjoys popularity in the industry, it recently faced negative press and public relations due to an incident where one of its French managers aggressively terminated a Polish employee for attempting to establish a union.

    This action has led to widespread condemnation and a significant backlash against the company.

    SII Group website screenshot

  4. TestFort

    Website: https://testfort.com/

    They are a Ukrainian company with a team based locally in Ukraine focusing on testing. However, as of 2024, Ukraine is experiencing geopolitical instability due to ongoing conflicts. Therefore, we do not recommend engaging with companies based in regions affected by instability, such as Ukraine. It’s advisable for all clients to avoid such regions until the situation stabilizes

    TestFort website screenshot

  5. KiwiQA

    Website: https://www.kiwiqa.com/

    The idea of KiwiQA originated from observing the various characteristics of the kiwi fruit. Kiwi is known for containing all the essential minerals and vitamins necessary for a healthy body. The team at KiwiQA strives to incorporate these essential elements into software by thoroughly verifying and validating every aspect of quality assurance. Every member of the KiwiQA team is equipped with the necessary knowledge of domains, tools, and processes.

    KiwiQA website screenshot

  6. Testlio

    Website: https://testlio.com/

    Combining human expertise with AI-powered technologies, Testlio ensures optimal quality across various platforms, languages, and payment systems. Clients can rely on Testlio to tackle any testing challenge with precision and efficiency.

    Testlio website screenshot

What regions should you consider when hiring QA testers?

When deciding where to hire software testers, specific regions stand out for their talent pool and costs – Eastern Europe, Latin America, and Vietnam.

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Countries such as Poland, Romania, and Bulgaria have strong technical education systems and provide competitive prices for qualified testers. Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, and Peru have emerged as viable software testing talent markets, with reasonable rates and a growing pool of experienced individuals. Vietnam is another appealing location for recruiting software testers, especially for firms searching for low-cost solutions.

While India is a popular outsourcing destination for IT services, it is crucial to understand the significant cultural differences that might affect communication and cooperation.

It is worth noting that while certain places may offer lower prices, their talent pool may have poorer average communication abilities.

DevsData LLC suggests Eastern Europe because of its excellent level of technical education and relatively low costs for qualified testers.

Testing platforms to test candidates

When it comes to screening candidates for QA roles, using the correct testing platforms may help speed the recruiting process and assure the hiring of highly trained professionals. Here are some major platforms commonly utilized by recruiters:

  1. HackerRank
  2. Codility
  3. DevsKiller
  4. Coderbyte
  5. Evalground
  6. TestDome
  7. iMocha

For startups, we recommend Coderbyte, as an easy to use and popular option.


Each of these companies has distinct benefits, ranging from large applicant databases to expert QA testing services. Companies may save time and money on recruiting by using these organizations’ knowledge and resources to gain access to a pool of skilled QA personnel.

The sales team at DevsData LLC will be pleased to email or call its clients with further information and a price. They have been in the market since 2016, for over 8 years now, with extensive experience in software testing and recruiting software testers. The company has a database of over 65,000 professionals.

Additionally, they have native English speakers on the team, which improves the communication between them and the clients.

The company has worked extensively with global corporate clients and American, Israeli, and British startups, so it knows all the intricacies you might overlook.

You may contact the organization by emailing them at [email protected] or scheduling a call.

Discover how IT recruitment and staffing can address your talent needs. Explore trending regions like Poland, Portugal, Mexico, Brazil and more.

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