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15 Best Sources to Hire Yii Developers in 2024

Man working with laptop

In today’s rapidly evolving IT industry, innovation is the driving force behind the transformative changes we witness. As the demand for reliable web applications continues to rise, frameworks like Yii take center stage. In this scenario, discovering the Yii wizard who can cast a spell of success on your web endeavors becomes essential.

Our article explores the 15 best sources that will help you optimize your hiring process and find the perfect Yii developer to power your web applications.

Here are our top picks:

  1. DevsData LLC – Top pick
  2. Toptal
  3. Hired
  4. Upwork
  5. Gigster
  1. DevsData LLC – Top pick

    DevsData homepage screenshot

    Location: Poland
    Website: https://devsdata.com/
    Industry: IT recruitment agency
    Region of talent: Europe, the US, and Latin America.

    DevsData LLC stands out as a premier tech recruitment agency with a distinct focus on PHP recruitment processes, showcasing extensive expertise in the Yii framework. Our core competency lies in sourcing top-tier Yii developers for businesses globally, offering a unique blend of IT staffing services and consulting tailored to the nuances of advanced software projects. With a deep understanding of the ever-evolving tech landscape, the agency is an expert in matching companies with individuals who possess the precise skills and expertise required for their projects.

    Moreover, DevsData LLC provides ongoing support and guidance to both clients and candidates, fostering long-term relationships built on trust and mutual success. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, it continues to be a trusted partner for companies seeking to build strong tech teams. DevsData LLC can be reached via email at [email protected] for inquiries, consultations, and further information regarding its premium tech recruitment services.

    Key features

    • Specialized focus on sourcing highly skilled Yii developers to meet specific project requirements.
    • Access to over 60,000 pre-vetted software engineers from Europe, the US, and Latin America.
    • Ability to hire qualified candidates in less than 10 days.
    • Experienced in partnering with hedge funds and global corporate clients, including Johnson & Johnson, ZIM, BCG, and more.
    • High client satisfaction with positive testimonials and a track record of successful placements.
    • Emphasis on quality control throughout the recruitment process.
    • Customized recruitment process tailored to the specific needs of each client.
    • Smooth and easy communication with the DevsData LLC team, ensuring efficient cooperation.
    • Expertise in staffing for a wide range of software development needs, including web, mobile, back-end, and front-end projects.

  2. Toptal

    Toptal homepage screenshot

    Location: United States
    Website: https://www.toptal.com/
    Industry: Remote freelancing platform
    Region of talent: Worldwide

    Toptal serves as a worldwide remote freelancing platform, connecting businesses with a diverse range of professionals, including software engineers, designers, finance experts, product managers, and project managers. It is known for its detailed screening process, accepting only the top 3% of applicants to ensure a network of highly skilled professionals. While the platform ensures that businesses gain access to the best talent in Yii development, it’s worth noting that the services tend to come with a premium price tag.

    Key features:

    • Access to a pool of pre-screened developers from the top 3% of talent.
    • Offers full-time, part-time, or hourly hiring to suit project needs.
    • A simplified process for matching clients with suitable candidates.
    • 24-hour timeframe for delivering a list of matched candidates.
    • A high trial-to-hire success rate due to the selective vetting process.
  3. Hired

    Hired homepage screenshot

    Location: United States
    Website: https://hired.com/
    Industry: IT job search marketplace
    Region of talent: Worldwide

    Hired is an innovative employment platform that connects software engineers and developers with the right job opportunities and uses a matching algorithm to recommend candidates to companies, ensuring a good fit for both sides. Thus, Hired takes the complexity out of hiring focusing on efficiency and convenience. The platform’s straightforward approach can make it efficient for businesses to find Yii developers who align with their project requirements.

    Key features:

    • Utilizes advanced algorithms to recommend candidates to companies.
    • Provides upfront salary information to ensure fair compensation.
    • Focuses on creating a diverse workforce by connecting employers with candidates from various backgrounds.
    • Simplifies the interview process with an integrated scheduling system.
    • Allows companies to showcase their culture and values to attract top talent.
    • Offers detailed insights and analytics to help employers make informed hiring decisions.
  4. Upwork

    Upwork homepage screenshot

    Location: United States
    Website: https://www.upwork.com/
    Industry: Global freelancing platform
    Region of talent: Worldwide

    Upwork is a freelancing platform that connects businesses with independent professionals and agencies around the globe. Originally formed as Elance-oDesk, the company rebranded to Upwork in 2015. With profiles featuring comprehensive details, work history, and client feedback, Upwork facilitates informed hiring decisions for Yii development projects. The platform’s adaptability makes it convenient for businesses seeking Yii developers with varying experience levels and skill sets. Numerous Yii developers are available for hire via the network, however, you’ll need to personally assess and interview them.

    Key features

    • Access to millions of developers with a wide range of skills and expertise.
    • Options to hire for short-term tasks, recurring projects, or full-time contract work.
    • A secure system for payment with protection for both clients and candidates.
    • Ready-to-purchase projects for quick hiring needs.
    • Built-in messaging, voice, and video call features for effective collaboration.
    • Connects businesses and talent from various countries, providing a global marketplace.
    • Offers tests and certifications to help freelancers prove their skills.
    • Includes tools like job matching algorithms, and talent badges to help clients find the right developers.
  5. Gigster

    Gigster homepage screenshot

    Location: United States
    Website: https://gigster.com/
    Industry: Software development service
    Region of talent: United States, Western Europe

    Gigster is a dynamic software development service that sets itself apart by matching businesses with experienced software developers, including skilled Yii professionals. It’s designed to connect businesses with skilled professionals for their tech project needs. The platform optimizes the hiring process by providing access to a global network of developers, ensuring businesses can find Yii developers committed to delivering high-quality results. Gigster’s focus on quality makes it a suitable platform for businesses seeking excellence in their Yii development projects.

    Key features

    • Utilizes a network of professionals tagged with over 20 data points to assemble the optimal team for each project.
    • Employs a health score system to predict and prevent delays and issues, ensuring project reliability.
    • Streamlines every step of the project to enhance speed and efficiency, with project managers building specs 80% faster than average.
    • Allows developers to start projects faster by using code and task lists from past projects as a foundation.
    • Provides direct access to a global pool of experts from top tech companies, startups, enterprises, and academia. You can hire a single developer or a fully managed team.
  6. People Per Hour

    People Per Hour homepage screenshot

    Location: United Kingdom
    Website: https://www.peopleperhour.com/
    Industry: Freelance marketplace
    Region of talent: Worldwide

    People Per Hour is a freelance marketplace that connects clients with expert freelancers across various fields such as technology, programming, design, and digital marketing. It is suitable for businesses seeking flexibility in Yii development engagements by offering a platform for hourly hiring. The platform allows businesses to find Yii developers with diverse skills and experience levels. People Per Hour’s emphasis on hourly arrangements makes it suitable for businesses with varying Yii development needs.

    Key features

    • An artificial intelligence system matches and contacts the best freelancers for your project.
    • A vast collection of skills from rated and reviewed experts in every imaginable field.
    • A communication hub that organizes messages, attachments, feedback, and payments all in one place.
    • Funds are held in escrow until the client is satisfied and ready to release them to the developer.
    • Supports the flexibility to work outside the traditional 9-to-5 model, empowering people to be professionally independent.
  7. Dice

    Dice homepage screenshot

    Location: United States
    Website: https://www.dice.com/
    Industry: Tech-focused career marketplace
    Region of talent: Worldwide

    Dice excels as a platform specializing in tech and IT jobs, making it an ideal choice for businesses in search of Yii developers with specific technical skills. Employers can post jobs and connect with Yii developers who deeply understand the framework, ensuring tailored matches for their development projects. Dice’s focus on the tech industry ensures precision in connecting businesses with Yii developers who meet their specific criteria.

    Key features

    • Provides detailed overviews of technologists’ skills and career accomplishments, increasing their visibility to recruiters.
    • Allows recruiters to build trust and credibility with technologists by showcasing their company brand and values.
    • Enables real-time communication between recruiters and candidates to speed up the vetting process.
    • A 100% technology-oriented platform that specializes in tech roles, ensuring quality matches between candidates and employers.
    • Offers a skills-based approach for recruiters to find candidates who fit their needs.
    • Establishes a dynamic environment for building meaningful relationships that lead to career placements.
  8. Guru

    Guru homepage screenshot

    Location: India
    Website: https://www.guru.com/
    Industry: Freelance marketplace
    Region of talent: Worldwide

    Guru is a freelance marketplace that connects businesses with freelancers across various domains, including Yii development. With a diverse pool of Yii developers offering varying experience levels, employers can explore detailed profiles, work histories, and testimonials on Guru. This facilitates informed decisions, ensuring businesses find Yii developers who align with their project requirements.

    Key features

    • Connects employers with a vast network of freelancers from around the world.
    • Allows employers to post jobs at no cost, inviting freelancers to submit quotes.
    • Supports various types of work agreements to suit different project needs.
    • Ensures secure transactions, holding funds in escrow until project milestones are met.
    • Provides WorkRooms for managing projects and facilitating communication between employers and freelancers.
    • Features a system to verify freelancers, enhancing trust and reliability.
    • Offers competitive pricing with the claim of having the lowest fees among freelance marketplaces.
  9. The Muse

    The Muse homepage screenshot

    Location: United States
    Website: https://www.themuse.com/
    Industry: Online career platform
    Region of talent: Worldwide

    The Muse distinguishes itself as a platform connecting businesses with professionals from various industries. With a focus on creativity and innovation, the Muse allows businesses to find Yii developers with a unique approach to web development. It’s known for its values-based approach to the job market, helping individuals find meaningful work that resonates with their personal goals and aspirations. Hence, employers can explore profiles on the platform and connect with Yii developers who align with their project vision, fostering creative and productive collaboration.

    Key features

    • Connects individuals with jobs, companies, and careers that align with their core values.
    • Offers in-depth profiles and employee stories to provide a genuine look at company culture.
    • Provides expert advice and coaching services to help job seekers navigate their career paths.
    • Features a variety of job opportunities across different levels and industries.
    • Offers online classes to help individuals enhance their professional skills.
    • Recognizes companies for their perks and benefits, supporting job seekers in finding employers who value their well-being.
  10. Working Nomads

    Working Nomads homepage screenshot

    Location: Slovakia
    Website: https://www.workingnomads.com/
    Industry: Remote career platform
    Region of talent: Worldwide

    Working Nomads focuses on remote work opportunities, making it an ideal platform for businesses looking to hire Yii developers for remote projects. With a curated list of professionals experienced in remote collaboration, the platform ensures employers find Yii developers who thrive in virtual environments. Working Nomads promotes flexibility and adaptability, making it easier for professionals to find jobs that allow them to work from anywhere.

    Key features

    • A selection of high-quality, reliable remote job postings that are updated regularly.
    • Job opportunities span across various fields such as development, management, marketing, design, and sales.
    • Connects employers and job seekers from all over the world, promoting a diverse workforce.
    • Provides notifications for newly posted jobs, keeping job seekers informed about the latest opportunities.
    • Offers a premium subscription for access to an extensive database of remote jobs.
    • Employers can have their job postings featured at the top of the homepage for increased visibility.
    • The platform boasts an audience of over 2.5+ million yearly users, increasing the chances of finding the right match for both job seekers and employers.
  11. Freelancer

    Freelancer homepage screenshot

    Location: Australia
    Website: https://www.freelancer.com/
    Industry: Freelance marketplace platform
    Region of talent: Worldwide

    Freelancer remains a widely used platform that connects businesses with freelance professionals worldwide, including a diverse pool of Yii developers with various experience levels. It has a user base of 25 million around the world. Employers can post their requirements and receive bids from a global pool of developers. With flexible hiring arrangements, Freelancer accommodates businesses with different Yii development needs, ensuring they find the right talent for their projects.

    Key features

    • Ensures that all transactions between clients and freelancers are secure.
    • Provides a tool for freelancers to track time spent on projects, ensuring accurate billing.
    • Allows clients to post jobs without any cost, attracting a wide pool of freelancers.
    • Enables freelancers to create personalized offers based on client requirements.
    • Offers the ability to view samples of a freelancer’s previous work to assess quality.
    • Facilitates communication between clients and freelancers without additional charges.
    • Simplifies the billing process with an integrated invoicing system.
  12. WellFound (formerly AngelList)

    WellFound homepage screenshot

    Location: United States
    Website: https://wellfound.com/jobs/
    Industry: Recruiting platform for technology companies and startups
    Region of talent: Worldwide

    WellFound is a platform that serves as a bridge between startups, investors, and job seekers, focusing on the tech and startup ecosystem. The platform emphasizes innovative projects and collaborative opportunities, ensuring businesses find Yii developers who are enthusiastic about contributing to groundbreaking initiatives. AngelList facilitates connections between employers and Yii developers who bring a fresh perspective to web development.

    Key features

    • Specializes in job opportunities from the startup sector, providing a niche platform for job seekers interested in this space.
    • Offers a transparent approach to the hiring process, with clear communication between employers and job seekers.
    • Hosts a diverse range of candidates and job opportunities, catering to various roles within the tech industry.
    • Provides detailed insights into company cultures and work environments, helping job seekers find the right fit.
    • Simplifies the application process by allowing candidates to apply with one click using their profile, without the need for cover letters.
    • Promotes open disclosure of salary ranges, helping job seekers make informed decisions.
  13. Bacon Work

    Bacon Work homepage screenshot

    Location: United States
    Website: https://www.baconwork.com/
    Industry: On-demand staffing platform
    Region of talent: Worldwide

    Bacon Work is an on-demand staffing platform designed to cater to various industries and offers a flexible work model for both companies and workers. Find Bacon’s well-elaborated hiring process allows employers to find Yii developers who align well with their project goals, offering a unique blend of technical proficiency and creative prowess.

    Key features

    • Provides a marketplace for businesses to find local temp labor quickly and efficiently.
    • Offers workers for a wide range of industries, including warehouse fulfillment, event staffing, and catering.
    • Ensures all temporary workers are screened and background-checked for reliability.
    • Requires workers to have an independent worker’s compensation policy or opt into Bacon’s Safety Program policy.
    • Covers all workers with a general liability insurance policy for added security.
    • Facilitates a straightforward payment process for businesses and workers.
    • Allows gig workers to pick up shifts that fit their schedule and skill set, with quick payment after completion.
  14. Authentic Jobs

    Authentic Jobs homepage screenshot

    Location: United States
    Website: https://authenticjobs.com/
    Industry: Job board for designers, developers, and creative pros
    Region of talent: Worldwide

    Authentic Jobs caters to the creative side of Yii development, as it specializes in connecting employers with talented professionals in the fields of design, tech, and creative work. With an emphasis on the creative mindset, the platform goes beyond technical expertise, allowing employers to find Yii developers who can infuse creativity into their web development projects. Authentic Jobs facilitates connections between employers and Yii developers with a knack for innovation, making it an ideal space for businesses looking to stand out in the digital landscape.

    Key features

    • A network rich with potential candidates excelling in areas like design, development, and visual arts.
    • Offers various pricing options to accommodate different hiring needs and budgets.
    • Increases job visibility with the option for featured listings.
    • Encourages building relationships by engaging with the Authentic Jobs community.
    • Ensures timely engagement with candidates to maintain interest and reflect positively on the company.
    • Allows showcasing of unique and appealing compensation packages and benefits.
  15. LinkedIn

    LinkedIn homepage screenshot

    Location: United States
    Website: https://www.linkedin.com/
    Industry: Business and employment-focused social media platform
    Region of talent: Worldwide

    LinkedIn serves as a professional network connecting businesses with professionals across various industries. It offers a suite of hiring tools designed to help companies find, attract, and recruit top talent. It’s known for its vast user base and powerful recruiting features. The platform allows employers to explore detailed profiles, endorsements, and recommendations, enabling them to find Yii developers with strong professional backgrounds. LinkedIn facilitates connections between employers and Yii developers, fostering collaborations based on professionalism and expertise.

    Key features

    • Utilize detailed criteria to find the right candidates with intelligent matching.
    • Engage potential candidates with personalized outreach to create meaningful connections.
    • Streamline the recruitment process with tools for collaboration and analytics to manage your candidate pipeline effectively.
    • Quickly create and post job listings, targeting them to relevant members on the platform.
    • Showcase your company’s culture and values, and highlight job opportunities with a media-rich page.
    • Access insights and real-time data to inform your hiring strategy and understand the value of your investments.
    • Tap into a dynamic community of over 1 billion professionals across various industries and regions.

The role of the Yii developer

Yii, an acronym for “Yes, it is!”, stands out as a high-performance, component-based PHP framework. Yii is designed to simplify and accelerate the development of web applications, ensuring they are secure, efficient, and easily maintainable. Its modular architecture, powerful caching support, and extensive set of tools make Yii an attractive choice for companies aiming to deliver cutting-edge applications in a time-efficient manner.

Yii developers play a crucial role in harnessing the capabilities of the Yii framework to create dynamic and feature-rich web applications. These professionals are proficient in utilizing Yii’s Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture, enabling them to organize code in a structured and modular way. Yii developers are responsible for implementing complex business logic, integrating databases, and ensuring the overall performance optimization of web applications.

Moreover, they leverage Yii’s built-in features, such as ActiveRecord for database interactions, and effectively integrate third-party libraries to improve its functionality. Yii developers contribute to the creation of scalable and maintainable web solutions, providing businesses with the technological backbone needed to thrive in the digital landscape. In essence, as the demand for sophisticated web applications continues to rise, Yii developers remain pivotal in shaping the landscape of modern IT development.

Bottom Line

In an industry where technological advancements occur rapidly, businesses are constantly seeking ways to stay ahead of the curve and meet evolving business needs. This quest for innovation often leads them to explore various avenues for talent acquisition, ensuring they have the right expertise to leverage emerging technologies and develop cutting-edge solutions that secure their success in the digital landscape.

Whether seeking a global talent pool, remote work expertise, or a focus on creative innovation, we at DevsData LLC can offer the best options to find the perfect Yii developer for your web development projects. Don’t hesitate to connect with us via email at [email protected] and learn more about our premium tech recruitment services.

Stay tuned for exciting insights ahead as we will continue keeping you on the cutting edge of innovation in the dynamic world of web development.

Any questions or comments? Let me know on Twitter/X.

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