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Top 5 Sites to Hire Software Developers in Argentina

Top 5 Sites to Hire Software Developers in Argentina

Argentina is a major participant in the global IT sector, distinguished by its competent labor and creative technical solutions. When recruiting software developers in Argentina, various high-quality platforms cater to multiple requirements and provide access to the country’s exceptional pool of specialists. Argentina is usually ahead of the US by 1-4 hours. For example, the capital of the country, Buenos Aires, is one hour ahead of New York.

Here’s a video exploring the salary range for software developers in Latin America:

This post will examine the top five websites where you may employ software engineers in Argentina, so let’s continue.

Top sites to hire software developers in Argentina

As for the top three picks, we have the following companies:

  1. DevsData LLC – Best overall
  2. SpaceDev – best for Blockchain/web3 companies
  3. Flux IT – best for B2B companies
  1. DevsData LLC – Top Pick and best for American clients

    Company size: 55 employees
    Headquarters: Brooklyn, New York City, US, with a European HQ in Warsaw, Poland
    Founder: Tom Potanski
    Established year: 2016
    Website: www.devsdata.com.
    Region served: United States, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, Singapore and Australia, the United Kingdom, and Argentina.
    Region of talent: Worldwide, focusing on Central and Eastern Europe (mainly Poland, Latin America (with a focus on Argentina).

    DevsData IT recruitment website screenshot

    DevsData LLC is a top-tier IT recruitment and software agency. Employers can refer to DevsData if they want to hire tech talent or hire DevsData’s professionals. They specialize in DevOps and Cloud infrastructure, enterprise application development, complex backend systems, fronted web apps, mobile apps, custom technology consulting, big data, data analytics, and AI.

    DevsData LLC has a very rigorous interview process when vetting technical talents. The interview has many stages, including a 90-minute-long, challenging stage with a software veteran and problem-solving algorithm challenges. Thus, the people they recommend to their clients are rock stars. Additionally, they have native Americans on the team and over 40 technical recruiters. The company has a database of over 65,000 pre-vetted Argentinian IT professionals.

    DevsData LLC has extensive experience hiring talents from Latin America, focusing strongly on Argentina. Most of its abilities are native English speakers. Whether you’re a startup or a big firm looking for the right candidate, DevsData LLC professionals know all the intricacies of hiring the best fit. The company has extensive experience working with American companies since 2016. Additionally, they have a local presence in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and are ready to advise on taxes, employment, and legal aspects.

    The company regularly shares exciting case studies on its website, so if you want to learn more about how it handles challenging cases, feel free to explore it. Additionally, they have an official, government-approved license for providing recruitment services in Argentina. They have extensive experience working with global corporate clients and high-growth American and Israeli startups.

    For any questions or concerns, drop them an email at [email protected] or visit www.devsdata.com.

    DevsData IT Recruitment Agency Buenos Aires
    789 Avenida Corrientes,
    Buenos Aires, C1043AAD
    [email protected]

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  3. SpaceDev – best for Blockchain/web3 companies

    Company size: 54 employees
    Headquarters: Miami, Florida
    Founder: Federico Flores
    Established year: 2016
    Website: https://spacedev.io/
    Region served: Mainly USA and Latin American countries
    Region of talent: Mainly USA and Latin American countries

    SpaceDev website screenshot

    SpaceDev is a software development firm that has been operating since 2016. It offers advanced digital solutions in all major technologies while focusing on blockchain.

    They have offices in Argentina, the United States, Uruguay, and Colombia.
    SpaceDev has a comprehensive vetting procedure that includes technical exams, portfolio evaluations, and interviews to guarantee that only the best developers are hired.

  4. Flux IT – best for B2B companies

    Company size: 217 employees
    Headquarters: Caba, Buenos Aires
    Founder: Santiago Urrizola
    Established year: 2008
    Website: https://fluxitsoft.com/
    Region served: Global
    Region of talent: Latin America

    Flux IT website screenshot

    Flux IT is an innovative group of engineers, software developers, and product/UX designers ready to tackle any digital problem. According to the most recent “Great Place to Work” survey, the company was recognized as Argentina’s best workplace.

    Their working process usually looks like this:

    1. Scanning
    2. Proposal
    3. Kick-off
    4. Discovery and journey
    5. DevOps, DesignOps, CloudOp
  5. Tecla – extensive talent pool

    Company size: 56 employees
    Founder: Ferrand
    Established year: 2018
    Website: https://tecla.io/
    Region served: Global
    Region of talent: Latin America

    Tecla.io website screenshot

    Tecla was founded in 2018 and is regarded as one of Latin America’s leading developer network firms. The company considers itself a bridge between the most excellent technology firms in the United States and the best talents in Central and South America.

    Tecla has 10,000 vetted tech talents from Buenos Aires, Córdoba, and other cities in Argentina.

    One advantage of using Tecla is that it is risk-free. It provides various recruitment and sourcing models with risk-free periods and guarantees.

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  7. Toptal – best for enterprise clients with bigger budgets

    Company size: 1500 employees
    Founder: Taso Du Val
    Established year: 2010
    Website: https://toptal.com
    Region served: Global
    Region of talent: Global

    Toptal website screenshot

    Toptal is an international marketplace through which you can hire top software developers in every corner of the world, no matter where you’re located. The company has a strict vetting procedure, thanks to which only experienced professionals are chosen.

    The website has a large talent pool. You can pay the employees via credit cards, PayPal, bank wires, and ACH. However, Toptal is a rather pricey option, so you must be ready.

Interesting to know

Timezone overlap

Knowing time zone differences is crucial for seamless communication, efficient global operations, maintaining employee well-being, effective project management, enhancing client relations, and fostering cultural sensitivity

We encourage all to check the time difference with other locations through World Time Buddy.

Timebuddy screenshot

City Time difference with Buenos Aires
San Francisco -4 hours
New York -1 hour
London +4 hours
Chicago -2 hours

Employer of Record services

Employer of Record services we recommend include:

  • Dea
  • Remote.com
  • Plance.com
  • OysterHR

How to transfer money to Argentina?

Transferring funds to Argentina can be straightforward with online platforms like Wise and Payoneer, among the most popular global options. Simply sign up for an account and follow the instructions.

The currency used in Argentina is the Argentine peso. As of May 2024, 1$ is equal to 876.73 Argentine peso.

Top computer science universities in Argentina

Top 3 technical universities in Argentina:

  1. Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA)
  2. Instituto Tecnológico de Buenos Aires (ITBA)
  3. Universidad Nacional de La Plata (UNLP)

Calling Argentina from the US

To call Argentina from the US:

  1. Dial the US exit code: “+1”.
  2. Dial the international dialing code for Argentina: “+54”.
  3. Dial the local area code (without the leading zero) and the phone number.

Skype is an affordable, reliable, and market standard that works well for international calls.

Flight durations to Buenos Aires

City Approximate Time
New York 11 hours
London 13 hours
San Francisco 15.5 hours
Austin 12.5 hours
Amsterdam 13.5 hours
Singapore 29 hours

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Final thoughts

While many business owners and companies believe that hiring professionals on their own or with the help of on-site HRs will be efficient, referring to the right recruitment agency can save time and money.

HRs often overlook some of the specialist’s intricacies because they lack previous experience in the field.

When hiring talent from LatAm, particularly Argentina, the agency must check the following:

– English speaking abilities(including the accent, as many Argentinians have a heavy accent that is difficult to understand),

– Punctuality,

– Analytical thinking abilities & technical skills,

– Overall culture fit for American work culture

Nonetheless, choosing the right agency will take the burden off your shoulders.

DevsData LLC can guide you through that challenging process, speed up the hiring process, and get you the talent that will undoubtedly fit your company culture and contribute to its success.

Their team of native Americans would be happy to meet you in their office in Buenos Aires and advise you on Argentinian employment law, taxation, how to hire a contractor, and more legally.

The company has over 65,000 pre-vetted software developers from Argentina in its database, can deliver talent in under ten days, and has extensive experience working with American companies and startups.

DevsData also operates in other Latin America countries, including Brazil and Colombia.

To contact the company, email them at [email protected] or visit www.devsdata.com.

DevsData IT Recruitment Agency Argentina
789 Avenida Corrientes,
Buenos Aires, C1043AAD, Argentina

Any questions or comments? Let me know on Twitter/X.

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