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Top 5 IT Recruitment Agencies in Kosovo



Kosovo’s central location in the Balkans makes it a strategic gateway to Western and Eastern Europe. It is well-connected to major European cities through frequent and affordable flights, enhancing business and recruitment operations.

Although Kosovo’s IT industry is growing rapidly, with over 50% of the population under 25 being young and tech-savvy, there still needs to be a match between the supply of skilled professionals and the demand from businesses. IT recruitment agencies help bridge this gap by sourcing talent from a broader pool. Here is the comprehensive list of the top 5 recruitment agencies in Kosovo, which can help businesses find the best talent in the region.

Kosovo map

Here are the top picks for you to consider:

  1. DevsData LLC – Top Pick: Best overall
  2. Quantix: Best for low budget
  3. Talent Network Kosovo: Best for board recruiting
  1. DevsData LLC – Top Pick: Best overall

    Company size: ~60 employees
    Headquarters: Brooklyn, New York City, US, with a European HQ in Warsaw, Poland
    Founding year: 2016
    Founder: Tom Potanski
    Website: www.devsdata.com

    DevsData IT recruitment website screenshot

    DevsData LLC is a leading IT recruitment firm in Kosovo, bringing over eight years of specialized experience in tech recruitment. They have meticulously vetted a database of 65,000 IT specialists in Kosovo’s market, demonstrating their commitment to quality and excellence. Their robust network of skilled professionals is matched with employment opportunities tailored to their expertise and career goals. DevsData LLC partners with diverse global enterprises, including startups from various countries and high-growth American and Israeli startups.

    DevsData LLC distinguishes itself by delivering a high level of service comparable to larger companies, combined with the flexibility and customization that large firms often need to improve. Operating on a more compact scale helps DevsData LLC minimize overhead costs compared to its larger counterparts. This efficiency enables them to offer competitive pricing without compromising service excellence or the quality of recommended candidates. Beyond recruitment, DevsData LLC provides comprehensive legal assistance to businesses entering the Kosovar market, including guidance on contract establishment.

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    The company is committed to quality and is licensed by the government to provide recruitment and staffing services. With the support of a dedicated US team, DevsData LLC delivers exceptional and reliable service to its clients. Their partnerships with clients like Varner, Cubus, and Novartis show their successful client retention strategy. This success is further proven by their perfect 5/5 rating on Clutch and GoodFirms.

    Andi Williams review

    To connect with DevsData LLC, email [email protected] or visit their website at www.devsdata.com.

    DevsData IT Recruitment Agency Kosovo
    28a Rexhep Mala,
    Prishtina 10000, Kosovo
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  2. Quantix: Best for low budget

    Company size: ~30 employees
    Headquarters: Prishtina
    Founding year: 2019
    Founder: Astrit Pira
    Website: https://www.thequantix.com/

    Quantix website

    Quantix is a software development company that builds products from conception to market-ready solutions. However, it also assists companies in finding top talent through a vetting process, ensuring that the right expertise matches their project needs. Quantix’s comprehensive services include custom software development, product design, and market deployment, supported by a team of experienced professionals.

    Quantix’s vision is to empower businesses through innovative technology solutions. They emphasize collaboration and innovation, making them a helpful partner for startups and established businesses looking to enhance their technological capabilities. Quantix strives to help companies achieve their strategic goals and find talents matched to their needs.

  3. Talent Network Kosova: Best for board recruiting

    Company size: ~10 employees
    Headquarters: Prishtina
    Founding year: 2018
    Founder: Blerim Zogaj
    Website: https://www.talentnetwork-ks.com

    Talent Network website

    Talent Network Kosova is known for board recruiting, C–level positions, and other professional positions, especially in the ICT industry, marketing and advertising, pharmacy industry, and architecture. Their goal is to offer their clients genuine human resource solutions to sustain in the competitive market.

    They specialize in providing enterprises with talents by selecting potential candidates according to the job description. They also interview the candidates and draft a report for each candidate emphasizing their strengths, opportunities, and potential for further development. Talent Network Kosova helps organizations be flexible with the size of their workforce to adapt to their ever-evolving needs and available resources.

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    Now that the top three picks have been discussed let’s examine the other recruitment agencies in Kosovo that are also worth checking out.

  4. StaffiX: Best for small firms

    Company size: ~10 employees
    Headquarters: Prishtina
    Founding year: 2023
    Founder: Shkumbin Ibraimi
    Website: https://www.staffix.net/

    StaffiX website

    StaffiX is a recruitment agency that provides fair workforce solutions in Kosovo. Its mission is to connect fresh talent with top employers that need their skills. With an in-depth understanding of Kosovo’s labor market, StaffiX helps clients build high-quality workforces essential for success.

    They offer various contract, temporary, and permanent placement solutions across multiple industries, including technology, finance, marketing, sales, real estate, and administrative support. StaffiX, a small firm, uses its network and industry knowledge to ensure successful matches that drive growth and efficiency.

  5. ERC International: Best for executive search

    Company size: ~50 employees
    Headquarters: Dubai
    Founding year: 2014
    Founder: Ritjana Ceveli
    Website: https://www.erc-int.com/

    ERC International website

    ERC International is a growing IT recruitment agency in Kosovo known for executive search services across GEM markets. They aim to find satisfactory talent solutions by addressing corporate needs and expectations. ERC International’s mission is to showcase talents from developing economies to the global spectrum and encourage local placements.

    ERC International opens up a broad spectrum of talents from evolving economies and industries by extending their services across boundaries into emerging markets. They’re building a global presence through information sharing and maintaining best practices in their executive recruitment team to work regionally and globally. This helps businesses fill their executive talent pool to achieve their potential and retain their competence efficiently. Their emphasis on female executive search represents their global ethical actions and our strong interest in promoting gender diversity in the workplace through empowering women.

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Interesting to know

Kosovo’s tech industry offers numerous opportunities, currently hosting around 1,200 open developer positions. Considering competitive salaries, increasing job opportunities, and favorable conditions for local and remote work, Kosovo is an appealing destination for IT specialists looking for rewarding careers in the region.

Salary range for IT personnel in Kosovo

Kosovo offers attractive salaries for IT professionals, reflecting its distinctive economic landscape and variations in the cost of living.

Below are the salary ranges for Software Engineers, IT Support, QA personnel, Data Analysts, and Network Engineers in Kosovo. They are categorized by junior, mid-level, and senior positions based on local data, such as the Average Salary Survey of Kosovo.

Role Junior Level (Monthly) Mid-Level (Monthly) Senior Level (Monthly)
Software Developer €800 – €1,200 /
$870 – $1,300
€1,200 – €1,600 /
$1,300 – $1,740
€1,600 – €2,200 /
$1,740 – $2,400
IT Support €500 – €700 /
$540 – $760
€700 – €900 /
$760 – $980
€900 – €1,200 /
$980 – $1,300
QA Tester €600 – €800 /
$650 – $870
€800 – €1,000 /
$870 – $1,090
€1,000 – €1,300 /
$1,090 – $1,420
Data Analyst €700 – €1,000 /
$760 – $1,090
€1,000 – €1,300 /
$1,090 – $1,420
€1,300 – €1,700 /
$1,420 – $1,850
Network Engineer €900 – €1,200 /
$980 – $1,300
€1,200 – €1,600 /
$1,300 – $1,740
€1,600 – €2,000 /
$1,740 – $2,180

These salary ranges reflect the growing demand for IT professionals in Kosovo and provide a competitive compensation structure that aligns with the cost of living and the local economic conditions.

Best employer of record (EoR) platforms for hiring developers in Kosovo

When hiring developers in Kosovo, leveraging an employer of record (EoR) platform can streamline the process, ensuring compliance with local laws while managing payroll and other HR tasks. Here are some of the top EoR platforms to consider:

DevsData LLC is a trusted employer of record (EoR) provider specializing in the IT and tech sectors. The company delivers comprehensive employment solutions designed specifically for tech companies aiming to grow their operations in Kosovo. As an EoR, DevsData LLC manages employment compliance, payroll processing, and HR administration for businesses. This enables companies to establish a presence in Kosovo without creating a legal entity, and the firm ensures full compliance with local labor laws.

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How to make an international call to Kosovo

To make an international call to Kosovo, follow these steps:

1. Dial the international access code:

From the USA or Canada: Dial 011
From the UK: Dial 00
From Australia: Dial 0011
From other countries: Check the specific international access code for your country.

2. Dial the international access code:

Dial 383

3. Dial the local number:

Kosovo phone numbers are typically eight digits long.
Mobile numbers usually start with ‘4’ (e.g., 44, 45).


  • Ensure you have the correct local number format.
  • Be aware of the time difference to avoid calling at inappropriate hours.
  • Check with your phone service provider for any international calling rates that might apply.

Time zone overlap

It’s important to be aware of time zone differences when making international calls, especially with the rise of remote work and global collaborations. Sweden is in the Central European Time (CET) zone, which is typically 6 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time (EST) in the US and 9 hours ahead of Pacific Standard Time (PST). These differences may change during Daylight Saving Time.

Time zone differences

Here are some examples of time zone differences:

Destination Time difference from Kosovo
Austin Kosovo is 7 hours ahead of Austin
New York Kosovo is 6 hours ahead of New York
Chicago Kosovo is 7 hours ahead of Chicago
San Francisco Kosovo is 9 hours ahead of San Francisco
Warsaw Same time zone as Warsaw

Top Computer Science universities in Kosovo

Kosovo has several prestigious universities renowned for their computer science and technology programs. Here are some of the top institutions offering exceptional education in this field:

  1. University for Business and Technology
  2. University of Pristina
  3. Rochester Institute of Technology Kosovo

Final thoughts

Kosovo has a relatively small labor market, making finding potential candidates difficult. However, its young workforce is increasingly well-educated, particularly in information technology, engineering, and business administration. Choosing the right IT recruitment agency is crucial for any company’s success. DevsData LLC stands out as an exceptional choice for IT recruitment in Kosovo. Their rigorous interview process ensures that only the most impressive technical talent, characterized by strong communication skills and outstanding technical abilities, is presented to clients. Beyond recruitment services, DevsData LLC, with a local office in Pristina, also provides comprehensive legal, tax, and HR advisory services and BPO services to streamline client operations.

DevsData LLC offers a unique value proposition that differentiates it from larger competitors by leveraging local expertise and a deep understanding of the Kosovo market. Their streamlined operations allow for competitive pricing without compromising on service quality. With a dedicated team and a personalized approach, DevsData LLC can quickly adapt to each client’s specific needs, ensuring highly effective recruitment outcomes. For businesses looking to build a competitive IT workforce in Kosovo, DevsData LLC offers the expertise, efficiency, and personalized service needed to achieve their goals.

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To contact DevsData LLC, email them at [email protected] or visit them at www.devsdata.com.

DevsData IT Recruitment Agency Kosovo
28a Rexhep Mala,
Prishtina 10000, Kosovo
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