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Top 5 Sites to Hire Software Developers in Colombia

Software developer

In recent years, Colombia has become a top destination for companies looking to hire skilled software developers. Colombia offers numerous advantages for businesses seeking to build their software development teams: a tech industry, a favorable business environment, and a pool of highly educated professionals.

The demand for talented developers continues to grow, and many companies are turning to specialized recruitment agencies and platforms to help them find the best candidates. In this article, we will explore the top 5 sites to hire software developers in Colombia, providing insights into their services, achievements, and the benefits they offer. Also, we will explain 7 major reasons why hiring software developers from Colombia is a smart choice for companies, including the high retention rates of Colombian developers, their professional quality of work, the country’s favorable business environment, and the government’s strong support for the tech industry.

Here are our top 4 picks:

  1. DevsData LLC – Top Pick
  2. Terminal
  3. Allstarsit
  4. Tecla
  1. DevsData LLC – Top Pick

    DevsData LLC website screenshot

    Company size: 54 employees
    Headquarters: Brooklyn, New York City, US, with a European HQ in Warsaw, Poland
    Founder: Tom Potanski
    Founded year: 2016
    Website: https://devsdata.com/
    Regions served: United States, Colombia, Canada, The United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, Singapore and Australia.
    Region of talent: Global, with a focus on Central and Eastern Europe (especially Poland) and Latin America.
    Achievements: 5 stars on Clutch, Clutch Awards: Top HR staffing company (Business Services Poland), Top HR staffing company (Barcelona 2024), Top Company (Top HR Recruiting company 2023), Clutch 1000 2023, Top HR Staffing company (Information Technology Poland).

    DevsData LLC is an IT recruitment agency with solid experience in sourcing the best software developers from Colombia and other Latin American countries. The company has an official, government-approved license for recruitment services. Notably, with an extensive database of over 65,000 pre-vetted tech professionals, including software engineers and developers, DevsData LLC has successfully helped more than 80 clients worldwide build their dream tech teams since 2016. The company has experience working with global corporate clients and high-growth American and Israeli startups.

    The company’s rigorous recruitment process ensures that only the best candidates, with good technical skills, strong communication abilities, and a great cultural fit, are presented to their clients. Candidates undergo a multi-stage interview process, including a rigorous 90-minute technical evaluation conducted by seasoned software professionals. This comprehensive assessment involves solving complex algorithmic challenges, allowing DevsData LLC to identify individuals with outstanding technical abilities.

    DevsData LLC’s deep understanding of the Colombian tech market allows them to identify and attract the most talented developers from cities like Bogotá, Medellín, and Barranquilla. Their team of experienced recruiters understands the nuances of the Colombian tech industry and can quickly adapt to each client’s unique requirements. Moreover, DevsData LLC has a local office in Colombia and is ready to offer legal and tax advisory services, as well as HR guidance on employment law, for clients interested in hiring locally or establishing a business entity in the region.

    DevsData LLC also provides a BPO service (business process outsourcing) if the client wants. Over time, DevsData LLC has established itself as a talent partner for companies looking to access Colombia’s rich pool of software development talent. The company offers IT recruitment, technical recruitment/staffing, and headhunting services, boasting a proven track record of success. DevsData LLC is the ideal choice for businesses seeking to build world-class tech teams with the best software developers from Colombia.

    To learn more about how DevsData LLC can support your needs, please visit their website or contact them directly at [email protected].

  2. Terminal

    Terminal homepage screenshot

    Company size: 142 employees
    Headquarters: San Francisco, California, US
    Founder: Dylan Serota
    Founded year: 2017
    Website: https://www.terminal.io/
    Regions served: The company operates globally, including Colombia. The company’s main focus is the US.
    Region of talent: Mainly Canada, Latin America, and Europe.
    Achievements: A 2023 America’s Best Startup Employers Honoree.

    Terminal is a global talent platform that helps companies hire remote software developers. The company provides access to a pool of vetted professionals screened by in-market talent experts. Terminal claims its smart technology accelerates hiring through intelligent sourcing, candidate matching, and interview workflows.

    The platform offers stress-free global payroll, benefits, and HR support, allowing businesses to focus on running their operations. Terminal’s customers and developers have reported positive experiences, with case studies showcasing how companies have scaled their teams and boosted engineering productivity. The company is top-rated but expensive. Some potential drawbacks of working with a company like Terminal include the lack of in-person interaction with colleagues and higher prices than other options.

  3. Allstarsit

    Allstarsit homepage screenshot

    Company size: 326 employees
    Headquarters: San Francisco, California, US
    Founder and CEO: Solomon Amar
    Founded year: 2004
    Website: https://www.allstarsit.com
    Regions served: The company operates globally, including Colombia. The company’s main focus is the US.
    Region of talent: Central and Eastern Europe, Israel, the UAE, India, the Philippines, and Latin America.
    Achievements: Clutch Champion 2023, Clutch Global 2023, Clutch Top Managed Service Provider, ISO Certificate, The Manifest: Most Reviewed HR Recruiting Company, DesignRush Top Staffing Agencies and more.

    Allstarsit is a global employment solutions provider founded in 2004. The company is dedicated to simplifying the process of hiring, paying, and managing talented employees worldwide. They have a global team in over 20 countries and offer a range of services, including staff augmentation, dedicated teams, EOR/contractor management, staffing and recruiting, and HR operations. Allstarsit boasts a pool of over 1,000 developers, 100+ customers, and 100+ available skills, with 75% of customers finding experts within 3-5 days.

    The company serves various industries, such as cybersecurity, automotive, IoT, telecom, AI/machine learning, fintech, mobile, business automation, biotech, entertainment and media, and healthcare. However, as they act globally, Latin America is not their focus. It’s something they do in addition. Allstarsit’s leadership team consists of experienced professionals committed to driving innovation and creating a meaningful impact while maintaining a people-centric approach. The company’s core values include fueling change, staying agile, and focusing on talent development.

  4. Tecla

    Tecla homepage screenshot

    Company size: 56 employees
    Headquarters: Remote
    Founder and CEO: Gino Ferrand
    Founded year: 2018
    Website: https://www.tecla.io
    Regions served: The company operates globally, including Colombia. The company’s primary focus is the US.
    Region of talent: Mainly Central and South America.

    Tecla is a premium hiring platform that connects top tech companies with the best tech professionals in Latin America, offering various solutions, including recruiting, staffing, training, and English skills development. The company has a network of over 10,000 vetted software developers across Colombia and other Latin American countries, ensuring a 96% success rate in helping clients hire the right talent within days. Tecla has a vetting process focused on technical skills, soft skills, English proficiency, and cultural fit, providing clients with a risk-free, flexible hiring experience. The platform’s diverse talent pool includes experts in various technologies such as Node.js, React, JavaScript, iOS, and more. Tecla’s leadership team consists of experienced professionals from the United States and Latin America.

  5. Techie Talent

    Techie Talent homepage screenshot

    Company size: 49 employees
    Headquarters: Montevideo, Uruguay
    Founder and CSO: Juan Goñi
    Founded year: 2022
    Website: https://www.techietalent.net
    Regions served: The company operates globally. The company’s primary focus is the US.
    Region of talent: The company operates globally with the main focus on South America.

    Techie Talent is a software development firm that prioritizes people and partnerships while solving technology challenges through diverse solutions tailored to their clients’ needs. The company offers a range of services, including nearshore staff augmentation, custom software development, technology consulting, digital transformation and cloud services, data-driven IT solutions, operational efficiency and agile delivery, and product design. Techie Talent’s unique approach is built on six key pillars: thin-layer management, swift hiring, low attrition, expertise, seniority, engagement, and a transparent, honest culture. The company has a mission to transform the tech industry through a people-first, honest, and transparent approach to nearshore software development services.

7 reasons to hire software developers in Colombia

High retention of Colombian developers

The Colombian IT sector contributes to high developer retention rates, which is excellent news for US companies considering outsourcing to Colombia. Higher retention means that developers stay with the same software development teams or companies for an extended period. This ensures that when you hire a team from Colombia, you will likely have the pleasure of working with the same team throughout the entire project, which results in no loss of knowledge and no time wasted in communication and explanation. Working with the same team for the whole project duration allows you to develop a stronger relationship and bond with the developers, ensuring you get the most out of the remote outsourcing experience.

Professional quality of work

When outsourcing, companies often worry about the quality of work. However, this is not a concern in Colombia, as Colombian developers are highly professional and always ready to solve challenges. The Colombian work culture is driven by an enthusiastic and energetic approach to problem-solving. It is very similar to that of the US, making it a smart choice for US companies to hire software developers from Colombia.

Favorable business environment

Colombia has the fourth largest economy in Latin America, making it an attractive destination for hiring software developers. The country’s economy has rapidly grown over recent years, mainly due to oil, coal, and coffee exports. The services sector, which includes finance, insurance, real estate, hospitality, transport, warehousing, and ICT, is the fastest-growing and largest sector, accounting for 53% of the country’s GDP. Additionally, Colombia ranks 67th in the Ease of Doing Business ranking, the fourth highest in Latin America, indicating favorable business conditions.

Colombia image

Governmental support of the tech domain

The Colombian government actively supports the nation’s digitalization and regularly introduces incentives to strengthen the ICT sector. For example, the government launched the Investment Promotion Program for priority sectors, offering tax exemptions for tech businesses. Since 2017, certain types of digital content and cloud services are also tax-exempt. The government expands the local tech infrastructure by building technology parks and invests in tech education and training, demonstrating its commitment to having a skilled workforce and positively impacting the inflow of software developers in Colombia.

Thriving ICT market

Colombia has earned the 63rd position in the Global Innovation Index and ranked among the top three in the region for its success in adopting modern technology. The high level of technological maturity in Colombia attracts top enterprises from America and Europe, such as Amazon and Siemens. Over the last decade, Colombia has been a prominent outsourcing location for global markets, particularly the United States (33%), Ecuador, Mexico, Spain, and Ireland.

Time zone overlap

For US-based organizations looking to nearshore their software development to Latin America, particularly Colombia, the full or partial overlap in time zones is a major benefit. Cities like Chicago, Houston, and Dallas share workday hours with Colombia. Bogotá, the capital of Colombia, is only 1 hour behind New York, 2 hours ahead of San Francisco, and has an exact time match with Chicago. This allows for real-time communication and effective project management. The average flight time from the United States to Colombia is around 6 hours, making potential business trips more convenient.

timezones screenshot

Highly educated professionals

Colombia boasts the highest proportion of graduates in the technology field in Latin America. According to the Colombian Ministry of Education, over 13,000 tech specialists graduate from local universities annually, so there is a constant inflow of qualified experts to meet the increasing demand for software developers in Colombia. According to the EduRank ranking of Colombian Universities, the best universities in this country are following:

  1. National University of Colombia
  2. University of America in Colombia
  3. University of the Andes

The graduates from the above-mentioned universities are a good fit for a range of IT positions.

How to call Colombia from the US

Bridging the distance between the United States and Colombia is straightforward, thanks to a few easy steps. Whether you’re reaching out to potential tech talents or maintaining communication with existing partners, this guide will ensure a seamless connection.

To call Colombia from the US, simply follow these four steps:

  1. Dial the US Exit Code: Begin by dialing “011,” the universal exit code for outgoing international calls from the United States.
  2. Enter the Country Code: Next, dial “57,” which is the country code for Colombia.
  3. Input the Area Code: After the country code, enter the specific area code of the region you’re trying to reach, typically consisting of three digits.
  4. Add the Local Number: Finally, dial the local phone number, be it a landline or a mobile number, to complete the dialing sequence.

Overall, we recommend using Skype for international phone calls to Colombia as it’s affordable, works well internationally, and has good call quality. Following this simple process, you can effortlessly connect with potential tech talents, clients, or partners in Colombia.

The average salary for software developers in Colombia

Software developer salaries in Colombia can vary based on factors such as the individual’s experience level, specific skill set, geographic location within the country, etc. The average yearly compensation for a software developer in Colombia falls between $15,000 and $50,000. However, this range can extend upwards, with highly skilled and experienced developers commanding annual salaries of $60,000, $70,000, or even higher.

How to pay contractors from Colombia

It’s important to consider the most efficient and compliant way to pay your remote contractors. One popular option is an Employer of Record (EOR) service, which can handle payroll, taxes, and compliance on your behalf. Some reputable EOR services that can assist with paying contractors in Peru include Deel, Remote.com, Plane, and Oyster HR.

These EOR services simplify hiring and paying remote workers, ensuring that you comply with local laws and regulations while minimizing administrative burdens. Alternatively, if you prefer to handle payments directly, you can use international money transfer platforms such as Wise (formerly TransferWise) and Payoneer.

These platforms offer competitive exchange rates, low fees, and fast, secure transfers to Peru and other countries worldwide. They also provide tools for managing and tracking your payments, making it easier to stay organized and compliant. Note that the currency in Colombia is the Colombian Peso.


Selecting the perfect software developer is crucial to ensure the success and smooth execution of any project. DevsData LLC serves as a talent partner, specializing in recruiting technical expertise. Their services encompass IT recruitment, technical staffing, and headhunting for top-tier talent in the industry. The company is well-equipped to assist you in finding the most suitable candidates for your organization. Their team of experienced professionals understands your unique requirements. DevsData LLC can connect you with software developers with the technical skills, experience, and cultural fit that align with your company’s goals and values. Also, they have recruiters locally in the US, as well as in Latin America and Europe

If you’re ready to take your software development to the next level and hire professionals from Colombia, don’t hesitate to contact DevsData LLC – they have extensive experience recruiting developers in Colombia for different companies. For example, recently, they recruited developers from Colombia for a global American fast-food chain company, a VPN company, and a global British petrol company.

You can contact them directly at [email protected] or schedule a call through their website to discuss your specific needs and how they can help you build the team of your dreams. The company provides their services in – Bogota and Medellin.

DevsData IT Recruitment Medellin
Cra. 43E #11 37, El Poblado,
Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia
[email protected]

Any questions or comments? Let me know on Twitter/X.

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