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Top 8 IT Recruitment Agencies in Poland

Top IT recruitment agencies in Poland - DevsData

In the ever-evolving technology landscape, finding top talent is crucial for businesses to stay ahead. Keeping up with innovations and the rapid changes in the economy requires a workforce that is not only skilled but also adaptable and forward-thinking.

If you’re seeking skilled IT professionals in Poland, you’re in luck! Poland’s vibrant tech landscape is supported by over 87 active IT recruitment firms, showcasing the country’s robust infrastructure for matching talent with IT sector opportunities. This article highlights the country’s top 8 IT recruitment companies, featuring industry leaders like DevsData LLC and other prominent agencies.

Top IT recruitment agencies in Poland

Our top four picks are the following:

  1. 1) DevsData LLC – Top Pick: Best overall
  2. 2) Madiff: Best for startups
  3. 3) Ewl: Best for international hiring
  4. 4) Hays: Best for enterprise

Google maps Poland

  1. DevsData LLC – Top Pick

    Website: www.devsdata.com.
    Region of talent: Global, with an exclusive focus on Poland
    Established year: 2016
    Company size: 55 employees
    Specialization: IT recruitment
    Guarantee period: Yes
    Pricing model: Success fee

    DevsData LLC is a leading IT recruitment agency. The company specializes in sourcing top-tier talent for various roles for every need in the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), including Frontend developers, Backend developers, DevOps engineers, Data scientists, AI engineers, Project/Program managers, Delivery managers, UI/UX designers, Business analysts, Quality engineers, and other related experts.

    DevsData LLC website screenshot

    What sets DevsData LLC apart is its deep understanding of the tech industry. Thanks to its 8 years of experience in tech recruitment, the company excels at aligning candidates with suitable positions based on their skills, knowledge, and career aspirations.

    Their rigorous recruitment process, which includes a 90-minute technical interview, ensures that only the best professionals are chosen. Thanks to excellent customer service, they have successfully completed over 100 projects and maintained a 100% satisfaction rate on Clutch. The firm has a database of over 65,000 pre-vetted IT specialists, mainly from Poland.

    Moreover, DevsData LLC maintains contact with all candidates who pass the interview, staying connected for future possibilities. This ongoing relationship provides deeper insights into candidates’ evolving skills and aspirations, resulting in more suitable opportunities for them and a better fit for clients.

    DevsData LLC uses a success fee-only pricing approach, with a guarantee period in which you only pay if you are pleased with the new recruit. They do not charge anything to begin the recruitment process.

    The company has extensive experience working with global corporate clients and American and Israeli startups, such as McDonald’s, Circle K, Johnson & Johnson, Cubus, GlossGenius, ZIM, Papaya Gaming, and many others. They always offer tailored recruitment processes to meet specific client needs.

    Furthermore, they have an official, government-approved license for recruitment and staffing services in Poland, which requires an extensive and formal process only selected firms can go through. The company provides legal and other help to enterprises entering the Polish market, including advising on establishing developer contracts.

    DevsData LLC’s expertise has been trusted by 83+ clients, including a large clothing company. This global fashion group has 14k worldwide employees and owns brands such as Cubus and Levi’s store.

    DevsData LLC has offices across various cities in Poland, including Warsaw, Krakow, Gdansk, Wroclaw, and Katowice.

    For inquiries, consultations, or further details about DevsData LLC’s high-quality tech recruitment services, you can email [email protected] or visit www.devsdata.com.

    DevsData IT Recruitment Agency Poland
    Al. Jerozolimskie 181B,
    02-222, Warsaw, Poland
    [email protected]

  2. Madiff

    Website: Website: https://madiff.eu/
    Region of talent: Global
    Established year: 2016
    Company size: 53 employees
    Guarantee period: Yes
    Pricing model: Customized pricing

    Madiff about us screenshot

    Madiff is an international innovation, IT, and high-tech engineering consulting company that delivers unique value in various industries. With offices in key global locations, including Poland, the UK, and the US, Madiff provides comprehensive consulting services tailored to its clients’ needs. Their mission is to add value to their customers’ businesses by providing digital and technological innovation services, delivering disruptive results, and making their clients stand out in their market.

    A significant aspect of Madiff’s offerings is its specialized IT recruitment business line. This division focuses on sourcing and placing top-tier IT professionals in roles that align with their clients’ specific technological and business needs.

    By leveraging its extensive industry knowledge and global network, Madiff ensures it finds the right talent to drive innovation and success for its clients. Its recruitment services are designed to be flexible and scalable, setting up teams in multiple locations according to customers’ wishes and requirements. This approach maintains cost efficiency and guarantees that clients receive the best possible service with high-quality candidates who can deliver exceptional results.

  3. Ewl

    Website: https://ewl.com.pl/
    Region of talent: Eastern Europe and Asia
    Established year: 2007
    Company size: 574 employees
    Guarantee period: No info
    Pricing model: Customized pricing

    Ewl website screenshot

    Ewl is an employment agency specializing in recruiting and selecting workers from Eastern Europe and Asia. With a deep understanding of local labor markets, Ewl offers a range of services to meet the diverse needs of both employers and jobseekers.

    Ewl, among many professions, helps hire IT professionals such as software developers, system administrators, network engineers, data analysts, and cybersecurity specialists. They also offer recruiting services for mid- to high-level IT managers and sales reps in the technology sector. Using their knowledge and technology, Ewl guarantees businesses locate the ideal individuals to propel their IT projects.

    The company currently has 11 recruitment offices in the largest cities in Poland, and the database of potential Ewl employees has already exceeded 50,000 candidates.

  4. Hays

    Website: https://www.hays.pl/
    Region of talent: Global
    Established year: 2003 (Polish office)
    Company size: 400 employees
    Guarantee period: Yes
    Pricing model: Success fee and customized pricing (depends on the client)

    Hays website screenshot

    Hays is a trusted recruitment partner for thousands of technology companies worldwide, helping them find and secure top talent to drive their business success.

    They provide various exclusive job prospects, over 21 years of experience in the Polish market, in-depth knowledge of 21+ sectors and activities, and a simple consultation process mainly for enterprise clients.

    The company excels in serving enterprise clients by offering exclusive job prospects, in-depth sector knowledge, and comprehensive talent solutions tailored to complex organizational needs. Their proven track record, advanced recruitment technologies, and global reach make them a trusted partner.

    Hays is dedicated to providing companies with exceptional service and assisting them in making informed recruitment decisions. Their comprehensive recruitment services include sourcing top talent, conducting thorough assessments, and ensuring a seamless hiring process.

    In Poland, Hays serves a wide range of market sectors, including administration, architecture, banking and investments, construction, power engineering, finances and accountancy, hotel and tourism, HR and training, engineering and ecology, logistics and purchasing, life sciences, marketing, real estate, customer service, law and taxes, production, retail, senior finance sales, technology, business services/SSC, and financial services.

    Their mission is to revolutionize the tech-driven world by reducing skill gaps and encouraging the emergence of new jobs, drawing on their broad knowledge and dedication to innovation.

  5. Devire

    Website: https://www.devire.pl/
    Region of talent: Global
    Established year: 1987
    Company size: 303 employees
    Guarantee period: Yes
    Pricing model: Customized pricing

    Devire website screenshot

    Devire is a prominent recruitment agency recognized for its agile and flexible approach to recruitment and HR outsourcing strategies. The company offers tailored recruitment solutions to meet clients’ specific needs, ensuring flexibility in talent acquisition.

    Internally, in Poland, they may not have the greatest opinion judging from google reviews alone. However, they are very well known and popular locally as they are a big recruitment company in this market.

    Devire is recognized for its agile and flexible approach to recruitment and HR outsourcing strategies. It offers tailored solutions to meet clients’ specific needs and ensures flexibility in talent acquisition.

    Devire specializes in integrated HR solutions, covering various sectors such as tech, finance, digital & e-commerce, manufacturing, sales, and more, with a strong emphasis on technology.

  6. Itentio

    Website: https://itentio.com/
    Region of talent: Central and Eastern Europe
    Established year: 2018
    Company size: 4 employees
    Guarantee period: Yes
    Pricing model: Customized pricing (short-term, long-term)

    Itentio website screenshot

    Itentio stands out as one of Poland’s widely recognized recruitment agencies, with a strong focus on tech staffing. Whether you need software development specialists or other IT professionals for remote positions, Itentio can be your partner in building exceptional teams. With a global reach, they specialize in remote technical recruitment, ensuring that your company can access top-tier talent in Poland, no matter where you’re located.

    Itentio goes beyond traditional recruitment, offering contingency, retained, direct, and executive search services, recruitment subscription (Recruitment as a Service, RaaS), and recruitment process outsourcing.

    With a database of approximately 30,000 candidates, Itentio boasts an average of 3-4 weeks to fill an open position.

    Some of the specialists you can hire through Itentio include Front-end and Back-end Developers, UX/UI Designers, Data Scientists and Analysts, QA Specialists, DevOps and Cloud Engineers, Project and Product Managers, IT Account Managers, Technical and Customer Support Specialists, and Software Administrators.

  7. Sowelo Consulting

    Website: https://sowelo.com.pl/
    Region of talent: Global
    Established year: 2007
    Company size: 22 employees
    Guarantee period: Yes
    Pricing model: Customized pricing

    Sowelo website screenshot

    Sowelo Consulting’s primary objective is to locate and attract candidates who meet the personal and professional qualifications that their clients require. By utilizing direct search methodologies, an expansive network of contacts, and market insights, they can pinpoint individuals with relevant experience who align seamlessly with the client’s company culture.

    With a commitment to service excellence and the aim of fostering long-term relationships built on loyalty and trust, Sowelo Consulting offers clients a guarantee period of 3 to 6 months for each candidate recommended.

    Sowelo Consulting’s business model is designed specifically for companies with hiring requirements ranging from 10 to 200 hires per year. The company’s expertise spans various industries, including technology, finance, healthcare, and manufacturing.

    In addition to recruitment services, Sowelo Consulting provides a range of Professional Services, including Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), Shared Service Center (SSC) Business Consulting, Transaction Consulting, Tax Consulting, Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A), and Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO). These services enable clients to optimize their business processes and achieve strategic objectives with expert guidance and support.

  8. Znojdziem

    Website: https://znoydzem.com/pl
    Region of talent: EU countries, the MENA region, South & Central Asia, and the UK
    Established year: 2018
    Company size: 31 employees
    Guarantee period: Yes
    Pricing model: Customized pricing

    Znojdziem website screenshot

    Znojdziem recruitment agency is a small, reliable partner sourcing top IT talent globally. The founders are Belarusian and have relocated to Poland. Their services encompass finding professionals, including software developers, testers, service support specialists, and non-production tech staff, tailored to match the specific needs of client companies.

    Znojdziem’s team ensures that candidates possess the required professional qualifications and align with the client company’s ethos and values. They offer a comprehensive recruitment cycle, handling staffing and support for clients and candidates, and are fully committed to each client. The company’s main focus is linking Eastern European companies with Ukrainian employees.

Practical info for hiring in Poland

What EoR (Employer of Record) platform to use when hiring Polish developers?

Here are some options to consider:

  • https://oysterhr.com/
  • https://www.deel.com
  • https://remote.com
  • https://plane.com

Additionally, check out this article to learn more about employers of record platforms and service providers with extensive experience in Poland.

DevsData LLC would happily advise on local Polish employment law and accounting and can connect with verified, competent accounting and legal firms in Poland.

How to transfer funds to Poland?

Transferring money to Poland has several options, including online money transfer services like Payoneer and Wise (formerly known as TransferWise). Payoneer allows you to send money directly to a recipient’s bank account or Payoneer account, while Wise offers low-cost international transfers with transparent fees and competitive exchange rates.

Both services provide convenient and secure ways to transfer money to Poland, making it easy to send funds to friends, family, or business associates abroad.

DevsData LLC can assist with these transfers, ensuring that all process aspects are handled smoothly and reliably.

Polish developers frequently receive international payments through SWIFT transfers in American dollars and SEPA transfers in euros. SEPA transfers are particularly beneficial as they are processed instantly, ensuring quick access to funds. USD transfers from the United States to Poland usually take about one day, but theoretically, they could take up to three days, depending on the sender’s and receiving bank.

We also recommend collaborating with a local Polish partner to navigate international taxation issues, such as withholding tax, VAT, and sales tax. DevsData LLC provides expert advice to ensure compliance and facilitate smooth financial operations.

Payments are made directly to the platform for those using Employer of Record (EoR) platforms, which then transfers the funds to contractors and employees. For more details, refer to this article.

Popular benefits for Polish employees and contractors

Regarding perks for Polish employees and contractors, many companies offer some popular options.

As a pattern,
– Multisport or Benefitsystem offers gym membership
Luxmed has private essential medical coverage for the employees

Additionally, while it’s not mandatory by law, many companies offer ~20 paid vacation days as part of their benefits package. However, it’s worth noting that this can vary from one company to another—some may offer it, while others might not.

Furthermore, as a token of appreciation, employers sometimes send occasional gifts to Polish employees or contractors. They often use services like Wyjątkowy Prezent (Exceptional Gift) or Wine Express to send special items.

Prominent IT job boards in Poland

  • No Fluff Jobs: A platform focused on quality job listings in the tech industry, ensuring a streamlined experience for job seekers and employers.
  • Bulldog Jobs: Known for its user-friendly interface and curated job listings, Bulldog Jobs connects top tech talent with leading companies.
  • JustJoin IT: Specializing in IT and tech roles, JustJoin IT offers industry professionals a wide range of opportunities, making job hunting simple and efficient.
  • The Protocol: The job board provides comprehensive job search options and resources tailored to the tech sector.
  • Pracuj.pl: One of the largest job portals in Poland, Pracuj.pl features a dedicated section for IT jobs and offers a wide selection of opportunities across various tech fields.

These job platforms serve as valuable resources for individuals seeking IT positions in Poland.

They offer diverse job opportunities and facilitate connections between jobseekers and employers.

Establishing strong local employer branding is crucial for new Polish companies. This helps attract top-tier talent and ensures potential employees perceive the company positively.

Salary range for IT professionals in Poland

Entry-level software engineers in Warsaw earn an average of $30,000 a year. In Krakow, however, the compensation is around $22,000. In Gdansk, entry-level software developers earn more, at $24,000. Entry-level QA specialists usually earn about $35,000 a year in Warsaw.

When it comes to hiring, clients consistently seek only the most experienced professionals, avoiding junior-level hires entirely. The following are the salary levels for senior IT professionals in Poland and Israel:

Role Poland Israel
Senior Full-Stack Developer (Java with React) $85,000-$90,000 $118,000-$162,000
Senior C++/Embedded Developer $75,000-$90,000 $110,000-$115,000
Senior unity developer ~$60,000 $120,000-$180,000
Senior C#/.NET developer $85,000-$90,000 $90,000-$120,000

For a more detailed salary comparison, check this out.

Cultural differences

In Poland, cultural differences manifest in various aspects of daily life, including the professional sphere. One notable aspect is communication style; Polish people often value directness and honesty. They appreciate clarity and straightforwardness in conversations. Polish work culture also emphasizes punctuality and adherence to deadlines. By European standards, Polish employees have exceptional work ethics.

Morskie Oko Poland southern part

Being on time for meetings and completing tasks within set timelines are highly valued traits. Additionally, there is a strong emphasis on professionalism and respect for hierarchy in the workplace.

Polish developers primarily operate within the business-to-business (B2B) framework, which shapes their work dynamics and interactions. By the way, in the US, B2B is sometimes referred to as C2C (corp-to-corp).

For American clients, they simply treat them as 1099 overseas contractors, and the contractors are solely responsible for withdrawing taxes. DevsData LLC helps American clients with tax advisory and compliance regarding Polish contractors and employees.

As is usual with international talent, we advise taking extra security measures, especially for IT employees or contractors. It’s recommended that they can only access the code using VDI remote desktop solutions, such as Citrix, or at least a dedicated VPN. This trend is observed with many American and Israeli clients.

Furthermore, we advise clients to perform extensive background and security checks to ensure that the candidates are genuine. Popular background check companies include HireRight and Certn. DevsData LLC can also assist with background checks from the official Polish Ministry of Justice, including criminal record checks if needed.

As an additional security measure, we recommend including legal penalties for contract breach, confidential information violations, and significant software flaws. These precautions can help protect both parties and ensure a more secure and trustworthy working relationship.

Other useful tips

  • Establishing B2B IT contracts in Poland requires competent legal and administrative landscape navigation.
  • Understanding visa and work permit procedures is vital for anyone seeking employment in Poland.
  • You also need to know all the hidden, affordable ways to call Poland from abroad.
  • Obviously, you’ll also need to know the country’s average salary, so read this guide.
  • If a Polish contractor needs insurance, either General Liability (GL) or Professional Liability (PL) / Errors and Omissions, DevsData LLC usually recommends using Startlife, the most popular insurance agency for IT professionals in Poland.

Establishing IT department in Poland

Famous Polish tech companies

Poland is home to some famous IT businesses that have had a significant effect both domestically and internationally.

  • CD Projekt, located in Warsaw, is well-known for producing award-winning video games, including “The Witcher” series and “Cyberpunk 2077.”
  • Allegro, Poland’s largest e-commerce site, functions as a significant marketplace for diverse items, much like eBay or Amazon.
  • Asseco, one of Europe’s major software manufacturers, offers complete IT solutions for areas like banking, healthcare, and public administration.
  • Based in Krakow, Comarch is recognized for developing innovative software solutions for company administration, telecommunications, and financial services.

International companies with IT branches in Poland

Poland is also home to numerous global companies that have established engineering offices, further solidifying its status as a technological hub. Some of these companies include NVIDIA, Snowflake, Zendesk, Asana, Papaya Gaming, Paytika, WorldRemit, Goldman Sachs, Samsung, Microsoft, Google, T-Mobile, Bloomberg, TikTok, Bosch, Nielsen, Roche, Sumo Logic, Pinterest, Affirm, EY, Dropbox, Intel, JPMorgan, BNP Paribas, Capgemini, and Box.

These companies contribute to Poland’s growing reputation as a hub for innovation and technology in Europe.

Timezone overlap

Here is a screenshot of the time difference between New York, Austin, SF, Chicago, London, Tel Aviv, and Warsaw.

Timebuddy screenshot

For example, if it’s 8:30 AM in New York, it would be 2:30 PM in Warsaw. Similarly, if it’s 8:30 AM in London, it would be 9:30 AM in Warsaw, and if it’s 8:30 AM in Tel Aviv, it would also be 9:30 AM in Warsaw.

People in Poland, on average, have rather high work ethics, nearly as strong as Americans. For most of them, it’s perfectly fine to participate in a video call at 8 pm with an employer from the US, especially if they know about the call in advance.

If you’re working with teams or candidates from different parts of the world, it’s crucial to manage time zone differences effectively. We recommend using Time Buddy to ensure seamless coordination across various time zones.

Flight durations to Warsaw

Departure city Flight duration
Copenhagen Approximately 1-2 hours
Berlin Approximately 1-2 hours
London Approximately 2-3 hours
Stockholm Approximately 2-3 hours
Oslo Approximately 2-3 hours
Tel Aviv Approximately 3-4 hours
Dubai Approximately 5-6 hours
New York Approximately 8-9 hours
From Austin Approximately 11-12 hours
Sydney Approximately 22-24 hours
Chicago Approximately 9-10 hours

Flight connections to Warsaw

Please note that these durations are estimates, and actual flight times may vary depending on the airline, route, and any layovers.

Poland’s capital, Warsaw, is extremely well-connected to all other major cities by train and roads. This connectivity allows for very quick transport, making it possible to travel from Krakow to Warsaw or from Gdansk to Warsaw in under three hours by train or car. This efficient transportation network enhances the ease of business operations and talent mobility across Poland.

Departure city Arrival city Approximate travel time
Krakow Warsaw 2 hours 30 minutes
Gdansk Warsaw 2 hours 55 minutes
Wroclaw Warsaw 2 hours 45 minutes
Poznan Warsaw 2 hours 30 minutes
Lodz Warsaw 1 hours 30 minutes
Katowice Warsaw 2 hours 45 minutes

How to call Poland from abroad?

To call Poland from abroad, let’s say you’re in the United States:

  1. First, dial the US exit code, which is 011.
  2. Then, dial Poland’s country code, which is 48.
  3. Next, dial the two-digit area code for the city you’re calling in Poland. For example, the area code is 22 if you’re calling Warsaw.
  4. Finally, dial the 7-digit phone number of the person you’re calling. So, to call someone in Warsaw, Poland, with the number 123-45-67, you would dial 011 48 22 123-45-67.

Find more information on calling Poland from abroad in this article. The article specifically outlines the steps for calling Poland from the US, UK, Canada, and Australia.

Additionally, we recommend Skype as an affordable and fast option for international calls.

Top 3 Computer Science universities in Poland

Here are the universities widely regarded as Poland’s top technical universities.

They offer exceptional engineering programs renowned for their academic excellence and contributions to technological innovation.

University Graduates per year
The University of Warsaw ~ 7,500
Warsaw University of Technology ~ 5,000
AGH University of Science and Technology ~ 3,000
Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology ~ 800

Top cities to find talents

Regarding finding top talent in Poland, the cities offer various options. Being the capital, Warsaw has the largest pool of skilled workers and is home to many tech companies. But it’s also the most expensive for living costs and office rents. Krakow is another hotspot, especially for tech companies—many American startups, like Zendex, have set up offices there.

Then there’s Gdansk, Wroclaw, and Katowice, all slightly more affordable than Warsaw in terms of office space. These cities are great options for anyone looking to tap into Poland’s thriving tech scene.

  1. Warsaw – 1,8 million population
  2. Krakow- 775,000 population
  3. Wroclaw- 645,000 population
  4. Poznan- 520,774 population
  5. Gdansk- 465,000 population
  6. Bialystok- 298,600 population
  7. Katowice- 286,000 population
  8. Rzeszow- 196,800 population

As a general guideline, we recommend companies consider Gdansk or Krakow for their engineering offices, with Warsaw being another excellent option. While Warsaw is Poland’s largest tech hub and offers many opportunities, it comes with higher costs.

On the other hand, despite its popularity, Katowice is a small city with a limited talent pool, making it challenging to find highly skilled professionals. Other cities, such as Rzeszow, are even smaller and present similar difficulties in sourcing top talent.

Polish recruitment models

Overall, Polish recruitment agencies typically operate using variations of the following two models:

  1. Success fee model: The client pays a fee only when a candidate is successfully hired.
  2. Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) model: The client pays a monthly fee, and the success fee is either lower or sometimes not required, compared to the first model.

However, the exact terms depend on the specific agency’s operating model. It’s also worth noting that the rates for IT recruiters in Poland are generally very high, often comparable to the compensation of software developers.

2024 market update

In 2024, the global software market has been experiencing a slight stagnation. According to recent data, in the fourth quarter of 2022, technology companies worldwide saw a significant reduction in their workforce, with over 70,000 employees being laid off. This ongoing trend indicates a shift in the market dynamics, creating a unique opportunity for businesses to establish new offices or begin hiring in Poland. The current market conditions have resulted in a more favorable candidate pool, with skilled developers willing to accept lower salaries.

Additionally, exceptional developers who were previously unavailable are now actively seeking new opportunities. This makes Poland an attractive destination for companies looking to strengthen their software development teams with top-tier talent at competitive rates.


In summary, Poland’s top 8 IT recruitment agencies are your go-to partners for finding the best tech talent.

DevsData LLC, which has been in the market for over eight years, stands out for its exceptional ability to connect companies with top-tier professionals. Whether you’re a small startup or a big corporation, an American or Israeli startup, partnering with the firm will ensure you get the needed talent. The company has offices in Warsaw, Gdansk, Krakow, Katowice, Wroclaw, and a great team of native English speakers.

They also advise on local employment and tax compliance and maintain a large database of pre-vetted technical specialists. With many ongoing recruitment processes, the company can quickly make strong technical recommendations.

If you have questions or comments, email them today at [email protected].

DevsData IT Recruitment Agency Poland
Al. Jerozolimskie 181B,
02-222, Warsaw, Poland
[email protected]

Any questions or comments? Let me know on Twitter/X.

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