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Salaries and IT Talent Pool in Poland – Navigating the Polish IT Landscape


IT talent pool

Poland, with its strategic location in the heart of Europe, has a crucial role in the global information technology (IT) landscape. The country’s tech sector has experienced exponential growth, driven by factors such as a well-educated workforce, increased government investments in digital initiatives, and a wave of foreign and domestic startups. This vibrant ecosystem has led to a growing demand for IT specialists, transforming Poland into a hub for technological innovation and development. In this article, we will explore the dynamics of salaries in the Polish IT industry and delve into the factors contributing to the expansion of the IT talent pool.

The IT talent pool in Poland

Thanks to its well-structured education system and a growing awareness of the importance of technological skills Poland has been experiencing a steady increase in its IT talent pool. Universities and technical schools across the country are producing a steady stream of graduates with expertise in computer science, engineering, and related fields. This flow of skilled professionals has significantly contributed to the country’s reputation as a hub for IT outsourcing and software development. It is expected that revenue in the IT Services market will reach €7.60bn in 2024. Additionally, IT outsourcing is predicted to be the dominant force in the market, with an estimated market volume of €2.79bn in 2024.

The government’s proactive measures, such as investing in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education and promoting initiatives to attract foreign tech talent, have played a pivotal role in shaping Poland’s IT landscape. Additionally, the country’s strategic geographical location and membership in the European Union make it an attractive destination for businesses seeking skilled IT professionals. Furthermore, the average spend per employee in the IT services market is expected to reach €433.90 in 2024. Revenue is projected to show a consistent annual growth rate of 7.66% of €10.21bn by 2028.

Salaries in the Polish IT sector

Polish IT sector stats

While Poland is known for its abundant and skilled IT workforce, the cost-effectiveness of hiring in the country is significantly attractive for international businesses. Compared to Western European countries and the United States, the salaries of IT professionals in Poland are competitive while still offering high-quality talent.

Software developers, system architects, and IT project managers are some of the most sought-after roles in the Polish IT sector. Salaries for these positions vary depending on factors such as experience, skills, and the specific region within Poland. Generally, the salary range in the IT sector is considered attractive, providing a comfortable standard of living for professionals in the industry.

Historically, Polish IT professionals were earning less than their Western European counterparts. However, this narrative has undergone a remarkable shift in recent years. The IT industry in Poland nowadays enjoys the support of foreign investments and a thriving startup culture, which has played a pivotal role in revising compensation levels for tech professionals.

In recent years, the IT job market in Poland has witnessed salary increases, reflecting the growing demand for skilled tech professionals. As companies compete to attract and retain top talent, offering competitive salaries has become a key strategy. This trend has been particularly noticeable in cities like Warsaw, Krakow, and Wroclaw, which are considered primary IT hubs in the country. Software developers and other IT specialists are some of the highest-earning people in Poland, with computer programmers earning an average of 109,796 PLN (~€25246) annually and data analysts making 160,744 PLN (~ €36,942) yearly. If you are interested in learning more about salary trends and nuances in Poland, read our report here

Regional salary differences

While Poland boasts a strong IT talent pool, there are regional differences in talent availability and salary levels. Warsaw, the capital and the largest city of Poland is the primary IT hub, attracting a significant portion of the country’s tech talent. As a result, salaries in Warsaw tend to be higher compared to other regions. However, cities like Krakow, Wroclaw, and Gdansk also offer thriving IT ecosystems and competitive salaries.

Organizations looking to establish a presence in Poland need to carefully consider the regional nuances to make informed decisions about where to set up operations. Some companies may prioritize access to a specific talent pool or opt for locations with a lower cost of living, balancing these factors with the company’s specific needs and objectives.

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Factors driving salary growth

The IT industry recognizes Poland as an emerging hub with strong potential. Now, let’s review several factors that impact salary growth within the IT sector.

Demand for specialized skills

The IT sector is dynamic, with constant advancements and evolving technologies. Poland’s IT talent pool reflects this dynamism, featuring professionals with diverse skill sets. In addition to traditional programming languages and software development skills, there is a growing demand for professionals with expertise in emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), cybersecurity, and data science.

As the demand for specialized skills skyrockets, professionals with expertise in niche areas command higher salaries. Companies investing in cutting-edge technologies are willing to pay a premium for individuals who can contribute to innovation and stay ahead of industry trends.

The impact of multinational companies

Multinational companies have played a significant role in shaping Poland’s IT landscape. Many global tech giants have established their presence in the country through outsourcing centers or research and development facilities. These companies contribute to the demand for IT talent and influence salary levels in the industry.

For multinational companies, the decision to set up operations in Poland is the result of the country’s skilled workforce, cost advantages, and favorable business environment. As these companies continue to expand their presence, they contribute to the overall growth of the IT sector and elevate the standard of expertise within the talent pool.

Remote work and its impact

The adoption of remote work globally is on a constant rise, and Poland’s IT sector is no exception. Many IT professionals in Poland have experienced increased flexibility in their work arrangements, with remote work becoming a viable option for both employees and employers. This shift has expanded the reach of the talent pool, allowing companies to tap into skilled professionals from various regions within Poland, as well as those working remotely from other countries.

While remote work offers opportunities for accessing a broader talent pool, it also brings challenges such as maintaining team cohesion, effective communication, and addressing potential time zone differences. Companies need to strike a balance between remote and on-site work to ensure optimal productivity and collaboration.

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Opportunities for career progression

The growth of the IT industry in Poland translates to higher salaries and offers abundant opportunities for career progression and professional development. IT professionals in the country find themselves in an environment conducive to innovation, collaboration, and continuous learning. Let’s review the factors influencing career progression in Poland’s IT talent pool.

Diverse career paths

With a diverse range of companies operating in Poland, from multinational corporations to startups, IT professionals have the flexibility to choose career paths that align with their interests and aspirations. Moreover, this diversity extends beyond industry sectors, encompassing areas such as finance, healthcare, e-commerce, and more.

Innovation hubs

Major cities in Poland, particularly Warsaw, Krakow, and Wroclaw, have established themselves as innovation hubs. These cities host a concentration of tech companies, research institutions, and IT startups, fostering an environment that encourages creativity and technological advancement. IT professionals working in these hubs have the opportunity to be at the forefront of groundbreaking projects and initiatives.

Global collaboration

The presence of international tech companies and the country’s integration into the global tech ecosystem provide IT professionals in Poland with opportunities for global collaboration. Working on projects with a global scope not only enhances their skill sets but also opens doors to international career opportunities.


Poland’s IT sector is thriving, driven by a strong talent pool and competitive salaries. The country’s strategic location, favorable business environment, and commitment to STEM education have positioned it as a critical player in the global technology landscape. As the demand for IT professionals with diverse skill sets grows, Poland remains an attractive destination for businesses seeking high-quality, cost-effective solutions. Whether it’s the allure of Warsaw’s evolving tech scene or the expanding opportunities in other cities, Poland’s IT sector is poised for considerable growth, making it an integral part of the global technology ecosystem.

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