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How to Call Poland from USA and Other Countries for Free? Phone Calls to Poland.

Woman talking on the phone

Making international phone calls may be expensive, particularly when dialing long distances. Skype calls are usually considered to be the quickest way to do so.

As technology advances and internet-based communication services become more widespread, there are new ways to make free or low-cost phone calls to Poland from the United States and other countries. This article will look at some possibilities for connecting with loved ones, business contacts, and friends in Poland without spending much money.

Ways to call Poland from abroad

Before exploring the topic further, let’s first understand how you can call Poland from the US.

To be able to do so, just follow these dialing instructions:

  1. Dial your country’s exit code first, followed by Poland’s code, 48.
  2. Dial the two-digit area code for the city in Poland you’re calling.
  3. Following the area code, dial the 7-digit phone number, which may be transcribed as “xxx-xx-xx”.

Some international telephone numbers have a “plus” symbol before the country code. This (+) indicates that the country exit code must be used when contacting this number overseas. In certain circumstances, you can dial “+” from a mobile or VoIP phone or substitute the plus sign with your country’s exit code. For Vonage calls to Poland from the United States, you can replace the “+” with “011,” although either will work.

Here are some popular area codes in Poland:

  • (0) 22 – Warsaw
  • (0) 58 – Gdansk
  • (0) 12 – Krakow
  • (0) 71 – Wroclaw
  • (0) 32 – Katowice

However, it’s important to note that unlike in the United States, area codes are not practically used in Poland. People and businesses often utilize cell phone numbers that are exactly nine digits long and prefixed with +48, Poland’s code.


Skype calls do not require the other person to have Skype downloaded. You will simply need to get a membership or Skype Credit, which will allow you to contact someone on their mobile device or landline. You can get the World Skype Credit with $5.00 (up to 165 mins), $10.00 (up to 330 mins) and $25.00 (up to 830 mins). There are some other pricing options as well. For instance, for Poland, the price starts from $2.03 for 100 mins. The higher the minutes, the higher the price – but still, cost-effective.

This is the fastest and cheapest way to call Poland. Additionally, it does not require extensive verification. The user can just provide card number details, and that’s it.



For all iPhone users with internet access, international iMessage text messages and calls are free through FaceTime.
Google Map of Europe

Calling applications

Internet calling applications are a common and affordable way to make free calls to Poland. WhatsApp, Viber, and Google Hangouts allow you to make Internet calls, reducing or eliminating traditional phone rates. Both participants must have these applications loaded on their gadgets, and a reliable internet connection is needed for the call quality.

Voice Over IP (VoIP) providers

VoIP services allow customers to have voice and video conversations using an internet connection rather than traditional phone lines. Numerous companies provide free or low-cost international calling plans. Vonage and Google Voice provide low-cost call rates to landlines and mobile phones in Poland. Some companies also offer limitless calls to certain countries, making it a good choice for staying in touch with Polish friends.

Online calling websites

Several websites allow you to make free or low-cost phone calls to Poland directly from your computer or smartphone. These websites usually rely on ads or partnerships with sponsors to provide their calling services.

Here are four sites you can use to make affordable calls:

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Company size: 1-15 employees
Headquarter: Tallinn, Estonia
Founded year: 2015

Yolla website screenshot

Yolla is a group of devoted experts passionate about keeping people connected. The company’s international calling software provides the lowest possible rates without sacrificing quality due to the vast connections to carriers worldwide and their continual hunt for higher-quality VoIP routes. Nowadays, not everyone has access to WhatsApp, Viber, or Telegram, which allows free international calls via WiFi. Many people need to contact relatives and friends with a standard calling plan on their cell phone or landline. Yolla makes it possible. The international text (SMS) fee is just $0.15 per message. Call rates start from $0.04 per minute, depending on the country.

Check out this video to learn more about the company:

Company size: 70-80 employees
Headquarter: Stockholm, Sweden
Founded year: 2006

Rebtel website screenshot

Rebtel is a Swedish technology firm that was created in 2006. It offers international calling, texting, and mobile payment services through Android, iPhone, and Windows Phone. Rebtel links international calls to local landlines, ensuring you always receive the lowest prices for calls to Poland – no internet or Wi-Fi required. For example, you may purchase a monthly bundle for $10, including unlimited minutes to any phone and number in Poland.

Apart from Poland, you can also call other 49 countries. They have a package that costs $12 monthly, and you get the chance to call wherever you want and for as much as you want.

Company size: 1000-1100 employees
Headquarter: London, the United Kingdom
Founded year: 2006

lycamobile website screenshot

Lyca Mobile is considered one of the world’s top international mobile virtual network providers, with over 16 million customers.
The company aims to connect friends and relatives worldwide by providing low-cost, high-quality Internet and phone services in 23 countries. Lyca Mobile is expanding to provide a broader range of financial and travel services, such as Lycamoney and Lycafly, which allow consumers to communicate across borders.

Lyca Mobile is accessible in the following countries: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Macedonia, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, Tunisia, Ukraine, Uganda, the United Kingdom.

You can get a calling package from $10 (30 days) to $45, depending on the features you want. For example, the $10 package includes 3GB of data at up to 5G speeds and unlimited nationwide talk and text to 100 countries. In comparison, the $45 package has 60GB of data at up to 5G speeds and unlimited nationwide talk and text to 100 countries.

Company size: 120-130 employees
Headquarter: Odesa, Ukraine
Founded year: 2013

Ringostat website screenshot

Ringostat is a business phone and marketing performance platform that optimizes marketing by considering ROI, establishing better customer communication, and increasing sales. The platform consists of seven products: call monitoring, end-to-end analytics, virtual PBX, a callback widget, Ringostat Smart Phone, Insider, and Messenger.

You can get a trial period of 14 days for free. Depending on the package, the price for 30 days starts from $13.

Company size: 5800-5900 employees
Headquarter: Belmont, California
Founded year: 1999

Ringcentral website screenshot

RingCentral, Inc. (NYSE: RNG) is a major global vendor of AI-first cloud-based business communications and collaboration solutions. With decades of experience in dependable and secure cloud communications, RingCentral has gained the trust of millions of customers and thousands of suppliers globally.

The pricing usually starts at $30 /user/month, paid annually. However, they sometimes have sales, and you can get a package for as little as $20.

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Company size: 50-60 employees
Headquarter: Claymont, Delaware
Founded year: 2016

CallHippo website screenshot

CallHippo is a modern cloud-based business telephony solution that allows businesses to communicate with clients anywhere in the world. It integrates communications, business applications, intelligence, and automation and may be accessible by mobile, tablet, computer, or laptop.
The platform enables startups and enterprises to purchase fast local support numbers in over 50 countries worldwide. The starter plan costs $18/month; however, there is also a free version with limited features.

Company size: 10-20 employees
Headquarter: Czech Republic
Founded year: 2008

CzeskPolska website screenshot

CzescPolska is an international telecom firm created specifically for Polish expats who wish to keep in regular touch with their family and friends while living thousands of miles apart. The company’s name means “Hello, Poland” in Polish.

CzescPolsk’s expertise in offering smooth worldwide calls and cell top-ups to Poland dates back to 2008.

To call Poland, you can get a monthly package of 500 minutes for ⁦$6.99.⁩

How to call Poland from the US?

First, dial 011, the U.S. exit code. Next, dial 48, the country code for Poland. Then dial the area code (2 digits). Finally, dial the phone number (7 digits).

Here are some additional examples of certain cities.

How to call Krakow, Poland from the US?

Here are the steps you need to take:

011 – Exit code for international calls from the United States
48 is the Polish country code for inbound calls, followed by the city code for Krakow (12)
011 + 48 + 12 + local number – international dialing code format

How to call Warsaw, Poland from the US?

The logic is the same:

011 – Exit code for international calls from the United States
48 is the Polish country code for inbound calls, followed by the city code for Warsaw (22)
011 + 48 +22 + local number – international dialing code format

How to call Katowice, Poland from the US?

011 – Exit code for international calls from the United States
48 is the Polish country code for inbound calls, followed by the city code for Katowice (32)
011 + 48 +32 + local number – international dialing code format

How to call Gdansk, Poland from the US?

011 – Exit code for international calls from the United States
48 is the Polish country code for inbound calls, followed by the city code for Gdansk (58)
011 + 48 +58 + local number – international dialing code format

How to call Wroclaw, Poland from the US?

011 – Exit code for international calls from the United States
48 is the Polish country code for inbound calls, followed by the city code for Wroclaw (71)
011 + 48 +71 + local number – international dialing code format

Timezone difference between Poland and major US cities:

  • Austin, Texas (CT): Poland is typically 7 hours ahead of Texas.
  • San Francisco, California (PT): Poland is 9 hours ahead of California.
  • New York, New York (ET): Poland is typically 6 hours ahead of New York.
  • Chicago, Illinois (CT): Poland is typically 7 hours ahead of Chicago.

How to call Poland from another European Union country?

If the call is not between the United States and Poland but between another EU country and Poland (e.g., Germany to Poland, Spain to Poland, Norway to Poland), the call rates are very low, and for some mobile providers, free of charge, depending on the plan.

Google Map of Europe

What SIM card should I take when traveling to Poland?

According to locals, T-Mobile Poland offers the finest network coverage and the quickest internet speed and is regarded as the top network operator in the nation. They also provide a high-speed 5G network in major cities.

However, if your trip will be short, we suggest one of the e-sim apps for quickly purchasing Polish e-sim. Nevertheless, if your trip is long, T-Mobile is preferable.


Technical improvements have made phone calls to Poland from the United States and other countries no longer costly. You may communicate with your contacts in Poland without incurring high charges using internet calling applications, VoIP companies, online calling websites, and international calling plans. Make sure you have a solid internet connection or a sufficient phone plan to have great talks with your loved ones, do business effectively, or manage long-distance relationships smoothly. We hope this article was helpful and met all your needs.

If you want to hire tech or administrative professionals from Poland or Eastern and Central Europe we would advise you to contact DevsData LLC. The company has substantial experience in that field, has worked with many American and Israeli startups and knows all the intricacies you might miss. The hiring process with DevsData will be both cost-saving and fast. As an IT staffing agency with over 8 years of experience, they can definitely find you the right fit, so don’t hesitate to contact them at [email protected].

Discover how IT recruitment and staffing can address your talent needs. Explore trending regions like Poland, Portugal, Mexico, Brazil and more.

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