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Top 7 IT Recruitment Agencies in Chicago


In Chicago’s thriving tech scene, hiring the proper IT personnel is critical for organizations looking to remain competitive and inventive. With a large pool of qualified individuals, the demand for competent recruiters to discover and attract outstanding applicants is more significant than ever. Whether you’re a startup wanting to create a strong tech team or an established company needing to fill specialized jobs, working with the proper recruiting agency may make all the difference.

Chicago buildings city view

This post includes Chicago’s top 7 IT recruiters, who stand out for their knowledge, broad networks, and track record of connecting prominent businesses with the best IT talent.

As for our top four picks, we have the following list:

  1. 1) DevsData LLC – Top Pick: Best overall
  2. 2) Hirewell: Best for executives and senior-level talent acquisition
  3. 3) The Larko Group: Best for medium-sized companies
  4. 4) City Staffing: Best for enterprises
  1. DevsData LLC – Top Pick: Best overall

    Company size: 55 employees
    Established year: 2016
    Website: www.devsdata.com

    DevsData LLC website screenshot

    DevsData LLC is an IT staffing and recruitment firm in Chicago. It has access to some of the world’s most highly skilled IT professionals and provides solutions in software development, artificial intelligence, and Big Data. DevsData LLC emphasizes top-tier quality and flexibility to cater to its clients’ needs.

    They have over eight years of experience working with large corporations, rapidly growing American and Israeli startups, and hedge funds. DevsData LLC can recruit up to five developers in the first month, twenty within three months, and significantly more over a year.

    The company maintains a database of 65,000 pre-vetted American candidates, has a team of native Americans, and has more than 40 senior technical recruiters based in Chicago who can deliver tech talent in under ten days. Additionally, they hold an official, government-approved license for recruitment services.

    Andi Williams Testimonial

    DevsData LLC has a rigorous interview process that consists of several stages. As a result, only the most talented candidates are chosen. All candidates pass a 90-minute-long interview with senior specialists.

    Clients can schedule a call with their consultants through their website at www.devsdata.com or by emailing [email protected].

    DevsData LLC also welcomes in-person meetings at their Chicago office.

    DevsData IT Recruitment Agency Chicago
    625 W Adams St
    Chicago, 60661
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  2. Hirewell: Best for executives and senior-level talent acquisition

    Company size: 120 employees
    Established year: 2001
    Website: http://www.hirewell.com

    Hirewell website screenshot

    Hirewell is a recruitment firm that helps grow companies across various industries and build world-class workforces. Its experienced consultants leverage an impressive network to connect the right talent with the right opportunities.

    Hirewell specializes in IT recruiting, HR recruiting, executive search, outsourced recruiting (MRP/RPO), digital and marketing, finance and accounting, sales, real estate, and on-demand recruiting. Their expertise spans retained search, corporate recruiting, and staffing, making them a comprehensive solution for talent acquisition needs.

  3. The Larko Group: Best for medium-sized companies

    Company size: 30 employees
    Established year: 1993
    Website: http://www.thelarkogroup.com

    The Larko Group screenshot

    The Larko Group understands that the right people can drive outstanding results for companies. Since 1993, their mission has been to help organizations solve hiring challenges by finding impactful individuals.

    Their focus areas include administrative/office support, project management, human resources, talent acquisition, customer service, and marketing.
    For candidates, The Larko Group is dedicated to career growth. It offers access to a recruiting team that prioritizes your goals and provides insider access to the best opportunities with top companies.

  4. City Staffing: Best for enterprise

    Company size: 130 employees
    Established year: 1990
    Website: www.citystaffing.com

    City Staffing website screenshot

    City Staffing specializes in IT, creative, administrative, and professional services. It is recognized for its commitment to diversity and inclusion and robust local network. Clients highly rate City Staffing for its responsive service, attention to detail, and ability to match candidates with the right company culture. City Staffing provides relationship and results-oriented staffing services locally and nationally in Chicago.

    As a woman-owned and operated, WBE-certified firm, they specialize in placing remote work, contract and temporary employment, temp-to-hire, and direct hire placements in multiple fields.

    These are our top 4 picks. To complete our list of the top 7, here are three additional agencies worth mentioning.

  5. Swoon: Best for North America beyond Chicago

    Company size: 235 employees
    Established year: 2009
    Website: http://www.swoonstaffing.com

    Swoon website screenshot

    Swoon launched in 2009 with a client-focused team dedicated to understanding and connecting with top talent in the technology and professional fields. Today, Swoon is one of the fastest-growing talent and consulting firms operating in the U.S., Canada, Australia, and Mexico.

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    Swoon provides IT, digital, and non-clinical healthcare staffing. It uses innovative recruitment strategies, emphasizes culture fit, and offers dedicated talent management. Both clients and candidates highly rate Swoon for its responsive and supportive approach.

  6. Hunt Club: Best for healthcare companies

    Company size: 190 employees
    Established year: 2014
    Website: https://www.huntclub.com

    Top 7 Recruitment Chi Hunt Club

    Hunt Club is a pioneering search firm that harnesses the power of relationships and referrals to identify top talent. By leveraging advanced technology, Hunt Club transforms thousands of subject-matter experts into a robust talent network, providing unparalleled access to high-quality candidates. Their innovative approach blends the strengths of personal connections with cutting-edge technology, offering businesses exceptional hiring solutions.

    The company created its own AI-powered technology. The technology automates time-intensive recruiting processes, for example, funnel management and scheduling, while their recruiters leverage existing networks to identify connections to top talent.

  7. Mondo: Best for VC-funded startups

    Company size: 625 employees
    Established year: 2000
    Website: https://www.mondo.com

    Top 7 Recruitment Chi Mondo

    For nearly two decades, Mondo has transformed the hiring process for contract, contract-to-hire, and full-time Tech and Digital Marketing positions. With their MAP mindset and proprietary process, Mondo boasts an unmatched fulfillment ratio of 75% and an average placement time of 3–5 days for contract roles and 5–10 days for full-time roles, ensuring clients receive the right candidates the first time.

    Mondo addresses the most challenging talent gaps at midsize to enterprise-level companies, newly VC-funded startups with mass hiring needs, and organizations facing urgent hiring requirements.

Interseting to know

Time zone differences

It’s crucial to consider the timezone differences with your location. The time differences between Chicago, New York, Austin, San Francisco, Warsaw, Tel Aviv, and London are shown below.

Top 7 Recruitment Chi timezone

Salary range for IT personnel in Chicago

The average salary for an IT professional in Chicago, IL, is $82,446. However, salaries generally range from $72,358 to $90,851. Various factors can influence this range, such as education, certifications, additional skills, and years of experience in the field.

What EoR (Employer of Record) platform should be used when hiring foreign developers, outside of the US?

Here are some options to consider:

  • https://oysterhr.com
  • https://www.deel.com
  • https://remote.com
  • https://plane.com

DevsData LLC can professionally advise on local American and European employment law and accounting and can connect with verified, competent accounting and legal firms in Chicago.

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Top 3 Computer Science universities in Chicago

Here are the top universities in Chicago known for their quality tech education:


Choosing the right IT recruiter can significantly affect the quality of your hires and your organization’s overall success. These top 7 IT recruiters in Chicago have proven their ability to connect employers with exceptional IT professionals, ensuring businesses can thrive in today’s competitive tech environment. By leveraging their expertise, extensive networks, and commitment to client satisfaction, these recruiters help companies build strong, innovative, and productive teams.

DevsData LLC, with over eight years in the market and 65,000 pre-vetted American professionals, excels at connecting companies with top-tier professionals. Whether you’re a small startup or a large corporation, partnering with them ensures you get the needed talent. They also have an official, government-approved license for recruitment services.

DevsData’s interview process is comprehensive, with multiple stages designed to choose the top talent. Every candidate passes a 90-minute interview with senior specialists to ensure high standards.

The company also provides legal and tax advisory services and HR advisory on employment law. It can also help clients looking to hire locally or establish a business entity. Additionally, they offer Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services to meet the client’s needs.

For expert advice, contact DevsData LLC at [email protected] or visit their website at www.devsdata.com.

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DevsData IT Recruitment Agency Chicago
625 W Adams St
Chicago, 60661
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