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As an experienced technical recruiter with over six years of expertise, I specialize in enhancing talent acquisition strategies through data-driven approaches. My career has focused on recruiting top-tier talent for innovative tech companies, with a particular emphasis on technical and hardware positions, cloud computing, AI/ML, and tax professionals. I leverage market research and talent trends to guide leadership and business groups in strategic recruiting and hiring practices. My passion lies in identifying the perfect fit for both candidates and organizations, and I thrive in dynamic and collaborative environments where I can apply my skills in cross-functional coordination, communication, and critical thinking. My professional journey includes roles such as Technical Recruiter for Microsoft, where I supported the Azure Core Team and increased hiring volume for technical positions, and Recruiter-Data Analyst for Intuit, where I performed data analysis to drive talent acquisition strategies. At Microsoft, I also served as a Technical Sourcing Recruiter, specializing in AR/VR and Mixed-Reality recruiting. My extensive knowledge spans various recruiting tools and platforms, including Workday, Beamery, Hiretual, and Power BI. Committed to continuous learning, I have successfully placed highly qualified candidates and consistently improved recruitment processes through innovative solutions and data analytics.

Tech Stack

Talent Acquisition, Data Analysis


  • Sourcing, screening, qualifying, coordinating interviews, negotiating offers, and closing hires for both technical and non-technical roles.
  • Utilizing data analytics tools like Power BI, Excel Pivot Tables, and Alteryx to analyze recruiting metrics, create dashboards, and provide actionable insights to optimize recruitment processes and drive talent acquisition strategies.
  • Specializing in recruiting for technical and hardware positions, including roles in cloud computing, AI/ML, and other technical fields, by partnering with hiring managers and teams to develop effective hiring strategies.
  • Partnering with hiring managers, Chief of Staff, HRBPs, and other stakeholders to execute recruiting strategies, manage candidate relationships, and provide strategic consulting on recruitment practices.
  • Conducting market research and analyzing talent trends to guide leadership and business groups in strategic recruiting decisions, including widening the candidate funnel and increasing retention rates.
  • Leveraging various social media channels and recruiting platforms such as LinkedIn Recruiter, Workday, Beamery, and Greenhouse to build talent pipelines and manage applicant tracking systems.
  • Committed to continuous learning and improvement by applying innovative recruiting solutions, staying current with technology trends, and promoting process enhancements to improve key recruiting metrics and drive business results.

Employment history

Technical Recruiter, Microsoft October 2023 - Present

• Developing and implementing creative solutions resulting in increased hiring volume for technical positions.
• Partnering with hiring managers, Chief of Staff and HR partner teams (Talent Sourcing, Compensation, HRBPs, Compliance) to effectively execute on recruiting strategy
• Managing the candidate relationship from first contact through offer negotiation

Recruiter-Data Analyst, Intuit June 2023 - October 2023

• Completed short-term Contract- Hiring Credentialed Tax Experts/Tax Associates and Tax Preparation Assistants for Intuit Turbo Tax Live
• Owning the Full life cycle process from Screening Candidates, Verifying Credentials to Offer Extensions/Closing
• Screened, interviewed, and assessed 450+ candidates within 3 months; extended offers to 95% of those interviewed with a 92% acceptance rate.
• Performing data analysis to offer innovative insights that drive talent acquisition strategies. By leveraging tools like Power BI and Google Suite, I’ve created dashboards that not only visualize data but also tell compelling stories, guiding informed decision-making.
• Leveraging my strong analytical skills and experience using data analysis tools such as Excel Pivot Tables, Alteryx, and Quickbase. As a Recruiting Data Analyst, playing a crucial role in optimizing recruitment processes, improving decision-making, and providing actionable insights to enhance talent acquisition efforts and hiring goals and strategies.
• Utilizing Alteryx to extract and transform recruitment data from various sources, ensuring data accuracy and consistency.
• Using Excel Pivot Tables to perform in-depth analysis of recruiting metrics, including candidate sourcing, application-to-hire ratios, time-to-fill, and costper-hire.
• Creating informative and visually appealing reports and dashboards in Quickbase to track key recruitment KPIs and provide real-time insights to stakeholders.
• Applying statistical techniques and predictive modeling in Alteryx to forecast future hiring needs and optimize resource allocation.
• Visualizing data trends and patterns using Excel Pivot Charts and graphs, making it easier for stakeholders to understand and act upon the data.
• Collaborating with the HR and recruiting teams to identify areas for process improvement based on data analysis results

Technical Sourcing Recruiter, Microsoft December 2021 - March 2023

• Served as the Primary Technical Sourcing Recruiter and a subject matter expert for AR/VR and Mixed-Reality recruiting. Hired Principal level Engineers and Applied Scientist. Led several key business sourcing proactive research projects for insights regarding talent markets.
• Influenced leadership on strategies for widening the funnel and increasing retention using market research.
• Consulted with business groups on strategic recruiting and hiring practices.
• Introduced weekly talent consumption email sharing talent trends and providing factual data on business needs.

Technical Recruiter, Compass December 2020 - December 2021

• Technical Sourcing Recruiter supporting the Engineering Team at Compass, specifically all things that have to do with the CLOUD, Distributed systems is what it is all about.
• Spearheaded Individual Recruiting for Compass Engineering team Hiring ML engineers, Computer Vision Scientist and Staff AI/Machine Learning Scientists.
• Collaborated closely with hiring managers and teams to create pipelines and implement hiring strategies for niche technical roles.

Technical Recruiter, Amazon February 2020 - November 2020

• Strategically organizing and executing high-volume local and domestic recruitment events to attract and hire technical positions such as Software Development Engineers (SDEs), Software Development Managers (SDMs), and Technical Program Managers (TPMs).
• Ensuring exemplary candidate experiences by providing consistent communication, feedback, and support throughout the recruitment process, from initial contact to onboarding.
• Utilizing automation and technology to streamline recruitment processes, improve operational efficiencies, and maintain headcount health by aligning hiring efforts with business needs.

Technical Recruiter, Akvelon, Inc. June 2019 - January 2020

• Work with the Talent Acquisition team and Account Managers to develop strategies that build proactive talent pipelines for our clients and internal positions.
• Metrics Maintained: Over 5+ requisitions at a time and made over 3 placements a month.
• Infuse technology and operational improvements throughout the talent acquisition lifecycle that improve key recruiting metrics and drive business results.
• Promote innovation, continual improvement and action orientation.
• Be an individual contributor in talent acquisition in addition to broadermanagerial responsibilities.

Recruiter, Amazon November 2018 - May 2019

• Driving Individual Recruiting for Amazon E-commerce. Hiring TPM, SDM and Software Development Engineers, for multiple teams in Seattle and Vancouver BC.
• Strategic and high-volume local, domestic event sourcing for technical positions, specifically Software Development Engineers, Software Development Managers, and Technical Program Managers. I partnered closely with hiring managers and teams to build pipelines and implement hiring strategies to fill the most challenging technical positions.
• Maintain headcount health by hiring to business need
• Monitor scale and efficiencies through the use of automation and technology
• Improve organizational operational excellence
• Provide exemplary candidate experiences and customer experience

University Recruiter, Microsoft July 2018 - November 2018

• Conducted first round phone interviews (7 – 9 a day/35+ a week) of technical students for Full Time and Internship Roles for our CoreDev pipeline which includes Software Developers and Program Managers
• Submitted timely feedback through candidate tracking database and ensure quality recommendations
• Consulted with school recruiters, interviewers, and hiring managers to establish solid working relationships
• Maintained high quality pipeline of qualified candidates to deliver against immediate priorities
• Constantly exceeded expectations across phone interviews-to-interview ratio and interview-to-offer ratios for Core Dev candidates. Instrumental in enabling Microsoft to satisfy its hiring and start-date requirements for these roles.
• Met 1:3 ratio, 1 out of every 3 candidate I moved on to final round got an offer
– this was the best ratio within my team
• Stayed current with technology trends in and outside of Microsoft to build rapport with IT candidates and assess their technical acumen – coached team members to adopt this practice

Technical Recruiter, Bayside Solutions October 2017 - July 2018

• Managed full recruitment life-cycle process by sourcing, screening, qualifying, coordinating interviews, negotiating offers, and closing hires
• Tracked and measure applicant tracking system through Bullhorn
• Developed pipelines of quality talent to deliver the best applicants to clients
• Coordinated with peers and hiring managers to define talent needs to construct and execute plans to fulfill requirements
• Utilized direct sourcing, LinkedIn recruiter, job boards, industry networking, and employee referrals to recruit in-depth applicants
• Built and maintained candidate relationships by providing excellent customer service and professionalism
• Performed warm and cold calling

Recruiting Coordinator, TechOne May 2017 - September 2017

• Provided ongoing verbal and written communication to candidates, recruiters, and hiring managers
• Scheduled and coordinated phone interviews, onsite interviews, and candidate feedback sessions
• Responsible for the onboarding process of candidates including new-hire paperwork, drug and background testing
• Tracked and reported key metrics designed to measure and predict staffing activity
• Managed the flow of candidates thorough the recruitment process, from scheduling interviews to bringing new employees on board.
• Entered all positions in their applicant tracking system.

Sr.Software Engineer, Cambridge Integrated Services September 2005 - March 2009

• Designing, developing, and maintaining software applications to meet business requirements. Writing clean, efficient, and well-documented code.
• Providing technical guidance and mentorship to junior software engineers, fostering a collaborative and productive development environment.
• Conducting system analysis and design to ensure the software meets performance, scalability, and reliability requirements. Participating in architectural reviews and code inspections.
• Identifying, troubleshooting, and resolving software issues. Performing root cause analysis to prevent future occurrences.
• Working closely with product managers, quality assurance teams, and other stakeholders to gather requirements, define specifications, and ensure the successful delivery of software projects.
• Staying current with emerging technologies and industry trends. Continuously improving development processes and practices to enhance productivity and software quality.
• Designing, implementing, and maintaining database systems to support software applications. Writing and optimizing SQL queries for efficient data retrieval and manipulation.

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