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As a goal-driven and accomplished Sales & Operations Director with over 15 years of experience, I have consistently delivered above-target revenues and expanded account bases. My career spans various roles, including working with start-ups, managing business changes, implementing improvement programs, and overseeing acquisitions. My recent position at RTC, Concentrix International Europe in Amsterdam involved close collaboration with law enforcement and emergency services to ensure efficient resolution of emergency situations. Prior to that, as a Site Manager at Arcadia Technologies B.V., I was responsible for overall site operations, safety, department management, project execution, and compliance with relevant regulations. In my previous roles, I served as Teamleader Sales and Managing Director at Nederlandse Uitgevers Combinatie, where I directed day-to-day operations and exceeded sales goals across multiple verticals in The Netherlands and Belgium. As Director of Operations at FirstFocus, I developed and implemented a quality system and conducted performance evaluations. My career also includes roles such as Managing Editor at SearchCowboys, Sales Manager at FirstFocus, and Sales Manager for special projects at Search & Results. I am proficient in English, Dutch, Spanish, German, and French, and I hold various certifications including IAED EMD, EFD, EQD, and CCO. My strengths lie in leading by example, fostering strong relationships, and introducing a culture of transparency and collaboration within teams.

Tech Stack

Sales, CMS, SEO


  • I worked with law enforcement, paramedics, and fire department personnel to ensure efficient resolution of emergency situations.
  • Site Manager at Arcadia Technologies B.V., I was responsible for the overall site operation, ensuring safety and smooth administration, while also managing departmental tasks and goals.
  • I directed the daily operations for selling print ads across various verticals in the Netherlands and Belgium, ensuring revenue objectives were met.
  • Director of Operations at FirstFocus, I developed and implemented a quality system in compliance with high performance standards, measuring progress, and taking corrective actions.
  • In various roles, including Sales Manager at FirstFocus, I built full-scale sales operations from the ground up, establishing database systems, recruitment processes, and sales and marketing strategies.
  • I co-created and executed a content strategy to boost organic results, managed freelance writers, and ensured the quality and timely delivery of content.
  • I coordinated multiple disciplines and internal departments in scheduling and completing various projects, including cold calling and driving marketing campaigns to achieve program metrics.

Employment history

RTC, Concentrix International Europe October 2022 - October 2023

• Collaborated closely with law enforcement, paramedics, and fire department personnel to ensure efficient resolution of emergency situations.
• Acted as a liaison between various emergency services to facilitate rapid response and resolution of crises.
• Monitored and managed operational protocols to ensure smooth and effective handling of emergency scenarios.
• Maintained clear and effective communication channels among different emergency response teams to ensure timely and coordinated actions.
• Identified areas for improvement in emergency response processes and implemented strategies to enhance efficiency and effectiveness.
• Conducted training sessions for team members to ensure they are well-prepared to handle emergency situations in collaboration with external emergency services.
• Prepared and maintained detailed reports on emergency incidents, response actions, and outcomes for review and analysis by upper management.

Site Manager , Arcadia Technologies B.V. February 2021 - March 2022

• Overall responsibility for the site operation, its safety and the safety of its employees, the ongoing operation and administration of the site.
• Managing each department’s tasks and goals as set out by upper management and assisting in achieving those goals.
• Executing site projects, creating and maintaining clear processes and responsibilities, representing the company in a professional manner locally and internationally.
• Ensuring smooth operation and the overall efficiency of the site, providing accurate and thorough reporting to upper management.
• Working with local suppliers.
• Employees hiring, management and evaluation.
• Quality control, responsible to comply with relevant regulation and fraud prevention.

Teamleader Sales / Managing Director, Nederlandse Uitgevers Combinatie March 2016 - March 2018

• Directed day to day operations of selling 40-M00 print ads across seven verticals in The Netherlands and Belgium, while ensuring achievement of revenue obWectives.
• Launched, managed and lead sales unit Utrecht in reaching and surpassing sales goals.
• Exceeded client expectations.

Director Operations, FirstFocus May 2011 - March 2014

• Developed and implemented a quality system in compliance with high standards of performance within a focused workforce.
• Measured and analyzed progress and tool corrective action.
• Provided frequent reports on various cycles, reporting progress and highlighting potential risks on opportunities.
• Interviewed, hired and established colleagues performance development plans; conducted colleague performance discussions

Managing Editor SearchCowboys, FirstFocus February 2011 - May 2013

• Co-created and executed a content strategy with a focus on boosting organic results.
• Challenged a diverse team of freelance and byline writers to deliver more in-depth SEO articles and graphics to convey storylines; wrote, edited and proofread of columns for grammar consistency, formatting and style.
• Editorial management and oversight of content from byline authors and internal departments to ensure quality and timely delivery of articles, photos and graphic elements.

Sales Manager , FirstFocus December 2007 - May 2011

• Built a full-scale sales operation from the ground-up;duties included establishing database systems, recruitment, and developing sales and marketing strategies.
• Implemented strategic goals for marjeting campaigns
• Strategized with the CTO and CHO on the development and launch of a new SEO optimi;ed CHS

Sales Manager special projects , Search & Results December 2004 - January 2006

• Coordinated multiple disciplines and internal departments in the scheduling and completion of the Lab-cd rollout and/or other PHCks
• Cold called over M000 prospects+ scoring 50V above target within 30 days of launch.z
• Drove program communication and marjeting campaigns to drive program metrics

Education history

Certificats November 2022 - November 2022 IAED EMD-certified
IAED EQD-certified
IAED EFD-certified
GAFM April 2023 CCO, CertiPed Compliance OfPcer
QM May 2011 - September 2014 AVR Vision Consult B.V
Loi June 2003 - June 2006 HBO-Bachelor CE
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