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I am a telecommunications engineer with an MBA, bringing extensive experience across the full lifecycle of system development, including research and development, engineering, commissioning, operation, and maintenance. My career has seen the successful development of seven innovative and strategic products, creating significant competitive advantages for companies in various markets. I excel in engineering management, traditional and agile methodologies, and coordinating distributed teams. My expertise spans a wide range of domains such as B2B client and vendor management, real-time embedded IoT systems, and AI/machine learning, with a proven ability to communicate complex technical concepts to non-technical stakeholders. Currently, as VP of Engineering at Fidesmo, I lead the engineering team in developing new security B2B services and products, contributing significantly to the company’s strategic and business development efforts. My previous roles include Engineering and Innovation Manager at Openvia, where I spearheaded product development using deep learning, and Project Director at Globalvia, where I led the creation of innovative mobility products and systems, achieving substantial cost savings and operational improvements. My background also includes key roles in renowned companies such as Indra, Alstom, ENYSE, Cintra, Siemens, and Redsys, where I drove critical projects and innovations in railway signaling, toll systems, and smart card applications. My education includes a degree in Telecommunications Engineering, an MBA, and various certifications in AI, railway engineering, and digital business.

Tech Stack

Executive, C, C++, Project Planning, Scrum, Visual Basic (VB)


  • Leadership and Strategy Development: As VP of Engineering at Fidesmo, I lead the engineering team in developing new security B2B services and products, contributing significantly to the company's strategic and business development efforts.
  • In my role as Engineering and Innovation Manager at Openvia, I developed new products based on deep learning, including a smart license plate recognition system and a multi-lane free-flow gantry solution.
  • As Project Director at Globalvia, I selected and hired area/product managers, creating a 40-engineer distributed team, and fostered an agile DevOps culture within the company.
  • At Globalvia, I led the development and deployment of innovative mobility products and systems, achieving substantial cost savings and operational improvements.
  • While at Indra, I led the design and development of safety-critical procedures and software tools for the deployment of new ATP signaling systems, ensuring compliance with CENELEC safety standards.
  • At Siemens (Dimetronic), I was responsible for the safety-critical software design and development for ERTMS/ETCS level 1 trackside systems, leading to key high-speed rail contracts.
  • Throughout my career, including roles at Alstom and Cintra, I managed commercial agreements with international providers, negotiated contracts, and coordinated with B2B clients to ensure balanced risk management and smooth project execution.

Employment history

VP of Engineering, Fidesmo January 2022 – Present

• Manage and guide the engineering team to develop new security B2B services (SaaS) and products for Fidesmo’s customers, ensuring smooth and efficient operations.
• Contribute to the company’s strategy and business development as a member of the management team (steering committee).
• Implement a new approach to the engineering process and support management, leading to a forecasted EBITDA growth of 15% for the current business plan.
• Oversee the day-to-day operations of the engineering team, ensuring that all projects and services are delivered on time and to the highest quality standards.
• Develop and execute strategies for both B2C and B2B support, resulting in a 15% direct impact on the forecasted EBITDA of the company for the 2022-2025 business plan.
• Drive innovation in product development, focusing on creating cutting-edge solutions that provide competitive advantages for Fidesmo.
• Liaise with the CEO, board members, and other stakeholders to align engineering initiatives with the company’s overall goals and objectives.

Engineering and Innovation Manager, Openvia January 2020 – January 2022

• Lead the development of new products based on computer vision and deep learning technologies, reporting directly to the CEO.
• Oversee the research and development pipeline, ensuring timely progress and successful completion of projects.
• Develop and prototype a smart license plate recognition system, improving the system’s success rate KPI from 70% to 88% in the USA.
• Create and implement a multi-lane free-flow gantry solution, reducing the cost of MLFF road-side equipment by up to 80%.
• Drive innovation within the company by introducing and developing cutting-edge technologies and solutions.
• Work closely with other departments and teams to ensure alignment and integration of new products into the company’s overall strategy.
• Monitor and analyze the performance of developed products, making data-driven decisions to enhance their effectiveness and efficiency.

Project Director, Globalvia January 2017 – January 2021

• Allowing an actual continuous improvement for operations and maintenance, which were extremely limited by the lack
of commitment and performance of most providers, which keep Globalvia as captive customer.
• Extending the life cycle of O&M systems, affected by the mentioned lack of improvement and the fast-changing
technological environment, improving both the CAPEX and OPEX in the short and long term.
• Creating a competitive advantage for Globalvia for future tender and purchase processed by creating internally the
competences and know-how to reduce the takeover time and cost for new concessions, while deploying cutting-edge
O&M Systems at a unbeatable market cost
• Saving around 2 million € just in O&M systems CAPEX and creating three products estimated in 3,7 Million €

Head of Operation and Maintenance Systems, Globalvia January 2014 – January 2020

• Coordinate the systems renewal projects within all the company concessions supervising the technical specifications, the
scope of works, the planning and the budget. With a leading role in the contract negotiation with providers to ensure a
balanced risk management, a right SLA and KPI definition and a smooth project management.
• Define the CAPEX and OPEX strategy and budget for O&M systems for the all the concessions in the company.
• Participate in the investment proposals for tenders (greenfield projects) and purchases (brownfield projects) by estimating
the whole life-costs for systems (CAPEX and OPEX)

Engineering Manager, Indra January 2011 – January 2014

• Lead a team of seven senior engineers, primarily hired and coached by myself, to design and implement safety-critical procedures for the deployment of new ATP signaling systems (RBC).
• Ensure all engineering procedures and developed systems comply with required safety standards (CENELEC EN 50126, EN 50128, EN 50129).
• Oversee the design and development of the entire set of software tools required for safety-critical systems.
• Provide the R&D team with technical support and expertise necessary for the development of safety-critical embedded systems (RBC).
• Manage commercial agreements with international providers of key subsystems (e.g., BTM) to secure necessary components for system development.
• Lead the development and homologation of the ERTMS Level 2 trackside system (RBC), positioning the company to participate in high-speed rail tenders with a cost-effective and competitive product.
• Contribute to Indra’s strategic initiative to become a key player in the signaling market by driving innovation and ensuring the successful deployment of advanced signaling systems.

Engineering Expert, Alstom January 2009 – January 2010

• Serve as an external consultant to improve engineering procedures for the deployment of ERTMS/ETCS trackside systems (LEU) for three brownfield projects in Northeast Spain.
• Ensure all engineering procedures comply with applicable CENELEC safety standards.
• Develop new engineering procedures and tools to streamline the deployment process of ERTMS/ETCS trackside systems.
• Achieve an 80% reduction in engineering time and costs for new system deployments through the introduction of improved procedures.
• Implement strategies to minimize the need for redoing work due to customer changes, enhancing overall project efficiency.
• Coordinate with project teams to integrate the new procedures into the existing deployment processes effectively.
• Provide technical support and guidance to ensure the successful implementation of the improved engineering procedures in ongoing and future projects.

R&D Manager, ENYSE January 2007 - January 2009

• Lead the development of a brand-new ERTMS Level 1 track system (LEU) under SIL4 CENELEC standards, overseeing the entire system conception and design process.
• Take full responsibility for project planning, including setting timelines, budgets, and resource allocation to ensure successful project execution.
• Manage and lead the R&D team, providing direction, support, and mentorship to ensure high performance and effective collaboration.
• Coordinate with other teams involved in ERTMS/ETCS engineering and product development processes to ensure seamless integration and alignment of efforts.
• Drive innovation by introducing key design enhancements and leading the development of a full prototype to demonstrate feasibility and effectiveness.
• Implement strategies and innovations that drastically reduce the time-to-market and engineering costs for ERTMS system deployments.
• Ensure all developed systems and processes comply with SIL4 CENELEC safety standards, maintaining high levels of safety and reliability in the products.

Project Manager, Cintra January 2006 – January 2007

• Co-lead the establishment of a new department for toll systems, aligning with the company’s strategy to replace external systems providers with an in-house team.
• Responsible for recruiting and building the new department team, ensuring the right mix of skills and expertise to meet project goals.
• Negotiate contracts with subsystems vendors and outsourcing companies to secure necessary resources and services for the project.
• Acquire in-depth knowledge of existing Cintra toll systems, developed by external companies, within a three-month period to inform the design of the new system.
• Lead the design and development of a new toll system solution, focusing on vehicle detection/classification and electronic payment methods (ETC and credit cards).
• Achieve the development of the first proprietary toll system at a minimal cost (under €200,000), ensuring budget adherence and cost-efficiency.
• Deliver the new toll system solution within a record time of 10 months, ensuring timely completion and deployment of the project.
• Ensure the company’s technological independence from major external providers by developing and implementing an in-house toll system solution.

R&D Engineer/Developer/QA Manager, Siemens January 2001 – January 2006

• Serve as one of the core developers for strategic products including FS3000 (joint-less track circuit), Futur3000 (ERTMS Level 1 trackside systems), and Westrace MKII (new Interlocking).
• Lead the V&V team for safety-critical software in the FS3000 project, developing a full ad-hoc V&V suite similar to LDRA Testbed for the specific language (Assembly).
• Ensure compliance with mandatory safety standards (CENELEC EN 50128) for SIL4 systems, participating in the safety case to justify all tools, procedures, and methodologies used in V&V.
• Design and develop safety-critical software for the LEU (ERTMS/ETCS Level 1 trackside system) project, adhering to CENELEC EN 50128 standards for SIL4 systems.
• Lead the hardware/software integration for the proprietary safety platform (embedded system), designing and developing the low-level API in C and Assembly.
• Drive the complex integration of all systems and procedures involved in trackside systems (Interlocking, LEU, operation terminals, and engineering) for the Dynamic TSR system project, introducing a unique innovation in ERTMS Level 1 trackside systems.
• Oversee the quality assurance tasks including software static verification, black-box testing, white-box testing, coverage analysis, data and control flow analysis, ensuring high-quality software delivery.
• Contribute to the company’s success in securing several key high-speed rail contracts in Spain and abroad by delivering innovative and compliant safety-critical systems.
• Introduce technical innovations that provide competitive advantages for the company, enhancing product performance and reliability in the railway signaling market.

Developer, Redsys January 2000 – January 2001

• Design and develop smart card applications using C and Visual Basic to meet the requirements of electronic payment systems for Visa and Mastercard.
• Develop and optimize communication drivers to enhance the performance and reliability of smart card applications.
• Improve the functionality and efficiency of existing smart card applications by optimizing communication drivers and related software components.
• Analyze system requirements and translate them into functional and technical specifications for smart card applications.
• Conduct thorough testing and debugging of smart card applications and communication drivers to ensure high quality and reliability.
• Prepare comprehensive documentation for developed applications and drivers, including technical specifications, user guides, and maintenance procedures.
• Work closely with other developers, project managers, and stakeholders to ensure seamless integration and functionality of smart card applications within the overall payment system.
• Provide ongoing support and maintenance for smart card applications, addressing any issues and implementing necessary updates and improvements.

Education history

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid 2001 Telecommunication/Electronics Engineering Degree
ESADE Business School 2010 Executive Master in Business Administration
Cambridge University 2010 Certificate in Advanced English
Stanford University 2011 Artificial Intelligence Course
Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia UNED 2016 Railway Engineering Expert
Scrum Alliance 2019 Certified Scrum Product Owner
The Valley Business School 2022 Executive Program for Digital Business (PADDB+)
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