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As a seasoned software engineer, my career has been marked by diverse experiences in backend development, product management, and technical support. Currently, I am a Software Engineer at Layer, where I focus on developing REST APIs using Golang and PostgreSQL, designing test suites, and managing CI/CD pipelines with Docker and Kubernetes. My previous role at Servuss involved creating an online food ordering platform using Bubble, developing web scrapers in Python, and producing strategic development and launch plans. Notably, I managed a successful demo launch that significantly boosted sales KPIs and processed substantial transactions. Additionally, I have experience in developing intelligent algorithms for music-listening apps, integrating QR code technology, and providing top-notch technical support at Apple, consistently achieving high customer satisfaction. My academic background includes a First Class Honors degree in Computer Science from University College Cork, where I excelled in various software engineering subjects and wrote a thesis on the Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows. I also completed Stanford's online Machine Learning course, gaining knowledge in neural networks, natural language processing, and data engineering. My technical skills span Python, Go, DevOps, Azure, Agile Development, and more, while my personal interests include surfing, solo traveling, and music. These experiences and skills have equipped me with a robust foundation in both technical and strategic aspects of software engineering and product development.

Tech Stack

Bubble.io, Azure, CI/CD, DevOps, Go Lang, Java, PostgreSQL, Python, REST APIs, SQL, Swift


  • Developed REST APIs as part of a microservices architecture using Golang and PostgreSQL at Layer.
  • Designed test suites and managed CI/CD pipelines using Docker and Kubernetes at Layer.
  • Created an online food ordering platform using Bubble and developed web scrapers in Python at Servuss.
  • Developed an outbound-marketing tool using Python and Selenium for automated lead generation at Servuss.
  • Produced strategic development and launch plans and successfully managed a demo launch processing significant transactions at Servuss.
  • Designed algorithms for intelligent group music-listening using NodeJS, JavaScript, and the Spotify API at Setlist.
  • Provided top-notch technical support and achieved a 100% customer satisfaction rating as a Support Engineer at Apple.

Employment history

Software Engineer, Layer November 2021 – Present

• Developed REST APIs as part of a microservices architecture using Golang and PostgreSQL.
• Designed test suites for existing product features, managed CI/CD pipelines and deployment architecture.
• Utilised key DevOps technologies such as Docker and Kubernetes to manage the development lifecycle.

Software Engineer / Product Manager, Servuss July 2020 – March 2021

• Created Servuss Merchant – an online food ordering platform – using Bubble, a no-code solution.
• Developed web scrapers using Python to automate migration of restaurant data from Grubhub to Servuss. Key sales-KPI’s grew over 500% by providing a bespoke demo product to every prospective client.
• Developed an outbound-marketing tool using Python and Selenium that automates lead generation by crawling Yelp and distributing targeted marketing messages
• Produced strategic development and launch plans for Servuss. Successfully ran a demo launch with a Connecticut restaurant in November of 2020, processing over $5,000 in transactions over three days.
• Directed all aspects of sprint planning including delegation of work and timelines using Azure Boards

Software Engineer, Setlist May 2020 – September 2020

• Setlist is a start-up with a mission to transform group music listening through artificial intelligence.
• Designed algorithms for intelligent group music-listening using NodeJS, JavaScript, and the Spotify API.
• Developed and integrated QR code technology for sessions on Setlist web app using React, Firebase & NodeJS

Support Engineer / Technical Advisor, Apple July 2018 – June 2019

• Provided technical support for Apple’s full mobile-product suite to Apple customers around the globe.
• Conducted customer support calls, troubleshooting technical issues and resolving customer disputes.
• Consistently ranked as a top technical advisor, achieving full marks in performance metrics including a 100% customer satisfaction rating over a 3-month period.

Education history

University College Cork May 2021 Bachelor Degree in Computer Science
• First Class Honors (1.1) including 92% in Software Engineering, 92% in Intermediate Java, 90% in Artificial Intelligence I Project, 89% in Programming, 82% in Team Software Project, 81% in Special Topics in Computing.
• Wrote thesis on the Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows(VRP-TW) – received an 85% grade.
• Member of UCC’s IGNITE startup incubator program with co-founded startup PurpleMind.
Stanford April 2020 Stanford April 2020
Machine Learning
• Completed Stanford University’s Machine Learning online course, led by the renowned Andrew Ng.
• Learned about of different learning models, neural networks, natural language processing, data engineering.
• Explored practical machine learning case studies and problems including computer vision, medical informatics, text understanding (web search, anti-spam).
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