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Top 5 IT Recruitment Agencies in Wroclaw, Poland


Wroclaw is a vibrant city in Poland that boasts a dynamic and rapidly growing IT industry. This presents excellent prospects for companies searching for top-tier IT professionals. Recruitment agencies in the area play a crucial role in facilitating connections between businesses and highly skilled individuals, fostering innovation and driving overall development.

Wroclaw main picture

This article will deeply analyze the top five IT recruitment agencies in Wroclaw, highlighting their unique strengths and contributions to the local IT landscape.

As for our top three picks, we have chosen the following companies:

  1. 1) DevsData LLC – Top Pick: Best overall
  2. 2) Ntiative: Best for startups
  3. 3) Worksol group: Best for global reach
  1. DevsData LLC – Top Pick: Best overall

    Company size: ~60 employees
    Founding year: 2016
    Website: www.devsdata.com
    Pricing model: Success fee

    DevsData LLC website screenshot

    DevsData LLC is a highly respected IT recruitment agency in Wroclaw that partners with businesses to identify, attract, and retain top-tier IT talent. The agency has built a strong reputation for identifying professionals with deep technical expertise and matching them to businesses’ unique needs. The company is committed to promoting diversity and inclusion in the IT sector.

    The company has gathered an extensive database of over 65,000 highly vetted Polish IT specialists, showcasing their commitment to connecting skilled professionals with suitable employment opportunities.

    DevsData LLC’s distinguishing feature is its ability to engage with diverse global enterprises, including startups from various countries. Moreover, the government has licensed the company to offer recruitment and staffing services, solidifying its position as a reliable partner in the IT recruitment sector. The firm also has team members from the US.

    DevsData LLC operates on a success fee-only pricing model, providing a guarantee period for payment only if the client is satisfied with the recruit. The company does not impose any fees to initiate the recruitment process.

    In addition to its expertise in IT recruitment, DevsData LLC also provides legal support to businesses entering the Polish market, including guidance on establishing contracts. Its partnerships with esteemed clients such as Varner, Cubus, and Novartis serve as a testament to the effectiveness of its client retention strategy.

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    In contrast to larger firms, DevsData LLC offers the same high standard of service due to its meticulous processes and extensive market reach while also providing the advantages of personalized attention and competitive pricing, thanks to its lower overheads. This distinctive value proposition makes DevsData LLC an ideal partner for any organization seeking top-tier IT recruitment services.

    The company also has offices in other major cities, including Warsaw, Krakow, Katowice, and Gdansk.

    DevsData LLC excels in collaborating with diverse global enterprises, including startups from the United States, Israel, and various corners of Europe. The high level of client satisfaction is evidence of their services’ exceptional quality. The company boasts a perfect 5/5 rating on Clutch.

    Client testimonial DevsData

    To reach out to DevsData LLC, you can email [email protected] or visit their website at www.devsdata.com.

    DevsData Recruitment Agency Wroclaw
    Ul. Ksiecia Witolda 49/15,
    50-202 Wroclaw, Poland
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  2. Ntiative: Best for startups

    Company size: ~30 employees
    Founding year: 2018
    Website: https://www.ntiative.com

    Ntiative website screenshot

    Ntiative is a premier IT recruitment agency that serves local, regional, and global businesses seeking top talent in Poland. The company distinguishes itself with specialists who effectively support their customers.

    Ntiative’s top-notch screening process ensures that clients receive only the most talented and enthusiastic individuals best suited to their unique requirements. The firm specializes primarily in mid-to-senior-level IT Infrastructure, Software Development, and Data Science employment.

    Understanding that each organization has distinct beliefs and goals, Ntiative is committed to finding individuals who integrate seamlessly into existing teams, enhance performance, and promote workplace harmony. Clients benefit greatly from the agency’s streamlined recruitment process, which saves them valuable time and resources without compromising quality.

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  4. Worksol Group: Best for global reach

    Company size: ~40 employees
    Founding year: 2019
    Website: https://worksol.pl/pl/

    Worksol group website screenshot

    Established in 2019, Worksol Group is a Polish company with a strong foothold in the HR industry. Specializing in personnel recruitment for opportunities in Poland, they have successfully facilitated the placement of skilled individuals from various regions, such as Asian countries (Philippines, Indonesia, India, Bangladesh, China), Central Asia (Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan), European countries (Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Georgia), and South and North American countries (Colombia, Bolivia, Mexico, Brazil).

    With recruitment offices strategically located in Poland, including Warsaw, Wroclaw, and Katowice, and international offices in Dubai (UAE), Namangan (Uzbekistan), and Jakarta (Indonesia), Worksol Group is dedicated to connecting talents with promising opportunities in Europe.

  5. Verita HR: Best for enterprise

    Company size: ~25 employees
    Founding year: 2010
    Website: https://veritahr.com/

    VeritaHR website screenshot

    Verita HR, an HR agency based in Wroclaw, offers a comprehensive range of recruitment services, including HR consulting, headhunting, IT recruitment, IT outsourcing, and BPO.

    With many businesses in the area, there is a high demand for skilled workers. Verita HR provides professional recruitment services to meet this need. They cater to businesses of all sizes, offering tailored recruitment solutions. Many employers (97%) and employees (90%) have recommended their services.

    In addition to recruitment, Verita HR offers outsourcing solutions, providing experts who can integrate into existing teams to address challenges. They specialize in recruiting candidates for finance, investment banking, IT, SSC, and BPO, covering many specialist business fields. Verita HR supports companies throughout their growth journey by identifying critical areas for improvement, aiding employment, reducing costs, and facilitating scalability.

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  7. Poland Workforce: Best for executive search

    Company size: ~20 employees
    Founding year: 2005
    Website: http://polandworkforce.com/

    Poland Workforce website screenshot

    Poland Workforce is a certified temporary employment agency that has been connecting competent employees with reliable employers since 2005.

    Poland Workforce collaborates closely with candidates and employers to create a committed, transparent, and honest team. They support employees with adaptation, administrative, and legal matters, ensuring comfortable accommodation and decent working conditions throughout the entire period of cooperation.

    Employers receive competent and motivated employees. This solid foundation has led to long-term cooperation with business partners and candidates.

Interesting to know

Wroclaw map

Work Culture

The work culture in Poland is characterized by a strong emphasis on professionalism, punctuality, and a diligent work ethic. Poles take pride in their commitment to their jobs, often valuing thoroughness and quality. Additionally, hierarchical structures are often respected, with clear lines of authority and respect for seniority within the workplace. While the work environment may be formal, there is also a growing recognition of the importance of work-life balance, with an increasing focus on employee well-being and leisure time.

Collaboration and teamwork are highly regarded, and open communication is encouraged within organizations. Furthermore, punctuality and schedule adherence are valued, reflecting a sense of responsibility and respect for others’ time. Overall, the work culture in Poland blends traditional values with modern approaches, creating an environment that fosters productivity, respect, and a healthy work-life equilibrium.

How to call Wroclaw?

To call Wroclaw from abroad, follow these steps:

  1. Dial the international access code: This code allows you to make an international call. The code varies depending on your country. For example, the
    international access code for the United States is 011, while for most European countries, it is 00.
  2. Dial Poland’s country code: The country code for Poland is 48.
  3. Dial the area code for Wroclaw: The area code for Wroclaw is 71.
  4. Dial the local phone number: This is the phone number of the person or business you are trying to reach in Wroclaw.

In addition, check out this article to understand how to call Poland from abroad for free.

Time zone differences

Here’s a look at the time zone differences between Wroclaw and other major cities around the world:

City Time Time in Wroclaw
New York 3:00 pm 9:00 am
Tel Aviv 8:00 am 9:00 am
London 10:00 am 9:00 am
Berlin 9:00 am 9:00 am
San Francisco 12:00 am 9:00 am

Understanding these time differences can help you schedule meetings, calls, and other activities more efficiently when working or communicating with people in these cities.

Timebuddy screenshot

Top Computer Science universities in Wroclaw

Wroclaw, a vibrant and culturally rich city in Poland, is home to three prominent universities that offer programs in diverse academic disciplines and fields of study.

Wroclaw University of Science and Technology is a prestigious institution known for its strong emphasis on engineering, technology, and natural sciences. With a history dating back to 1945, it has established itself as a center of excellence in research and education, offering various programs in engineering, computer science, architecture, and related fields. The university’s dedication to innovation and technological advancement has contributed to its esteemed reputation nationally and internationally.

The University of Wroclaw, on the other hand, has a heritage dating back over three centuries, making it one of the oldest and most renowned universities in Central Europe. The University of Wroclaw offers a comprehensive range of tech classes to equip students with cutting-edge skills and knowledge. These classes cover various technology areas, including computer science, information technology, cybersecurity, and artificial intelligence.

Their commitment to rigorous research, innovation, and holistic development has made them esteemed institutions nationally and internationally. They attract students and scholars seeking high-quality education and enriching academic experiences.

Salary range for IT personnel in Wroclaw

The estimated salary range for IT personnel in Wroclaw, Poland, varies across different roles and experience levels. For instance, the average total pay for an IT Specialist is approximately PLN 16,500 per month ($4,090).

These figures reflect the median estimates derived from proprietary total pay models and user-reported salaries.

What EoR (employer of record) platform should you use when hiring Polish developers?

Here are some platforms to consider:

Check out this article to learn more about the role of an employer of record in the Polish business landscape.

Using an Employer of Record (EoR) service helps you comply with local regulations and simplifies managing payroll, taxes, and benefits for your employees in Poland.

DevsData LLC, our top-pick IT staffing agency, manages employment regulations, payroll, and HR duties, allowing companies to operate in Poland without forming a separate legal entity. This ensures compliance with Polish labor laws effectively.

Benefits for Polish employees and contractors

Prominent medical insurance providers in Poland, such as Enelmed, Luxmed, and Medicover, offer extensive coverage to employees and contractors. These insurance options ensure access to quality healthcare services and medical assistance, contributing to the overall well-being and security of individuals within the workforce.

In Poland, companies prioritize the health and well-being of their employees by providing gym memberships or wellness benefits as part of their comprehensive benefits packages. The MultiSport card, a widely recognized fitness pass, is readily available to employees in various companies, promoting physical fitness and overall well-being.

According to Polish labor laws, employees receive 20 paid vacation days annually for rest and rejuvenation. While this is the standard provision, some companies may offer additional vacation days or customize benefits packages to align with the needs of their workforce. This paid time off ensures employees can recharge and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

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Final thoughts

The IT recruitment sector in Wroclaw, Poland, is dynamic and thriving, with many agencies offering invaluable services to both job seekers and employers. The top five IT recruitment agencies in Wroclaw have been recognized for their outstanding industry reputation, expertise, client satisfaction, and significant impact on the local IT job market. By utilizing these esteemed agencies, businesses and professionals can tap into specialized knowledge and extensive networks within the IT sector.

Our top recommendation, DevsData LLC, operates from its local branch in Wroclaw and excels in providing comprehensive legal and tax advisory services alongside business process outsourcing (BPO) solutions. Known for its stringent candidate evaluation process, DevsData LLC requires tech professionals to undergo a demanding 90-minute interview with a software expert and complete complex problem-solving tasks.

In addition to its recruitment services, DevsData LLC offers a wide array of legal, tax, and HR advisory services for clients interested in local recruitment or business ventures in Poland. They also provide customized BPO services tailored to the Polish market.

What sets DevsData LLC apart is their personalized approach, which contrasts with the standardized methods often used by larger firms. This tailored methodology ensures exceptional service quality, catering to the unique needs of both startups and large corporations.

Despite having a streamlined operational framework, DevsData LLC brings extensive experience working with corporate clients. Their meticulous recruitment processes and network of 65,000 developers guarantee access to top-tier talent, precisely matching client requirements.

For more information, you can reach out to them at [email protected] or visit their website at www.devsdata.com.

DevsData Recruitment Agency Wroclaw
Ul. Ksiecia Witolda 49/15,
50-202 Wroclaw, Poland
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