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Top Platforms for Hiring Crystal Reports SAP Developers

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In today’s data-driven world, companies increasingly turn to Crystal Reports, a leading business intelligence tool, to gain actionable insights and make educated decisions.
However, to fully utilize Crystal Reports, competent SAP developers must be able to modify this powerful tool to unique business needs. This post will discuss leading websites where you can hire exceptional Crystal Reports SAP developers skilled at translating raw data into appealing visualizations.

Best sites to hire Crystal Reports SAP developers

As for the best platforms, here are our five top picks:

  1. DevsData LLC – known for its thorough screening procedure, which ensures high client satisfaction rates and very high client satisfaction.
  2. Supersourcing – an AI-driven talent platform that provides pre-vetted professionals and ensures a seamless hiring process.
  3. Turing – provides a two-week trial period for organizations to evaluate developers’ performance, reducing recruiting risks.
  4. Toptal
  5. Upwork
  1. DevsData LLC – Top Pick

    Company size: 11-50 employees
    Headquarters: Brooklyn, New York City, US, with a European HQ in Warsaw, Poland
    Founder: Tom Potanski
    Founded year: 2015
    Job posting price: A certain percentage of the candidate’s annual salary
    Website: http://devsdata.com/
    Regions served: United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, Singapore and Australia
    Region of talent: Global, with a focus on Central and Eastern Europe (especially Poland) and Latin America

    DevsData LLC website screenshot

    DevsData LLC is a renowned IT recruiting company that specializes in connecting companies with highly experienced professionals around Europe and the world, with a particular focus on Crystal Reports SAP developers. DevsData LLC responds to its clients’ specific demands with a solid dedication to quality and responsiveness, thanks to which the company has gained respect from clients from different corners of the world. The respect of the clients is measured and reflected by numerous public testimonials and reviews, for instance, on GoodFirms.

    Key Points:

    • 100% client satisfaction, 5.0/5.0 on Clutch
    • Extreme transparency
    • Strong business & marketing focus in addition to high engineering skills

    With over seven years of expertise in the IT employment industry, the company has honed its hiring process to achieve rapid placements, which are frequently completed within ten days.

    With a staff of 50+ recruiters and developers, the firm maintains a comprehensive database of over 60,000 pre-vetted senior software engineers, providing access to top talents.

    DevsData LLC’s case studies allow readers to better understand the company’s skills, methodology, and the impact of its work on customers’ businesses.

    To contact the company, e-mail them at [email protected].

  2. Supersourcing

    Company size: 120-150 employees
    Headquarter: Indore, India
    Founder: Mayank Pratap
    Established: 2020
    Website: https://supersourcing.com/
    Regions served: Global
    Region of talent: Mostly India

    Supersourcing website screenshot

    Supersourcing, India’s #1 HR Tech Startup, is trusted by over 1000 sponsored firms, venture capitalists, MIT DeltaV, Harvard Innovation Labs, and YCombinator-backed startups.

    The company’s strategy assures accurate alignment with the best technical expertise for client needs, resulting in near-perfect matches. Supersourcing rapidly screens candidates, saving customers time and effort that would otherwise be lost due to screening and interview no-shows.

    Key Points:

    • Top 5 matching profiles within 24-48 hours
    • Developers are interview-ready and can join immediately
    • Integration of AI

    Unlike the months-long process prevalent in regular hiring, the company allows instant talent onboarding, providing both speed and certainty. It goes beyond standard interviews, delivering more profound insights and assessments using AI-enhanced methodologies rather than depending just on verbal findings.

  3. Turing

    Company size: 1800 employees
    Headquarter: Palo Alto, California
    Founder: Jonathan Siddharth
    Established: 2018
    Pricing: No upfront cost to search for a talent
    Website: https://www.turing.com/
    Regions served: Global
    Region of talent: Global

    Turing website screenshot

    Turing is well-known for its ability to link top-tier remote software professionals with worldwide enterprises. These engineers have exceptional technical and communication skills and are prepared to adjust their working hours to accommodate the client’s time zone. Turing has gained the trust of over 400 firms, including some backed by prominent investors like Google Ventures and Andreessen.

    Key Points:

    • First AI-powered tech services company
    • 95% trial success rate
    • 3 million developers from 150 countries

    With over 2 million developers from 150 countries selecting Turing for remote work, the platform’s Hire Program provides access to qualified professionals. This broad talent pool specializes in over 100 skill areas, including highly demanded SAP development experience. Turing’s extensive vetting procedure and unique employee-management tools make it easier for businesses to hire specialists at competitive prices.

  4. Toptal

    Company size: 1000 employees
    Founder: Taso Du Val
    Established: 2010
    Pricing: A $500 retainer is required upfront, which will be removed from your final price if you hire a professional or returned to you in full if you do not
    Website: https://www.toptal.com/
    Regions served: Global
    Region of talent: Global

    TopTal website screenshot

    Toptal employs some of the most talented engineers in the tech industry, with only the top 3% passing its rigorous vetting procedure. Toptal is the go-to site for finding SAP specialists. Its services help users find freelancers with expertise in SAP data management techniques, understanding various SAP modules, knowledge of SAP UI technologies such as SAP Fiori and SAPUI5, and more.

    Key Points:

    • No worries about unemployment or termination hassle
    • Screening for soft skills

    Beyond providing access to top professionals, Toptal streamlines the hiring process by eliminating recruiting costs and providing a trial period with your preferred developer.

  5. Upwork

    Company size: 850 employees
    Headquarter: Santa Clara, US
    Founders: Stratis Karamanlakis and Odysseas Tsatalos
    Established: 2013
    Pricing: 5% client marketplace fee
    Website: https://www.upwork.com/
    Regions served: Global
    Region of talent: Global

    Upwork website screenshot

    Upwork receives millions of job posts each year, allowing freelancers to make over $1 billion while presenting diverse abilities. Employers post opportunities, and freelancers apply for and secure contracts, enabling seamless cooperation and creativity.

    Key Points:

    • The marketplace has over 125 categories
    • 30% + of Fortune 100 organizations employed freelancers through Upwork
    • Largest global freelancing website

    Upwork’s time-tracking software allows freelancers to log their work hours effectively while giving customers transparent insights via screenshot verification. Payments are expedited and automated, including Upwork’s assessed fees. Clients take advantage of customizable contract management options, and both sides may provide feedback, which helps the freelancer’s “success score” and fosters a vibrant business network.

  6. Mobilunity

    Company size: 200-220 employees
    Headquarter: Kyiv, Ukraine
    Founder: Cyril Samovskiy
    Established: 2010
    Website: https://mobilunity.com/
    Regions served: Europe, North America
    Region of talent: Global

    Mobilunity website screenshot

    Mobilunity specializes in offering access to the top talent in the Ukrainian IT labor market and a large pool of international applicants. Their priority is effortlessly integrating folks into your team while ensuring they connect with your company’s culture and goals. The company provides the flexibility to quickly onboard committed teams in 4 to 6 weeks, generating long-term outcomes for your organization’s development. Unlike typical outsourcing strategies, Mobilunity focuses on developing adaptable solutions suited to your requirements and can quickly and scalably tackle any difficulty.

    Key Points:

    • Clients from 15+ countries
    • 13+ years of experience
    • Access Ukrainian 200K IT labor market

    Mobilunity allows you to choose and manage your team members immediately, ensuring they operate smoothly as if they were your individual workers. In addition, they manage administrative responsibilities like taxes and payrolls, assuring a hassle-free experience for the employer.

  7. Do you have IT recruitment needs?

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  8. Guru

    Company size: 150-200 employees
    Headquarters: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
    Founder: Inder Guglani
    Established: 1998
    Pricing: Free for a regular posting, but to appear as “featured” – $29.95
    Website: https://www.guru.com/
    Regions served: Global
    Region of talent: Global

    Guru website screenshot

    Businesses of different sizes worldwide use Guru to offer their services, drawn to the platform’s flexible payment method and simple recruiting procedure. Whether you need a Salesforce developer to expedite CRM setup or enhance platform apps, Guru connects you with freelancers who specialize in a variety of industries.

    Key Points:

    • Network of 2 million freelancers
    • Invoice management
    • Freelance evaluation and selection

    Guru’s method does not include developer vetting. It allows businesses to post tasks for free and pay only an invoice processing charge while using different site features to find developers who are best suited for their projects.

  9. LinkedIn

    Company size: 18000 employees
    Headquarters: Sunnyvale, California, US
    Founders: Reid Hoffman, Allen Blue, Konstantin Guericke, Eric Ly, and Jean-Luc Vaillant
    Established: 2002
    Pricing: Free for 30 days, after which the job post expires (to keep it up, you’ll need to promote it for $5+ a day)
    Website: http://linkedin.com
    Regions served: Global
    Region of talent: Global

    LinkedIn website screenshot

    LinkedIn is a business and employment-focused social networking platform that operates via websites and mobile apps. Reid Hoffman and Eric Ly started it on May 5, 2003. Since December 2016, LinkedIn has been a wholly-owned subsidiary of Microsoft. The site is primarily used for professional networking and career advancement, with job seekers posting their CVs and businesses posting opportunities.

    Key Points:

    • The world’s largest professional network with over 1 billion members
    • 6 people are hired on LinkedIn every minute
    • Over 41 thousand skills listed

    With millions of active users, it’s a valuable resource for identifying competent individuals in various sectors and jobs. Detailed profiles give essential information about candidates’ professional backgrounds, abilities, and recommendations.

  10. Indeed

    Company size: 13000 employees
    Headquarter: Texas, US
    Founders: Rony Kahan and Paul Forster
    Established: 2004
    Pricing: Posting a job starts from $5/day or $150/month
    Website: http://indeed.com
    Regions served: Global
    Region of talent: Global

    Indeed website screenshot

    Indeed, Inc. is an American worldwide employment platform founded in November 2004. It is owned by Japan’s Recruit Holdings and has headquarters in Austin, Texas, Stamford, Connecticut, and international operations.

    Key Points:

    • 350M+ unique visitors every month
    • 245M Resumes
    • 980M+ Total ratings and reviews

    Indeed is a significant resource for firms seeking a diverse pool of bright individuals. Its pay-per-click strategy provides powerful applicant monitoring capabilities and cost-effective job advertising alternatives.

    Hiring SAP engineers through Indeed is an efficient choice for organizations. Indeed’s broad reach and comprehensive job posting capabilities enable access to a diversified pool of competent SAP specialists.

  11. Upstack

    Company size: 70-100 employees
    Headquarter: New York, US
    Founder: Yossi Mlynsky
    Established: 2010
    Pricing: Starting from $65 per hour (depending on the skills of the specialist)
    Website: https://upstackhq.com
    Regions served: Global
    Region of talent: Global

    Upstack website screenshot

    UpStack is dedicated to providing organizations with experienced senior-level SAP programmers. UpStack’s careful hiring process, which uses artificial intelligence, guarantees that top-tier talent is seamlessly integrated into your projects.

    Key Points:

    • A risk-free 14-day trial period
    • Seamless onboarding
    • Pre-vetted, reliable remote developers

    UpStack streamlines the challenging hiring process, allowing organizations to find the ideal SAP developer in a short period. Candidates picked by UpStack frequently exceed expectations in technical, cultural, and language aspects, as shown by an extensive 8-point evaluation.

  12. Sourcebae

    Company size: 50-70 employees
    Headquarter: Indore, India
    Founders: Shubham Kumar and Bindu Patidar
    Established: 2021
    Website: https://sourcebae.com/
    Regions served: Global (United States, India, Chile, Guatemala and Zimbabwe are the tops)
    Region of talent: Global

    Sourcebae website screenshot

    Sourcebae is India’s renowned marketplace for hiring dedicated developers. The company simplifies tech recruiting using AI-powered solutions. Sourcebae allows you to engage competent, experienced, and expert IT staff on a contract basis for remote and onsite locations.

    Key Points:

    • 97% success record in connecting organizations with the best remote talent
    • Capacity to onboard talented and qualified engineers in 24 hours
    • Simple recruiting procedure that saves one week

    They also handle all legal papers and contracts with the developers. The operations team will contact you to understand your needs and find your ideal match.

  13. Teamcubate

    Company size: 30-50 employees
    Headquarter: Copenhagen, Denmark
    Founders: Niels Thimmer and Marc Lucas
    Established: 2017
    Website: https://teamcubate.com/
    Regions served: Europe, Asia-Pacific, US
    Region of talent: Global

    Teamcubate website screenshot

    Teamcubate was formed by entrepreneurs Niels Thimmer and Marc Lucas in response to their own challenges in expanding businesses due to a lack of qualified IT personnel. Drawing on their entrepreneurial drive, they overcame this problem and now provide their knowledge to help other companies overcome similar obstacles.

    Key Points:

    • Over 100 qualified developers have been put on long-term projects
    • Now serves 19 countries
    • 10 years of expertise in human resources services

    Teamcubate is committed to assisting the growth and success of new enterprises by offering access to qualified and trustworthy IT professionals.

  14. RapidBrains

    Company size: 80-100 employees
    Headquarters: Kochi, India
    Founder: Anees T.
    Established: 2017
    Pricing: Posting a job is free
    Website: https://www.rapidbrains.com/
    Regions served: Global
    Region of talent: Global

    RapidBrains website screenshot

    RapidBrains offers a broad talent marketplace that allows remote teams to be assembled quickly. With an extensive database of talents, the platform allows for smooth applicant selection, recruiting, and communication operations in one spot. It streamlines the process of locating and acquiring the best remote talent worldwide, assuring efficiency and cost-effectiveness for both companies and professionals.

    Key Points:

    • 14 years of industry expertise
    • 1200+ companies served
    • Clients from 80+ countries
  15. Skuad

    Company size: 200-220 employees
    Headquarter: Singapore
    Founder: Sundeep Sahi
    Established: 2019
    Pricing: For contractors, hiring starts from $19; for full-time employees, the price begins from $199
    Website: https://www.skuad.io/
    Regions served: Asia-Pacific
    Region of talent: Global

    Skuad website screenshot

    Skuad is a leading global employment company that enables organizations to hire talented people quickly and compliantly. The platform allows employees to make the hiring and onboarding process hassle-free. The company’s executives have over 20 years of HR experience and are skilled at developing internationally diversified and remote teams. Additionally, they help with the payroll and management of new employees.

    By 2027, Skuad aims to create 1 million opportunities worldwide.

    Key Points:

    • 160+ Countries Covered
    • 24/5 support
    • Employee and employer success manage


From DevsData LLC and Supersourcing to Turing and LinkedIn, each platform provides distinct features and perks targeted to your recruiting requirements. Whether you value access to a large talent pool, clear communication, or particular knowledge, these sites provide essential services for streamlining the recruiting process and securing top developers.

Businesses may leverage these platforms to gain access to the knowledge of professional Crystal Reports SAP developers, propelling their projects to success in the dynamic SAP development environment.

DevsData LLC has years of expertise in IT staffing of Crystal Reports developers and SAP professionals. We understand the complexity of the hiring process and are here to help you simplify it.

If you are looking for the right talent, contact us here: [email protected].

Any questions or comments? Let me know on Twitter/X.

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