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Top 8 IT Recruitment Agencies in Katowice, Poland


Located in the southern part of Poland, Katowice is known for its rich history and culture. The name ‘Katowice’ translates to ‘industrial city’ in Polish. In recent years, Katowice has become a central hub for various offices and agencies. With this growing number of IT recruitment agencies in the city, it might be challenging for companies to choose an agency that would meet all their needs. In this article, we have compiled a list of the top 8 Katowice IT staffing companies worth referring to. So, let’s continue.

Google Map of Katowice

Here are the top picks for you to consider:

  1. DevsData LLC- Top Pick
  2. Arche Consulting
  3. Smart Solutions
  4. Logamic
  5. Winged IT
  1. DevsData LLC – Top Pick

    Company size: 11-50 employees
    Founder: Tom Potanski
    Founding year: 2015
    Website: https://devsdata.com/

    DevsData LLC website screenshot

    DevsData LLC is a Polish IT recruitment and software development company that specializes in producing innovative software, artificial intelligence, and Big Data solutions. Its founders have worked at leading firms like Intel and Google and understand the intricacies of identifying the finest talents.

    Their years of presence in the market and high client satisfaction on independent, external review platforms demonstrate their dedication to their work. The company can hire up to 5 developers in the first month, 20 in 3 months, and 100 within a year, which means they do everything for you to save time and money. Each recruitment process usually takes less than 10 days, depending on the company’s needs. DevsData has extensive experience hiring technical resources, including software developers and technical specialists in Katowice.

    They apply a range of techniques and channels to identify the best people for their clients in the most effective manner possible. They look for specialists on LinkedIn, Xing, industry websites, and social media, in addition to their database of prospects, which presently has over 60,000 applications.

    Contact the company here: [email protected].

  2. Arche Consulting

    Company size: 120-130 employees
    Founding year: 2007
    Website: https://www.arche-consulting.pl/pl/

    Arche website screenshot

    Arche Consulting is a recruitment company that does not follow a formal hiring process. The
    The company believes that each client needs a personalized approach, which is why it always offers innovative and original solutions.

    One of the company’s core beliefs is that technical skills should not be the main reason the company needs to be chosen. Instead of being a cultural fit, sharing their beliefs about that particular firm is what matters the most. Arche can save you time and make the hiring process less stressful.

  3. Smart Solutions

    Company size: 200-210 employees
    Founder: Artem Nikishov
    Founding year: 2009
    Website: https://www.smartsolutions-hr.pl/

    SmartSolutions website screenshot

    Since 2009, Smart Solutions has been providing outsourcing and HR services. The company currently has nine branches in various corners of the world, including Katowice. They believe that the success of the company and the quality of their services highly depend on the employees. That being said, they have created an excellent team of specialists motivated to do their best at their jobs. Some of the services Smart Solutions provide include:

    • Recruitment
    • Outstaffing
    • Personnel outsourcing
    • Accounting support

    They make sure to initially analyze your company and understand its needs and only then provide the best possible solution relevant to the market situation.

  4. Logamic

    Company size: 40-50 employees
    Founder: Roman Koci
    Founding year: 2012
    Website: https://logamic.com/

    Logamic website screenshot

    Logamic’s primary goal is to find the best candidate fit quickly by helping clients save time and money. The form’s primary services include development, testing, deployment, project management, and business intelligence expertise.
    Some well-known clients Logamic has worked with include Raiffeisen Bank, Uniqa Group Services Centre, and Tellus Exceedra.

    Throughout the previous several years, Logamic has successfully placed over 250 engineers, developing Agile teams from the ground up and filling gaps in existing teams for clients.

  5. Do you have IT recruitment needs?

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  6. Winged IT

    Company size: 40-50 employees
    Founder: Wiktor Tarnawski
    Founding year: 2017
    Website: http://wingedit.pl/en

    WingedIT website screenshot

    Winged IT assists companies in hiring the top tech personnel in Poland, allowing them to manage their software projects while reducing costs. Since 2017, they have helped over 50 companies to discover top talents with low fees. They mainly hire people from Central and Eastern Europe who are willing to work remotely or migrate to those companies’ countries.

    Some of the services Winget IT provides include:

    • Establishing a client’s technical staff or subsidiary in Poland
    • Recruiting technical talent for clients.
    • Outsourcing of tech professionals
    • Our services offer comprehensive support for a gentle landing in Poland.
    • Recruitment of local technology talents
  7. EWL Group

    Company size: 60 employees
    Founder: Andrzej Korkus
    Founding year: 2007
    Website: https://ewl.com.pl/

    EWL website screenshot

    EWL Group, established in 2007, efficiently connects job seekers from four continents with companies in the EU. The company is known for international employment in terms of permanent recruiting, employee leasing, outsourcing, and non-EU citizen employment services.

    Thanks to their years of extensive experience, EWL Group’s team is flexible and can provide assistance in various industries. EWL Group has worked with more than 300 companies and has a high customer satisfaction rate.

  8. HRK

    Company size: 80 employees
    Founder: Zbigniew Woźniakowski
    Founding year: 2000
    Website: http://www.hrk.pl

    HRK website screenshot

    HRK is a Poland-based company that specializes in personnel consulting and digitization of human resource processes. The company has 20+ years of experience in 4 primary areas of HR, which results in providing the highest-quality services. They represent Kestria, Poland’s biggest association of boutique executive search companies.

    Recruitment services, research and development of professional potential, employer branding, and personnel documentation management are some of the company’s services.

  9. Devire

    Company size: 80-100 employees
    Managing director: Michal Mlynarczyk
    Founding year: 1987
    Website: https://www.devire.pl/

    Devire website screenshot

    Devire is a company providing integrated HR solutions, specializing in recruitment, external employment, IT contracting, RPO solutions, payroll consulting, and employer branding, all with a strong focus on technology. No matter the complexity of your HR needs, Devire has the expertise to address them effectively. Their primary objective is to facilitate the connection between outstanding organizations and individuals who align seamlessly with their culture and goals.

    While the company was established first in London, nowadays, they have offices in 4 Polish cities, including Warsaw, Katowice, Wroclaw, and Poznan.

Things to know about Katowice

Katowice is the capital of the Silesian Voivodeship in southern Poland and the center of the Katowice metropolitan area. Its official population is 286,960, and its estimated permanent population is 302,000. The metropolitan region is the 16th most economically powerful metropolis in the European Union, with a GDP of $114.5 billion. The city is a famous entertainment destination in Poland.

The biggest sector in ⁨Katowice⁩ consists of various professional and business services⁩ industries, accounting for ⁨16.38⁩% of ⁨employees⁩ in the city.

Katowice region is one of the lowest GDP per capita regions in Poland, which might also be attractive for foreign companies, as the rates and costs there are somewhat lower compared to other regions.

In the picture, you can see Spodek, a multifunctional arena complex in Katowice, Poland, which opened on May 9, 1971. Aside from the main dome, the facility features a gym, an ice rink, a hotel, and three enormous parking lots. It was the largest indoor facility of its sort in Poland before being superseded by Tauron Arena in 2014.

The driving distance from Katowice to Warsaw is 291 km. It usually takes 2-3 hours to get to Katowice from Warsaw, depending on the transportation (train/car).


Final thoughts

Your final choice of the company you’d like to work with depends on your needs, budget, and the size of your company. We believe that at least one of the suggested companies will meet all your expectations.

Whether you’re a small or big company, someone who needs to hire in a short time or has time to wait, DevsData LLC, knows all the details that would help you save time and money but at the same time recruit talents who can contribute to your company’s success. The company’s professional specialists would be excited to meet you on-site in Katowice or schedule a virtual call to discuss your project.

Don’t forget to send an email to [email protected] if you want to schedule a call or have questions or concerns.

They also have an office in Katowice, DevsData IT Recruitment Agency Katowice, and are always excited to meet their clients in person at their office as well.

Their address:
DevsData Tech Recruitment Katowice
Ul. Tadeusza Kosciuszki 55,
40-056 Katowice, Poland

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