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Top 5 IT Recruitment Agencies in Istanbul, Turkey


Turkey has emerged as a hub for technology and innovation, with numerous established and up-and-coming software companies calling Istanbul home. As a result, the demand for skilled IT professionals has intensified, leading to a surge in reputable recruitment agencies specializing in IT.

Whether you are a company seeking to hire top-tier talent or a candidate searching for your next career move, our guide will provide insights into the top IT recruitment agencies operating in Istanbul.

Panoramic view Istanbul

These agencies offer a range of expertise, from general IT roles to more specialized positions such as software development, data science, and machine learning. So, let’s dive into our top picks for IT recruitment agencies in Istanbul and discover how they can help you achieve your recruitment or career aspirations.

As for the top three picks, we’ve singled out the following companies:

  1. 1) DevsData LLC – Top Pick: Best overall
  2. 2) Talentra: Best for multinational companies
  3. 3) Gini Talent: Best for enterprise

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  1. DevsData LLC – Top Pick: Best overall

    Company size: ~60 employees
    Founding year: 2016
    Website: www.devsdata.com
    Pricing model: Success fee

    DevsData LLC website screenshot

    DevsData LLC, a leading IT recruitment firm in Istanbul, has earned a solid reputation for over 8 years of specialized experience in tech recruitment. Emphasizing the connection of skilled professionals with suitable employment opportunities that align with their expertise and career aspirations, DevsData LLC has built an extensive database of over 65,000 carefully screened Turkish IT specialists.

    What makes DevsData LLC unique is its ability to work with a diverse range of global enterprises, including startups from various countries. Furthermore, the government licenses the company to provide recruitment and staffing services, reinforcing its status as a dependable partner in the IT recruitment sector.

    DevsData LLC follows a success fee-only pricing model, with a guarantee period during which you only pay if you are satisfied with the new recruit. They do not charge any fees to initiate the recruitment process. With a diverse team that includes tech talents from the US, DevsData LLC is well-equipped to serve a global clientele with excellence and reliability. DevsData LLC also offers legal assistance to businesses entering the Turkish market, including guidance on establishing contracts. Its partnerships with esteemed clients like Varner, Cubus, and Novartis testify to the effectiveness of its client retention strategy.

    DevsData LLC is extremely proficient in collaborating with diverse global enterprises, including startups from the United States, Israel, and different corners of Europe. The client’s high satisfaction is a testament to the quality of their services. The company has a 5/5 rating on Clutch.

    Client testimonial DevsData

    To contact the company, email [email protected] or visit their website at www.devsdata.com.

    DevsData IT Recruitment Agency Istanbul
    Büyükdere Cad. No: 193 Şişli,
    34330 Istanbul, Turkey
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  2. Talentra: Best for multinational companies

    Company size: ~65 employees
    Founding year: 2012
    Website: http://www.talentra.net

    Talentra website screenshot

    Established in 2012 and headquartered in Istanbul, Talentra has distinguished itself as a recruitment service provider specializing in technology-driven and human-centric approaches. The company has a strong track record of delivering top talent across various industries, highlighting its commitment to excellence.

    Talentra’s extensive database covers diverse sectors such as IT, energy, banking, financial services, FMCG, management consulting, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, electronics, automotive, and supply chain management. This broad expertise underscores the firm’s capability to meet specific industry needs.

    In addition to serving a local clientele, Talentra caters to international markets, including Germany, England, Canada, the United States, Dubai, and Japan.

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  4. Gini Talent: Best for enterprise

    Company size: ~70 employees
    Founding year: 2018
    Website: https://www.ginitalent.com

    Gini Talent website screenshot

    Founded in 2019 to meet the growing demand for IT staffing and recruitment solutions, Gini Talent operates from its main office in Istanbul, Turkey, with an additional location in Samsun. The company aims to connect businesses with exceptional IT experts, emphasizing ethics, excellence, and client satisfaction to simplify and enhance the hiring process. With a dedicated team leveraging extensive industry knowledge and customized strategies, Gini Talent is committed to linking businesses with top IT talent.

    As the company looks to expand its global presence, its focus remains on driving business transformation through IT expertise. This covers outsourcing, software development, consultancy, offshoring, recruitment, and specialized tech recruitment in Java, React, .NET, Angular, Go, Python, and Spring. Gini Talent is enthusiastic about the future and its continued positive impact on business transformation.

  5. Manpower Turkey: Best for global reach

    Company size: ~30 employees
    Founding year: 1982
    Website: https://manpowerturkey.com/

    Manpower Turkey website screenshot

    Manpower Turkey is a workforce solution and recruiting company with an office in Istanbul. It is dedicated to the idea that hiring significantly impacts both individuals and businesses. Recognizing the substantial amount of time spent at work, the company appreciates the effort and resources invested in recruiting and training staff and understands employees’ crucial role in a company’s success.

    Focusing on simplifying tasks, enabling goal-oriented efforts, and driving success, Manpower Turkey is a premier provider of manpower recruitment solutions, connecting top talents with leading employers in Turkey.

    Manpower Turkey, based in the Middle East, is a subsidiary of Manpower Holdings, with a worldwide presence and a loyal clientele in over 110 countries.

  6. IT Talent Turkey (ITT): Best for startups

    Company size: ~20 employees
    Founding year: 2018
    Website: https://ittalentturkey.com/

    ITT website screenshot

    IT Talent Turkey (ITT) is an accredited HR firm that provides top-tier companies with specialized technology staffing and contract consulting services. With certification from the ISKUR Private Employment Agency in Turkey, IT Talent Turkey specializes in IT recruitment and leverages extensive experience in personnel search. The company boasts a comprehensive database of IT professionals cultivated over several years, from software testers to industry visionaries.

    IT Talent Turkey offers a 2-month warranty period and swift candidate sourcing, usually within 2 weeks, ensuring efficient and dependable staffing solutions.

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Now, let’s compare the main points of those companies:

Criteria DevsData LLC Talentra Gini Talent Manpower Turkey IT Talent Turkey (ITT)
Company size ~60 employees ~65 employees ~70 employees ~30 employees ~20 employees
Founding Year 2016 2012 2018 1982 2018
Pricing model Success-fee Not specified Not specified Not specified Not specified
Experience (Years) 8+ 10+ 5+ 40+ 5+
Clientele Global (startups and enterprises) Local and international (various industries) Global Global Mainly local
Additional Services Legal assistance, contract guidance Not specified Outsourcing, software development Not specified Technology services
Guarantee Period Yes (satisfaction guarantee) Not specified Not specified Not specified 2-month warranty period

Interesting to know

Istanbul map

Time zone overlap

Here are the time differences between Istanbul and a few other major cities.

Destination Time difference from Istanbul
Tel Aviv Same time as Istanbul
Zurich 1 hours behind Istanbul
New York 7 hours behind Istanbul
London 2 hours behind Istanbul
Berlin 1 hours behind Istanbul
San Francisco 10 hours behind Istanbul


Recommended employer of record (EoR) platform for hiring a Turkish developer

Using an employer of record (EoR) service is a strategic choice for companies looking to expand internationally while minimizing legal and administrative complexities. It helps ensure compliance with local regulations and simplifies managing payroll, taxes, and benefits for your employees.

If you are looking to hire a Turkish developer using an employer of record (EoR) platform, here are some options to consider:

It’s crucial to mention that the article’s top-pick agency DevsData LLC, also provides EoR services and handles employment regulations, payroll management, and business HR responsibilities. This enables companies to establish operations in Turkey without creating a distinct legal entity while ensuring compliance with local labor laws.

Transferring money to Turkey

To transfer money to Turkey, it is essential to use trustworthy international money transfer services. Consider using Wise (formerly TransferWise) or Payoneer for seamless payments and to facilitate your business’s global growth.

Top technical universities in Istanbul

Istanbul is home to several prestigious technical universities, including Istanbul University, Istanbul Technical University (ITU), and Bogazici University.

Istanbul University, one of the oldest universities in Turkey, is recognized for its comprehensive range of academic programs, particularly in technical and engineering disciplines.

Meanwhile, Istanbul Technical University stands out for its strong emphasis on engineering and applied sciences. It boasts a rich history dating back to 1773.

Lastly, Bogazici University is renowned as a leading research institution. It offers diverse technical programs and maintains a reputation for academic excellence and scholarly achievement. These universities are known for contributing to Istanbul’s technical and academic landscape and beyond.

Salary range for IT personnel in Istanbul

In Istanbul, the estimated salary range for IT personnel can vary depending on the specific role within the field. For instance, an IT Specialist in Istanbul could earn a monthly salary ranging from approximately $800 to $2,000 (approximately 10,400 TRY to 26,000 TRY), with an average salary of around $1,300 (approximately 16,900 TRY) per month.

On the other hand, Information Technology Staff in Istanbul typically receive salaries from $390 to $1,120 (approximately 5,100 TRY to 14,600 TRY), based on factors such as experience and skill level.

Position Average estimated salary (annually)
DevOps Specialist ~$48,000
Machine learning Specialist ~$42,000
iOS Developer ~$57,000

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Overall, salaries for IT personnel in Istanbul tend to be higher than those in Ankara. This is likely because Istanbul is Turkey’s largest city and commercial hub, with a larger concentration of businesses and opportunities for IT professionals.

For a broader perspective on the industry, check out our article on the top 7 IT recruitment agencies in Turkey.


The IT recruitment industry in Istanbul, Turkey, is vibrant and diverse, with numerous agencies offering valuable services to jobseekers and employers. The top 5 IT recruitment agencies in Istanbul have been identified based on their industry reputation, expertise, client satisfaction, and overall impact on the IT job market in the region.

By leveraging the services of these reputable agencies, businesses and professionals alike can benefit from their specialized knowledge and extensive networks within the IT sector.

Operating from a local branch in Istanbul, our top choice, DevsData LLC, is well-equipped to provide legal and tax advisory services in conjunction with business process outsourcing (BPO) solutions. They are renowned for their rigorous evaluation process for tech professionals, requiring candidates to undergo a challenging 90-minute interview with a software specialist and tackle complex problem-solving exercises.

DevsData LLC also offers a broad range of legal, tax, and HR advisory services for clients exploring local recruitment or business ventures in Turkey. Moreover, upon request, they offer BPO services tailored to the Turkish market.

Distinguished by their tailored approach, DevsData LLC designs their procedures to align with each client’s specific needs, bucking the trend of standardized methods often employed by larger corporations. This flexibility guarantees exceptional service quality, catering to both startups and large enterprises.

DevsData LLC Reviews 5.0 stars 37 reviews
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Despite its streamlined framework, the company boasts substantial experience working with corporate clientele and upholds unwavering service excellence through meticulous recruitment processes and a network of 65,000 developers. This vast network ensures access to top-tier talent customized to meet individual client specifications.

For further inquiries, contact them at [email protected] or visit their website at www.devsdata.com.

DevsData IT Recruitment Agency Istanbul
Büyükdere Cad. No: 193 Şişli,
34330 Istanbul, Turkey
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