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Top 7 IT Recruitment Agencies in the Czech Republic


The Czech Republic, also called Czechia, is known for its burgeoning tech industry and robust IT sector. Many companies are increasingly hiring remote developers in Czechia due to the country’s rich talent pool and lower salaries compared to the US and Western Europe.

These companies collaborate with specialized recruitment agencies to effectively navigate the local market.

Those IT staffing agencies specialize in sourcing skilled professionals for a wide range of IT roles, catering to the Czech Republic’s dynamic and ever-expanding tech landscape.

Czech Republic Prague street

From software developers to IT project managers, these agencies serve as pivotal pillars in facilitating the growth and success of the country’s tech sector. In this article, we will explore the top 7 IT recruitment agencies in the Czech Republic, shedding light on their contributions to the country’s thriving IT industry and their role in shaping the future of technology talent acquisition in the region.

As for the top 4 picks, we have the following companies:

  1. 1) DevsData LLC – Top Pick: Best overall
  2. 2) Cpl Czech Republic: Best for startups
  3. 3) Indago Recruitment: Best for executive search
  4. 4) Hays Czech Republic: Best for enterprise
  1. DevsData LLC – Top Pick: Best overall

    Company size: ~60 employees
    Website: www.devsdata.com
    Founding year: 2016
    Pricing model: Success fee

    DevsData LLC website screenshot

    DevsData LLC is a top technology recruitment firm based in Prague with around 60 employees. Having been founded in 2016, the company has built a solid reputation in the tech recruitment industry. It focuses on matching skilled professionals with job opportunities aligned with their expertise and career goals. The company also maintains a large database of over 65,000 IT specialists from Czechia.

    Operating on a smaller scale allows DevsData LLC to keep overhead costs low, enabling competitive pricing for clients while delivering high service standards and quality candidates. The company stands out for its ability to collaborate with global enterprises and startups from various countries, including the US, Poland, Israel, and Germany.

    DevsData LLC operates on a success fee-only pricing model, requiring payment only if the client is satisfied with the new recruit during a guaranteed period.

    Karim review

    There are no upfront fees to initiate the recruitment process. The company also has an official, government-approved license for recruitment services, which is not granted to any company, but only to those who are exceptional at their job.

    Client review on Clutch about DevsData

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    In addition to recruitment services, DevsData LLC offers legal assistance to businesses entering the Prague market, guiding them through contract establishment. Their recruitment process is highly rigorous, involving multiple stages of interviews, including a challenging 90-minute session with a seasoned software veteran and algorithmic problem-solving challenges.

    This ensures that the candidates they recommend to clients are exceptional ‘rockstars’ with outstanding communication skills and exceptional technical abilities.

    The company has been making headlines in prominent media outlets such as MarketWatch, USA Today, Bloomberg, and Yahoo for its innovative IT recruitment and technology consulting approach.

    It is also important to note that a part of their team is from the US, which ensures seamless communication and support for users across different time zones

    To contact the company, email [email protected] or visit their website at www.devsdata.com.

    DevsData IT Recruitment & Headhunting Agency Czechia
    Italska 2581/67,
    120 00 Vinohrady, Czech Republic
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  2. Cpl Czech Republic: Best for startups

    Company size: ~15 employees
    Founding year: 1989
    Website: https://www.cz.cpl.com/

    Top 7 Czech Republic CPL

    Cpl Czech Republic is a division of Cpl Resources Plc., a provider of recruitment, staffing, and HR outsourcing solutions throughout Europe. Cpl Resources Plc. is organized into ten companies, each offering specialist recruitment and HR solutions across various sectors.

    Cpl Czech Republic currently employs over 800 people across Europe and operates through a network of 36 offices in 12 countries, along with 3 independent Digital Sourcing Hubs in Dublin, Budapest, and Krakow. The company is focused on expanding and developing its presence in Europe and has established a strong portfolio of long-term clients.

    Cpl Czech Republic recruits across various industries and functions, including IT and telecommunications, property and construction, business services, multilingual and customer support, manufacturing and engineering, finance and accounting, HR, sales, marketing, as well as administration and office support.

  3. Indago Recruitment: Best for executive search

    Company size: ~10 employees
    Founding year: 2016
    Website: https://www.indagorecruit.com/

    Top 7 Czech Republic Indago

    Indago Recruitment is a pan-European recruitment and talent acquisition solutions provider serving clients across various sectors. Located strategically in Prague, the company supports startups looking to establish a foothold in the European market, established corporations, and individuals seeking new job opportunities.

    With over 15 years of experience and a strong presence across multiple sectors, Indago Recruitment understands the importance of delivering personalized solutions to meet its clients’ diverse needs. The company utilizes traditional sourcing methods, including advertising, networking, referrals, and modern digital techniques, such as leveraging social media and talent communities. This comprehensive approach enables Indago Recruitment to engage with active and passive jobseekers, ensuring an inclusive outreach strategy.

    The company is committed to providing a trustworthy and open process for all parties involved, ensuring that clients and candidates receive a positive and respectful experience throughout their engagement with the company.

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  4. Hays Czech Republic: Best for enterprise

    Company size: ~80 employees
    Founding year: 1998
    Website: https://www.hays.cz/en/

    Top 7 Czech Republic Hays

    Hays Czech Republic, a global Hays recruitment firm branch, opened its first office in Prague in 1998 and has since become an active player in the Czech recruitment market. With branches in Prague and Brno staffed by over 80 skilled consultants, Hays has extended its operations to other regions in the country. The company specializes in recruiting competent personnel for both permanent and temporary positions and offering IT Contracting services.

    Hays provides various recruitment solutions, such as standard database searches, direct search services, employee outplacement, and recruitment outsourcing.

    Hays is dedicated to establishing long-lasting partnerships, having forged and nurtured millions of relationships through their consultants. These relationships are fundamental to their business, enabling Hays to offer invaluable advice and insights. Their consultants deliver exceptional services and access to top talent, assisting organizations in confidently navigating the ever-changing realm of work.

  5. ITjobs: Best for regional IT market knowledge

    Company size: ~10 employees
    Founding year: 1996
    Website: http://www.itjobs.cz

    Top 7 Czech Republic IT jobs

    ITjobs s.r.o. is an established IT recruitment agency dedicated to sourcing a wide range of IT professionals. With over 25 years of tradition under the ITjobs brand, the agency prides itself on its services being highly appreciated by numerous renowned Czech and international companies.

    The agency actively recruits for various roles across different locations such as Brno, Prague, Ostrava, and Olomouc. These positions include SW Engineers and Analysts, SW Testers and QA Engineers, DB Admins, DWH/BI Specialists, Network/Systems Engineers, Cloud/DevOps/CI Engineers, IT Helpdesk Specialists, SAP Consultants, IT Managers, and Project Managers.

  6. Grafton: Best for global recruitment

    Company size: ~1200 employees
    Founding year: 1982
    Website: https://www.grafton.cz/cs

    Top 7 Czech Republic Grafton

    Grafton provides recruitment services, talent management, and HR solutions in 17 countries, with over 50 offices and a workforce of more than 600 employees. As a part of Gi Group, the company is structured into specialized divisions to gain expertise in each market segment.

    The company has offices in the Czech Republic, France, Brazil, Bulgaria, Germany, Hungary, Croatia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland and Turkey.

    The team at Grafton is dedicated to successfully delivering tailored solutions, collaborating to develop careers, and positively impacting the lives of candidates and clients who entrust the company with their needs and aspirations.

  7. GoodCall: Best for Central and Eastern Europe

    Company size: ~160 employees
    Founding year: 2014
    Website: http://www.goodcall.eu

    Top 7 Czech Republic Goodcall

    GoodCall for Talent is a modern recruitment company that assists companies by leveraging the latest talent acquisition strategies to help them gain a competitive edge through new trends. The company transforms these trends into strategic advantages, focusing on the recruitment market in Central and Eastern Europe.

    GoodCall is built on three key pillars: the Recruitment Academy, which trains and develops talent sourcers and recruiters; the Virtual Talent Sourcing Centre (VTS 24/7), which sources talent and manages external talent pools; and Recruitment Technology, which optimizes the use of ATS, mobile, and social platforms. GoodCall’s approach emphasizes speed and quality of delivery, strong customer relationships, and innovative talent-sourcing products, helping companies navigate the evolving landscape of talent acquisition.

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Interesting to know

Salary range for IT personnel in the Czech Republic

The salary range for IT personnel in the Czech Republic varies based on their roles, experience, and location.

Seniority Monthly salary (CZK) Monthly salary (USD)
Entry-level IT specialists ~CZK 30,000 – 50,000 ~USD 1,300 – 2,200
Mid-level IT specialists ~CZK 50,000 – 80,000 ~USD 2,200 – 3,500
Senior IT specialists ~CZK 80,000 – 150,000+ ~USD 3,500 – 6,500+

What payment methods are available for compensating workers in the Czech Republic, and which employer of record (EoR) is best suited for this purpose?

Utilizing an employer of record is a practical approach to ensuring adherence to local regulations when compensating contractors in the Czech Republic. Several EoR companies, such as Deel, Remote, Plane, Oyster HR, can facilitate legal payment processes and provide guidance on employment laws in the country.

Exploring international transfer options like Payoneer and Wise could also benefit seamless transactions.

Top technical universities in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is well-known for its rich educational heritage, especially in technical disciplines, with the backing of several distinguished universities. Prominent individuals in the academic realm include Jaroslav Heyrovský, a Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry associated with Charles University in Prague, and František Běhounek, a physicist celebrated for his advancements in radiology.

One of the leading technical institutions is the Czech Technical University in Prague (CTU), established in 1707 and with an enrollment of over 22,000 students. CTU is renowned for its wide array of engineering and technical courses and substantial research achievements in fields like robotics, civil engineering, and electrical engineering.

The Brno University of Technology, situated in Brno, caters to approximately 21,000 students and is recognized for its significant focus on research. BUT provides programs in various fields, including mechanical engineering, architecture, and information technology, actively contributing to technological advancements in the area.

The Technical University of Ostrava specializes in mining, metallurgy, and materials science and serves around 18,000 students. The university is renowned for its practical research and close partnerships with industry collaborators, promoting innovations in mining technology and environmental engineering.

How to call the Czech Republic from the US?

To place a direct call to the Czech Republic from the United States, follow the international dialing format outlined below. This format applies whether you call a mobile or landline number in the Czech Republic.

011–420 – area code – land phone number

011–420–9-digit mobile number

Additionally, you can use famous calling apps, including Skype, WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber.

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Time zone in the Czech Republic

When making a call to the Czech Republic from the United States, it’s important to be mindful of the time difference to ensure that you are calling during an appropriate hour.

The Czech Republic follows Central European Time (CET), which is UTC+1 and observes daylight saving time from late March to late October, switching to Central European Summer Time (CEST), UTC+2, during this period.

For example, when it’s 12:00 PM (noon) in New York, it’s 6:00 PM in Prague. When it’s 12:00 PM (noon) in Los Angeles, it’s 9:00 PM in Prague.

Verify the current local times in both places to accurately determine the optimal time to place your international call to the Czech Republic from the United States.

Timebuddy Prague timezone

Final thoughts

As the demand for IT professionals continues to rise and technological advancements reshape the business landscape, the role of IT recruitment agencies in the Czech Republic will become increasingly vital in bridging the gap between talent supply and industry demand. The suggested recruitment agencies have established themselves as trusted partners for jobseekers and IT employers.

DevsData LLC, with a local office in Prague, is a preferred option due to its legal and tax advisory services, business process outsourcing (BPO) services, and reputation for conducting thorough interviews to recruit top tech talent.

DevsData LLC customizes its processes to suit each client’s needs rather than using a one-size-fits-all approach common in larger firms. This flexibility guarantees exceptional service for startups or large corporations. Despite being smaller, the company has substantial experience working with corporate clients.

The company upholds consistent or superior service standards through a rigorous recruitment process and a network of 65,000 developers, ensuring access to top-tier talent tailored to individual client requirements. Additionally, the company boasts a diverse and highly skilled team from the US, offering a comprehensive understanding of global market requirements.

Also, it’s worth noting that the company has a 5/5 high satisfaction rate on Clutch.

For more information, please contact them at [email protected] or visit their website at www.devsdata.com.

DevsData IT Recruitment & Headhunting Agency Czechia
Italska 2581/67,
120 00 Vinohrady, Czech Republic
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