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As a UX/UI Designer, I fuse psychological insights and storytelling with UX methodology to craft intuitive, impactful, and engaging user experiences. My current role as a UX Researcher Designer at Thales' Learning & Innovation Team in Velizy, France, involves orchestrating initiatives to enhance user experiences for Thales employees globally. I developed the "Learning Data Portal" to streamline data accessibility and led a complete overhaul of the 'uLearn' learning platform, significantly improving functionality and user engagement. Additionally, I contributed to the 'Studio' project by establishing quality standards in digital content creation through targeted user interviews. Previously, I worked as a UX/UI Designer at The Bridge in Levallois, France, where I collaborated on three major projects, employing agile methodologies in fast-paced sprints. My freelance experience includes projects like the Tea Team Project, where I improved the tea-drinking experience for Iranian users, and the Lily Flower Project, where I optimized an app's user interface for a smoother purchasing journey. With a strong educational background, including a Master’s in Multimedia Project Management (UX/UI) from The Bridge and various certifications from Udemy and Google, I am proficient in multiple languages and possess advanced technical skills in tools such as Figma, HTML/CSS, and Adobe XD. My diverse background also includes a tenure as a researcher at the University of Sorbonne and University of Tabriz, as well as hosting a culturally focused live French-language program on Iranian television.

Tech Stack

UX, CSS, Figma, HTML, JavaScript, WordPress


  • Leading efforts to improve the user experience for Thales employees globally.
  • Creating a unified platform to guide employees to appropriate dashboards and reports, streamlining data accessibility.
  • Leading the complete redesign of the learning platform to enhance functionality and user engagement.
  • Working on projects like the LinkedIn, Refille, and Power Village Projects, employing agile methodologies in fast-paced sprints.
  • Conducting targeted user interviews and advanced UX research to establish quality standards in digital content creation.
  • Improving the user interface for projects like the Lily Flower Project to ensure a smoother and more enjoyable purchasing journey.
  • Focusing on innovative UX strategies and concepts for various projects to enhance user engagement and experience.

Employment history

UX Researcher Designer, Thales May 2023 - Present

• Orchestrated Initiatives To Enhance The User Experience For Thales Employees In Paris And Internationally.
• Developed The “Learning Data Portal,” A Unified Platform Guiding Employees ToTheAppropriate Dashboards And Reports,Streamlining Data Accessibility.
• LedThe Complete Overhaul Of The ‘uLearn’ Learning Platform, Enhancing Functionality And User Engagement.
• Contributed To The ‘Studio’ Project. Establishing Quality Standards In Digital Content Creation Through Targeted UserInterviews.

UX/UI Designer, The Bridge May 2023 - Present

• Collaborated OnThree Major Projects,Employing Agile Methodologies In Fast-Paced Sprints.
• LinkedIn Project: Functioned As A UI Designer, Adding A New Feature To The Existing Platform.
• Refille Project: Acted As A UX Researcher To Explore How To Democratize Bulk Beer Consumption As An Anti-Waste Initiative.
• Power Village Project: Contributed As A UX Concept Developer, Focusing On Innovative UX Strategies.

Freelance UX/UI, September 2021 - December 2022

• Tea Team Project: Executed UX Research To Improve The TeaDrinking Experience Of Iranian Users And Promote Diverse Tea Choices.
• Lily Flower Project:AsAUX Designer, Optimized The App’s User Interface To Ensure ASmoother And More Enjoyable Purchasing Journey.

Researcher, University Of Sorbonne / University Of Tabriz January 2015 - January 2022

• Dedicated To Writing A Thesis On The Psychological Study Of The Contemporary Postmodern Individual, Gaining Deep Insights Into Cognitive Processes And User Behavior.
• Employed Advanced Psychological Research Methods, Demonstrating A Keen Ability To Analyze And Understand Human Thought Patterns And Motivations
• Presented Findings At Various Academic Conferences, Contributing To The Field Of ModernPsychological Studies

TV Show Host, Iranian Television January 2010 - January 2015

• Hosted A Variety Of Artists And Researchers On A Culturally Focused Live Show.
• Conducted Interviews With Numerous High-Profile Personalities.
• Twice Voted As ‘Best Host Of TheYear’ ByViewers, Acknowledging Engaging Presentation And Interviewing Skills.

Education history

The Bridge 2023-2024. Master 2 Of Multimedia Project Management
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