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As a seasoned Microsoft Power Apps Developer, I bring over 13 years of experience in web development and more than a decade in .NET, with a strong background in Computer Science and Telecommunications Engineering. In my current role as a Senior Lead Developer at Constructive.io, I lead the development team in Serbia, design the solution architecture, develop new features, manage CI/CD processes, and plan future enhancements. My technical expertise includes .NET Core, React, SQL, Azure, and Microsoft 365, enabling me to deliver robust and scalable solutions. Previously, at Xogito, I supported and developed new features for startup products using .NET Core, Microsoft 365, SQL, Azure, and Power Platform. As an independent SharePoint Consultant with Itekako, I managed various enterprise projects leveraging .NET Core, Microsoft 365, Angular, React, and Power Platform. My educational background from the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, coupled with certifications as an Azure Developer and Microsoft Certified Professional, underscores my technical proficiency. Fluent in English at a C1 level, I am well-equipped to handle complex projects and lead teams to success.

Tech Stack

Microsoft Power Platform, .NET, Azure, Microsoft 365, React, SQL, Web Development


  • Setting up and leading the development team: Establishing and managing a development team in Serbia.
  • Setting up architecture of solution: Designing and implementing the architecture for projects.
  • Developing new features: Continuously enhancing applications with new functionalities.
  • Managing CI/CD: Overseeing continuous integration and continuous deployment processes.
  • Planning new features: Strategizing and planning for future enhancements and updates.
  • Support and development of new features: Providing support and developing new features for startup products.
  • Independent consulting for enterprise clients: Managing and executing various projects as an independent consultant.

Employment history

Senior (Lead) Developer, Constructive.io Februar y 2020 - Present

• Leading the Development Team: I am responsible for setting up and managing the development team in Serbia. This includes recruiting team members, providing mentorship, and ensuring that the team works collaboratively to meet project goals.
• Architecting Solutions: I design and implement the architecture for our projects, ensuring that they are scalable, efficient, and meet the needs of our clients. This involves selecting appropriate technologies and frameworks, and creating a cohesive plan that integrates all components of the system.
• Managing CI/CD Processes: I oversee the continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) processes, ensuring that our development pipeline is streamlined and efficient. This involves setting up automated testing, deployment scripts, and monitoring systems to ensure smooth and reliable releases.
• Strategizing and Planning New Features: I collaborate with stakeholders to plan and prioritize new features for our projects. This involves gathering requirements, defining project scope, creating roadmaps, and estimating timelines. I ensure that our development efforts align with business goals and deliver value to our clients.

Tech Stack: .NET Core, React, SQL, Azure, Microsoft 365

.NET Developer, Xogito Sept. 2019 – March 2020

• Developing and Implementing New Features: I was responsible for designing, coding, and implementing new features for startup products. This involved understanding client requirements, writing efficient and maintainable code, and ensuring seamless integration with existing systems using .NET Core, Microsoft 365, SQL, and Azure.
• Providing Technical Support: I offered technical support for existing applications, troubleshooting issues, and performing bug fixes. This required a deep understanding of the product architecture and the ability to quickly diagnose and resolve technical problems to maintain smooth operation and user satisfaction.
• Collaborating with Cross-Functional Teams: I worked closely with other developers, designers, and product managers to ensure that new features met business requirements and were delivered on time. This involved regular communication, code reviews, and collaborative problem-solving to ensure high-quality outcomes.
• Optimizing Performance and Scalability: I focused on optimizing the performance and scalability of applications by implementing best practices in coding, database management, and system design. This included refactoring code, optimizing SQL queries, and leveraging Azure services to improve the efficiency and scalability of our solutions.

Tech Stack: .NET Core , Microsoft 365, SQL, Azure, Power Platform

SharePoint Consultant, Itekako August 2019 - August 2020

• Custom SharePoint Solutions Development: I designed and developed custom SharePoint solutions tailored to the specific needs of enterprise clients. This involved creating web parts, workflows, and integrating SharePoint with other enterprise systems using .NET Core, Microsoft 365, and Power Platform.
• Client Consultation and Requirements Gathering: I worked closely with clients to understand their business processes and requirements. This included conducting needs assessments, gathering detailed specifications, and translating these into technical solutions that enhance productivity and collaboration within their organizations.
• System Configuration and Administration: I was responsible for configuring and administering SharePoint environments, ensuring optimal performance, security, and compliance with best practices. This included managing site collections, permissions, content types, and workflows to meet the client’s operational needs.
• Training and Support: I provided training and ongoing support to clients and their staff, ensuring they were proficient in using SharePoint solutions. This included creating user guides, conducting training sessions, and offering technical support to address any issues or questions that arose during the use of the implemented solutions.

Tech Stack: .NET Core, Microsoft 365, Angular, React, Power Platform

Education history

School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Applied Studies, Computer Science and Telecommunications Engineering
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