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Experienced software engineer with a strong background in developing custom network applications and infrastructure solutions. Currently focused on creating tailored systems, specializing in containerization and optimization of build processes. Experienced in the development of groundbreaking solutions such as real-time invoice management applications and advanced retail analytics robots. Proficient across a wide spectrum of technologies including C/C++, JavaScript, Python, and various PHP frameworks. Recognized for delivering robust solutions and enhancing system performance, I excel in dynamic environments where innovation and problem-solving skills are paramount.

Tech Stack

MERN, Angular, C, C#, C++, Java, JavaScript, MongoDB, MySQL, PHP, Python, Typescript


  • Developing custom network applications for Keysight's clients, specializing in setting up containers and infrastructures for build processes.
  • Developed real-time invoice management app for mobile and web platforms, featuring automated data extraction from invoice photos.
  • Designed and implemented a robotic solution for Carrefour, facilitating price verification and shelf management using depth perception cameras and ML models.
  • Engineered a Building Management System (BMS) for Hermanns Hotel in Sibiu and an office building in Bucharest, enabling centralized control of various utilities.

Employment history

Software Engineer, Keysight September 2021 – since

-Spearheading the development of bespoke network applications tailored to Keysight’s clientele.
-Specializing in the establishment of containerized environments and infrastructures to streamline build processes and enhance efficiency.
-Leveraging a robust tech stack including:
-Proficient utilization of C and C++ for core application development.
-Implementation of container technologies such as Lxc to ensure scalable and portable deployment environments.
-Harnessing the power of JavaScript frameworks, including Vanilla JavaScript and Angular, to deliver dynamic and interactive user experiences.

Software Engineer, HBFS Robotics September 2020 – since

-Together with some friends from university we started building custom solutions for different specific problems.
-We created an invoice real time management app (mobile and web) that automatically extracts relevant data from the photo of an invoice and then starts a specific business flow for that information.
-We designed a robot for carrefour that walks around the shelfs and scans the barcodes in order to check if there is a price mismatch, in which case it prints the correct label on the spot (this is really helpful for short term promotions especially). We also added depth perception cameras and custom trained ML models in order to provide some analytics data (what is bought, when, from which specific shop etc.). The robot can also send alerts to the warehouse when it finds an empty shelf (you need the merchandise to be exposed on the shelf, an empty shelf and a full warehouse is the worst possible combination).
-We implemented a BMS (Building Management System) for a hotel from Sibiu (Her-manns – this one is still under construction, but our solution was already delivered and installed there) and an office building from Bucharest. Our solution enables the control of lights, thermostats, room access etc. through a tablet that is installed in the wall.
-We also designed a custom telephone exchange using a raspberry with a module from qmi sixfab in order to enable phone calls from the tablet.

Used technologies:
–Python (Vanilla, Flask, PyTorch, NumPy)
–MongoDB (Mongoose)
–PHP (Laravel)
–JavaScript (Vanilla, Node, VueJs, ReactJs, React Native)
–Git (github, bitbucket)

Software Engineer, Engie September 2019 – September 2020

-Rejoined as a middle-level developer, primarily focusing on refining and enhancing previously developed projects.
-Specialized in providing the final polish to projects, optimizing existing applications for improved performance and readability.
-Successfully implemented Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to enable the scanning of client ID cards and automatic extraction of relevant data.

Utilized a diverse range of technologies including:
-C# for backend development and system integration.
-Python, particularly with OpenCV library, for image processing tasks and OCR implementation.
-PHP frameworks such as Vanilla, Laravel, and CodeIgniter for backend development and web application management.
-JavaScript frameworks including Vanilla JavaScript, VueJs, and ExtJs for frontend development and interactivity enhancement.
-Managed databases using MySQL for efficient data storage and retrieval.
-Version control systems SVN and Git (GitLab) to ensure collaboration and code management.
-Collaborated on project management and tracking using Jira.

Software Engineer, Encoded Technologies SRL April 2019 – July 2019

-Engaged in a short-term project focused on optimizing the performance of an existing application.
-Took on the primary responsibility of enhancing the efficiency and speed of the application to meet performance goals.

Leveraged a comprehensive set of technologies including:
-PHP, both Vanilla PHP and Symfony framework, for backend development and server-side logic.
-JavaScript, employing Vanilla JS, jQuery, and ReactJs for frontend development and dynamic user interactions.
-Managed data storage and retrieval using both relational (MySQL) and NoSQL (MongoDB) databases to accommodate various data structures and requirements.
-Implemented ElasticSearch for advanced search functionalities and efficient data indexing.
-Utilized Redis for caching and improving application response times.
-Employed Git version control system with repositories hosted on GitHub and Bitbucket for efficient code management and collaboration.
-Utilized Jira for project management and tracking to ensure project milestones and objectives were met.

Web Software Engineer, Engie December 2017 – February 2019

-Embarked on my first full-time role, where I embraced increasing responsibilities and a steep learning curve.
-Actively pursued learning and applying a wide array of languages and technologies to gain a comprehensive understanding of their strengths and applicability.
-Led the architecture, design, and implementation of the central authentication server, ensuring robust security and seamless user access across multiple systems.
-Spearheaded the optimization efforts for aging databases plagued by scalability challenges, addressing storage concerns and improving overall performance.
-Embraced the use of frameworks such as Laravel, CodeIgniter, VueJs, and ExtJs to streamline development processes and foster clean, maintainable codebases, essential for collaborative team projects.
-Contributed to various high-impact projects including Engie, Distrigaz, and the Clients Portal, demonstrating versatility and adaptability across different domains.
-Engaged in the development of internal applications such as a custom CRM system with advanced features like invoice and payment management, and a sophisticated gas metering solution for factories, equipped with emergency alarm functionalities and automated consumption reporting.

Utilized a diverse set of technologies including:
-PHP for backend development, utilizing Vanilla PHP, Laravel, and CodeIgniter frameworks.
-JavaScript for frontend and backend development, employing Vanilla JS, Node.js, jQuery, VueJs, and ExtJs frameworks.
-Managed databases using MySQL for efficient data storage and retrieval.
-Version control using SVN.
-Project management and tracking through Jira, ensuring alignment with project goals and milestones.

Web Developer, Hype Media Systems October 2016 – August 2017

-My first job, where ive mostly written opencart plugins in PHP for online shops.
-I learned the basics in matter of networking, design patterns, server management..
-Some projects that i have worked on: Popupshop; Purple Flowers; Cuptorul cu lemne

Used technologies:
–PHP (Vanilla, Laravel, Opencart)
–JavaScript (Vanilla, jQuery, VueJs)

Education history

Faculty of Computer Science, Polytechnic University of Bucharest 2017 – 2021 Bachelors Degree
Systems Engineering and Industrial Programming applications
-I’ve had a lot of engineering courses, both theoretical (lots of maths and physics), but also practical (programming, electronics).
-I’ve specialized in C++ and designing complex process regulators.
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