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I have been working as an independent developer, consultant, contractor and freelancer since 2005, and I was working as a developer even during my studies (2002 - 2007). After finishing my education, I was working with various clients as a frontend/backend developer, team leader, technical consultant, manager and CTO. I was also a co-founder of three startup companies (two software houses, one IoT/automation). While at first I was focused mostly on the PHP and PHP ecosystem, around 2014 I started working also with other languages, mostly Javascript based (both frontend and backend), mobile (Objective-C, Swift, Cordova, Titanium, NativeScript, Flutter). Since 2017 I have focused on cloud based technologies (AWS, Azure, GCP, but also Salesforce Development for a short period on IBM Cloud) and IoT. I was working not only on web projects, but also on projects integrating custom made hardware with software. In 2009 and 2015 I also published books about Symfony Framework.

Tech Stack

JavaScript, Amazon S3, DynamoDB, Elasticsearch, Google Cloud Storage, Python

Employment history

Senior Cloud Developer, Devops engineer, Associate Manager, Accenture 8/2017- Present Up to 2020, my main responsibility was to develop one of the largest projects in the company. Project goal was to create a platform which handles multi-cloud infrastructure inventory, including cost calculation and optimization and security scan of existing infrastructure and implying security policy. Technologies I was working with: Node v8/v10, Flow, Python 2.7/3.6+, AWS Lambda, AWS Gateway, S3, DynamoDB, Elasticsearch, AWS Fargate, AWS SNS, AWS IAM, GCP IAM, Azure RBAC and AD. In 2020 I started working with a research group focused on integrating various enterprise-grade tools into the multi-cloud client ecosystem. That includes work on investigation tools main features, finding ways to protect created environments and integrating tools with client offering. Technologies I was working with: Node v10, Flow, AWS Lambda, AWS Gateway, S3, DynamoDB, Terraform, AWS Fargate,AWS EC2, Azure Instances, GCP Instances, GCP Kubernetes Clusters, VMWare VSphere (with Terraform), enterprise solutions for Kubernetes
Backend Developer, Devops Engineer. Solution Architect, Roche / Genentech 2/2016 to 1/2021 Gene presenting application - As a main backend developer and architect, I was working on an SPA application responsible for presenting gene data in a way helpful for researchers. Application is very mature and developed for over 5 years now. During that time, I was asked for an opinion on how to improve its performance, improve functionalities and adapt to more modern technologies. Main technologies used for this project: Node.js (v4 - v12), MongoDB, Oracle, Postgresql, SQlite, AngularJS (v1.5), React, Elasticsearch, ExpressJS, Typescript Data search platform - I was responsible for designing, developing and supporting a platform dedicated to search gene data and metadata which was collected from many different data sources (flat files, databases, external REST services). Key role was to design a very performant system on indexing and exposing such data for other application owners. Project evolved from an on-premise environment to a cloud environment duplicated in multiple regions to increase access performance. Technologies included: Node.js (v10, v12), AWS Lambda, S3, Oracle, MongoDB, ExpressJS, NestJS, oauth/jwt handlers, Gitlab (CI/CD), Terraform Development on Arvados Platform - Arvados is an open source platform for managing, processing and sharing large scientific and biomedical data. My responsibility was to design multiple complex workflows to calculate and retrieve biomedical data using on-premise clusters, parallel algorithms. Technologies used: Arvados Platform, CWL, Python, Docker, Bash, multiple scientific tools (commercial and non-commercial) MacOS USB Monitoring security tools - my responsibility was to create a macOS daemon tool responsible for monitoring and logging activity related to connecting external USB devices. Software was responsible also for communicating to users any limitations which has been applied (i.e. mounting external devices as read only), as well as allowing company administrators to implement exception policies. Tool was integrated with JAMF policies and macOS notification system, to work in the most efficient way.
Technologies used: Swift

Education history

Master of Science, specialisation Computer Systems, Silesian University of Technology 2002 - 2007
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