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Hard working and dedicated software architect and team leader with over 14 years of experience. Always eager to step up and take ownership of the product, explore new paths that ease development and increase correctness of the released software. Quick learner. Passionate about DDD, functional programming, types, and tests.

Tech Stack

Java, .NET, C#, JavaScript, MongoDB, Node, PHP, Python, Symfony


  • Proven in leading teams, overseeing priorities, keeping deadlines and pair programming. Research in non-technical aspects of team building and growth.
  • ProRicient in applying Domain Driven Design, applying layered architecture both to business and dataoriented applications. Test and Type Driven Development. Designing and maintaining fault tolerant systems. Data Lake and Data First system for enabling discovery and development of new ML models (forecasting, estimations, market classiRication)
  • Productioninzing ML oriented applications with Spark and Python. Continuous validation, model versioning, rollouts, and more. Experience in coordination of Data Science work for project from business and technical side. End to end ownership of Azure based infrastructure.
  • Experienced in developing data processing and data gathering applications using actor model and functional programming.

Employment history

Senior Software Architect and Team Leader, Magnify Logistics March 2022 — Present Modeled next generation relay system for FTL solutions, Tackled legacy system problems and integration with SalesForce, On daily basis led and architected solutions with a team of 7 developers, Technologies: DDD, C#, K8S, Mobile, Leadership.
Senior System Architect and Team Leader, Aterian Inc 2015 — 2022 I was responsible for running daily operations, planning, budgets, hiring, for NASDAQ listed company. I took over the research department and optimized all cost and data processing and gathering pipelines with F#, Python and Spark. Introduced functional programming to whole company while taking care of problems with data mining processes, designed Data Lake structure and for ML forecasting usage by data science team, worked closely with Data Science team to integrate models into daily processing pipelines, improved quality of software developed and shared knowledge across multiple teams, managed CI and CD using Azure Devops and E2E infrastructure and security using Terraform on Azure, coordinated architecture, planning, sprints, for a team of several people.
Self-employed, Brilliante 2010 — Present I leveraged my self-employment experience to seamlessly blend innovative technologies, including C#, F# and Asp.net Core for robust web applications, while harnessing Symfony and Typescript for elegant front-end experiences. I employed Akka.net for building responsive, concurrent systems and harnessed cloud prowess with AWS and Azure. My skill in Ansible ensured efficient deployment, while DDD principles fostered clean architecture. Node.js expertise added versatility, rounding off a comprehensive tech toolkit that consistently delivered impactful solutions.
Migration Consultant, Esky Sp.z o.o 2015 As a migration consultant I participated in architecture design and migration plan for one of the biggest flight search websites in Europe using technologies like PHP and Symfony2.
Senior Software Architect, Leguide Group 2013 — 2015 In this role I developed frontend-based solutions around SOA applications. Participated in software architecture development across multiple teams (frontend, backend, search, recommendation) using technologies like: C#, ASP.NET and Mono.
Technical Lead, Plumwillow Inc 2012 — 2013 As a Technical Lead, I successfully orchestrated the development and upkeep of a sophisticated fashion website, employing Symfony2, MongoDB, and Redis for seamless user experiences. I spearheaded the complete automation of our infrastructure on AWS using Chef, optimizing scalability and efficiency. Additionally, I led the enhancement of a Node.JS-based feed processing application, streamlining data management. My proficiency spans PHP, Symfony2, Node.JS, MongoDb, and AWS, enabling me to drive innovation and operational excellence within complex technical environments.
Senior Software Developer, Redvertisement GMBH 2011 — 2012 As a Senior Software Developer I got a strong background by working with prominent advertising systems, notably Germany's Adaos, and collaborating on the mobilesuite.de coworking service.
Software Developer, Creativestyle GMBH 2006 — 2010 I was responsible for leading development of multiple projects, developing work tracking tool with dedicated desktop application, working across multiple various projects like price comparisons, social websites, invoicing, virtual money and payment systems using technologies like PHP and JavaScript.
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