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Go Developer with 14 years of professional hands-on experience and proficient in Perl, Python, Go Lang, Scala, Java and C++. He worked as CTO while establishing a startup for US clients in Manila. He was responsible for the technical part of the project including DevOps. His duties were choosing tools, backend development, project management, and recruitment.

Tech Stack

Go Lang, C++, Java, Python, Scala


  • Worked on FX brokerage at Credit Suisse (Singapore), Data Platform used for risk analysis and algo trading at Morgan Stanley (Shanghai), FX trading platform at HSBC (Hong Kong), Crypto trading platform (Confidential).
  • Experienced in managing teams 20 people at a time.
  • Worked directly with a board of members, advising CTO on the technology stack, communicating with CTO and CEO.
  • Strong international experience - worked for companies from UK, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Norway, and the Philippines
  • Experienced in mixing and matching different technologies and paradigms, very strong algorithmic skills, and open source contribution
  • Experienced in building from scratch - he built a backend stack for the largest clothes retailer in Northern Europe, unified order handling process for 13 brands, reduced complexity of integrations, created resilient architecture with disaster recovery plans.

Employment history

Architect, Y42 August 2021 — July 2022

My responsibilities included leading infrastructure team – implementing development standards and CI/CD workflows, migrating infrastructure to Terraform, design and implementation of a high performance access control system using technologies like Kubernetes, Go, Postgres, Pub/Sub and Terraform.

Engineering Lead / Architect, Rain September 2020 — July 2021

I was responsible for hiring and setting up development and distributed systems standards., architecture and implementation of Crypto Trading Platform, designing event sourcing architecture and migration path from monolithic system to microservices hosted on Kubernetes using technologies like Kubernetes, Go, Postgres, Redis and NATS.

Engineering Lead / CTO Group, Pioner Labs November 2018 — September 2020

As a Go Developer, I led technical architecture initiatives, establish standards, and oversee distributed systems development. Leveraging Kubernetes, Go, Postgres, Redis, NATS, GRPC, and OpenAPI, I was actively engaged in modernizing the existing technology stack. Additionally, I played a pivotal role in the planning and execution of a robust order management system and consumer authentication stack, contributing to seamless and efficient operations within the retail ecosystem. My responsibilities extended to hiring top talent and ensuring the team adheres to best practices, resulting in enhanced system reliability and performance.

Tech Lead, C&C Technology August 2017 — November 2018

As a Tech Lead, I spearheaded the presales and development of highly available IoT products within a Kubernetes ecosystem, leveraging a tech stack including Kubernetes, Docker, Go, Java, Postgres, Redis, ETCD, and GRPC. I introduced 12 factor app methodology and Docker best practices, enabling seamless continuous deployment of backend services. I led the creation of a robust RBAC JWT authentication service, implementing OAuth protocol to ensure secure and scalable API lifecycle management. My role encompassed a blend of technical leadership, innovative architecture, and cross-functional collaboration.

Senior Consultant, HSBC Global Markets Decembr 2016 — June 2017

As a Senior Consultant, I led the design and implementation of robust solutions for credit checking and trade duplication detection within FX Trading Applications. Leveraging my expertise in Java, PostgreSQL, ETCD, and Kerberos, I ensured seamless microservice authentication, authorization, and integration. I drove the establishment of a cutting-edge continuous deployment and testing infrastructure, optimizing efficiency and reliability across the system. My role encompassed end-to-end project management, technical leadership, and strategic guidance to achieve high-performance and secure FX trading operations.

CTO, AOK Life Ltd February 2016 — December 2016

My responsibilities included kickstarting technical side of project including DevOps, choice of tools, backend development, project management, hiring and procurement. I Created MVP with mobile app and backend leveraging spatial search and built-in messenger among other features with technologies like Go, GRPC, PostgreSQL, React Native, Redux and Docker.

IT Associate, Morgan Stanley June 2014 — December 2015

As an IT Associate I was responsible for API Design and implementation of Role-based security system for graph database, implementing AST and transformations for defining resource access. I Deployed in live system managing trading data with backwards-compatibility and extensive integration and unit testing working with technologies like Scala and MongoDB.

Lead Developer, SAP February 2013 — June 2014

As an accomplished Lead Developer specialized in Python and Java, adept at leveraging ZMQ, Protobuf, and Kilim technologies, my role encompassed architecting and developing a cutting-edge location-based product for the maritime sector, employing innovative coroutines for efficient stateful data processing. I led the backend development for a citizen services application, utilizing Protobuf to model extensive graphs with minimal memory footprint, ensuring optimal system performance and seamless user experiences.

Senior C++ Developer(Contract), Credit Suisse April 2012 — January 2013

I was responsible for exchange connectivity development, custom development of ultra low latency broker system for Asian Exchanges, introducing TDD methodologies, stream processing, lockless data structures, high performance allocators and profiling in a team using technologies like C++, STL, Boost and Perl.

C++ Developer(Contract), Youview TV March 2011 — November 2011

As a C++ DEveloper I was responsible for ownership of HTTP Cache and AV I/O APIs in Device Architecture Team. I Created tool for automatically generating mocks of APIs using technologies like C++, Python, STL and Boost.

Senior C++ Developer, Tieto March 2010 — March 2011

As a Senior C++ Developer, I leveraged my expertise in C++, Python, STL, Boost, and gevent to lead the design and development of complex systems. My responsibilities included spearheading the creation of a mobile network base station simulator, crafting a robust C++ socket handling and message dispatching core, and providing higher-level Python libraries for creating simulation scenarios and test cases.

C++ Developer, Nokia Siemens Networks August 2009 — March 2010

My responsibilities included maintenance of TL1 protocol implementation for MAN/WAN fiber network routers Gigaset Communications using technologies like C++, Bison and Flex.

C++ Developer, Gigaset Communications December 2007 — July 2009

As a C++ Developer I was responsible for development of TR69 server for home broadband router. I Created extensions to Selenium to ease development of UI test cases for interns using technologies like C++, Python, UPnP and Selenium.

Education history

Diploma in Computer Networks and Systems, Tadeusz Kosciuszko Memorial College 2000 - 2005 During my Bachelor of Computer Engineering program, I gained a solid foundation in computer science principles and engineering practices. Through coursework and hands-on projects, I developed proficiency in programming languages, software development, hardware design, and system analysis. This program equipped me with a deep understanding of the interplay between software and hardware components, enabling me to approach technical challenges with a holistic perspective.
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