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I am a programmer with 10 years of professional experience. I have had an opportunity to work for the leading financial institutions developing tools for investment banking and risk management. I worked with a broad spectrum of technologies although the most experience I gained in the .NET framework. I can work proficiently with Windows, macOS and Unix operating systems. I have experience also in dev ops and gathering business requirements form users. Moreover I have ability to solve non standard problems thinking out of the box. I am looking for a job providing challenging tasks that will help me to develop my skills.

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AI/ML Engineer, Blockhunters 2020/02-Now Design and development of a symbolic virtual machine for automated software verification. At Blockhunters we develop tools that enable high quality unit and regression tests to be automaticaly generated from raw source code. Our goal is to save programmers' and testers' time, which in turn, leads to increased employee productivity and lower costs related to software testing. Tests are generated by analysing program execution paths with a symbolic virtual machine, which is able to find corner cases and obvious errors, and then report them to developers. Thanks to WebAssembly our tool supports most of the popular programming languages and environments. This approach saves a significant amount of the time which would be needed to implement it in different environments
Quant Developer, Margo 2017/08 - 2019/08 Working on market risk management systems for the biggest
European investment bank as a software developer and
quantitative analyst.
My responsibilities:
developing tools for time series generation and
analysis in .NET and Python
writing libraries reused by quants in several projects
implementing risk management systems
requirements due to FRTB regulations
helping model developers with programming and
software deployment
setting up of continuous integration and continuous
deployment solution with TeamCity
calculating periods of stressed VaR with graphical
user interface in Python
creating tools for regression tests and code coverage
ran after each CI build
refactoring software to unit testable architecture
performance optimization and code refactoring
designing and implementing algorithms and data
structures for the best performance
advisory in software architecture and development
enforcing polices to increase code quality like
mandatory code reviews
conducting technical interviews of candidates
Software Developer, Onwelo 2016/04 - 2017/05 Developing systems for banking, insurance and telecom
industries in various technologies.
My responsibilities:
creating plugins for client's apps in .NET and WPF
preparing proof of concept and evaluation of
transactional system for a big corporate bank
creating mobile apps for iOS and Android in Cocoa
and Xamarin
creating web user interfaces in HTML 5 and CSS
managing virtualized environment in Hyper-V and
designed and coded internal application for testing
candidates in purely functional language Elm
developing of tools for business process automation
performance optimization and code refactoring
preparing presentations and proof of concepts for
designing relational databases with object-relational
creating REST services in Swagger and OpenAPI
integrating various client systems with web services
loading and migrating data between clients' systems
preparing offers for clients and gathering their
Programmer, Deloitte 2015/02 - 2016/04 Development of credit risk management system for a big retail bank. My responsibilities: implementing credit risk system accordingly to Basel III requirements creating web user interfaces in ASP.NET WebForms designing SQL Server databases writing SQL Server functions, views and stored procedures optimizing and analyzing T-SQL queries increasing processing speed with multithreading performance optimization and code refactoring preparing presentations and proof of concepts for clients gathering business requirements
.NET Consultant, 7N 2013/08 - 2015/02 Development of tools for investment banking and forex trading
for mBank.
My responsibilities:
designing effective algorithms and data structures
for storing quotations
creating user interfaces in WinForms and web
designing SQL server databases
performance optimization and code refactoring
retrieving, transforming and loading data between
systems developed in various technologies
writing bash scripts in Unix (AIX) with awk, sed
and perl
investigating and fixing bugs reported by users
writing unit and regression tests
Senior Consultant, Bank Millennium 2011/12 - 2013/07 Development of web transactional system for corporate clients
My responsibilities:
creating web user interfaces in ASP.NET and
implementing a service layer for transactional
analyzing reported bugs and fixing them
design and implementation of high performance
permissions module
adding new features requested by clients
designing relational databases
analyzing T-SQL query plans
tracing database deadlocks and reducing their
number by 90%
analyzing events from SQL Server event traces
creating and consuming web services
Programmer, Lionbridge 2010/07 - 2011/12 Technical coordination of localization project for Microsoft and
software development for Cisco.
My responsibilities:
designing and implementing web services
analyzing T-SQL query plans
creating web user interfaces in ASP.NET
designing relational databases
adding new functionalities to the existing software
analyzing and fixing reported bugs
technical validation of translated resources
writing instructions for translators
process automation with VBA and Python
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