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Hiring IT Developers in Poland in 2024



As the global demand for skilled IT professionals continues to grow, Poland has positioned itself as a leading choice for businesses seeking experienced developers. In the year 2024, the country’s IT landscape continues its way to the top, characterized by a well-established infrastructure, an expanding tech ecosystem, and a large pool of highly skilled developers. In terms of revenue, the market size of the software development industry in Poland is estimated to be €8.3 billion in 2024. As of the same year, there are 91,365 individuals employed within the software development sector in Poland. These figures underscore the economic significance and workforce scale of the IT industry in the country.

In this article, we will discuss the trends, opportunities, and challenges associated with hiring IT developers in Poland during 2024.

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The dynamics of Poland’s technological landscape

Thriving IT ecosystem

Over the past few years, Poland’s IT industry has experienced dynamic growth. Notably, within Europe, IT spending is anticipated to reach $1.1 trillion in 2024, reflecting a 9.3% increase from the previous year. Poland has firmly established itself as a key player in the European IT landscape. Among the International Monetary Fund (IMF) developing countries comprising Hungary and Poland, IT spending is estimated to total $32.3 billion in 2024, 9.2% up from 2023.

Major cities such as Warsaw, Krakow, and Wroclaw have transformed into vibrant technological hubs, hosting many IT companies, startups, and research centers. The collaborative atmosphere within these cities nurtures innovation and provides an optimal environment for developers to thrive. This positioning emphasizes Poland’s prominence and contribution to the flourishing European IT sector.

The spread of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The evolution of AI is reshaping industries worldwide. AI is rapidly transforming various industries across the globe, and Poland stands as a notable pioneer in this field. With an increasingly prestigious higher education system, a vibrant ecosystem of skilled graduates, and an embedded culture of innovation, Poland has the potential to consistently contribute to the field of AI and provide expert resource solutions for major players, both on a regional and global scale.

The “State of Polish AI 2021” report from the Digital Poland Foundation offers an in-depth examination of the AI industry in Poland. The report reveals that Poland takes the lead among Central and Eastern European countries, securing an impressive 7th position within the European Union when it comes to the number of experts dedicated to the development and implementation of AI.

Moreover, in December 2020, the Polish national AI strategy, titled “Policy for the Development of Artificial Intelligence in Poland from 2020” was adopted by the Council of Ministers. This strategic initiative seeks to revamp the educational system, promote the growth and innovation of AI companies, foster national and international partnerships in AI, establish a robust data ecosystem, and strengthen the digital infrastructure.

High focus on cybersecurity and data protection

In response to increasing digital threats and recent political situations resulting in border challenges, Poland has taken proactive steps to enhance its cybersecurity and data protection measures.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) forms the cornerstone of data protection in Poland, emphasizing the need for strong security measures to safeguard personal information.
The Polish government recognizes the significance of cybersecurity as well and has taken steps to address evolving threats including malware attacks, ransomware incidents, and phishing attempts. Polish businesses and entities are compelled to implement comprehensive cybersecurity strategies to protect against unauthorized access, data breaches, and other cyber threats. Compliance with GDPR requires that organizations assess and manage risks to the personal data they process, ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of such information.

As the digital landscape evolves, Poland continues to adapt its cybersecurity policies and practices to effectively mitigate emerging threats, ultimately contributing to a secure environment for both personal data and critical digital infrastructure. This dual focus on data protection and cybersecurity underscores the country’s commitment to fostering trust in the digital ecosystem. Now, let’s review the trends and challenges associated with the recruitment of IT developers in this particular region.

Key trends to follow when hiring IT developers in Poland

Skilled workforce

Poland boasts a well-educated and technically proficient workforce, with a strong emphasis on STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) education. Universities and technical institutes in the country produce a steady stream of qualified IT professionals, ensuring a continuous supply of skilled developers. The workforce’s adaptability and eagerness to embrace emerging technologies further contribute to the nation’s reputation for producing highly capable and innovative IT talent. With a solid foundation in education and a commitment to staying abreast of industry advancements, Polish IT professionals are well-equipped to tackle complex challenges and contribute to the success of diverse projects.

Multilingual talent

One of Poland’s key strengths is its multilingual workforce. English proficiency is widespread among IT professionals, making collaboration with international teams more effective. This language advantage has attracted global companies looking to establish development teams in Poland. Additionally, many IT professionals in Poland are proficient in other languages, facilitating effective communication and understanding in multicultural work environments. The ability to work effortlessly in multiple languages enhances Poland’s appeal as a hub for international collaboration, fostering a diverse and inclusive atmosphere within the IT sector.

Cost-effective solutions

Compared to Western European countries and the United States, the cost of living in Poland is relatively lower. This translates to cost-effective solutions for businesses looking to hire IT developers without compromising on the quality of talent. Poland’s competitive pricing has made it an attractive outsourcing destination for many global enterprises. Furthermore, the cost-effectiveness extends beyond labor to other operational aspects, allowing companies to allocate resources efficiently and invest in the continuous development of their projects. This favorable cost structure positions Poland as a strategic choice for businesses seeking to optimize their IT development budgets.

Remote work adaptability

Poland’s IT sector embraces the trend of remote working. Many developers in Poland are accustomed to working in distributed teams, providing flexibility for companies looking to build remote or hybrid teams. The well-established IT infrastructure and collaborative tools enable effective communication and project management, making it convenient for businesses to tap into Poland’s talent pool irrespective of geographical boundaries. This adaptability to remote work positions Poland as an attractive option for companies aiming to foster a modern and flexible work environment.

Government support and incentives

The Polish government has been proactive in supporting the IT sector. Various initiatives, tax incentives, and grants are in place to encourage the growth of technology-driven businesses. This supportive environment makes it easier for companies to set up operations and attract top talent. The government’s commitment to fostering innovation is evident in its investment in research and development, creating a favorable ecosystem for IT companies to thrive. Additionally, the availability of incentives further reduces the financial burden on businesses, enabling them to invest in cutting-edge technologies and retain a competitive edge in the global market.

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Navigating challenges in hiring IT developers in Poland

As businesses increasingly turn to Poland for its robust IT talent pool and favorable business environment, it is essential to recognize and address the challenges that may arise in the process. While Poland offers numerous advantages for hiring IT developers, several key challenges demand attention.

Talent shortage

While Poland has a large pool of IT professionals, the demand for skilled developers sometimes outpaces the availability. Companies may face competition when competing for the most experienced and sought-after talent. To overcome this challenge, businesses must adopt proactive recruitment strategies, including building strong employer brands, offering competitive compensation packages, and fostering relationships with local educational institutions to tap into emerging talent. Many companies turn to IT recruitment agencies to succeed in this race.

Cultural differences

Understanding and navigating cultural differences can be a challenge when managing remote or international teams. Companies must invest in cultural awareness training to foster effective communication and collaboration. Emphasizing cultural inclusivity, implementing cross-cultural team-building activities, and leveraging technology for virtual collaboration can help bridge gaps and create a harmonious work environment that embraces diversity.

Visa and immigration processes

Navigating the visa and immigration processes can be time-consuming. Ensuring a smooth transition for international hires requires careful planning and adherence to legal requirements. Companies should work closely with legal experts and immigration professionals to streamline the visa application process, providing necessary support to incoming talents. Clear communication about visa-related expectations and timelines is vital to managing expectations and facilitating a hassle-free onboarding process for international hires.

The average salaries of IT specialists in Poland

Thanks to its strategic position in the heart of Europe, coupled with a highly educated population and substantial investments in the IT sector, Poland has positioned itself as one of the leading IT hubs in the region. The increased demand for IT specialists is driven by the growth of startups, the expansion of international tech companies in the country, and increased government investments in digital projects. Consequently, the labor market for IT professionals in Poland is experiencing dynamic growth, presenting numerous opportunities for career progression and professional development. You can learn more about this topic in our article here.

In the past, Polish IT professionals earned comparatively less than their Western European counterparts. However, the expansion of Poland’s IT industry driven by factors such as foreign investments, growth in tech startups, and the nation’s strategic emphasis on digitization, has led to a substantial upward revision in salaries. The demand for specialized skills, particularly in areas like cybersecurity, AI, and data analytics, further accelerated this trend, resulting in a significant increase in compensation levels within a relatively short timeframe. As of 2023, data indicates that IT specialists in Poland command an average base salary of 67,941 PLN ($17,000) annually.

The future

Hiring of IT developers in Poland in 2024 presents an enticing opportunity for businesses, given the country’s thriving IT landscape, skilled workforce, and government support. While challenges exist, they are outweighed by the numerous advantages, making Poland a compelling choice for those navigating the global IT talent landscape.

Looking ahead, Poland’s commitment to innovation and continuous adaptation to technological advancements positions it as a hub for cutting-edge IT solutions. With a forward-looking approach, the country is poised to remain at the forefront of the digital revolution, providing an environment that fosters creativity, collaboration, and excellence in IT development. As businesses increasingly recognize Poland’s potential, the future holds the promise of continued growth and prominence for the nation in the global IT sector.

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