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Top 9 IT Recruitment Agencies in Perth, Australia


Perth, the capital of Western Australia, has a booming IT industry. Finding the proper IT talent in Perth may be difficult since competition for qualified IT experts is high and the technology landscape continually evolves. That is where IT recruiting companies come in: they handle the process of selecting the best applicants for the position and presenting them to the company, saving time and effort. In this post, we’ll look at some of Perth’s top IT recruiting firms and what distinguishes them. The city’s GDP per capita was $72,800, followed by Sydney.

Our top 5 picks are these:

  1. DevsData LLC- Top Pick
  2. Sense Recruitment
  3. Hays
  4. Robert Walters
  5. Hudson
  1. DevsData LLC – Top Pick

    Company size: 11-50 employees
    Founder: Tom Potanski
    Founding year: 2015
    Website: https://devsdata.com/

    DevsData LLC website screenshot

    DevsData LLC is an IT staffing firm with access to the most competent IT professionals worldwide. The firm also offers software, AI, and Big Data solutions. DevsData LLC promotes premium quality and flexibility to meet its clients’ requirements. In addition to these testimonies, numerous independent platforms show high levels of client satisfaction.

    The firm has a flexible schedule and operates primarily remotely. However, it has headquarters in New York, Warsaw, and local partners worldwide. To organize an in-person meeting with them, please email [email protected] or make an appointment through their website.

    The company has very strong experience recruiting technical talent locally in Perth, Australia, and has a top talent database.

  2. Sense Recruitment

    Company size: 11-50 employees
    Founding year: 2017
    Website: https://www.senserecruitment.com.au/

    SenseRecruitment page

    Sense Recruitment was established in 2007 with a dedication to providing a superior recruitment service. The company continually uses best-in-class technology, systems, and procedures to guarantee that they identify the ideal fit. They take pride in being an excellent workplace and a dependable representative for your organization. Their mission is to be the most popular and engaged recruiting brand by inspiring, connecting, placing great candidates, and caring about people and their journeys.

  3. Hays

    Company size: 20-30 employees
    Founding year: 2021
    Website: https://www.hays.com.au/it

    Hays page

    Hays is a lifetime career partner for thousands of Australian and international technology professionals. They offer a variety of exclusive employment opportunities, experience, in-depth knowledge of industries and tasks, and a straightforward consultation procedure.

    They are committed to providing you with the finest service possible and assisting you in making the right career decisions.

    Their goal is to transform the tech-driven world by closing skill gaps and fostering the development of new roles, leveraging their extensive experience and commitment to innovation.

  4. Robert Walters

    Company size: 150-200 employees
    Founding year: 1985
    Website: https://www.robertwalters.com

    RobertWalters page

    Robert Walters is a prominent IT recruitment agency in Perth. They boast extensive professional networks within the tech industry, providing access to qualified candidates for various roles. Known for their strong reputation in the sector, their consultants bring firsthand experience from the tech field, ensuring they are well-versed and skilled in recruiting for these positions.

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  6. Hudson

    Company size: 500 employees
    Founding year: 1985
    Website: https://au.hudson.com

    Hudson page

    Hudson is a multinational recruiting firm with a significant presence in Perth. Their IT recruitment experts have experience recruiting for positions such as software developers, IT managers, and data analysts. Hudson’s recruiting method is tailored to individual employer requirements, ensuring they supply excellent candidates that fulfill their clients’ objectives.

    The firm supports organizations across the employment lifecycle, including permanent and contract recruiting, project and graduate recruitment, applicant profiling and evaluation, outplacement and redeployment.

  7. Manpower

    Company size: 11-50 employees
    Founding year: 2015
    Website: https://manpower.com/

    Manpower page

    Manpower is a well-known IT employment service in Perth. They provide IT personnel recruiting services to small and large businesses, and they can assist with filling a wide range of tech sector jobs. Manpower offers a team of experienced IT recruiting consultants who collaborate with customers to identify their requirements.

    Their main specialities include interim recruitment, permanent recruitment, workforce management, contingent recruitment, workforce trends, hiring, employment, staffing, recruiting, and career guidance.

  8. Titan Recruitment

    Company size: 70 employees
    Founding year: 1999
    Website: http://www.titanrecruitment.com.au

    Titan page

    Titan Recruitment is Australia’s top source of engineering and technology recruitment solutions. They have been in business since 1999 and have built a reputation for providing creative and successful recruitment services. Their strategy is founded on traditional principles and a creative attitude, allowing them to assist their clients, contractors, and applicants in achieving their goals.

    The company believes in the value of the “care factor” and aims to do things differently. Titan Recruitment operates collaboratively and transparently, providing their customers access to their extensive commercial skills, huge networks, and recruiting best practices to optimize their chances for development and corporate value.

  9. Peoplebank

    Company size: 400 employees
    Founding year: 1990
    Website: http://www.peoplebank.com.au/

    Peoplebank page

    Peoplebank is Australia’s top IT and digital recruiting agency. “Peoplebank, Great Place to Work™” recognized company differentiates itself from competitors by valuing its employees and their specialized skills. This was acknowledged throughout the industry when Peoplebank received the Best Performance Award for Large Teams 41+ at APSCo 2022 and Outstanding Agency Over 80 Staff at the RCSA Industry Awards 2023. Peoplebank was also a prestigious contender for the “Best Large Recruitment” award.

  10. Michael Page

    Company size: 50-100 employees
    Founding year: 1976
    Website: http://www.page.com

    MichaelPage page

    Michael Page is another leading IT recruitment agency in Perth. They are well-known in the tech business for offering recruiting services for a wide range of IT positions, including software developers and IT managers. Michael Page offers a specialist IT recruiting team, and its consultants are thoroughly aware of the industry’s recruitment requirements.


Choosing the right technology recruitment agency in Perth depends on various factors, such as your budget, hiring policies, and specific technical needs. Each tech recruitment agency discussed above has its unique approach to recruitment, but they all share a commitment to providing quality candidates to their clients. With the right IT staffing company, you can access the best tech talent in Perth and give your organization the competitive edge it needs to thrive in a dynamic technological landscape.

Whether you’re a small or large firm, someone who has to employ quickly, or someone who has time to wait, DevsData LLC knows all the intricacies that can save you time and money while recruiting individuals who can contribute to your company’s success. Their professionals are alwaysdelighted to meet their clients on-site in Perth or Sydney or arrange a video call to discuss their projects.

For questions or comments, feel free to email them at [email protected].

The company’s address:
DevsData Tech Recruitment Perth
191 St Georges Terrace,
Perth WA 6000, Australia
[email protected]

Any questions or comments? Let me know on Twitter/X.

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