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AI for Automotive

The automotive industry is one of the essentials of human lives and most of us can barely imagine a day without riding your own vehicle or hopping on some kind of public transport.


AI for Automotive
Technology has been constantly evolving over the last years and has significantly changed the way we live our lives. With ample resources and continuous studies, we can expect to see the tech industry to grow even more than before. As we speak, different firms are working on innovations and disruptions in the tech world, with one of the most distinguished topics being Artificial Intelligence (AI).
Whenever the subject of AI technology in this industry comes up, the first thought that comes to mind would always be autonomous vehicles, otherwise known as self-driving cars. In fact, it is almost inevitable to discuss one without the other, as these two topics are complementary subjects in tech. Advancements in AI have an immense contribution to the growth of the automotive industry. This buzz-worthy tech has car manufacturers, such as Tesla, constantly working and implementing AritificiaI Intelligence with self-driving technologies to create the “cars of the future”.

Aside from big companies, startups like AutoX and Waymo are also working to create driverless cars. For AutoX, they have created a self-driving grocery delivery based in San Jose California. Through such a retail-based autonomous vehicle, users can browse the vehicle-based mobile store, pick food items, and have them delivered. Waymo, on the other hand, has a 360-degree perception technology.
What started as Google’s self-driving project, their tech has evolved now to detect pedestrians, vehicles, cyclists, road works, and other obstacles from up to 300 yards away. Both AutoX and Waymo have launched their programs and are currently in the process of testing in their respective areas.
AI is not just about changing the way how cars function on the road, but also about how cars are made. While self-driving cars are one of the most popular discussions in the subject of the AI and automotive industry, it is not limited to only that. Other implementations of AI also covers the manufacturing side of the industry.
An example of this implementation is Rethink Robotics. With the help of software consulting, the company has created collaborative robots otherwise known as co-bots for industrial automation. The co-bots can join workers on the line and automate factory tasks that are tedious or dangerous such as tending machines, handling materials, performing tests, or packing products.
The automotive industry has been the driving force for AI, and it is obviously not only confined to autonomous driving. More than that, while popular attention is focused on the use of AI in autonomous cars, the industry is also working on AI applications that extend far beyond – engineering, production, supply chain, customer experience, and mobility services among others.
The use of AI technology in the automotive industry is important especially with task automation and the alleviation of human efforts. With more companies, big and small, investing in enterprise software development, as well as the developments and tests of these products, we might actually see the cars of the future happen today.
AI living in every vehicle will become our reality before we know it, and the AI tech stack for every car is a significant step towards our safety and positive experience as of car users’.
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