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Top 7 IT Outsourcing Companies in Romania


Romania’s tech industry has been experiencing remarkable growth in recent years, making it an increasingly attractive destination for IT outsourcing. In 2022, the tech industry’s market share accounted for 2.83% of Romania’s GDP, projected to reach an impressive 10% by 2025, according to ANIS Romania. In addition, Deloitte reported that Romania was among the six countries that experienced GDP growth during the last 5 years. By 2021, the Romanian IT industry had nearly recovered to its pre-crisis levels, demonstrating resilience in economic challenges.

This growth can be attributed to the Romanian authorities’ efforts to foster a conducive environment for business funding and enhance the quality of computer science education since 2007. As a result, foreign capital investments in Romania have reached a staggering $1.9B over the past six years, as shown in the “Coming of Age: Central and Eastern European Startups 2021” report.

Furthermore, the tech industry and software development outsourcing in Romania have been experiencing an annual growth rate of 15%, with the ICT market value reaching $8B in 2023. This significant contribution to the country’s economy highlights the importance of software outsourcing to Romania. The country ranks 41st on StartupBlink’s Global Startup Ecosystem list.

Thus, Romania is an attractive destination in Europe, offering high-quality and cost-effective IT services. IT outsourcing rates average between 50 and 70 dollars per hour. As the capital, Bucharest is Romania’s most prominent tech hub for IT outsourcing. Additionally, the cities of Cluj-Napoca and Iasi are also instrumental in driving growth and attracting foreign investment, further solidifying Romania’s position as a critical player in the global tech landscape.

The Romanian IT sector continues to thrive, and exploring the country’s top IT outsourcing companies remains essential. This article will overview Romania’s 7 leading IT outsourcing firms, highlighting their strengths and services. By the end of this article, readers will better understand the Romanian IT outsourcing landscape and the potential benefits of partnering with these companies for their outsourcing needs.

Top outsourcing companies in Romania

Here are our top 4 picks:

  1. DevsData LLC – Top Pick: Best overall
  2. N-iX: Best for enterprise
  3. Afi Ops: Best for startups and MSP
  4. NTT Data: Best for Japanese and Korean clients

  1. DevsData LLC – Top Pick: Best overall

    DevsData IT recruitment website screenshot

    Website: www.devsdata.com
    Company size: 55 employees
    Founded in: 2016
    Headquarters: Brooklyn, NYC and Warsaw, Poland

    DevsData LLC is a highly professional and respected IT recruitment and software development agency in that has delivered exceptional results to its clients since 2016. With a local office in Romania, DevsData LLC has established itself as a reliable talent and software development partner for companies seeking top-tier technical talent and innovative software solutions. Their focus on transparency, ethics, and client satisfaction has been crucial to this success. Here are key features:

    • DevsData LLC has an official, government-approved license for recruitment services.
    • The company has 8+ years of experience in the field.
    • They are experienced in working with global corporate clients and high-growth American and Israeli startups.
    • DevsData LLC’s database comprises over 65,000 software engineers worldwide, including a talented pool of Romanian developers.
    • They have a strong track record of client satisfaction and numerous positive reviews, highlighting technical expertise and quality control.
    • DevsData LLC’s rigorous, multi-stage recruitment process includes a 90-minute challenging session with a software veteran and problem-solving algorithm challenges. This ensures that only the most skilled and experienced professionals join their ranks, guaranteeing that clients receive the highest quality of service.
    • DevsData LLC’s software development team is composed of native Americans and veteran engineers who have worked with renowned companies such as Google, Microsoft, and Intel, as well as successful startups and financial institutions. These experts bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to every project, allowing DevsData LLC to deliver cutting-edge solutions tailored to each client’s unique needs.
    • The company helps to hire exceptional software developers in less than 10 days.

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    For further information about DevsData LLC, contact the team at [email protected] or visit website.

  2. N-iX: Best for enterprise

    N-iX website screenshot

    Website: https://www.n-ix.com/
    Company size: 2,296 employees
    Founded in: 2002
    Headquarters: Kyiv, Ukraine

    N-iX is a global software development outsourcing company providing services since 2002. N-iX partners with technology businesses worldwide to help them build successful engineering teams and create innovative software products. The company offers many services, including cloud solutions, data analytics, machine learning and AI, embedded software and IoT, enterprise VR, and RPA & enterprise platforms. N-iX has worked with numerous clients across various industries, such as automotive, retail, energy, and finance, helping them enhance their solutions, optimize costs and operations, and streamline processes. However, it’s worth noting that the company is headquartered in Ukraine and is often considered unstable due to the current situation in Ukraine.

  3. Afi Ops: Best for startups and MSP

    Afi Ops website screenshot

    Website: https://www.afiops.com/
    Company size: 8 employees
    Founded in: 2013
    Headquarters: Timișoara, Romania

    Afi Ops Technologies is a technology company that specializes in delivering digital solutions to businesses and individuals. Afi Ops Technologies offers various services, including custom software development, cloud services, big data and analytics, blockchain and web3, and dedicated teams. The company boasts expertise in multiple technologies, such as software development, web development, mobile development, UI/UX design, and QA testing.

    Afi Ops Technologies follows a structured approach to project delivery, ensuring that clients’ business goals and requirements are met through careful planning, design, development, testing, and maintenance. With a dedication to building the future through innovative digital solutions, Afi Ops Technologies aims to empower businesses and individuals by providing perfectly tailored software solutions that enhance productivity and drive sustainable growth. The company takes pride in its collaborations with great companies, helping them grow daily, and encourages potential clients to discuss how they can help with their technology needs.

  4. NTT Data: Best for Japanese and Korean clients

    NTT Data Website screenshot

    Website: https://ro.nttdata.com/
    Company size: 195,000 employees
    Founded in: 1988
    Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan

    NTT Data is a global business and IT services provider with over 195,000 professionals in 50+ countries and regions. The company helps clients navigate the rapidly changing technological landscape, meet ever-rising customer expectations, and adapt to evolving business environments. NTT Data offers comprehensive services, including embedded technologies, cybersecurity, application services, cloud and IT infrastructure, SAP services and solutions, IT integration and consulting, customer experience, data intelligence, and digital workplace solutions.

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    The company strongly focuses on diversity, equity, and inclusion, fostering a culture of trust and safety to create a sense of belonging. NTT Data is committed to realizing a sustainable future and has launched a new corporate sustainability strategy. The company constantly seeks talented individuals to join their team and help drive long-term growth for their clients.

  5. Neurony: Best for custom software development

    Neurony website

    Website: https://neurony.ro/
    Company size: 35 employees
    Founded in: 2005
    Headquarters: Bucharest, Romania

    Neurony is a prominent IT outsourcing company based in Romania. It provides high-quality software development and IT services to clients worldwide. Focusing on leveraging cutting-edge technologies and a team of skilled professionals, Neurony aims to deliver innovative solutions tailored to each client’s unique needs.

    Founded on excellence, reliability, and innovation principles, Neurony has established itself as a trusted partner for businesses seeking to enhance their digital capabilities. The company offers a wide range of services, including custom software development, web and mobile application development, quality assurance and testing, IT consulting, and more.

  6. Accedia: Best for a client-centric approach

    Accedia website

    Website: https://accedia.com/
    Company size: 211 employees
    Founded in: 2012
    Headquarters: Sofia, Bulgaria

    Accedia is a reputable IT outsourcing company operating in Romania, renowned for its comprehensive range of digital solutions and client-centric approach. With a strong focus on innovation, quality, and trustworthiness, Accedia has emerged as a trusted partner for businesses seeking to leverage technology to achieve their strategic objectives.

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    The company follows rigorous quality assurance processes to ensure that its solutions are robust, scalable, and user-friendly. Additionally, Accedia stays abreast of the latest technological trends and innovations, enabling it to deliver cutting-edge solutions that keep clients ahead of the curve.

  7. Albelissa: Best for industry-specific manpower solutions

    Albelisa website

    Website: https://www.albelissa.com/
    Company size: 57 employees
    Founded in: 2005
    Headquarters: Turin, Italy

    Albelissa is a global company that offers engineering services, industry-specific technical recruitment and staffing, and outsourcing solutions for business processes such as IT, recruitment, accounting, and finance. With headquarters in Italy and an office in Romania, Albelissa provides clients with the human resources, tools, and solutions needed for immediate workforce and project requirements. The company’s engineering services cover various disciplines and major industries, while its recruitment and staffing solutions focus on industry-specific manpower, professional HR management, and talent search.

    Albelissa’s outsourcing services include IT outsourcing, recruitment process outsourcing, business process outsourcing, and research and development outsourcing. These solutions allow companies to focus on their core activities while delegating support functions to Albelissa’s experts. The company also offers vendor management office advisory services to optimize clients’ programs and develop customized roadmaps for strategic sourcing and lifecycle vendor relationship management.

    Romania mao

Practical information when hiring in Romania

How to pay contractors from Romania

When managing payments for contractors, employing an Employer of Record (EOR) service is an excellent choice to guarantee adherence to local regulations in Romania. EOR providers such as Deel, Remote.com, Plane, and Oyster HR can help ensure compliant payment procedures while maneuvering through the complexities of the employment laws.

Additionally, trusted platforms like Wise (formerly TransferWise) and Payoneer are suggested for global money transfers. These platforms typically offer competitive exchange rates, minimal fees, and safe transactions, streamlining the process of transferring funds to contractors in Romania while cutting down on expenses and administrative complexities.

The salary of a software developer in Romania

According to Plane, the typical yearly income for a remote software developer in Romania is $49,155 (≈ 225,730 Ron), and according to Glassdoor, the average annual salary for software developers in Romania ranges from $21,000 to $42,000 (≈ 96,000 to 192,000 Ron).

In major cities like Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, and Timisoara, salaries tend to be higher due to the higher cost of living and greater demand for tech talent. Additionally, software developers in IT services, finance, and telecommunications may receive higher salaries than those in other sectors.

It’s important to note that salaries can vary based on individual qualifications, company size, and market demand. Furthermore, benefits such as bonuses, stock options, and other perks may also impact the overall compensation package for software developers in Romania. For additional information about salaries for software developers in Romania, you can also check levels.fyi.

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Top computer science universities in Argentina

Romania boasts several reputable universities offering vital programs in technology and related fields. Here are top 4 tech universities in Romania:

  1. Politehnica University of Bucharest (UPB)
  2. Technical University of Cluj-Napoca (UTCN)
  3. University of Bucharest
  4. Babes-Bolyai University

You can learn more about tech universities in Romania here.

Time zone differences

Understanding time zone differences is crucial for effective communication and project management. This knowledge helps schedule meetings, ensure timely responses, and manage deadlines efficiently. Knowing the time zone differences can significantly enhance collaboration and productivity in a remote working environment. Here are the time zone differences between Bucharest, Romania, and various major cities:

Destination Bucharest
Warsaw 1 hour ahead of Warsaw
London 2 hours ahead of London
Austin 8 hours ahead of Austin
Chicago 8 hours ahead of Chicago
San Francisco 10 hours ahead of San Francisco
New York 7 hours ahead of New York
Paris 1 hour ahead of Paris
Tel Aviv Same time as Tel Aviv
Seoul 6 hours behind Seoul
Stockholm 1 hour ahead of Stockholm
Singapore 5 hours behind Singapore
Sydney 7 hours behind Sydney

In this picture below, you can clearly see the time difference between Bucharest (Romania) and other major cities. You can also visit this website to explore additional information about time differences.

Timezone differnces

How to call Romania

You’ll need to follow these steps to call Romania from:

You need to dial the international access code (011), followed by the country code for Romania (40), and then dial the Romanian phone number excluding the leading zero. For example, if the Romanian number is 0761 234 589, you would dial 011 40 761 234 589.

Dial the international access code (00), followed by the country code for Romania (40), then dial the Romanian phone number excluding the leading zero. For instance, if the Romanian number is 0761 234 788, you would dial 00 40 761 234 788.

Start with the international access code (011), followed by the country code for Romania (40), then dial the Romanian phone number excluding the leading zero. So if the Romanian number is 0761 567 911, you would dial 011 40 761 567 911.

The international access code (0011) should be followed by the country code for Romania (40). Then, dial the Romanian phone number excluding the leading zero. If the Romanian number is 0761 122 747, you would dial 0011 40 761 122 747.

It is also recommended to use Skype, as it is a very popular and cost-effective option. In addition, many Romanians use WhatsApp for international communication.

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If you’re looking to build a high-performing technical team, bring your software vision to life, or leverage the skills of top-tier Romanian developers, consider partnering with DevsData LLC. DevsData LLC has experience working with global corporate clients and high-growth American and Israeli startups to help them achieve their goals by providing access to top-tier technical talent and delivering innovative software solutions.

By working with DevsData LLC, companies can tap into a global pool of highly skilled software engineers, including a talented pool of Romanian developers, to scale their teams quickly and cost-effectively. DevsData LLC’s rigorous recruitment process, combined with its deep industry knowledge and expertise, ensures that clients receive the highest quality of service and the best possible fit for their unique needs.

DevsData LLC’s transparent and collaborative approach to software development ensures that clients are always informed and involved throughout the process. The company’s proven work methodology, focus on open communication, and dedication to continuous improvement have resulted in a track record of successful projects and satisfied clients.

Additionally, they have a local office in Romania and possess comprehensive expertise in EOR services, making them available to assist with any needs, including legal and tax advisory services. With extensive knowledge of local regulations, they can guide employment law and HR advisory matters for clients interested in local hiring or establishing a business presence in Romania. Moreover, they offer business process outsourcing (BPO) services to improve operational efficiency for their clients.

To learn more about how DevsData LLC can help your organization achieve its goals, visit their website or contact them directly at [email protected].

DevsData IT Recruitment Agency Bucharest
Splaiul Unirii 160,
030133, Bucharest, Romania
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