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Top 5 IT Recruitment Agencies in Madrid



Nestled in the heart of Spain, Madrid stands at the forefront of the IT industry, leveraging its strategic location and thriving tech ecosystem. In this competitive landscape, businesses increasingly rely on technology to maintain their edge, leading to a surge in demand for skilled IT professionals.

Madrid is home to big companies such as Telefónica, Indra, and Amadeus, which anchor its thriving tech scene. These firms lead the charge in digital innovation across telecommunications, IT consultancy, and travel technology. A dynamic startup ecosystem further enriches the city’s tech landscape, with events like South Summit and DES Madrid attracting global attention. These gatherings showcase cutting-edge technologies and facilitate networking among investors, startups, and corporate leaders. Moreover, Madrid’s ICT industry, accounting for €106.343 billion in turnover, constitutes 69% of Spain’s overall market share. This sector continues to expand, supported by robust infrastructure and a skilled workforce, making it a magnet for tech talent and investment in Southern Europe.

IT recruitment companies in Madrid play a crucial role in facilitating this dynamic by connecting businesses with highly qualified professionals who possess specialized technical skills and cultural compatibility. These agencies source talent locally and tap into international networks to attract top IT talent from Europe and beyond. By understanding the unique needs of employers and job seekers, IT recruitment agencies in Madrid contribute significantly to fostering innovation and driving growth within the local and global IT landscape. Below are the top five IT recruitment agencies in Madrid, known for their expertise in connecting businesses with highly qualified tech talent.

Top IT Recruitment Agencies in Madrid

As for the top three picks, we have selected the following companies:

  1. DevsData LLC – Top Pick: Best overall
  2. Approach People Recruitment: Best for the European market
  3. Antal: Best for enterprise
  1. DevsData LLC – Top Pick: Best overall

    DevsData IT recruitment website screenshot

    Website: www.devsdata.com
    Focus: IT recruitment
    Company size: ~60 employees
    Founded in: 2016

    DevsData LLC is a distinguished IT recruitment agency well-known for its exceptional services, particularly tailored for the dynamic tech industry of Madrid for over eight years. Widely recognized as a trusted partner, DevsData LLC boasts a stellar track record and a high client satisfaction rating on platforms like Clutch. Their expertise includes global corporate clients and fast-growing startups from America and Israel, with examples such as an international petroleum company, a global pharmaceutical company, a global fast-food chain, etc.

    Pawel review

    In Madrid, DevsData LLC has solidified its position as a leader in IT recruitment, distinguishing itself with a specialized focus solely on the IT sector. What sets DevsData LLC apart from other firms is its agility and personalized approach. DevsData LLC offers a flexible recruitment process tailored to each client’s requirements. This adaptability, coupled with a team from the US and over 40 senior technical recruiters, enables swift adjustments to market changes, ensuring unparalleled service delivery. Consequently, DevsData LLC guarantees rapid recruitment processes completed in fewer than ten days, reaffirming its commitment to efficient and effective solutions in Madrid’s fast-paced tech landscape.

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    Furthermore, DevsData LLC holds an official government license for recruitment services and maintains a database of over 65,000 extensively vetted candidates. Their rigorous multi-stage recruitment process has an acceptance rate below 6%, ensuring that only top-tier candidates are selected for client projects. This process includes in-depth technical evaluations, such as a rigorous 90-minute session with a seasoned software expert and a challenging algorithmic problem-solving test. As a result, they recommend exceptional candidates with strong technical and communication skills and a proven track record of success.

    For more information about DevsData LLC, contact them at [email protected] or visit their website at www.devsdata.com.

    DevsData IT Recruitment Agency Madrid
    Calle de Goya, 20,
    28001 Madrid, Spain
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  2. Approach People Recruitment: Best for the European market

    Approach People Recruitment website

    Website: https://www.approachpeople.com/recruitment-spain
    Focus: Global recruitment
    Company size: ~50 employees
    Founded in: 2000

    Approach People Recruitment has established a prominent position in global recruitment by excelling in international placements and maintaining an extensive European network. Beyond specializing in IT professionals, including those in fintech, software development, and digital marketing, Approach People Recruitment stands out for its comprehensive approach across diverse sectors.

    Their Madrid office provides personalized recruitment services and has an extensive database of multilingual candidates, making them a preferred choice for companies looking for diverse talent.

  3. Antal: Best for enterprise

    Antal website screenshot

    Website: https://www.antal.com/recruitment/spain-madrid-cgc
    Focus: Global executive search
    Company size: ~2,000 employees
    Founded in: 1993

    Antal is one of the largest recruitment firms globally. They operate across multiple continents, including Europe and the United States. Antal has a longstanding reputation for delivering high-quality recruitment services in Madrid. Specializing in IT and digital recruitment, Antal leverages its global network and local expertise to match companies with skilled IT professionals who meet specific industry needs. Their consultative approach and thorough candidate screening process ensure businesses hire candidates with the right technical skills who fit seamlessly into their organizational culture.

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    Founders Käthe-Riin Tull and Reet Kaurit, drawing from their own experiences with recruitment agencies, established TalentHub to prioritize quality in the recruitment process. They believe that the needs of candidates and interviewers should be equally considered, ensuring a successful outcome for all parties involved.

  4. Psicosoft: Best for HR consulting

    Psicosoft website

    Website: https://www.psicosoft.com/
    Focus: HR consulting
    Company size: ~40 employees
    Founded in: 1987

    Psicosoft is a well-established HR and recruitment company headquartered in Madrid, with additional offices in Barcelona. They offer different services, including HR consulting, corporate training, and IT recruitment. They excel in placing IT professionals in roles ranging from software development to cybersecurity and IT project management. Psicosoft’s commitment to understanding the evolving IT landscape and delivering personalized recruitment strategies makes it a trusted partner for companies seeking to build high-performing tech teams.

  5. Kingsley Gate: Best for executive search

    Kingsley Gate website

    Website: https://www.kingsleygate.com/es/
    Focus: Global executive search
    Company size: ~370 employees
    Founded in: 2015

    Kingsley Gate specializes in executive search within the IT sector, making it suitable for companies seeking senior-level IT positions in Madrid. Focusing on identifying C-level executives, directors, and senior managers, Kingsley Gate combines industry expertise with a deep understanding of leadership requirements to ensure successful placements. Their approach combines technology with human insight to deliver high-quality recruitment services.

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Practical information when hiring in Madrid

How to pay contractors from Madrid

Using an employer of record (EoR) service is crucial for effectively handling payments to contractors in Madrid and ensuring adherence to local regulations. Trusted EoR providers that facilitate payments to contractors in Madrid include DevsData LLC, Deel, Remote, Plane, and Oyster HR.

Furthermore, DevsData LLC, our top recruitment agency in Madrid, functions as an EoR, managing employment compliance, payroll processing, and HR administration for its clients operating in Madrid. This service enables businesses to establish a presence in Madrid without forming a local legal entity. DevsData LLC strictly adheres to Spain’s labor laws, mitigating risks linked to global operations and ensuring comprehensive regulatory compliance.

For international money transfers, it is recommended to employ reputable platforms such as Wise (formerly TransferWise) and Payoneer. These platforms offer competitive exchange rates, low fees, and secure transactions, making it easier to transfer funds to contractors in Madrid while minimizing costs and administrative complexity.

The average salary of a software developer in Madrid

The salary landscape of software developers reflects the city’s vibrant tech sector and its position within the broader European IT industry. As per Glassdoor, on average, software developers in Madrid earn around €60,000 annually. These figures reflect the city’s dynamic tech sector and pivotal role in the European IT industry.

Tech companies in Madrid, ranging from established corporations to innovative startups, offer competitive compensation packages to attract and retain top software engineering talent. These packages often include benefits such as bonuses, health insurance, and opportunities for professional development.

For international candidates considering a move to Madrid, understanding the local salary benchmarks and negotiating factors can be crucial in securing a rewarding career in the city’s flourishing tech industry. Websites like Plane and Levels.fyi offer valuable insights into current salary trends and compensation packages, providing a comprehensive overview that can help in informed decision-making.

Top tech universities in Madrid

Madrid hosts several prestigious universities renowned for their computer science and technology programs. Here are some of the top institutions offering exceptional education in this field:

1. Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Established in 1971, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid is renowned for its focus on engineering, architecture, and technology. Ranked #13 among the Best Global Universities in Spain, UPM offers undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral programs across various technical disciplines. It stands out for its strong ties to industry, fostering innovation and research in aerospace engineering, telecommunications, computer science, and renewable energy. UPM’s commitment to academic excellence and practical application is a crucial player in Spain’s technological advancement.

2. Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, situated in the southern region of Madrid, is recognized for its interdisciplinary approach to education and research. Founded in 1989, UC3M offers programs primarily in social sciences, engineering, and business studies, accommodating approximately 18,722 students. The university prides itself on its international orientation, diverse student body, and faculty. UC3M’s emphasis on quality education, coupled with strong industry connections and research initiatives in areas like economics, law, computer science, and telecommunications engineering, reinforces its reputation as a leading institution in Spain.

3. Complutense University of Madrid

As one of the oldest universities in the world, Complutense University of Madrid traces its roots back to 1293. UCM is celebrated for its rich history, cultural heritage, and academic excellence across a wide spectrum of disciplines. The university offers a comprehensive range of undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral programs encompassing humanities, social sciences, and health sciences. UCM’s commitment to research, innovation, and global collaboration underscores its pivotal role in shaping Spain’s academic and intellectual landscape.

Read more about the best computer science universities in Spain here.

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Time zone differences

Navigating time zone differences is essential for effective communication and coordination across global teams, particularly when interacting with Madrid. Understanding these variations ensures practical scheduling of meetings, project deadlines, and real-time

Location Madrid
Chicago 7 hours ahead of Chicago
San Francisco 9 hours ahead of San Francisco
New York 6 hours ahead of New York
London 1 hour ahead of London
Paris The same time zone
Tel Aviv 1 hour behind Tel Aviv
Sydney 8 hours behind Sydney

This image illustrates the precise time differences between Madrid and several major cities around the world. You can explore additional insights here.

Time zone differences

How to call Madrid from the US and Canada, the UK, and Australia

Calling Madrid from the US and Canada involves dialing 011, then Spain’s country code 34, and the Madrid area code (91 for landlines). For mobile numbers, simply dial 34, followed by the mobile number.

From the UK, start with 00, then Spain’s country code 34, and then the Madrid area code (usually 91 for landlines). For mobile numbers, skip the area code and dial 34, followed directly by the mobile number.

When calling Madrid from Australia, dial 0011, then Spain’s country code 34, and the Madrid area code 91 for landlines. For mobiles, dial 34, directly followed by the mobile number.

Alternatively, you can also use internet-based services like Skype and WhatsApp to connect with contacts in Madrid.


Madrid’s dynamic tech scene thrives with the support of top-tier recruitment agencies that play a crucial role in connecting skilled IT professionals with leading companies. Among these, DevsData LLC stands out as our top pick.

DevsData LLC operates with a close-knit team of experts who are deeply committed to client success. The smaller size of DevsData LLC allows them to maintain lower overhead costs, fostering stronger relationships within the team and with clients, thereby delivering more personalized service. In addition, DevsData LLC distinguishes itself with a success-based pricing model, which aligns its incentives with client outcomes. This approach ensures they are fully invested in delivering results and achieving client satisfaction. DevsData LLC offers agility, customization, and cost-effectiveness that larger corporations often find challenging to match, making them an ideal partner for businesses seeking exceptional IT recruitment services in Madrid.

Moreover, their team is also prepared to meet locally and offer comprehensive support, including legal and tax advisory services. With a deep understanding of local regulations, they guide employment law and HR advisory matters, particularly for clients considering local hiring or establishing a business entity in Madrid. Additionally, they offer EoR services and business process outsourcing (BPO) services to streamline operations and improve client efficiency.

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Contact details:
To connect with top-tier tech talent in Madrid, contact DevsData LLC at [email protected].

For further insights into the tech industry landscape, visit www.devsdata.com.

DevsData IT Recruitment Agency Madrid
Calle de Goya, 20,
28001 Madrid, Spain
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