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Top 8 IT Staffing Agencies Denver


Denver has become a technical hub over the past few years. This tendency has also led to the rise of many IT staffing companies. Whether you’re a competent IT worker looking for your next job opportunity or a firm looking to strengthen its tech staff, these agencies are the go-to specialists in Denver’s thriving tech sector.

Denver’s robust GDP is one of the reasons that it is an excellent destination for hiring tech talent. In 2022, the GDP was around 249.65 billion U.S. dollars.

They specialize in connecting top people with prominent firms in various fields, including software development, cybersecurity, project management, IT support, and more.

Here’s an interesting discussion on the top employers in Denver:

Our top 5 picks are these:

  1. DevsData LLC- Top Pick
  2. Talent Navigation Experts
  3. Tier2Tek Staffing
  4. Talent Groups
  5. Nexus IT Group
  1. DevsData LLC – Top Pick

    Company size: 11-50 employees
    Founder: Tom Potanski
    Founding year: 2015
    Website: https://devsdata.com/

    DevsData LLC website screenshot

    DevsData LLC is an IT staffing company that has access to the most qualified IT personnel globally. The company also provides software, artificial intelligence, and Big Data solutions. DevsData LLC prioritizes premium quality and flexibility to satisfy its clients’ expectations. High client satisfaction is seen in various independent platforms, along with these testimonials.

    The company is flexible with the timing and mainly operates remotely. However, it also has headquarters in New York and Warsaw and local partners in various corners of the world. You can schedule an in-person meeting with them by emailing [email protected] or scheduling an appointment here. The company has extensive experience in local IT Staffing in Denver, combined with a huge database of top talents.

    “For demanding clients and challenging projects” – this is how DevsData positions itself.

  2. Talent Navigation Experts

    Company size: 10-15 employees
    Founding year: 2012
    Website: http://talentnavigation.com/

    Talent Navigation experts page screenshot

    The firm was founded in April 2012 to revolutionize the staffing market. Since then, TNE has continued to link its clients with the country’s top 20% of job seekers. The organization provides employment services in technology, accounting, and finance.

    Here are the most common positions TNE fills:

    • Development
    • Data management
    • Infrastructure
  3. Tier2Tek Staffing

    Company size: 10-20 employees
    Founding year: 2015
    Website: https://www.Tier2Tek.com

    tier2tekcom page screenshot

    Tier2tek IT Staffing is an employment company that specializes in IT staffing. For more than two decades, Tier2tek has been mastering every aspect of the IT department. Their job recruiters recognize that IT comprises various sub-departments with diverse skill sets. That is why they spend time getting to know each sub-department and building trust in their ability to discover quality applicants.

    Following are some of the services offered by the company:

    • Outsourcing
    • Direct hire placement
    • Temp-to-hire
    • High volume
    • Seasonal and temporary staffing
  4. Talent Groups (EdgeLink)

    Company size: 60-70 employees
    Founding year: 2003
    Website: http://www.talentgroups.com

    Talentgroups page screenshot

    Talent Groups’ founder established a recruiting agency in 2003 to be the hub for IT talents in all markets. Since then, the firm has grown significantly and is now an award-winning staffing agency with offices in Portland, Denver, and Salt Lake City.

    The company’s recruitment method differs for each customer. They listen to their client’s objectives and carefully match their customized search approach to a competent individual. The firm helps customers strengthen their businesses while their consultants and applicants advance their careers.

  5. Do you have IT recruitment needs?

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  6. Nexus IT Group

    Company size: 40-50 employees
    Founding year: 2010
    Website: http://www.nexusITgroup.com

    NexusIT page screenshot

    Nexus IT Group is a performance-driven and famous IT staffing agency built by recruiters. It is known for its fast hiring, which it believes is necessary to meet the ever-changing needs of today’s technological landscape.

    Nexus IT Group was founded on a simple idea: job searches should be simple, educational, exciting and fun. Today, over 1,000+ customers in almost every large city in the US use Nexus IT Group to transform how they hire tech candidates.

  7. BridgeView IT

    Company size: 80-90 employees
    Founding year: 2005
    Website: http://www.bridgeviewit.com

    BridegView page screenshot

    BridgeView IT is a technology consulting and staffing organization based in Denver with locations around the United States. This company’s unique fundamental capabilities are what make it so appealing.

    They use advanced staffing techniques to assist businesses in securing technical expertise. The next step is management consulting, which enables a corporation to pursue organizational and technological transformation. BridgeView IT’s consulting services offer unmatched experience in cloud enablement, agile transformation, and digital engineering.

  8. Experience Factor

    Company size: 2-10 employees
    Founding year: 2004
    Website: http://www.experiencefactor.com

    ExperienceFactor page screenshot

    Experience Factor has been helping companies in Denver and the greater Colorado area since 2004. During these years, the agency has worked with 500 companies in the state and successfully hired over 5,000 employees.

    The company serves many industries, including energy, manufacturing information technology, real estate developments, etc. While it is not specific to tech recruitment, it has specialized technology recruiters for each industry.

  9. Razor Technical Staffing

    Company size: 10-20 employees
    Founding year: 2005
    Website: http://www.razortechnical.com

    Razor page screenshot

    Razor Technical Staffing’s motto is “Setting new standards of what a staffing firm should be.” The firm’s founders wanted to build a recruitment company that would shine with its ethics, accountability, and trust. These values are their main principles for making a difference in the recruitment industry and letting their work speak for themselves.

    The company started in 2005. Its founders couldn’t find a staffing firm they wanted to work with. Instead, they created a technical staffing firm that can give back to their local community.


Your final choice of the company you’d like to work with depends on your needs, budget, and size of the company. We believe that at least one of the suggested companies will meet all your expectations.

Whether you’re a small or big company, someone who needs to hire in a short time or has time to wait, DevsData LLC, knows all the details that would help you save time and money but at the same time recruit talents who can contribute to your company’s success. The firm’s highly porfessional specialists can also meet their clients on-site in Denver. If you are not from Denver, you can simply schedule a virtual call with them to discuss your project.

Remember to email [email protected] if you want to schedule a call or have questions or concerns.

Address in Denver:
1801 Broadway,
Denver, CO 80202

Discover how IT recruitment and staffing can address your talent needs. Explore trending regions like Poland, Portugal, Mexico, Brazil and more.

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