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Top 8 Sites to Hire Software Architects in 2024

Software architect

Today, software architects are a must for every business that needs to design and implement scalable, efficient, and bug-proof systems. As technologies are evolving constantly, the demand for skilled software architects is relatively high. However, finding the right talent can be challenging, especially when you want to find professionals with a unique blend of technical expertise, problem-solving skills, and experience in designing distributed systems. A software architect typically possesses at least 10 years of professional experience in commercial software development. This includes tackling challenging large-scale projects, orchestrating projects from inception, and navigating legacy and modern technologies spanning various tech stacks.

To help companies simplify the hiring process, we have created a list of the top 8 sites to hire software architects in 2024. These platforms and agencies are one of the best resources for businesses looking to connect with top talent from around the globe. This article will examine these 8 sites and explore their key features, benefits, and potential drawbacks. We will also discuss the importance of effective interviewing techniques when hiring a software architect and provide insights, interview questions, and tips to help you identify the right candidate for your team.

Here are our top picks:

  1. DevsData LLC – Top Pick: Best overall
  2. Lemon: Best for startups
  3. Skuad: Best for customer support
  4. Guru: Best for freelance talent
Pricing model Database Est. position filling time Guarantee period Industry
DevsData LLC Success-based model 65,000+ candidates Less than 10 days Yes IT Recruitment
Lemon Hourly rate pricing model 1200+ candidates 48-hour matching Yes Software development
Skuad Contractors starting from $19,
Full-time employees starting from $199
Not specified Not specified Not specified Global employment
Guru Free and paid options Not disclosed Varies based on positions Payment protection Freelance talent

Let’s discuss each of them in more detail.

  1. DevsData LLC – Top Pick: Best overall

    DevsData LLC website screenshot

    Company size: 55 employees Regions served: United States, Canada, The United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, Singapore, and Australia.
    Headquarters: Brooklyn, New York City, US, with a European HQ in Warsaw, Poland Region of talent: Global, focusing on Central and Eastern Europe (especially Poland) and Latin America, including a team of US specialists.
    Industry: IT Recruitment Achievements: 5 stars on Clutch, Clutch Awards: Top HR staffing company (Business Services Poland), Top HR staffing company (Barcelona 2024), Top Company (Top HR Recruiting company 2023), Clutch 1000 2023, Top HR Staffing company (Information Technology Poland).
    Founder: Tom Potanski Pricing model: Success-based model
    Founded year: 2016 Database: 65,000+ candidates
    Website: DevsData LLC Est. position filling time: Less than 10 days
    Guarantee period: Yes

    DevsData LLC is an IT recruitment agency with over 8 years of experience connecting companies worldwide with top-tier software architects. Their services are supported by an official, government-approved license for recruitment services, and their team includes native Americans, ensuring diverse perspectives and expertise. In addition, having a database of 65,000+ pre-vetted software architects and focusing on Europe and Latin America, DevsData LLC has built a reputation as a reliable partner for businesses that want to find the best IT professionals.

    The company uses a multi-stage vetting process that includes technical interviews led by their senior architects to ensure that only the best software architects and IT specialists are presented to clients. DevsData LLC’s specialized knowledge of the software architecture field distinguishes them from more generalist recruitment agencies. Nevertheless, employees hired by DevsData LLC have worked on extensive corporate legacy systems and have been architecting IT systems from scratch for rapidly growing FinTech companies. To gain insight into our successful matches and client experiences, explore our case studies.

    They have successfully supported over 80 clients worldwide, including global brands and rapidly growing American and Israeli startups. The company states that 50% of positions are filled in less than 10 days. Their recruiters successfully find the best talent and align with each client’s needs and culture.

    To explore how DevsData LLC can assist in achieving your hiring goals, don’t hesitate to contact their team via email at [email protected] or visit their website at www.devsdata.com.

  2. Lemon: Best for startups

    Lemon homepage screenshot

    Company size: 107 employees Regions served: Global, focusing mainly on the US, UK, and EU.
    Headquarters: Kyiv, Ukraine Region of talent: Global, mainly from Ukraine.
    Industry: Software development Achievements: 4.8 out of 5 rating on Clutch.
    Founder: Anvar Azizov Pricing model: Hourly rate pricing model
    Founded year: 2015 Database: 1200+ candidates
    Website: https://lemon.io/ Est. position filling time: 48-hour matching
    Guarantee period: Yes

    Lemon is a platform that connects startups with top-tier software architects to help bring their ideas to life. The company claims to have a rigorous vetting process and accepts only the top 1% of developers from over 500 job boards. Lemon offers a 48-hour matching process, connecting clients with highly skilled developers with expertise in various technologies and frameworks.

    It’s worth adding that the initial matching experience through a form is straightforward and user-friendly. First, you fill out a form with basic personal details and preferences. The form usually asks for your name, age, location, interests, and what you want in a match. Once submitted, the system uses this information to find potential matches that align with your criteria. You’ll then receive a list of matches, and you can review their profiles to see if anyone catches your interest. This process is designed to be quick and easy, helping you find compatible matches without hassle.

    The platform also provides a replacement guarantee, ensuring that if a developer fails to meet expectations, a new one will be matched without affecting the project’s schedule or cost. Lemon’s developers have an average of 7 years of experience and are proficient in over 300 programming languages and frameworks. The company offers full-time and part-time developers at competitive rates ranging from $55 to $95 per hour.

  3. Skuad: Best for customer support

    Skuad homepage screenshot

    Company size: 224 employees Regions served: The company operates globally.
    Headquarters: Singapore Region of talent: The company operates globally.
    Industry: Global employment Achievements: Spring 2024 (G2): Fastest Implementation, Easiest To Do Business With, High Performer, Users Most Likely To Recommend, Best Est. ROI, Easiest Setup.
    Founder: Sundeep Sahi Pricing model: Contractors starting from $19, full-time employees starting from $199
    Founded year: 2019 Database: Not specified
    Website: https://www.skuad.io/ Est. position filling time: Not specified
    Guarantee period: Not specified

    Skuad is an all-in-one platform that simplifies global employment. It enables companies to hire, onboard, and pay software architects in more than 160 countries. With Skuad, businesses can easily navigate the complexities of international hiring and ensure compliance with local employment laws and regulations. The platform offers a range of features, such as digital onboarding, streamlined cross-border payments, and country-specific benefits packages.

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    Skuad’s dedicated support team provides 24/5 assistance and expert guidance to ensure a seamless experience for employers and employees. The company has a client base of global leaders across various industries, which shows its reliability and effectiveness in managing international teams.
  4. Guru: Best for freelance talent

    Guru homepage screenshot

    Company size: 1,714 employees Regions served: The company operates globally with a focus on the US.
    Headquarters: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, US Region of talent: The company operates globally, focusing on the US.
    Industry: Freelance talent Achievements: 9.5 out of 10 rating on TrustRadius.
    Founder: Sundeep Sahi Pricing model: Free and paid options
    Founded year: 1998 Database: Not disclosed
    Website: https://www.guru.com/ Est. position filling time: Varies based on positions
    Guarantee period: Payment protection

    Guru focuses on providing a secure, flexible, and cost-effective solution, Guru enables companies to find and hire top talent across various categories, including programming, design, writing, marketing, and more. The platform offers multiple features to simplify the hiring process, such as easy job posting, access to verified freelancers, flexible payment terms, and the SafePay payment protection system.

    Now that we’ve examined the top four sites for hiring software architects let’s expand our horizons and explore additional options.

  5. ClanX: Best for enterprise

    ClanX homepage screenshot

    Company size: 13 employees Website: https://clanx.ai/for-company
    Headquarters: India Regions served: The company operates globally.
    Founder: Mandar Sawant Region of talent: The company operates globally with a focus on India.
    Founded year: 2022 Achievements: 5 out of 5 rating and positive testimonials on their website.

    Do you have IT recruitment needs?

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    ClanX is a platform that connects companies with candidates, including software architects, designers, product managers, and more. The company provides talent to businesses looking to solve challenging problem statements and scale their operations efficiently. ClanX says that their vetting process includes assessing qualifications, considering candidates’ soft skills and cultural fit, and aligning with company values to ensure a mutually beneficial match for clients and talent.

    The platform offers a simple hiring process that includes profile checks, video introductions, technical and soft skills assessments, seniority evaluation, experience verification, and industry involvement analysis.

  6. Career Group Companies: Best for the American market

    Career Group Companies homepage screenshot

    Company size: 740 employees Website: https://www.careergroupcompanies.com
    Headquarters: Los Angeles, California, US Regions served: The company’s primary focus is the US.
    President and CEO: Susan Levine Region of talent: The company’s primary focus is the US.
    Founded year: 1981 Achievements: Forbes 2024 List, Inc. Magazine Recognition, Inc.’s 2022 Best in Business List.

    Career Group Companies is one of the nation’s leading recruitment firms, cultivating perfect career matches for software architects. With over 40 years of experience, the company has partnered with sought-after companies nationwide to find top talent. Career Group Companies is a Woman-Owned Business certified by the WBENC, and its core values are bringing diversity and inclusion to the workplace.

    The company offers many staffing solutions, including direct hire, temp-to-hire, temporary, executive search, payrolling services, and on-site partnerships. Their divisions cater to industries such as corporate services, creative, marketing, tech, fashion, beauty, and lifestyle.

  7. Bridge: Best for automated solutions

    Bridge homepage screenshot

    Company size: 32 employees Website: https://bridgeteams.com/
    Headquarters: San Francisco, California, US Regions served: The company operates globally.
    Founder: Mandar Sawant Region of talent: Europe, North America, and South America.
    Founded year: 2019 Achievements: Automated 80% of the tech recruitment sourcing process with their proprietary engine.

    Bridge is a tech-enabled recruitment company that helps businesses source and hire tech talent from around the globe. The company’s sourcing engine automates tech talent sourcing, enabling clients to close positions within days and receive up to 30 pre-vetted candidates monthly. The company states that it ensures that the developers hired through its platform are loyal, fully committed to the client’s goals, and deeply integrated into their team and culture. Bridge’s use of technology to speed up hiring processes is convenient and cost-effective.

  8. Works: Best for hiring elite software architects

    Works homepage screenshot

    Company size: 127 employees Website: https://www.works.so/
    Headquarters: San Francisco, California, US Regions served: The company operates globally with a focus on the US.
    Founder: Viktor Lopatkin Region of talent: The company operates globally.
    Founded year: 2019 Achievements: A staggering 1,150% revenue growth in just 12 months.

    Works is a platform that enables leading enterprises to hire the top 1% of remote tech talent in software engineering, design, product, and project management on demand. Works uses AI technology and connects clients with a global pool of elite software architects vetted through a selection process. The company offers transparent pricing with a flat 10% transaction fee and provides comprehensive talent profiles to ensure a risk-free hiring experience.

    Do you have IT recruitment needs?

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    Works has a network of over 17,000 talented individuals and has facilitated over 35,000 engagement days. The platform states that its AI-powered matching system ensures that job requirements and talent skills are precisely aligned and saves time and resources for the clients.
  9. A bonus site – LinkedIn Jobs: Best for personalized job recommendations

    Screenshot from Linkedin

    Company size: 25,109 employees Website: https://www.linkedin.com/
    Founded year: 2002 Regions served: The company operates globally.
    Founders: Reid Hoffman, Eric Ly, Konstantin Guericke, Allen Blue and Jean-Luc Vaillant Region of talent: The company operates globally.
    Headquarters: Sunnyvale, CA, US

    While LinkedIn Jobs isn’t included in our list of recommended platforms, it’s essential to acknowledge its significance in the realm of recruitment. It empowers employers to efficiently post job listings and connect with potential candidates across diverse industries, including skilled software architects.

    The platform offers easy-to-use tools for filtering and managing software architects, allowing you to quickly identify the most qualified candidates based on their skills, experience, and other criteria. LinkedIn Jobs also provides personalized job recommendations to job seekers. This increases the visibility of your job post to relevant candidates. Additionally, the platform offers screening questions and skills assessments to help you further narrow down your applicant pool.

    Moreover, you can collaborate with your team using LinkedIn’s applicant management tools so that it is easy to review and rate candidates. LinkedIn Jobs offers flexible spending options, allowing you to set a budget and control costs while promoting your job post to the right audience. One drawback of LinkedIn Jobs compared to recruitment agencies is that you must handle posting jobs, filtering candidates, and managing applications yourself. In contrast, recruitment agencies take care of these tasks on your behalf.

How to interview a software architect?

Interviewing a candidate for a software architect role can be challenging, as you often seek someone with knowledge and skills that may exceed your team’s expertise. While verifying technical skills is crucial, it’s not the only factor determining a good architect hire. Here’s an approach that has proven effective:

  • Ask the candidate to describe a system they designed or admired, preferably sketching it on a whiteboard. Observe their comfort level and excitement when explaining the system. A great architect should come alive at the whiteboard, animatedly discussing and debating technical diagrams.
  • Evaluate their ability to make complex concepts understandable. Regardless of your technical knowledge, a skilled architect should be able to explain the system in a clear way and adjust their explanations to suit your level of understanding.
  • Differentiate between confidence and arrogance. Good architects are self-assured about their work and can carefully defend their design choices when challenged. They should thoughtfully explain alternative ideas and incorporate them if they are valid. Arrogance, defensiveness, or condescension are red flags.
  • Trust your instincts during the interaction. Feeling intimidated or insulted may indicate that the candidate cannot accept constructive input or function as a respectful team member. However, ensure your reactions aren’t coming from your insecurities.
  • Ask about their coding practices. The best architects still write code occasionally, whether assisting developers, creating examples, conducting code reviews, or developing complex algorithms. Even though they may not code frequently due to their high value, they should possess strong coding skills and experience.

You can also see a playlist with more than 40 videos of helpful interview questions and answers.

By following this approach, you can assess a candidate’s technical expertise, communication skills, and ability to collaborate effectively with your team, ensuring you hire an architect to drive your project’s success.


Finding the right software architect is essential for the success of complex projects. DevsData LLC has over 8 years of expertise in placing software architects within startups and expanding companies. Holding an official, government-approved license for recruitment services, the company boasts a proven track record of connecting companies with exceptional software talent. DevsData LLC possesses the expertise to vet candidates effectively, ensuring that only top performers are presented to clients.

Their extensive database contains 65,000 pre-vetted software architects with over 10 years of experience. Whether you require a recent graduate or a seasoned professional, DevsData LLC has the network and proficiency to identify the ideal fit for your company. Additionally, their skilled team of recruiters excels at identifying candidates with the right skills, experience, and cultural alignment, guiding businesses through the hiring process to achieve a successful outcome. DevsData LLC primarily collaborates with startups, particularly those in the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands.

Moreover, they employ a rigorous interview process to evaluate technical talent, consisting of multiple stages, including a challenging 90-minute session with a seasoned software expert and problem-solving algorithm challenges. Consequently, the individuals recommended by DevsData LLC to clients demonstrate exceptional technical abilities alongside outstanding communication skills, ensuring they meet the highest standards in the industry.

Don’t hesitate to contact DevsData LLC at [email protected] or schedule a call for assistance in finding the perfect candidates for your organization.

Any questions or comments? Let me know on Twitter/X.

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