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A React Native Developer with 8 years of dedicated experience, professional well-versed in crafting robust and user-centric mobile applications for both iOS and Android platforms. My extensive expertise includes proficiently leveraging React Native's capabilities, optimizing performance, ensuring seamless UI/UX, and collaborating seamlessly within cross-functional teams to deliver high-quality, scalable mobile solutions.

Tech Stack

React Native, Java, JavaScript, MongoDB, React, Redux


  • Designed and implemented intricate and efficient app architectures using React Native, optimizing performance and maintainability.
  • Successfully integrated third-party libraries and APIs to enhance functionality while ensuring seamless user experiences.
  • Demonstrated expertise in developing cross-platform mobile applications that maintain consistent performance and design across iOS and Android devices.
  • Spearheaded performance optimization initiatives, significantly improving app responsiveness and reducing load times.

Employment history

Mobile Team Lead, Justmop January 2020 — Present In my current role as a Mobile Team Lead, I oversee a dynamic and proficient team of mobile app developers, guiding them in crafting innovative and user-centric mobile applications. Leveraging my technical acumen, I facilitate seamless collaboration between cross-functional departments, ensuring timely project delivery and adherence to best practices. I am dedicated to driving the team's success by fostering a creative and agile environment that consistently delivers high-quality, impactful mobile solutions.
Senior React Native Engineer, Justmop November 2018 — January 2020 As a Senior React Native Engineer with extensive experience, I exceled in architecting and developing robust, cross-platform mobile applications. With a deep understanding of React Native and its ecosystem, I led the design and implementation of complex features, ensuring optimal performance and user experience. My role involved collaborating closely with cross-functional teams, mentoring junior developers, and actively contributing to code reviews and technical decisions to deliver high-quality and innovative mobile solutions.
Senior React Native Engineer, Eight Agency February 2018 — October 2018 As a team of skilled app developers, UI and UX designers, product strategists and marketers we developed and designed mobile apps for companies and help them to grow their business.
Software Engineer, Veloxity Inc March 2016 — February 2018 My responsibilities included developing Veloxity SDK for Android, React Native and Unity platforms that works over 5 million monthly active devices, maintaining and developing Blinnk, an online platform implemented using React that helps customers target consumers by their behaviour and offer them adverts in real time. Providing support for clients during analysis, implementation and testing phases. Refactoring and developing android tools used over 1 million devices with a crash-free rate of 99.98% for past 100.
Android Developer, TMOB September 2015 — March 2016 Developed ready-to-use mobility framework covering personalized and extensive needs of large enterprises, t-appz. App building platform offers a fast and practical design and development solution for smaller enterprises.

Education history

Bachelor of Computer Engineering, Istanbul University 2016 During my Bachelor of Computer Engineering program, I gained a solid foundation in computer science principles and engineering practices. Through coursework and hands-on projects, I developed proficiency in programming languages, software development, hardware design, and system analysis. This program equipped me with a deep understanding of the interplay between software and hardware components, enabling me to approach technical challenges with a holistic perspective.
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