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I am an experienced Quant and Trader with a proven track record in the investment banking industry. My expertise lies in electronic trading systems, quantitative research, and development. I hold a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Mathematical Finance from Imperial College London, which has provided me with a strong foundation in finance and quantitative methods. Over the years, I have honed my skills in statistical arbitrage, data analysis, and developing trading strategies. Additionally, I have obtained several graduate diplomas in automata theory, data analysis, modelling experimental data, statistical inference, and probability. Currently, I work as a Quantitative Analyst at NatWest Markets Plc, where I focus on fixed income relative value and backtesting frameworks, DMO auction strategies, and multivariate statistical methods for quant trading. Before this, I spent nearly a decade as a Quant Trader and Researcher, specializing in quant trading strategy research and statistical arbitrage. My previous roles include being a Senior Trader and Quant at Mizuho International plc, where I worked on fixed income quant strategy research, ION trading system analytics, and swaps trading. I also served as a Quantitative Analyst at Mitsubishi UFJ Securities International plc, where I gained experience in cross-asset modelling, Monte Carlo methods, and managing C++ libraries. My technical skills include proficiency in Python, R, SQL, and C++.

Tech Stack

Python, C++, PostgreSQL, R, SQL


  • Responsible for creating and managing frameworks for fixed income relative value trading and backtesting at NatWest Markets Plc.
  • Developing and implementing strategies for Debt Management Office (DMO) auctions.
  • Conducting research on quantitative trading strategies and implementing statistical arbitrage methods during the tenure as a Quant Trader and Researcher.
  • Handling market data management and data cleaning using Python and C++ for accurate and efficient data analysis.
  • Applying multivariate statistical methods to enhance quantitative trading strategies at NatWest Markets Plc.
  • Performing analytics on yield curves and overnight index swaps (OIS) using Excel, C++, and ION trading systems at Mizuho International plc.
  • Engaging in cross-asset modelling, including FX, interest rate futures, swaps, and exotic interest rate and FX derivatives at Mitsubishi UFJ Securities International plc.

Employment history

Quantitative Analyst, NatWest Markets September 2021 - Present
  • Fixed Income relative value and backtesting framework.
  • DMO auction strategies.
  • Multivariate statistical methods for quant trading.
  • RFR OIS and bond curve construction.
  • Multiple data sources: Kdb, SQL, Bloomberg, unstructured data, in-house.
Quant Trader and Research, Private February 2012 - August 2021
  • Quant trading strategy research.
  • Stat arb.Backtesting in R and C++.
  • Market data management and data cleaning in Python and C++.
  • Python 3 psycopg2, to PostgreSQL DB.
  • C++ libpqxx to PostgreSQL DB.
  • Royal Statistical Society modules on statistical inference, regression and timeseries modelling.
  • R quant trading library written in C++11 using Rcpp.
  • Experienced in OOP C++14/C++17, Python 3, R, SQL.
Senior Trader and Quant, Mizuho International July 2005 - December 2011
  • Fixed Income quant strategy research and analytics.
  • ION trading system analytics, including multithreaded event-driven pricingengine.
  • Yield curve and OIS swap analytics for Excel C++ and ION. OIS testing forBloomberg.
  • Swaps trader in USD, JPY, EUR, eurodollar bond futures and FX.
  • Market making swaps and options, fixed Bermudans, callable CMS spreads,reverse floaters, CRANs, PRDCs.
Quantitative Analyst, Mitsubishi UFJ Securities International November 2000 - May 2005
  • Cross asset modelling, FX, interest rate futures, swaps, exotic IR and FX.
  • CMS swaps and spreads, PRDCs.
  • Libor market model (BGM).
  • Monte Carlo methods, low-discrepancy sequences and variance reductiontechniques.
  • Book hedging.
  • Managed C++ library and parallel processing.

Education history

Imperial College London 1995 - 1999 Doctor of Philosophy - PhD, Mathematical Finance
Imperial College London 1992 - 1995 Bachelor of Science - BS, Mathematics
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