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With a robust background in software engineering and team leadership, I bring over 13 years of work experience, including 7 years in IT, excelling in both backend and frontend technologies such as Java, Spring, JavaScript (ES6+), React, Redux, and TypeScript. My career highlights include leading the development of multimodule systems, notably for one of the largest stock exchanges, where I managed a team of developers, QA, and DevOps professionals. I successfully transitioned critical infrastructure components, like Kafka to Redis Streams, and significantly enhanced API performance through strategic refactoring. Additionally, my roles often involved mentoring junior team members, ensuring high code quality, and fostering a collaborative, high-standard work environment. As a Full Stack Engineer and Tech Lead, I've demonstrated the ability to swiftly adapt and lead, particularly in high-pressure environments. At DataArt, I tackled technical debt, optimized GCP expenses, and drove the adoption of clean code practices. My proactive approach in recruitment and team-building initiatives helped bring in talent that flourished under my guidance. My education in computer science and public relations, combined with international experiences in Copenhagen, Madrid, and Lisbon, have equipped me with a diverse skill set and a global perspective, enabling me to navigate and excel in various aspects of software development and team management.

Tech Stack

Lead, Java, JavaScript, React, Redux, Spring Framework, Typescript


  • Managed and led development teams, including developers, QA engineers, and DevOps professionals, ensuring high code quality standards and efficient project delivery.
  • Designed and oversaw the transition of core infrastructure components, such as moving from Kafka to Redis Streams, significantly improving system performance and reliability.
  • Mentored junior and mid-level team members, providing guidance and fostering their professional growth, while also leading internal software academies to elevate the skills of younger colleagues.
  • Reduced expenses and improved system performance by optimizing storage, logging, and other critical aspects of the infrastructure, particularly within cloud environments like GCP.
  • Communicated effectively with client representatives to translate requirements, plan the team's work, and ensure alignment on project goals, maintaining a collaborative and productive relationship.

Employment history

Software Engineering Lead, Dataart, Sofia June 2021 - Current

– Leading the development of a multimodule system for one of the biggest stock exchanges
– Managed a team consisting of 4 developers, 2 QA and 2 DevOps
– Communicated with client representatives on daily basis translating requirements and planning the team’s work
– Established a high code quality standard
– Designed and oversaw the transition of a core piece of infrastructure – Kafka to Redis Streams
– Improved API performance significantly by refactoring key pieces of the system and adopting good design practices
– Participated in recruitment
– Mentored junior and middle team members

Full Stack Engineer, Tech Lead, Flutter (The Stars Groups), Sofia September 2019 - June 2021

– Joined Marketing technology team; shortly after was divided into smaller squads
– Quickly adopted the responsibility of Tech Lead motivating the team to overcome tech debt
– Shaped an environment of high standards and enabled the adoption of clean code practices
– Reduced expenses for GCP by improving performance and optimizing storage and logging
– Participated in recruitment and persuaded management to employ an intern who with the right guidance and coaching became a team superstar

Software Engineer, Team Lead, DXC, Sofia December 2018 - September 2019

– Joined new team in the Digital Transformation Center
– Soon after joining and realizing the need for leadership, assumed the role of TL by helping with the organization of processes, routines and daily tasks
– Created and lead an internal software academy with the goal of bringing the younger colleagues to the necessary level
– Participated in organizing and guiding projects

Full stack developer (Contract), Biofuels Bulgaria, Sofia September 2018 - September 2019

– Hired by a growing Bulgarian company to build and deploy a full stack eCommerce solution.
– Used the project as delivery for the final project of my degree

Software Engineering Intern, RAMBUS (PLDA), Sofia December 2017 - September 2018

– Participated in the ASIC training program
– Took a leading role in the development of new desktop application with JavaFX

Student Developer, Bookboon.com, Copenhagen January 2017 - December 2017

– Part-time student job during my studies
– Helped with ad-hoc software tasks

Tutor, CPH Business, Copenhagen December 2017 - June 2017

– Starting from second semester in university, joined my teachers by helping newly arrived students

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