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As a dedicated Kotlin Developer, I have accumulated extensive experience in the field of software development, particularly with Kotlin and Java. Currently, I work at Qbtech where I leverage my skills in Kotlin, Ktor, Exposed, PostgreSQL, and Docker to develop robust and efficient applications. My role involves designing and implementing solutions that meet high standards of performance and reliability. Previously, I worked as a Kotlin/Java Developer at Telecom HU from April 2019 to June 2023. In this role, I developed and maintained applications using Spring Boot, Kotlin coroutines, Apache CXF, Kafka, and other modern technologies. My responsibilities included designing microservices, implementing messaging solutions with RabbitMQ, and ensuring seamless integration and deployment using Docker, Kubernetes, and GitLab-CI. My earlier experience includes positions at Erste Bank Hungary and Zmags, where I developed Java-based solutions and honed my skills in RESTful services, database management, and continuous integration. With a strong educational background from Eötvös Loránd University and proficiency in multiple languages, I am well-equipped to tackle complex software development challenges.

Tech Stack

Kotlin, Apache Groovy, CI/CD, Docker, Java, Jenkins, Kafka, Kubernetes, Linux, MongoDB, Oracle, RabbitMQ, REST, Spring Framework, Swagger


  • Developing and Implementing Applications: Creating robust and efficient applications using Kotlin and related technologies like Ktor, Exposed, and PostgreSQL at Qbtech.
  • Designing Microservices: Designing and developing microservices using Spring Boot, Kotlin coroutines, and Apache CXF at Telecom HU.
  • Messaging Solutions Implementation: Implementing messaging solutions with RabbitMQ and Kafka to ensure reliable data communication at Telecom HU.
  • Continuous Integration and Deployment: Utilizing Docker, Kubernetes, Helm, GitLab-CI, and Tekton for seamless integration and deployment of applications at Telecom HU.
  • RESTful and SOAP Services Development: Developing REST and SOAP services to enable efficient communication and data exchange at Erste Bank Hungary and Zmags.
  • Database Management: Managing and interacting with various databases including PostgreSQL, Redis, MongoDB, and Oracle SQL across different roles.
  • Test Automation and Quality Assurance: Writing and maintaining unit tests and integration tests using JUnit, Mockito, and Spock to ensure code quality and reliability at Telecom HU, Erste Bank Hungary, and Zmags.

Employment history

Kotlin developer, Qbtech July 2023 - Present

• Developed and maintain RESTful APIs using Kotlin and Ktor to support various functionalities of the application.
• Monitored and optimized backend services to improve performance and scalability, ensuring the application can handle increased load and complexity.
• Developed robust communication mechanisms between microservices using industry-standard protocols and tools.
• Managed continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipelines to automate the build, test, and deployment processes, ensuring rapid and reliable delivery of new features and updates.
• Participated in code reviews, providing feedback to peers to maintain code quality and share best practices. I also mentor junior developers, helping them grow their skills and contribute effectively to the team.

Technologies: Kotlin, Ktor, Exposed, PostgreSQL, Docker

Kotlin/Java Developer, Telecom HU April 2019 - June 2023

• Implemented and maintained microservices using Spring Boot, Kotlin coroutines, and Java to ensure scalable and efficient application components.
• Developed RESTful and SOAP APIs to facilitate communication between services and with external systems.
• Designed and implemented event-driven architectures using messaging systems to handle asynchronous processing and improve system responsiveness.
• Monitored message flows and debugged issues related to messaging systems to maintain system reliability and performance.
• Designed and implemented database solutions using Redis, MongoDB, and other databases to ensure efficient data storage and retrieval.
• Optimized database queries and schema designs to improve performance and reduce latency.

Technologies: Spring Boot/Reactor/Sleuth/Gateway/Messaging/Function, Kotlin coroutines, Apache CXF/Kafka, RabbitMQ, JUnit5, IntelliJ IDEA, Redis/MongoDb, docker/podman, Kubernetes, Helm, GitLab-CI, tekton, Git, Gradle, REST, SOAP, Swagger/OAS3, Linux

Java Developer, Erste Bank Hungary February 2018 - April 2019

• Developed and maintained RESTful and SOAP APIs to support the Revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2) compliance, enabling secure and efficient payment processing.
• Implemented backend services using Java and integrated them with Oracle WebLogic and SQL databases to ensure robust and scalable payment solutions.
• Designed and maintained database schemas and queries using Oracle SQL to ensure data integrity and efficient storage.
• Set up and managed CI/CD pipelines using Jenkins to automate the build, test, and deployment processes, ensuring rapid and reliable delivery of new features and updates.
• Containerized applications using Docker to ensure consistent environments across development, testing, and production.
• Ensured that all developed solutions adhered to the Revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2) and other relevant financial regulations, implementing necessary security measures.

Technologies: Oracle Weblogic/SQL, Docker, JUnit4/Mockito, REST, SOAP, Linux, IntelliJ, JIRA, Jenkins, Git, Gradle, Axway API Gateway (API Gateway, API Manager, Policy Studio)
Interests: Clean Code

Java Developer, ZmagsZmags June 2017 - December 2017

• Developed and maintained backend services using Java, ensuring robust and scalable solutions for various applications.
• Worked with a custom DI framework to manage dependencies and enhance modularity and reusability of the codebase.
• Wrote and maintained automated tests using Groovy and the Spock testing framework to ensure code quality and reliability.
• Integrated testing into the CI pipeline using Jenkins, ensuring that all code changes were automatically tested and validated before deployment.
• Integrated MongoDB with the application using the Morphia library, ensuring efficient data storage and retrieval.
• Followed Agile methodologies, participating in sprint planning, daily stand-ups, and retrospectives to ensure timely delivery of features and continuous improvement of processes.

Technologies: Custom DI framework, MongoDB/Morphia, RestEasy, Groovy/Spock, REST, IntelliJ, JIRA, Jenkins, Git, Gradle, LDAP

Education history

Eötvös Loránd University 2004-2010 Mathematical Statistics, Operation Research, Insurance Mathematics, Computer Statistics
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