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I am a dedicated and passionate PhD candidate in computer science with a strong focus on scientific computing and computational mathematics. My expertise spans a full-stack approach from high-level modeling to low-level arithmetic implementation details. I am proficient in programming languages such as Julia, Matlab, Chapel, C, C++, and Python, and have a particular interest in developing efficient code for complex mathematical problems. My work includes contributions to open source projects like IntervalLinearAlgebra.jl, and I am actively involved in the JuliaIntervals organization. Throughout my academic journey, I have developed a solid foundation in numerical methods, computational algebraic geometry, and positioning algorithms. Currently, I work as a Julia Software Developer and Symbolic Computing Researcher at PlantingSpace, and as a Project Researcher at the University of Vaasa. My responsibilities include leading research projects, teaching graduate-level courses, and supervising master's theses. I have also held research positions at Aalto University, Lund University, and Tampere University, where I focused on a variety of computational methods and numerical techniques. My diverse background includes experience in project management, leadership, and team collaboration. I thrive on challenges and am always eager to learn and expand my network through meaningful collaborations and innovative projects.

Tech Stack

Julia, C, C++, Chapel, MATLAB, Python


  • Engaging in Julia programming, symbolic manipulation, and automated reasoning to develop next-generation AI solutions.
  • Conducting research for a doctoral dissertation on computational methods for positioning, teaching graduate-level courses, and supervising master’s theses.
  • Organizing and leading meetings, planning actions to meet project goals, and coordinating research activities among a team of eight researchers across multiple institutions.
  • Implementing numerical-symbolic algorithms for set manipulation and reachability algorithms, and developing the IntervalLinearAlgebra.jl package for numerical linear algebra using interval arithmetic.
  • Working on doctoral research focused on image-based localization, specifically modeling uncertainty and improving algorithm robustness.
  • Assisting in basic courses in electrical engineering, helping students during exercise sessions, showing model solutions, and maintaining automatically graded exercises.
  • Developing numerical methods for heat transfer problems in superconducting cables and engaging in GPU programming for image denoising.

Employment history

Julia Software Developer / Symbolic Computing Researcher, PlantingSpace September 2022 - Present

• Writing efficient and scalable code in the Julia programming language to support various AI and symbolic computing projects.
• Developing and implementing algorithms for symbolic manipulation to enhance the capabilities of AI systems.
• Working on automated reasoning techniques to improve the performance and accuracy of AI models.
• Contributing to the development of next-generation AI technologies through innovative research and practical implementations.
• Collaborating with team members and other departments to integrate symbolic computing solutions into broader AI initiatives.
• Conducting research to explore new methods and approaches in symbolic computing and AI, and applying these findings to real-world problems.
• Identifying and solving complex technical problems related to symbolic computation and AI, ensuring robustness and efficiency in solutions.

Project Researcher, University of Vaasa January 2020 - Present

• Conducting in-depth research focused on computational methods for positioning as part of my doctoral dissertation.
• Designing and teaching graduate-level courses in computer science and related fields, ensuring students gain a deep understanding of the subject matter.
• Guiding and supervising a master’s student through the completion of their thesis, providing academic and research support.
• Serving as the project manager for a research initiative involving three universities and one research institute, organizing and leading project meetings, and planning actions to meet project goals.
• Coordinating research activities within my university team of eight researchers, fostering collaboration and ensuring effective communication among team members.
• Assisting team members when they encounter challenges, offering technical guidance and support to ensure project success.
• Presenting research findings at academic conferences and workshops, and publishing results in scientific journals to contribute to the broader academic community.

Visiting Researcher, Aalto University January 2020 - Present

• Conducting doctoral research in affiliation with Aalto University, utilizing its resources and facilities to advance my studies in computational methods.
• Working closely with faculty members, researchers, and other students at Aalto University to foster collaborative research initiatives.
• Gathering, analyzing, and interpreting data relevant to my doctoral research on image-based localization and positioning algorithms.
• Developing and testing algorithms for modeling uncertainty and improving robustness in image-based localization.
• Presenting research findings in seminars, workshops, and conferences held at Aalto University, and contributing to the academic community.
• Writing and publishing research papers in academic journals based on the findings from my work at Aalto University.
• Providing mentorship and guidance to junior researchers and students involved in similar research projects at Aalto University.

Thesis Worker, Aalto University June 2019 - December 2019

• Conducting in-depth research on image-based localization, focusing on estimating camera position and orientation from captured images.
• Developing methods to model and quantify uncertainty in image-based localization processes.
• Enhancing the robustness and accuracy of existing algorithms used for image-based localization.
• Collecting and analyzing image data to support the research and testing of localization algorithms.
• Reviewing relevant scientific literature to inform the development and refinement of localization techniques.
• Implementing new algorithms and performing rigorous testing to evaluate their performance and reliability.
• Documenting research findings, methodologies, and results in a comprehensive master’s thesis, and preparing for thesis defense and presentations.

Julia developer, Google Summer of Code May 2022 - September 2022

• Developing and implementing state-of-the-art numerical-symbolic algorithms for set manipulation and reachability within the JuliaReach organization.
• Writing, testing, and optimizing code in the Julia programming language to enhance the functionality and performance of JuliaReach projects.
• Conducting research to identify cutting-edge methods and techniques in numerical-symbolic computation and applying these to project work.
• Working collaboratively with other developers, mentors, and contributors within the JuliaReach organization to ensure project goals are met.
• Participating in code review processes to maintain high-quality standards and improve the overall codebase.
• Creating and updating documentation for the implemented algorithms and tools to facilitate their use and understanding by other developers and users.
• Regularly reporting progress to mentors and the broader community, including presenting findings and discussing future directions for the project.

Julia developer, Google Summer of Code May 2021 - August 2021

• Designing and developing IntervalLinearAlgebra.jl, a Julia package for performing numerical linear algebra using interval arithmetic.
• Implementing efficient algorithms to support interval arithmetic operations within the IntervalLinearAlgebra.jl package.
• Writing optimized and robust code to ensure high performance and accuracy of the package’s functionalities.
• Creating and running tests to validate the correctness and reliability of the implemented algorithms and package functions.
• Developing comprehensive documentation for the IntervalLinearAlgebra.jl package, including usage examples and detailed explanations of the algorithms and functions.
• Engaging with the Julia community by sharing progress, seeking feedback, and incorporating suggestions to improve the package.
• Collaborating with mentors and peers, receiving guidance, and integrating their feedback into the development process to ensure the project aligns with best practices and community standards.

Visiting Researcher, Lund University March 2020 - April 2020

• Developing advanced numerical methods specifically designed for the self-calibration of sensor networks.
• Designing and implementing algorithms to improve the accuracy and efficiency of sensor network calibration processes.
• Analyzing data from sensor networks to validate and refine the developed numerical methods.
• Collaborating with faculty members and researchers at Lund University to integrate new findings and methodologies into existing research projects.
• Creating prototypes of proposed solutions and testing them in practical scenarios to ensure their viability.
• Documenting research processes, methodologies, and findings in detailed reports and papers for academic dissemination.
• Sharing insights and techniques with the research team to contribute to ongoing projects and facilitate knowledge transfer within the institution.

Research Assistant, Tampere University December 2018 - December 2019

• From May 2019 to December 2019: visiting master thesis worker at Aaltouniversity.
• From December 2018 to May 2019: Gpu programming for image denoising.

Research Assistant, Tampere University of Technology May 2017 - December 2018

• Developing and applying numerical methods to address heat transfer problems in superconducting cables.
• Conducting research, analyzing data, and interpreting results to improve the understanding and solutions for heat transfer in superconducting materials.
• Assisting in basic courses in electrical engineering, specifically in circuit analysis and linear systems, providing support to students during exercise sessions.
• Creating and demonstrating model solutions for course exercises, helping students understand complex concepts and problem-solving techniques.
• Occasionally grading exercises and assignments to evaluate student performance and provide feedback.
• Developing and maintaining automatically graded exercises on the course website to streamline the learning process and provide instant feedback to students.
• Offering guidance and support to students, addressing their questions, and assisting them with coursework to enhance their learning experience.

Italian Teacher, Tampereen Klassillinen lukio August 2015 - September 2015

Tampereen Klassillinen lukio
Italian Teacher
August 2015 – September 2015 (2 months)
I taught a short Italian course to students going to visit an Italian school.
My responsabilities included preparing lessons and the materials needed and
of course giving the lessons

Education history

University of Vaasa 2020 - 2023 University of Vaasa
Doctor of Science (Technology) - D.Sc. (Tech.), Computer Science
Tampere University of Technology 2018 - 2019 Master of Science - MS, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, 151 ECTS,
GPA: 4.91/5
Liceo Scientifico G.Galilei 2010 - 2015 Diploma di Liceo Scientifico, Maths and sciences
Tampereen Klassillinen Lukio 2013 - 2014 Ylioppilas, Maths, Chemistry, French
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