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A Golang developer with 6+ years of experience and strong command over the language's idioms and concurrency patterns, enabling me to architect and develop efficient, scalable, and high-performance applications. I have successfully delivered complex software solutions, leveraging Golang's unique features to optimize backend systems and microservices. My expertise includes designing clean and maintainable code, integrating with various APIs, and collaborating effectively within cross-functional teams.

Tech Stack

Go Lang, Docker, JavaScript, Kubernetes, Laravel, MongoDB, MySQL, Node, PHP, React, Symfony


  • Led the design and development of a robust microservices architecture for a high-traffic web application.
  • Engineered a real-time data processing pipeline.
  • Collaborated closely with DevOps and frontend teams to optimize deployment processes.
  • Integrated third-party APIs into an e-commerce platform, utilizing Golang's strong concurrency model to ensure seamless interactions and minimize latency.

Employment history

Senior Golang Developer, wing.security November 2021 — Present Being a part of R&D team is involved in: developing new functionality(REST API, one-time scripts), refactoring existing functionality(covering the code with unit and integration tests, improving working speed of application by running long jobs in parallel), very seldom Front End development(ReactJS).
Backend team/tech lead/Devops, Rubylabs June 2021 — October 2021 My responsibilities were split into 4 groups. Product: Split product requirements into technical tasks, provide delivery plans with intermediate milestones. Responsible for story points estimation and technical requirements. Backend: Lead the team and be the main point of contact for the project deliveries. Provide technical leadership and contribute to the core team that powers our backend services. Building reusable code and libraries for future use. Maintaining & keeping up-to-date backend technical documentation(swagger, confluence). Architecture: Responsible for back-end architecture. Collaborate with engineers to make key decisions about development practices. Identify and analyse the best way to resolve production bugs. Drive the qualitative aspects of the backend services, like performance, scalability, observability, reliability and security and so on. Devops: Create and own the continuous delivery pipeline. Coordinate release and delivery logistics.
Principal Golang Engineer, care.com October 2020 — May 2021 As a Principal Golang Engineer, I was responsible for leading the design and implementation of a critical project involving the migration of an aging Java monolith to a modern microservices architecture. Leveraging my deep expertise in Golang and distributed systems, I drove the architectural transformation, ensuring seamless integration of microservices, efficient communication, and scalability.
Backend team/tech lead/Devops, Rubylabs July 2020 — October 2022 In this role as a Backend Team/Technical Lead with a strong DevOps orientation, I collaboratively aligned technical solutions with product goals, translating business requirements into seamless backend systems. Leading a proficient team, I drove the creation of scalable, high-performance solutions using coding expertise and frameworks. By shaping architectural vision, I ensured system integrity and optimized performance, while also championing DevOps practices for streamlined deployment and operational reliability.
Senior Backend Engineer(Golang), Rubylabs March 2020 — July 2022 I was responsible for design and building from scratch backend system for mobile application. I was the only backend developer on the project and also devops engineer. As a backend developer - created backend ecosystem: Go microservices + google PubSub for event driven part, interaction with third party systems including analytics system. As a devops: created from scratch 2 environments(dev and prod) on GCP. Kubernetes, CloudBuild as Ci, PubSub as Message broker, HTTPS, LoadBalancing, metrics with Prometheus/Grafana.
Backend Engineer, Ciklum/Aller media A/S May 2019 — March 2020 I took a lead role in a critical Paywall project. This project comprised a constellation of microservices dedicated to session management, user cabinet functionality and GDPR consents storage. Leveraging a versatile technology stack encompassing Golang, Node.js, Next.js, React.js and styled-components/emotion, I architected and implemented robust solutions that seamlessly integrated these services, ensuring an enhanced user experience and regulatory compliance.
Tech lead / Fullstack Developer, Ciklum/Aller media A/S January 2018 — May 2019 I developed internal CMS with stack: Golang, nodejs, next.js, graphQL, ReactJS. As tech-lead I was responsible for hiring/interviewing/onboarding/coaching new developers, also was a mediator between onshore developers/managers and offshore developers - translating tech requirements and spreading knowledge and approaches from onshore team.
Back-end Developer, Ciklum/Aller media A/S May 2014 — December 2017 In this role as a Backend Developer, I played a pivotal role in diverse projects, including Lommelegen.no/Pocket Doctor, where I utilized Node.js and MongoDB to enhance user experiences. I managed the intricate VideoUploader system, facilitating seamless video uploads to platforms like Youtube and AWS Glacier. Additionally, I contributed to the development of a sophisticated Journalist video portal powered by Laravel 4, Redis, MySQL and MongoDB, while also crafting a resilient Spotify database API using Lumen, MySQL and XML. Furthermore, I successfully tackled the challenge of a TV-program guide system using Laravel 5, MySQL, Redis and XML, ensuring accurate and efficient content delivery.
Front-end / Back-end Developer, Ossystem September 2012 — May 2014 As a versatile developer, I excelled both in frontend and backend capacities. I adeptly developed websites on diverse platforms, such as Drupal and Magento, showcasing my proficiency in crafting dynamic and visually appealing digital experiences. I undertook end-to-end responsibilities, from building video portals with Symfony 2.0, Doctrine ORM, and TWIG, to ensuring robust database management with MySQL. My expertise extended to delivering responsive designs, contributing to seamless user interactions across various devices, and I consistently maintained the development and support of these projects.
Front-end / Back-end Developer, Skylogic January 2012 — September 2012 I expertly navigated the intersection of design and functionality. I adeptly created dynamic websites and parsers using an internal CMS, seamlessly integrating frontend and backend components. My proficiency spanned the entire stack, including PHP and MySQL for backend logic, while JavaScript and HTML/CSS were harnessed to craft engaging user interfaces, resulting in cohesive and high-performing web solutions.

Education history

Master’s degree in Marketing, Odessa State Economic University September 2004 — July 2009 The program offered a comprehensive and advanced curriculum designed to equip students with the strategic insights, analytical skills, and creative prowess necessary for success in today's dynamic marketing landscape. Through a blend of rigorous coursework and real-world projects, I developed a deep understanding of consumer behavior, brand management, digital marketing, and market research.
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