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As a Senior Data Modeler with over 13 years of experience, I have developed a strong expertise in designing relational databases for various domains such as Master Data Management, Data Analytics, Investment Banking, and Finance applications. My proficiency with ERWIN data modeler has allowed me to effectively gather and translate business requirements into 3NF/Dimensional data models using Kimball and Inmon methodologies. I am well-versed in Enterprise Data Architecture and have significant experience with Oracle and Snowflake Cloud databases. Additionally, I possess strong skills in SQL, PLSQL, ETL processes, and Java/J2EE programming, enabling me to create robust and scalable data-driven solutions. My background also includes knowledge in Data Vault modeling and Graph databases, further enhancing my ability to provide comprehensive data modeling services. Throughout my career, I have worked on numerous high-impact projects across various organizations, including APEXON, Dun & Bradstreet, Hitachi Vantara, State Street Global Advisors, Sonata Software, and Tata Consultancy Services. My responsibilities have included developing global data models, creating source-to-target mapping documents, performing data profiling, and designing database architectures. I have a track record of successfully migrating legacy data models to modern cloud solutions, maintaining enterprise-level naming standards, and training new data modelers. My ability to identify business requirements and translate them into effective data models has been instrumental in delivering high-quality database designs that meet both technical and business needs.

Tech Stack

Big Data, Agile, Data modelling, Database, Java, Oracle, PL/SQL, Snowflake, SQL


  • Expertise in designing conceptual, logical, and physical data models using ERWIN data modeler, following Kimball and Inmon methodologies.
  • Experience in gathering requirements from business partners and data owners and translating them into data models to achieve business goals.
  • Proficiency in creating data warehouses, particularly with Snowflake Cloud, and migrating legacy data models to modern cloud solutions.
  • Skilled in performing data profiling, creating source-to-target mapping documents, and ensuring data quality and integrity throughout the modeling process.
  • Involvement in the deployment of data models and providing ongoing production support to ensure smooth operations and high-quality database design.
  • Responsible for training new data modelers, maintaining enterprise-level naming standards, and conducting reviews to ensure adherence to data modeling standards.
  • Strong in writing complex SQL queries, PLSQL functions, procedures, packages, and performance tuning for both OLTP and OLAP environments.

Employment history

Senior Data Modeler, APEXON July 2023 - Present
  • Working on IQVIA’s Global Data Model for collecting data from various healthcare services from different regions/countries across the world and building a snowflake data warehouse solution for Human Data Science Cloud project.
  • Creating source to target mapping documents from Local data sets (Portugal, Switzerland, Spain etc) to Global data model (Dimensional model) on Snowflake.
  • Good experience in Data Profiling, Data Mapping and data modeling (conceptual, Logical and Physical).
Senior Data Modeler, DUN & BRADSTREET October 2020 - June 2023
  • As part of EDA team, for US and UK data supply chain projects I gather requirements from business partners and data owners, analyze and translate them into data models using Kimball/Inmon approaches.
  • Created Conceptual Data Model first and presented to business team to confirm on whether all the business entities and their relationships have been captured properly or not.
  • Created Logical Data Models after doing proper data profiling and understanding all the business processes involved. Identified all the attributes for each entity and presented to all the data owners along with business teams to get suggestions if any and finally approval for implementation.
  • Identified best suitable DB for the client’s application/reporting requirements and created Physical data models for implementation in Snowflake DB using Erwin by following D&B standards.
  • Good experience in maintaining Enterprise level Naming standards and creating standard Data Definitions, Data Dictionaries for business users and Data Mapping documents for ingestion teams for ETL jobs.
  • Well versed with D&B data modeling standards and do train newly joined and help co data modelers to understand and follow those standards. Do first round of review of all data modelers work before going to Architects review to ensure all the standards being followed.
  • Migrated many legacy applications data from SQL server, Oracle to Snowflake cloud. Created corresponding Data models, Data dictionaries and Source to Target mapping documents.
  • Presented the data models to the Business and Tech teams(ETL and QA) with sample data to understand the business and the data flow to deliver high quality database design.
  • Strong in ETL & RDBMS concepts and good experience in both OLTP and OLAP environments.
  • Maintained Erwin Mart server, Users licenses of D&B and take care of all domain data models.
  • Migrated existing legacy data models in ERWIN from v9.7 on Oracle to 2021R1 on PostgreSQL on the Cloud.
Data Modeler, HITACHI VANTARA September 2019 - July 2020
  • Gathered requirements from business partners and data owners, analyze and translate them into data models from scratch using Erwin for CMDM project of Japan region.
  • Reverse engineered and created new LDM and PDM for migration Canada region’s reporting DB.
  • Incorporated all the data modeling standards defined at Organization level and had multiple reviews with Data Architects to improvise the model.
  • Presented the data models to the Business and Tech teams(ETL and QA) with sample data to understand the business and the data flow to deliver high quality database design.
  • Actively involved in creating Global Logical Data Model which would be a reference for all regional data models (Japan, Canada, US , Mexico , Thailand..etc.,).
  • Strong in ETL & RDBMS concepts and good experience in both OLTP and OLAP environments.
Technical Lead, STATE STREET GLOBAL ADVISORS December 2015 - September 2019
  • Expert in writing complex SQL queries, PLSQL Functions, Procedures, Packages, Views, Synonyms, Triggers and writing reports using Joins, Ref cursors, Analytic & Aggregate functions etc.,
  • Strong in ETL & RDBMS concepts and good experience in both OLTP and OLAP environments.
  • Designed a new MDM database (Informatica) named ‘Product Master’ using ERWIN, which is a central source of all SSGA investment products of all regions across the world.
  • Created Logical data model from the Conceptual design in ERWIN to help business team in migration.
  • Created Physical data models for Informatica and for Golden Gate replication.
  • Generated and deployed DDL scripts for replication schema.
  • Created Lookup, Base, Landing and Staging tables in MDM Hub Console and configured batch jobs.
  • Created IDQ Mappings and Workflows in Informatica Developer for loading the product data from excel sheets and from other data sources.
  • As a DBE I develop new requirements and enhancement requests in Oracle and Sybase for our application NSRD, which is referenced by many downstream applications
  • Good experience in version control using Clear Case, Clear Quest, Bit Bucket, GIT, Jenkins.
  • Good experience in monitoring ETL jobs of Informatica MDM (Client Master) which gets data to and fro client info from Salesforce and Mandate info from our application NSRD.
  • Received appreciations from higher management for the clean and simplified Data model.
Database Consultant, SONATA SOFTWARE January 2015 - December 2015
  • As a DB developer I was involved in creating new PLSQL procedures other DB objects for new enhancement requests and fixing support issues of ‘Revenue Management System’.
  • Created PLSQL Functions, Procedures, Packages, Views, Synonyms, Triggers and writing reports using Joins, Ref cursors, Analytic & Aggregate functions etc.,
  • Got good recognition in Performance tuning. Tuned many existing report’s queries by analyzing AWR reports.
  • Good experience in working in UNIX environment and writing Shell script.
  • Impressed the client with my performance and created trust to take few more consultants from Sonata.
  • Was taken into SSGA permanent payroll because of my performance and dedication towards my work.
IT Analyst, TATA CONSULTANCY SERVICES January 2010 - Janunary 2015
  • Good knowledge in various line of business such as Life, Motor, Medical, Marine and Aviation Insurance.
  • Good experience in writing functions, procedures, packages in PLSQL.
  • Good experience in Oracle database server10g administration like creating database instances, table spaces, schemas, synonyms, jobs, user roles, and query cost optimization for performance tuning.
  • Good experience in Oracle WebLogic server administration in UNIX like creating domains, deploying applications, performance monitoring, clustering, connection pooling, JMS queues for running daily night batches and log file analysis for both server and application issues
  • Good experience in Performance tuning in Oracle by analyzing AWR reports.

Education history

Andhra University, Visakhapatnam 2005 - 2009 B. Tech - Information Technology
Sri Chaitanya Junior College, Eluru 2003 - 2005 Intermediate
R C M High School, Vegiwada 2002 - 2003 SSC
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