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Selected portfolio projects

A few of the 100+ we've completed for startups, growing companies, and enterprises all over the world.



Comprehensive WordPress website Front-End design and development for a startup incubator from San Francisco

enterprise system



Intuitive application for resource planning and managing tasks that helped our client boost the efficiency and reduce operating costs.





We assembled a core technology team (Machine Learning, Software UX/UI, and operations) for several company departments. We recruited 26 people for a Scandinavian corporation, including developers, UI/UX designers, managers and more.




Mobile app connecting extensive back-end system with modern UI/UX design, that enables property owners offer renters a simple vehicle charging solution.

DevsData LLC in Numbers

Highly satisfied clients, world-wide

Received (13)

  • DevsData is doing a great job recruiting several highly experienced engineers and designers for multiple roles in front-end with React, back-end with C#, search specialists in Solr, and UX designers.

    They designed a great process that met all our expectations, and I was thoroughly impressed with their internal recruitment scrutiny, the understanding of the technical nature, and accuracy, which allowed us to review a number of highly qualified and experienced candidates. Their team did an excellent job of identifying and comprehensively analyzing the abilities and skills of potential candidates.

    DevsData not only created a high-level mechanism that let us reach the best, top-notch candidates but also they helped us throughout the whole recruitment process in a holistic way.Their professionalism, involvement and understanding of their client’s needs allow me to state the high quality of the company’s work. As a bonus they are a nice group of people and you can’t really ask for better representation and support to build a solid product development team.

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  • We have been working with the DevsData team on a mobile project for nearly a year, and I have consistently been impressed with their scope of knowledge and experience, professionalism, and ability to get the job done. The team offers innovative ideas, produces strong deliverables, and delivers on time. Most importantly, everyone has a great attitude, and I really enjoy working with them! Thanks Tom, and the DevsData team!

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  • DevsData reached out to us, as we’ve been looking to grow our engineering team in Europe and Poland. Communicating efficiently and professionally, DevsData made a strong impression with their understanding of the recruitment challenges we were facing.

    They have designed a custom made recruitmentnderstanding, challenges we were facing. They have designed a custom made recruitment process, specifically tailored for our hiring needs. I was thoroughly impressed with the level of detail and technical nature of their approach - this allowed me to focus on a smaller pool of applicants. Their recruitment team had a solid technical u so we were sure we could trust them throughout the entire process.

    DevsData has been extremely responsive and resourceful in helping us identify some great candidates. I find the company exceptionally professional, diligent and productive with an excellent understanding of the market and clients’ needs.

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  • Tom and his team showed great dedication to us as client and allowed wellbee to launch an Alpha stage of our online therapy product in under 1 month from absolute scratch. I need to congratulate them on the very good UX and UI design and good communication skills of the whole team.

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  • I've had an opportunity to work with Tom over extended period of time in a very intensive recruitment project for Pioner Labs. He made an impression on me as a very high-energy person that worked around the clock to find top contributors and send them our way. I was especially impressed by his ability to continue to find world class candidates months into the recruitment. In our collaboration Tom has shown dedication and commitment. One thing that stood out and continues to impress me is Tom's impossible response time (usually just seconds after I send a message his way).

    I definitely recommend working with Tom to everyone that is building a team made of top tier individuals.

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Meet the experts

Get to know us by watching the videos

Matt Serotiuk

Security Expert

Martha Karkosik

Senior Project Manager

Take a moment to watch the videos, we won’t disappoint you!

IT-related projects can be scary and confusing at times. Our team prepared a few short videos to give you the know-how on how to move further with your technology ventures ideas. Get in touch with us if you want to know more!

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understanding first

Each stage of app development has its challenges. You might experience misguided ideas, technical difficulties that would deplete your budget. To minimize risks and get the best possible outcome, we slice projects into phases and adjust the way we work to deliver a complete and stable solution.

Below is a very brief and general roadmap, but bear in mind that there is no one-size-fits-all in software engineering.

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Discovery & Strategy Phase

Video call about the project details

Getting to know each other

Verifying project’s feasibility

Series of calls for initial planning

Rough budgeting

Proposing best team for the timeline & budget

Client to interview the team

Proposing next steps


Competition and benchmarks

Defining users

Defining user stories

Discussing pains and gains

Defining Minimum Viable Product

Usability testing

Visual design of the product

Rapid prototyping

Software development

Ongoing feedback gathering

Product Release

Implementation of analytics tools

MVP Product launch

Interactive feedback, planning & further development

Maintenance & Team Enablement

After the project is completed, if the decision is to maintain and further develop the project internally, we'll provide team enablement show-casting exactly how to make further modifications.

Reasons to choose DevsData LLC


Only A-players. Google-level engineers


Serious about security and sensitive data


Meteoric pace of development with the very recent frameworks

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Best back-end engineers I've ever worked with.​

“I interviewed about a dozen different firms. DevsData LLC is truly exceptional – their backend developers are some of the best I’ve ever worked with. I’ve worked with a lot of very well-qualified developers, locally in San Francisco, and remotely, so that is not a compliment I offer lightly. Their depth of knowledge and their ability to get things done quickly."

Nicholas Johnson




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